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Found 18 results

  1. Hi! I’ve been having this issue for quite some time now and can’t figure out a solution! Any suggestions would be helpful(: i LOVE wearing makeup, but I always get this scaly, rough, bumpy patch on either side of my nose (I’ve inserted a picture). Without foundation, my skin doesn’t look or feel rough or bumpy in that area. Does anyone know what this is/ how to solve this problem? Not sure if it’s more a skin issue or a makeup issue? I’ve tried SO MANY foundations and primers but I get the sam
  2. So I used differing .3% for a while, it eventually worked pretty well, but i still had redness and some red marks. i took a break from it, didn't wash my face that much. Acne didn't come back, but lots of clogged pores, premature aging and roughness came. If you stop using retinoids cold turkey, does it cause clogged pores and aging? or was that from not washing my face? I started washing my face with dove soap, and used differing twice over the last week, and my skins improving, can
  3. My skin feels and looks grainy and bumpy. Like sandpaper. I've tried everything and nothing gets rid of those tiny little bumps. They're all over my face and i know they're not pimples or whitehead bc i cant pop them. I want my soft skin back. Please help me. Also, my skin is getting red very easily, and i get hives everytime I scratch any part of my body. Do you guys think those things are related? Sorry for my bad english.
  4. I suffered from acne all through high school, I am now a sophomore in college and have occasional pimples here and there and some redness, but nothing compared to what I use to suffer from. I am currently been on tretinoin generic brand of retin-A for going on 6mo. Although I now don't have acne I have these skin raised bumps that looks close to closed comedones but I can't really say for sure if that's it, milia, or something esle. From certain views you can't really see it, but in sunlight,
  5. I did a Tca peel using 15% solution 5 days ago and I haven't peeled at all, my skin feels rough and hard on some areas, but overall it's made me look way worse. My pores look bigger, my skin feels rough and dry, it looks uneven and has this horrible shiny bumpy texture to it. Is it going to peel soon? Have I ruined my skin! Please help! :(
  6. I used to have pretty bad acne when i was younger. I went on Accutane about 2 years ago and it worked out very well for me. Before that I had very oily skin, but after the Accutane treatment it’s been quite flaky so I use a moisturizer regularly. My skin is just very rough/bumpy on my forehead, for lack of a better word. Is this acne scarring? A couple times during summer I would spend a decent amount of time in the sun growing up and get a nice tan, like any kid would. I just wouldn’t think I
  7. i have oily, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Since getting hormonal acne at 11 years old until now, my skin has formed a bumpy texture which is especially prominent on the sides of my forehead, center of my chin, nose. it doesn't seem to be clogged pores because i have bigger clogged pores too. they are so small and look terrible under the light. i can't even feel the bumps very well when i touch them, so the overall texture is grainy and bumpy. please help!!!!
  8. I need help! I am a 25 year old and my skin looks very weird and damaged! I broke out with some pretty inflamed and irritated acne in April... It has since gotten waaaay better but I feel like my skin has been very damaged. Even when the acne was at its worst I noticed a very weird texture to my face... Looked like open pores but when my face is stretched they look normal... Almost like sagging or stretched out skin... The acne is improving greatly but texture remains rough... When you feel it i
  9. I made another post about this, with my pictures, but has anyone had this happen from something they've done or used, and MOST IMPORTANTLY...has it gone away?!?!IM SCARED TO DEATH that my skin won't return to how it was 3 weeks ago.id rather have my cysts back from 4.5 years ago and just go on accutane again than have my whole facial skin uglified in a matter of days just from using a retinoid twice and GENTLE as hell exfoliation. I literally sucked Google dry for search results on this exact si
  10. I used to have pretty bad acne when i was younger. I went on accutane about 2 years ago and it worked out great for me. i'm 19 now and use a moisturizer to keep my skin from getting too dry, but i don't necessarily have acne problems anywhere like i used to. My skin is just very rough/bumpy in a way especially on my forehead. Is this acne scarring ? Is this normal for 19 year old skin ? I know it seems really minor compared to issues that others have, but it really bothers me. Are there a
  11. Many ppl say their oily, and yes they may have a little shine. Unfortunatly I wake up with olive-oil face. 5min after washing my face its shiny. By 1 hour you can cover 2 oil-sheets. By 2 hours you can probably fry some chips... by the afternoon its a complete joke. A side effect of all of this oil is the complete lack of any exfoliation, not even with chemicals, the skin is stuck together like glue. Resulting in, angry red clumped rough skin that shines and ppl think Im sweating and am years ol
  12. I have the most stubborn acne and I have no idea how to treat it! my skin has hundreds if not, thousands of small clearish bumps all over my face but mainly on my cheeks. I recently started trinessa birth control almost 2 months ago and my forehead has completely cleared up which is the first time it's been like that since i was in 8th grade (im in 11th now), although the bumps on the side of my face/cheeks/chin are out of control ( they are so embarrasing in certain lighting and it isn't someth
  13. Hi, so I have random rough patches on my cheek and forehead where there's also acne.The patches flake sometimes and are a bit reddish. I don't think it's extreme enough to be considered rosacea but I have no idea what it is. I just ordered the regimen this Sunday so it hasn't come yet but when I start it I was just wondering if you know if it will make it worse or better or not do anything to it at all. If it does nothing or makes it worse does anyone know what I would do to treat it on top of t
  14. Hi A few months ago I was cleaning out the pores on my nose by squeezing my nose. I had a particular spot of about 4-5 pores that would fill up and empty quite easily but it happened often. Now around those pores I have a dark spot. It is a bit rough like a scab or dry skin but never goes away. Like it won't heal. I have tried bag balm, jojoba oil, neosporin and most recently aloe vera gel - directly from the leaf. I would love some feedback of things to try!
  15. I think I was overdosed on accutane / roaccutane / isotretionoin (6-7 months treatment using max dosage for my weight) . I hardly had visible pores or much of a texture before. My skin was normal before accutane. As I neared the end it just got worse and worse. Once I finished my skin was completely changed. This carried on shortly after finishing too. Its like the pores blew up to several times their size and my whole face has big pores everywhere including my sides and whole forehead. Its ve
  16. Hello, im 15 years old and i do not experience crazy acne, but i have these kind of colorless bumps on my forehead and I've had them for quiet sometime i want to say maybe 2 years. they haven't gone away and i don't know why. I have dry skin for the most part but sometimes my forehead gets oily from my moisturizer but if i don't moisturize its too dry. I read somewhere that maybe the oil and dandruff from my hair could be a cause of this so i started to use dandruff shampoo on my clarasonic for