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Found 2,196 results

  1. i have rosacea. is this it? it comes and goes. not constant. it is predominantly on my forehead in a small cluster. anybody know what it is?
  2. I was reading this article. This sounds interesting for those of us with rosacea (wonder if this could be a maintenance for regular acne as well, since it doesn't work on microbes and bacteria). Let me know if the link does not work. http://mediwire.healingwell.com/main/Defau...rticleID=159642 Betts
  3. I feel really stupid right now For the last few months I have been going through a pretty bad time with my skin, then my derm recently said it looked like I had some rosacea along with the acne and to cut a long story short – my skin has been (still is) extremely unpredictable. I also have the problem that the stuff I use to combat the acne spots – aggravates the rosacea (if that’s what it is). Anyway I’ve always felt as though I let my skin hold me back in some ways. But until recently I didn’t realise just how much. There is this guy – I’ve known him for a couple of years and I had heard from others that he liked me – but he never actually came across that way to me. Nevertheless, he asked me out this week and I said no (despite the fact he is a nice guy and a good laugh etc). I made up some lame excuses – got a lot on at the moment, really busy, not a good time etc. Which to some extent is true, although deep down I know the real reason is the fact I feel so crap about myself. The thought of going on a date with anyone right now scares the shit out of me because of how much my skin is flaring up at the moment. Stupid or what? I thought that either a) he hasn’t really noticed the state of my skin under the cover up – or b) he has noticed and it just doesn’t bother him that much. Even if it’s the latter, the point is what he thinks is almost irrelevant – because it’s my ATTITUDE towards myself that is the real problem here. Unless I can get over this and start to look at myself differently or start to like myself more – then there is no point, it will continue to control my life. The skin problems are real – I’m not imagining them. It’s no fun when your 50yr old mum looks better than you do at 25!. My family and friends accept me the way I am – but I don’t and that’s what needs to change, easier said than done though. Just needed to get it off my chest – thanks.
  4. I don't know if some of you noticed, but I used to come to this website everyday and recently, not so much because I've been busy. Well since I've been back, I can't help but notice all the negativity in some of you. Granted we all have problems and we all have bad days, so it's ok to express yourself in here. I just want to commend some of you for being positive and starting threads about trashing celebs and others that help us get acne off of our minds. Acne is a psychological issue and can be depressing at times. I'm glad to see the maturity in some of you. Keep up the optimistic approach guys! You never know, in five years or less someone may develop a cure for acne or rosacea, and then we will all be free! camp
  5. Hi all. I am on accutane 5 DAYS and experiencing initial breakout all over cheeks, chin, front of ears. I have rosacea/kp (not sure about KP)-- anyone experiencing initial breakout this early??
  6. OK so I'm on accutane 12 days. Want to know if others have what I have. In the areas where there was redness splotches, I have had cysts come up, they never come to a head, then the red shrinks around them and they get smaller. Does this mean they are "evolving"? I have hard little bumps which look like they migh peel, but they don't yet. When hair falls across my face they get itchy, maybe because Vitamin A in accutane makes dry skin? Face feels rough, tiny clogged pores are visible like almost blackheads. Is my skin preparing to slough off the cloggedness of this acne/rosacea?? So, is this what accutane does?
  7. christmas eve is tomorrow and i woke up this morning to find three red spots. (i never had this many at once, i think its the food i ate lately, milk being the likely culprit) they are red and a lump over a pretty big area. also one seem more raised... what can i do to bring it down...please help i almost cried this morning. also i have rosacea and very sensitive skin, so products like BP could leave a very stubborn mark later..any ideas????
  8. Hi everyone, I wonder what the consequences of using some sort of AHA on a part of my face (nose area) that is affected by rosacea. I think i've read somewhere that it will irritate it and hence make it worse, but I've also heard others things too. Is AHA on roseace skin bad?
  9. Hello all, I was on Roaccutane 6 months ago, and didn't really have any serious side effects. Now parts of my chin tends to be slighly red and dry, and sometimes itchy. (Slighly burning) I saw my derm yesterday, and he told me that it was nothing. (I was afraid of Rosacea). But what can I do? I would really like the redness to go away.. Regards g24
  10. Hi guys and gals, this is my first post on the site so thanks for having me.Im a 21 year old male from sydney australia has suffered problem skin since i wa 15. I took roaccutane 3 years back which worked quite well however i was left with redness small red marks over the majority of my face( apart from cheeks). Since then i have tried countless products to try and maintain and improve the appearance of my skin however nothing seems to work to any great extent. I am currently having photofacial light treatment(i was told i have mild rosacea om my cheeks under the eyes) on the affected areas which slightly improved the redness but i have another 4 sessions to go. My skin is very oily and like alot of other ppl on this forum my biggest concern is trying to find a face wash which firstly doesnt dry my skin out and secondly a moisturiser which doesnt make me look as if i have used canola oil after its applied. After using what feels like every product under the sun, i am going to use only cool water on my face combined with an exfoliater twice a week, then moisturiser. My skin seems to feel better after i shower but who knows. I have had it using thousands of products in combination to come off no better and the end. Does anybody have any comments on this? Can using to many products and the continuous drying and moisturizing of your skin be worse for you then fresh water?
  11. i don't prefer to use any chemical products and prefer to use any nutritional methods first. does anyone who sufferers from rosacea been successful with any diet changes for supplements?? thanx
  12. Hi guys Sadly, I have had to quit Accutane as it was not agreeing with me. Accutane made my nose very swollen when I was on 40mg a day, so my derm decided to lower my dose to 10mg, However even though I lowered my dose my nose was still a little swollen (but less so). My derm has suggested coming off Accutane as he says that I am too sensitive to it and he is frightened that it may cause Rosacea. My derm has suggested that I have a break and then start Spiro to help with the oily skin. I am just so nervous that I will be left with Rosacea and a swollen nose as I never had these before Accutane. Can anyone tell me when the side effects from Accutane disappear?? and does anyone know whether my side effects will be permanent??? (I really hope not!) I am so upset because I went on Accutane to help my skin and now not only do I have my oily skin back I also have a swollen nose and chapped lips - I look so horrible I could cry!!! Please write back, I really need your help. xxx
  13. Hey all. Iam going on accutane next week for acne+very much execcive sebum production. I also have very mild Rosacea, so iam going on low dose(5-10mg/day). But the one thing that is the worse is my seb derm, which is kind of serve. But I have heard that Accutane helps people with Seb Derm, is that true? Thank u
  14. So..yup. Had my first appointment today. I really don't have bad acne anymore since I've been using BP on my chin for 2 months, I don't get any pustule there anymore. But my forehead still gets spotty, especially around my period. I also have mild rosacea (flushing) and for that she put me on 500mg Tetracycline twice a day. For the acne, she wants me to stop my use of BHA and BP completely and use Clindamycin 1% in the morning all over (though i'm just going to put it on my forehead and chin, cheeks don't get acne) and Retin-a micro .04% at night. I forgot to tell her how dehydrated my forehead can get. So I'm definitely going to expect super dry, red skin.. I was going to just not get the clindamycin or retin-a since my acne's not so bad now, but she needs to see me again in November. She's going to wonder why i never used it, plus I already got my prescriptions. Anyway, what do you guys think? Is that topical overload or what? I'm scared
  15. sorry, posted this in the wrong forum. they say PROSACEA can also cure mild acne. is this true?
  16. Went to the derm today to get checked out for acne/rosacea and I was given some Finacea and Metro Gel for the redness and he said he would strongly reccomend accutane to just kill the little bit of acne i still have/and get. I'm definitely ready to end this battle and the 5 month course would get me clear in time for summer. Maybe I could start feeling confident with my appearance again haha. My question is... I read all this information on the IB and was wondering if there is anything I can do to help minimize it or even prevent it completely? THANKS!!
  17. I just began using Differin for my rosacea. I had been using benzoyl peroxide for mild acne for several months, but stopped usage several weeks ago when I ran out. I would like to use BP again. Does anyone know if using Differin and BP would be all right? I have very sensitive skin and rosacea, and do not want to make it redder than usual.
  18. Jessicauofw

    Read this!

    Everyone suffering with Rosacea......this is for you. I've been struggling big time over the past few weeks......if you've been following my posts on here you'll see why. I was told that Rosacea symptoms can mask A LOT of other illnesses and only bloodwork, MRIs, etc..........can detect the difference. I'm currently being tested for Lupus and Carcinoid Syndrome........which both have symptoms parallel to that of Rosacea. My "Rosacea" developed into full force within 5 months which I've been told is a bit strange as the progression is usually longer than that. Within 2-3 weeks it became literally 400 times worse. I'm gonna advocate for myself to jump into IPL Therapy asap as my research online indicates it's the only thing that truly works.....it can actually stop Rosacea symptoms completely. And screw the cost........I need freedom from this!
  19. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. To make the story short, I have rosacea and acne *just* on my chin. I was on Minocycline, which cleared my chin up for maybe about 3 weeks or so, and then I started getting pustules on my chin again, even while still on the antibiotics for another two months. I developed a rash that reminded me of a fungal infection, so I stopped taking Minocycline and started using honey masks. My face has been clearing of that rash. However, the pustules on my chin are back in full force and it seems like it's all concentrated on that one area! Like, I can count 16 or 17 pustules all clustered together in a very small area of my face with virtually no pustules anywhere else! It also seems like my chin 'erupts' after an initial breakout. I'll get one pimple, and then before I know it I have a dozen or more all in that same area, and then it'll take forever to die down, but inevitably comes about again. I'm thinking that I'm either reacting to something I come in contact with (but what...?), or something I'm eating is making me break out on my chin only...? I am totally baffled by this and I want it gone! I have been suffering with this problem for a long time. I have ruled out makeup irritating my skin, reaction to toothpaste, harsh cleansers (as I no longer use any due to having rosacea... just honey and my chin was breaking out long before starting honey). I highly doubt it's hormonal as there's no rhyme and reason to the pustules appearing it seems (like, no particular time of the month or anything...). If anyone can give me any insight on this, and perhaps some ideas for fixing my skin, I'd welcome that. I'm also scheduled for an allergy test on the 21st to see if I'm allergic to anything I don't know about. P.S. The only thing that I know helps my chin is regular antibacterial hand soap, but that dries my skin out horridly, leaving it looking like a dry river bed with cracks all in it, and I can't use moisturizers as those make me break out even further...
  20. It's been a while since I've been on this site. I believe my last post was sharing my skin regimen, that from what I thought finally was working. Little did I know, it took a turn for the worst, and I believe it was just because of dehydration of my skin. Well, as of now, I feel like this is something that will keep my acne under control for the most part. I finally am hydrating my skin with a good moisturizer and I don't see how it can get much worse. I tend to get worse acne if I strip my skin, aggravate it or dry it out. I have very sensitive, acne prone skin, and I may even have rosacea. I believe my hormones are a little out of balance which makes matter worse. Anyways here is what I'm currently using and my oil on face seems to be in control and my skin is clean and moisturized. I still get some tiny bumps here and there, but nothing extreme. For the most part its under control. I just hope it stays like this. These products are pricy, but you can also search on Ebay for them, and luckily I get a discount on them because a relative works for cosmetics. 1.) Wash morning and night with http://www.clinique.com/product/CATEGORY22...anse/index.tmpl 2.) Apply morning and night a thin layer(this is just a gel which more so helps balance out skin and is for oily/very oily skin) http://www.clinique.com/product/CATEGORY14...rize/index.tmpl 3.) Apply second moisturizer morning and night, which is more moisturizing than the gel, and it helps protect skin from environmental damage. I don't use a lot of this, but just enough. (for dry combination skin) It says to just use at night, but its fine to use morning and night http://www.clinique.com/product/CATEGORY49...zers/index.tmpl Hopefully this can work for some of you. If you have really sensitive skin, which can be both oily and dry-acne prone, you might want to try these.
  21. Last year I was on 20mg accutane daily for 6 months to treat mild/moderated acne. Altough I got cleared my acne returned 4 months after this regime. My most annoying side effect was flushing/red face, it was quite moderated and it bother me a lot. Now my derm is putting me back on accutane but this time only 10mg daily. My questions are: Is it rare to flush with ONLY 20mg daily? I mean 20mg is still a low dosage, and ive seen studies where rosaceans and people with SB being treated with this dosage. And before accutane my face besides the acne was not red and not prone to redness. Im afraid that even with 10 mg daily I'm going to flush badly. Does anyone experienced flushing with this kind of low dosages? Will my flushing improve if i gradually reduce the mg intake? Or its just my skin that will get red no mather what accutane intake im going to take? If anyone could help me I would be very thankfull! P.S: sorry for any english mistakes.
  22. Ok, so I went to my doctor today, convinced I have rosacea. The problem was I went pretty much straight after waking up, when my skin isn't that red. He said no, not rosacea, basically get out of here you time wasting idiot, your skin is fine. It's a few hours later now and I can feel my skin, across my nose and cheeks gradually getting redder and redder. In an hour or so more it's gonna be bright red. I don't know what to do. I'm on the nhs, I've been waiting months for a derm appointment but there isn't much hope there and now my doctor's think I'm imagining my symptoms. Even though I have the hot flushes, flushes which seem to be triggered by anxiety, heat etc. And I have what I believe to be the constant redness. Am I going crazy? I swear I can see this redness but nobody else seems to be able too. I feel like screaming!! I'm convinced I have rosacea and they won't give me anything to treat it with. He wouldnt even give me anything for my anxiety/depression. Said he was wary of prescribing after only seeing me once. What the hell happened to the medical profession? When did they sudenly become all ethical, all reluctant to hand out pills? I was of the opinion that was all they did. So what to do? How best to treat redness without a prescription? Can anybody help?
  23. I'm 3 1/2 months into my 5 month accutane course and, in the past few days, I've noticed that the skin on my cheeks is pretty bumpy. It's not acne; it's just really rough skin. I'm really confused. Does anyone know what could've caused this and how I can take care of it? EDIT: I also flush when I exercise or when it's hot (ie I take a shower). Could I be developing Rosacea?
  24. ive had suspicions of having rosacea for quite some time now. i would say im a mild case, as i have some pretty bad redness at some points but i dont really have that many pimples to go along with it. but, i went to the doctor to see if he could give me some advice on what to do, and he mentioned rosacea and i was finally glad that i could just give my condition a name. so im going to the derm tomorrow, and hopefully hell get me set on a treatment plan. im really looking for anything that will just lower the severity down, so i dont have to feel like a freaking tomato every time im out in public. wish me luck!
  25. Subantimicrobial Dose Doxycycline for Acne and Rosacea No resistance problems... I actually found out about this stuff from my dentist for my periodontitis. Interestingly both that and acne are related with an enzyme problem. http://rosacea.ii.net/news/2005/09/subanti...ycline-for.html I was worried cos it is Tetracycline based but the dosage is very low to just get the anti-enzyme effect and no resistance. It is called Periostat and u can get it on prescription from your dentist and probably Dr. http://rosacea.ii.net/news/2005/08/periost...eneric-get.html