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Found 1,000 results

  1. JoeBloggs


    My red marks are usually very noticable especially in the heat, they are from a bout of severe cystic acne some 2 years back and I almost consider them to be a form of rosacea. Whenever I take a certain stimulant (which I wont mention the name of) I notice that my red marks completely fade, even in the heat and I have found that while on that certain stimulant my red mark problem is temporarily eradicated So I was wondering today, caffeine is a weak form of stimulant, and most stimulants const
  2. Forster

    Face Medication

    I'm using the regimen to clear up my acne and it's worked great. The only problem is that my face has been getting really red with the On-The-Spot treatment. I could stop using it and go to something else, but my face has always gotten really red before that so I went to the dermotologist and she gave me metrogel 1% for the treatment of Rosacea or however you spell it. Should I just cleanse my face and use the metrogel...or do the regimen and use metrogel...requiring me to rub even more stuff
  3. Melfice2k

    Phase 2®

    Phase 2® Guys Mainly what do you think about Phase 2®? Is it possible somehow effect to acne and clear?? http://rosacea.ii.net/news/2005/09/incycli...2-for-acne.html http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_..._5/ai_n16045489 http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_..._5/ai_n16045489 Phase 2® Mainly Info Phase 2® is an amazing, non-stimulant, all-natural nutritional ingredient that is derived from the white kidney bean. It is the first nutritional ingredient that has b
  4. Hi everyone, I wonder what the consequences of using some sort of AHA on a part of my face (nose area) that is affected by rosacea. I think i've read somewhere that it will irritate it and hence make it worse, but I've also heard others things too. Is AHA on roseace skin bad?
  5. Does anyone get blushing in the cheeks while taking accutane? I get like a burning sensation in my cheeks and go red mainly with heat as well. Im on accutane 2 months left and im wondering if it's that thats causing it or maybe it's rosacea.
  6. OK so I'm on accutane 12 days. Want to know if others have what I have. In the areas where there was redness splotches, I have had cysts come up, they never come to a head, then the red shrinks around them and they get smaller. Does this mean they are "evolving"? I have hard little bumps which look like they migh peel, but they don't yet. When hair falls across my face they get itchy, maybe because Vitamin A in accutane makes dry skin? Face feels rough, tiny clogged pores are visible lik
  7. Hello, Been on Tane for about 21 pills now, my face is completley clear except for old stuff. I have had one new visible acne bump since starting tane, and a couple more tiny ones that you cannot notice without aid of a mirror. I know it could NOT be working this quickly so I expect a huge breakout soon, either from initial breakout or just a new batch of acne. My side effect is this: I developed this odd red spot about the size of a dime (but not the shape) just above my upper lip and belo
  8. plushfaerie

    Tried it all!

    I have Rosacea which was diagnosed only in the past year, despite the fact that I have always looked sunburned and spotty. I also have acne:[ I am currently on metrogel which truly is the best for rosacea but not acne. I am also on clindymyicin pledglets, azelaec acid, and my derm said minicycline also. I feel like a lab rat! He also asked me to go on retin a micro but Tazorac killed my skin!! I am too scared. If anyone out there has rosacia or cystic acne BEWARE!! I would like to know if
  9. This may be the dermatitis people talk about from rosacea that I've just learned about. Face feels like the dryness after a super bad sunburn; like a giant dry prickly crust, hasn't peeled yet. Papules and pustules all over the place! HELP!! Tell me this is par for the course! Is it??? Betty
  10. Anyone try either of these products? I have read MANY good reviews about them and sounds promising, Just placed my order, will keep you all updated: http://www.acne-ltd.com/ http://www.rosacea-ltd.com/ You can read loads of customer feedback here: http://www.webassured.com/c/Business_Backg...ort.cfm?ID=3305
  11. I could be WAY off on this one, but I'm not sure. I'm a 16 year old white male, and I think I might have acne rosacea. This wouldn't make sense because I know its most common in middle aged and elderly women, less men. However, I have the symptoms: blotchy red skin, no blackheads, and a few pimples. Also, I've tried so many acne products including .5%-2% SA, 2.5%-10% BP, and most recently AcneFree. Nothing seems to work at all. I'm really scared right now and don't know what to do.
  12. ok my facial acne isnt THAT bad, maybe moderate but i have quite a lot of body acne, like LOADS on my stomach and big red ones i get occasionaly over my body that HURT like hell basically iv tried EVERYTHINGm nothing has worked and i fear my facial acne may be too mild for accutane, also i have facial redness which could b very mild rosacea or just redness from all the damn drugs iv popped in the hope of ridding acne what i was thinking is maybe low dose accutane ? what u think
  13. i had a broken capillary from rosacea done on my check several weeks ago. the derm carterized it and another on the bridge of my nose. the one on my nose faded nicely, but the other remained. last night, in an intense staring session at my skin, i noticed what looked like a little milia under the vein. i poked at it. it bled. and if anyone has ever had a surface capillary bleed, it really comes out. now, it appears as if i have a hole there and the redness of the vein is worse. my quest
  14. I was reading this article. This sounds interesting for those of us with rosacea (wonder if this could be a maintenance for regular acne as well, since it doesn't work on microbes and bacteria). Let me know if the link does not work. http://mediwire.healingwell.com/main/Defau...rticleID=159642 Betts
  15. i have rosacea. is this it? it comes and goes. not constant. it is predominantly on my forehead in a small cluster. anybody know what it is?
  16. i accidentally ate wheat, and i'm not supposed to because it is the cause of my skin's irritation. i was just wondering how long the effect can last. any responses would be much appreciated.
  17. Hi there I have wondered about the connection between diet and acne. First of all, my acne/rosacea (the rosacea bit is early stage, only just diagnosed) has been very persistant for the last 10 yrs or so. I am a 26 yr old female - I have been on most antibiotics, dianette, and numerous topical solutions (all have had differing degrees of success - but only fairly short periods of remission). Anyway, the reason I am posting is that I feel a bit overwhelmed by trying to discover if there's any
  18. christmas eve is tomorrow and i woke up this morning to find three red spots. (i never had this many at once, i think its the food i ate lately, milk being the likely culprit) they are red and a lump over a pretty big area. also one seem more raised... what can i do to bring it down...please help i almost cried this morning. also i have rosacea and very sensitive skin, so products like BP could leave a very stubborn mark later..any ideas????
  19. Hi guys and gals, this is my first post on the site so thanks for having me.Im a 21 year old male from sydney australia has suffered problem skin since i wa 15. I took roaccutane 3 years back which worked quite well however i was left with redness small red marks over the majority of my face( apart from cheeks). Since then i have tried countless products to try and maintain and improve the appearance of my skin however nothing seems to work to any great extent. I am currently having photofac
  20. Can't those who already suffer from one terrible skin problem catch a break? Okay, so I've been more aggressive with topical acne treatments with salicylic and glycolic acid products. A few weeks into it, my acne has been under control but now I'm noticing little broken blood vessels and tiny red dots on my face. Just researched the net and come to find out that irritants (especially acids) cause these unsightly red lines. In the process of trying to keep my skin clear, I'm breaking dow
  21. Does anybody else feel like they have tried every product on gods green earth only to come out the other side looking the same or worse. I recon that i have used every product in every combination possible whether it be washing once a day, twice a day, moisturising once a day, twice a day, not at all, combining products, washing in the shower, at the sink, with water, without water, standing on my head aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So im giving it all the finger and am just going to use cool water an
  22. These 3 websites contain information about Rosacea and how Accutane can be used to treat it. http://www.med.umich.edu/1libr/aha/aha_rosacea_crs.htm The first site is mainly about Rosacea instead of accutane but I’ll quote “For more severe cases of rosacea, an oral medicine called isotretinoin (Accutane), may be prescribed.” http://www.skinsite.com/info_rosacea.htm This second site contains more information about rosacea and adds in “Accutane is a drug taken by mouth which is re
  23. What are you tried and true methods for helping red skin, whether it is a rosacea flare-up or just leftover scars? Which moisturizer do you find to be most helpful and any specific ways you wash your face? I work with Eucerin and wanted to give some background information about eczema. The medical term is Atopic Dermatitis and affect approximately 15% of infants and children and 3% of adults in the US and results in skin losing its moisture. There are ways to help when your eczema gets bad.
  24. Vickie73

    Max Clarity Foam

    I would like to know if anyone with adult acne has used Max Clarity Foam and if so, how has it worked or not worked for you? Quick background on me: 36/F didn't have acne as a teenager. It started in my early 20's as the cystic type mostly on jaw line or cheek area. I went on birth control pills and it was under control at least for several years. Due to wanting kids and family history of breast cancer - no more birth control pills. I feel like I have tried everything under the sun (except accu
  25. Hey guys. Just wanted to post an encouraging note to all you teenagers dealing with acne. I had moderate-severe acne (although rarely cystic) from the age of 11 or so, on my body from age 12, and I also have compulsive traits and picked at my skin relentlessy, making it much worse. My skin was also very sensitive and I thought I had beginning stages of rosacea, even paid several hundred dollars to have IPL a few times. Pretty much all makeup irritated and stung my skin, and I couldn't even ident