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Found 95 results

  1. Has anyone here ever tried an enzyme skin/ fruit peel??? If so what results did you get?? How much did it cost? Pros? Cons? Your help would be appreciated, Trent.
  2. lilley_1

    1 week of eating clean

    13/8/16 It has almost been a week i ate a clean diet. Morning i ate 2-4 eggs with avocado and romaine lettuce. From lunch onward I ate only broccoli, carrot and sweet potatoes for every meal 3 times a day. I dont consume any dairy , oil , processed food. Drink at least 8-13 glass everyday. I also start eating raw garlic , at least 2-3 cloves everyday. I do see a slight improvement. Maybe its too early to tell. Bear in mind also that i suffered from bad acne on my jawline, cheeks. I will conti
  3. So... I'm a teenager and I am 15 years old. I have acne problems and i had pimples since 2010. I visited a dermatologist and he gave me some antibiotics and some cremes to use but they made my skin worse. 2 months ago i started taking accutane (isotretinoin) with my doctors permission . I saw some of my friends who had really bad acne getting rid of their acne with the same antibiotics that i took and i got sad but i didn't let that take me down. Then at school I saw a lot of people with clean f
  4. Hello everyone! About a week ago, I started the 3 step acne treatment from Clearogen because a YouTuber, Melanie Murphy, said it cleared all her acne away. But, I'm not sure if it's going to work for me because after using it I started getting white heads around my lips and my chin, which I usually don't get. I'm a little nervous to see if this product will eventually work. The good news is that it did help with my forehead acne. My question for you guys is that do you think I should continue w
  5. For me, one of the worst parts of suffering from adult acne (moderate and sometimes, pretty darn gnarly) is the anxiety and pain associated with low self-esteem. I NEVER leave the house without makeup, and have a minor panic attack when camping, traveling, or sleep-overs are involved in my plans (how will I wash my face? Will people see me without my makeup? I'll have to get up at 5 am to get ready, just so no one will see my bare skin...). I also model, and you can imagine how hard it is to see
  6. So I am 32, had acne and oily skin, blackheads blah blah blah, since I was 14....long time right... Tried every lotion potion, cream, pill, tablet, that you can think of...been to 3 derms who were useless.... Its ruined my life, my confidence, my self esteem, can anyone here relate?? Ive tried the detox, eating healthy, going natural with cleansers etc and stilllll zits and whiteheads.... How does everyone else here cope? Its ruining me.

    Guide me [PICS]

    Pics might be a little to graphic since its zoomed in. Please help me, suggest a full regimen please How severe is this Tell me about this Is this active acne or pih or hyperpigmentation How do I get clear again How do I get rid of tthis please help me Please
  8. paintingtrees

    Please Help Me Out):

    Hello(: I'm 17 years old, female. I've struggled from acne beginning in 6th grade, it was mostly in my forehead. I used Duac Topical gel and it seemed to have worked because for 7th-9th grade my skin was wonderful! Then around sophomore year, my acne came back but it left red marks all over my cheeks. My forehead barely gets breakouts, but my cheeks have scars and tiny red dots that resemble red blackheads. It's incredibly discouraging and I often cry from frustration because even if ever
  9. Hi, I am 16 and have severe cystic acne. By severe, I mean on my chest, back, forehead, right cheek, left cheek and that space right over the mouth. I hate going to school, I ignore mirrors and i dont like to look at people. I am not trying to write a sob story, this is is geniunely how it is. the worst part is nothing works for my acne. I tried over the counter, an prescription meds, however, my parents will never let me take accutane (100% sure of that.) so basically, i have to suffer for all
  10. Short acne story: I started getting it at 9, obviously very early, and it was what would be for a teenager moderate acne, gradually getting worse until about age 12. It was so bad they started me on accutane, despite me not having cystic acne it was bad enough to make the cut. It worked wonders for me, and I went off it two or so months ago. Recently, I've been slowly getting acne back, much like it began, and it's got me terrified. Now I'm in high school and now it truly bothers me, and th
  11. etherealmangoes

    What do to...

    I’m so frustrated and sad because in just a year my skin has gone from fine to terrible. It all started when I tried to go vegan. I thought it would help clear up what little acne I had, but instead, my skin has deteriorated. I have tried everything - the supplements, the pills, the natural remedies, different ways of eating, etc, and my face is still awful. I know looks shouldn’t matter that much, but it really does when people don’t want to talk to you because you’re ugly and you can’t help it
  12. Acne chnaged my personality and confidence alot. I used to be this loud, confident person that would just but people and joke around. Now I am the opposite, I'm the quiet student in my class. That's what everyone thinks unless I've been friends with them before my acne. Right now my acne is really bad. I have lot of red scars, as you can say freshly scars( new scars) Have I tried to get rid of my acne using products or medicine? Yes, there's so many things I can use to help stop my acne, but d
  13. soooo im new to this, i decided to sign up because it's just really refreshing to see other people understanding how i feel because in real life nobody i know does. feel really embarrassed and bitter even about typing anything on here just because i hate the fact that my life has become this and i also hate anyone knowing that i suffer with this condition because it's humiliating, even though nobody on here knows me. but whatever.. over the past few months i've been feeling so low and as patheti
  14. Hi guys, So I'm new to this and not sure if I got this in the forum or not - so go easy on me if I haven't Basically I was wondering if anyone knows of any products that can help me to stop scratching my face at night. I seemed to be doing this in my sleep and so I am unaware of it. I've tried to use mittens at night, didn't work. Have tried anti histimanes, which seem to keep it somewhat in control. Use olive oil occasionally but even that seems not to work these days. My skin has become s
  15. Okay so I just signed up on acne.org to make myself feel better and get some advice on this tragic thing i did for my face, because I really feel like trash right now. So last week. I was looking at the mirror, close up, at my blemishes. I have this problem where I will start picking at the smallest thing on my face because im so afraid of pimples. I pick on three pimples on my cheek. All got inflamed. Throughout the week i tried putting mask, benzoyl peroxide, baking soda, etc. Two of them went
  16. I found my confidence recently. Acne was finally not a problem. I was smiling and happy and going on dates with wonderful guys. Life was good. Then today one of my close friends saw me drinking a shake and asked why. I replied "I want to look good for the beauty pageant I'm doing next year!" He simply replied "What are you going to do about your acne? Girls with acne never win." And in that moment, I lost my confidence. I couldn't find it anymore. I just put my head down and walked away.
  17. Hi this is my first post here just wondering if anyone can share some wisdom as to the quickest and least expensive way to speed up the process of clearing these up. Thanks!!!
  18. Hi Guys, I've had acne from when I was 11 year olds and it just keeps getting worse. My skin care routing --- Wash with Dove soap, apply witch hazel, apply skin repairing oil, add benzoyl peroxide I do this every night and day My skin is so red though and cysts beneath have formed I have no acne on my cheeks, just my forehead and the sides of my chin Its making me unhappy and self conscious, I find it hard to look people in the eye and I'm finding job interviews hard
  19. Why are people at this site so bloody judgemental, you give an opinion and they go on the attack. I have witnessed this with other members and also been the target of attack recently.... We are at this site cause we need help with our acne problems and want to give advice. People need to judge less and just listen without being all narky and arrogant....
  20. Hey all. I'm not really sure what to say, just that I am feeling really low again lately about the condition of my skin. Some days I think it's fine, other days I feel like a monster with the ugliest skin ever. I don't know what to do. It's hard to talk to anyone that I actually know in real life, because I feel like people lie to make you feel better. Sometimes, it would be nice just to hear some true honesty. I guess that's kind of what I'm looking for. I don't want to be unrealistic about the
  21. There are times when im happy and i notice my blemishes getting lighter. And there are times when im sad or angry i notice my skin doesnt heal as fast as when im happy.. Is this psychological thing? Or is there a reason for this..
  22. Trudi

    Day 4

    okay! Day 4 and i already look like a scaly dragon, its terrible:( and my makeup looks awful aswell, does anyone know a good foundation and concealor that i could buy out of the drugstores thats not too expensive? please help. anyway except for my face peeling off, ive got my naval pierced and its starting become quite dry and red (not very nice) ive got stretched ears and theres no problems with them? im really annoyed im refusing to take out my piercings because i love them, and there not
  23. Hi guys, just wanting some other stories about really long lasting initial breakouts, my skin has just increasingly gotten worse over the 2 and a half months ive been on accutane, i feel extremely depressed about it all and im so scared this isnt working for me. I weigh about 60kg and for the first 2 months i was on 20mg and then for a week i was on 40mg and the last week ive been on 60mg. Just not really coping through this period of the medication and its really getting to me now.
  24. For starters, this is something I've been struggling with for years, even now, when my acne is under control. it's like I think back to when it was at its worst, and emotionally it's like I'm back there, sad and hopeless all over again. I don't think people who've never suffered from acne know what it's like. It's not a superficial thing, which is something I got told again and again, especially by family. So I'm curious to know how others deal with it. It's been helping me to treat my acne and