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Found 9 results

  1. I've been doing tons of research on herbs that will reduce sebum production when taken internally and found that saw palmetto seems to really do the job. However, I don't want to try it because of the side effects ; the reason why I'm looking for an herbal solution is because I want to avoid side effects. Sooo basically I came across a web page that said rosemary could help lessen oily skin but that was the only web page that mentioned taking rosemary internally to reduce oil production. Other w
  2. How Will Swimming in a Pool Affect My Acne?

    The outermost layer of skin provides an important function called the "barrier function," which means it protects the body from the outside environment and keeps water inside the skin. The layers of cells in the skin barrier and the lipids (fatty acids, ceramides, and cholesterol) that surround them form a strong barrier that protect us from irritants and microorganisms. Extended time in pool water may erode this structure and decrease its protective function. This is...
  3. Should You Pop Cystic Acne?

    Cystic acne, also called nodulocystic acne, consists of large, severe lesions called nodules and/or cysts. This type of acne should never be popped because it can damage the skin and make the acne lesion worse. If performed correctly, other, less severe acne lesions can be popped, but popping nodulocystic acne results in more redness, swelling, pain, and scarring. Nodules: Nodules are large (over 5mm in diameter), red, hard, painful lesions that form deep within the skin and...
  4. So 'The Regimen' has successfully cleared up all of my acne, however I still have dark scars and marks on my face that I'd like to get rid. I want to get a PMD (Personal Microdermabrasion) becuase I've heard many people say that it has worked wonders for them in terms of getting rid of acne scars, however I'm wondering if this will conflict with The Regimen. Has anybody ever used this before with The Regimen? If so, how did it work? At what point in your daily / nightly routine did you use
  5. I am 34 years old and from about the age of 17 have had significant acne, only on my face. I have no scarring. My skin has always been both oily and dry. I tried lots of topical creams as a teenager and early 20s, hoping I would grow out of it, then in addition to the acne I would get red and flushed. I could go to bed with clear skin and wake up with a bit welt i the middle of my forehead. I slowly identified triggers over the years.. alcohol was a big one.. champagne in particular actually. Mi
  6. Can I Take Oral Antibiotics While I Use the Birth Control Pill?

    Doctors sometimes prescribe both birth control pills and oral antibiotics to treat acne in women. In addition, many women use birth control pills to prevent pregnancy and to treat other conditions, such as menstrual problems, and then their doctors prescribe antibiotics for acne. Research indicates that there is an extremely small risk that taking antibiotics while on birth control pills results in breakthrough pregnancy, which occurs when a woman gets pregnant even though she uses...
  7. Hi! I've been batteling with acne for years, and can finally say it's getting a lot better. Most of the red marks are gone, but I still have scarring that gives my skin a weird texture on the cheeks. My question is, how long do I have to wait to try to remove/treat these? What method is the safest? I'm a 19 year old girl who live in Sweden. I wash my face morning and evening with La Roche-Posay's cleanser and I use their moisturizer. At evening, I also use "Epiduo" gel. I have been using i
  8. Is Benzoyl Peroxide Safe?

    Benzoyl peroxide is an over-the-counter or prescription medication for treating acne because it is inexpensive, easy to apply, and most importantly, effective. However, some users wonder about the safety of using benzoyl peroxide on a regular basis. As we will see, benzoyl peroxide is in fact safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the regulatory agency that decides whether a particular medicinal ingredient is safe for the American public based on research evidence. In...
  9. Is it safe to take a 1000mg Fish oil, zinc-free multivitamin and a 30mg zinc tablet with breakfast every day? Also, is it even necessary? I work out quite regularly, and I do eat frequently and some-what healthily, but my diet varies, so I guess I don't always get exactly everything my body needs on all the days of the week. I've also heard that Zinc, despite a lot of it possibly being a placebo effect, can contribute to clearing up your acne, which is always a plus side for us suffe