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Found 60 results

  1. Before I start - I realized I made an entry titled "Eight Weeks" it was actually "Six Weeks" WHOOPS! Lol. I can't believe it has only been two months! I feel and see my skin improving with every passing week. I have been getting a lot of compliments on my skin recently and it has made me feel SO good. It's amazing to see how much of an impact having acne had on my overall self image. My skin was free of actual pimples until my last post. That cluster came from what I believe was five days of bi
  2. Skin Condition today I woke up with skin that wasnt all that red at all. Even my acne seemed to be less red. My cheeks dont seem to have much acne on them anymore, just lots and lots of old acne marks my chin has a few dry scablike spots from where some whiteheads popped the night before last. my forehead is looking pretty good. Its really smooth aside from a few pink bumps and 1 whitehead. otherwise my skin texture looks good. The deep "underground" painful pimple ju
  3. So that primer/bb cream disaster that happened last week showed its true colors this week. And those colors were RED AND WHITE. you know those lovely colors when they erupt on your face. It was not cute, boo boo. It all was concentrated on one side of my chin, as you can see from the pic (keep in mind, this is me w eye makeup and some concealer on. Not the normal sexy clean face bathroom shot rawr) Things have calmed down significantly since Sunday/Monday this week. Now it's Thursday and the
  4. I think I finally found a way to reduce my very stubborn hormonal acne. I am 30 and have been struggling with hormonal acne for as long as I can remember. I usually get them around my mouth and chin, and I get very oily skin in that area. I usually start breaking out at around 2 weeks before my period. Sometimes they get as high as my cheeks and some really hurt (Even recently I started getting cystic acne along my jawline). Unfortunately I have a very bad habit of picking at them especially whe
  5. Can you guys tell me what this is? Thanks for helping. My Routine is basically the acne.org routine but without the benzoyl peroxide instead, I use duac gel. And atm, no moisturizer.
  6. Hallo , I'm 16 years old ex acne suferer from Israel (so pleaze forgive me if I will have some English mistakes) Actually I steal have acne - but whey less than I had couple months before .. I'm doing an homeopatical treatment with an homeopatical doctor , and it seems to help me a lot.. beside that I dont take any drags and medical treatments .. I understood that acne skin care routine should be gentle with alot of other considerations like oily skin(I have) and alcohol or paraben free prod
  7. I'm an Asian 18 yo female with oily/combination skin (one or both of those, not sure actually). My biggest concerns right now are hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores/blackheads (on the nose and t-zone area to either side of the nose). These are the two skin issues I find to be the most difficult to solve. I have a nasty habit of squeezing out my blackheads/pores because they annoy me so much and there doesn't seem to be any other effective methods for getting rid of them. Below is my curre
  8. Ok, so this is a list of the products that have been super effective for me. I use acne.org's cleanser, followed by the treatment of the same brand, then the moisturizer. After the moisturizer, I either use the AHA or bio oil (purcillin oil). I do this morning and night. In the middle of the afternoon, when my face tends to get greasy and yucky, I use a homemade astringent (I just call it a toner). It consists of 1 part APPLE CIDER vinegar, 2 parts cooled green tea, and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
  9. My struggle with cystic acne started about 2 and 1/2 years ago. I spent the past two and a half years working towards finding a routine that worked for me. It felt very disheartening at times because it was a constant break out for 2 years and it was painful and I couldn't find anything that worked. In the beginning I would use very harsh products that had the benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid in every single product. I'm talking my cleansers, my exfoliators, my treatments, my moisturizers. Ev
  10. Hi there! This is the first blog that I'm adding to give some useful tips for acne. I'm sorry it took so long to add a blog. So first off, here's my current routine: I wash my face with water in the morning. I exfoliate in the morning with a toothbrush dipped in some epsom salt and baking soda, but I only do this twice a week after I wash my face with water. I then apply Cerave moisturizing cream to my face. At night, I wash my face, usually with the Dove sensitive skin beauty bar, or sometim
  11. Again, I am wearing concealer and eye makeup. But you can see my 2 active breakouts and lots of red marks lingering .... Lingering...
  12. Thought y'all might want to see a selfie w makeup and such. This was me on my way to my lunch break last week. Proof that you can have acne and still be a kick ass human being! Girl power! (Insert British spice girls accent)
  13. Hi friends! I need your help, I'm at a loss as to what to do with my skin right now. Please look at the enclosed pictures of my cheeks and help diagnose my acne and give me advice as to how to cure it. Also does it look hormonal to you? Very red, inflamed and painful!! Looks even worse in person
  14. How important is toner? should I implement it into my routine with the cleanser, bp, and aha
  15. Hello! :> I just recently found this community, and I'm so glad I did. I'd like to have other people who I can relate to and who I can encourage and be encouraged with. Anyways, I'm making this post to keep track of my Differin product usage, and how it affects my skin. I've heard good things about it, and I'd like to see a post on how it affects people with my skin type (oily, not sensitive) over the long run. I'll also be adding in the rest of my daily skin regime/water intake. I'll m
  16. At night time, before I go to bed , I put on the AHA cream. I read something about how your pillowcase may cause you to break out. Since I have the AHA cream on, I tend to sleep on my back because I don't want to smudge my pillow with it. When I wake up, my face in on the pillowcase ! Does it really affect your acne ? Or Im I just being over dramatic ?
  17. finally started my course of roaccutane today after waiting for soo long. i'm 50kg and i've started on 30mg a day. what i want to know is what other products to use on my face during the course. up til recently i washed my face with six different products (i used a clean & clear scrub, a garnier scrub, st.ives scrub , witch pore cleansing gel and 10% benzoyl peroxide facial wash) morning and night, which i know was too excessive and most likely doing more harm than good - i guess it was just
  18. Hello everyone! I'm new here but I've read several logs posted by other people and have found them to be very motivational and kind so I decided to start my own. HISTORY I'm a 17 year old female who has been the victim of acne since about 11 or 12. My face mainly breaks out in pimples around my hairline and chin area. I also get skin coloured bumpy comedones all over my forehead, pin sized blackheads on my nose, and something that appear to be extremely tiny whiteheads all over my chin whic
  19. So here I am. I never thought I would have to make a post like this. I was saving the embarrassment for some other problem of mine. Sigh. I've had bad acne since I was in 6th grade. Yeah I know, my definition of bad may be different than what you think bad is and so on. I define bad as breakouts covering one and or all parts or your face, chest, back, and, well, the ever so disgusting arms. I am now a junior in high school, so it's been 6 years-- almost. That's a pretty big chunk of my life co
  20. I just realized this while washing my face this morning.... It has been a whole year since I started doing the regimen. Yay me!!! Time has flown by pretty fast and I couldn't be happier about how my skin looks. I got clear in about 10 weeks and continually worked at diminishing red marks and acne scarring after that. It has been quite a journey and I plan to still keep going. Sharing a pic of me (bare faced + ratty tshirt and + messy hair) with some of my favorite Acne.org products. Hav
  21. Hey guys, how are you all today? I feel a little frustrated with myself, but its not because of my skin just chemistry...I am so not understanding it at all. I hope I start to get to grips with it soon though. Apart from that Im okay I guess. I felt quite down about my skin at the beginning of the week, you know I guess we all get like that sometimes...its so strange sometimes I am great other days I am the most pessimistic, anti-social person on the entire earth. I really hate it when I HA
  22. Hello! I realise there's a lot of topics on this product already, but none really anwser my particular predicament. A question to people who have used the 2% BHA liquid from Paula's Choice. I don't have inflamed acne, and never did, except when I was a young teenager but it passed on it's own. However, since then I've been left with blackheads and whiteheads everywhere on my face ONLY... And my whiteheads I mean the small flesh coloured bumps, with no head, no puss in them, unless squeezed
  23. Hey everyone! I am 19 years old and a few weeks ago, my dermatologist prescribed me Retin-A Micro 0.08% gel...I wanted to know what I was getting myself into before I started it so I read about 100 different reviews about people's experiences. I was TERRIFIED. The main things that stuck out to me in every review were 1) dry skin all the time 2) an awful initial breakout and 3) no makeup! I decided to give it a chance anyway, so I figured I would post updates of my experience and any tips I h
  24. My skin is not perfect, but the improvement is amazing. My skin is smooth to the touch now. I have mainly hyperpigmentation and some little unnoticeable clogged pores. When I stick to my current routine, I have no pimples. When I stray or get lazy with my skincare, the acne comes back. Overall, I would say I have had success in treating my acne. My skin type: normal-dry, sensitive, scar prone, hyperpigmentation prone acne prone, light olive complexion. This article is mo