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Found 92 results

  1. So a little background: I've had mild acne since my teen years but was virtually clear from 16-29 (an occasional breakout here or there) while I was on birth control. Having a history of breast cancer in my family, my dr. encouraged me to go off bc asap. At 29 I decided I was finished having kids (I have 3!) and had a permanent bc procedure performed. I subsequently went off the pill. Within about 6 months I started having major breakouts - mostly along my jaw-line and on my chin, although
  2. Hi all, I have been drinking rooibos since around November/December, and it's the best thing I have done for my skin. I don't get any breakouts, unless I stop drinking it. For example, a couple of days ago, I stopped drinking it and got a pimple. I started to ice it, (which helped very minimally' not much) and then I got back onto the tea. within hours, the inflammation had started to subside, and it was clearly healing, which normally doesnt happen, without the tea. it normally goes onto a
  3. A year ago, I was on tazorac, and was able to enjoy clear skin after that...until now =(. I have three cysts, all right above my lip! I don't think this means anything too bad, like that it's back for good and i need taz again, I'm pretty sure it's just because I was very sick recently and seriously didn't have the energy to wash my face and apply my aczone gel for a few days. two of them are looking better, but the middle one won't budge. every day, I've been: -icing 2-3 times a day -applying
  4. Hello all (: I'm thinking of buying this ALL NATURAL cream http://www.amazon.com/Passport-To-Organics...c/dp/B003UI4WZS I often get some breakouts randomly( like once a month I'll get a bad one) and it seems that the yogurt can't seem to control that anymore due to overuse. Yogurt works amazingly, but if you use it every day for 3 months+ it'll stop being as effective, what i'm doing is rotating the use of lactic acid, like right now i started using sour cream which i'll use for 2 months and th
  5. Hi everybody. (please don`t mind my bad english when reading this:P) I kind of started the regimen 3 weeks ago. I didnt have Dan`S products then, but I bought some 5 % benzol perioxyde at the local drug store and mixed it with moisture cream. Now I have no pimples, but al ot of scarring. Today I received Dan´s products in the mail. The products felt great using! much better then what I`ve been using till now. During the 3 weeks since I´ve started the regimen I have had maybe all togeth
  6. Ingredients: Green tea leaf, rose petal, honeybush, hibiscus flower, red clover, cardamom seed, grape root, orange peel, burdock, dandelion, yellow dock, stevia. Has anyone tried this tea? I just had my first cup of this tea. It smells good and tastes alright. I don't care about tea taste when I'm taking it for medicinal purposes. The reviews are pretty good. I've tried Yogi Chai Rooibos, which I believe helped clear my skin, and Pomegranate green tea, yum. I'll post a review of Skin Detox in
  7. I've been drinking red tea (rooibos) for a few days now and my skin is definitely less oily. It started on Sunday when I began to notice it, I took an oil absorbing pad and do what I always do, get the shine off of my overly oily face, except there really wasn't any oil this time. Now today, Tuesday, I took out my oil absorbing sheet at the end of the day (2:00), note: I usually blot at 10 in the morning, and tons of oil always soaks the sheet. However, today, there was only a little bit of oil
  8. Does anyone else use rooibos tea as a toner? I was quite clearish last week, but i started applying it as a toner and have broke out a little bit. I dont have any idea if its to do with the tea or not, all i know is that its supposed to be good for your skin. Would it be best to apply to effected areas only?
  9. Hello all. I'm new on here, but have read several forum posts discussing tea and its relationship with acne. I figured I'd ask a couple questions, as I love tea! 1. Does all tea elevate testosterone levels, thereby creating more acne? (I know green tea does, but what about spearmint and rooibos?) 2. Has anyone had success with acne problems after drinking spearmint or rooibos tea? 3. I know senna tea is good for detoxification, but does it significantly aid in reducing acne lesions? Al
  10. felt a big painful bump under the skin on my chin sunday night. i left it alone and it wasn't coming up so last night i put a hot compress on it to get it to a head, but it never came to one. i got too eager and just squeezed the hell out of it. a TINY bit of stuff came out, but i feel like this is the kind that would have just gotton sore and red but gone away on it's own w/o ever coming to a head. i get those sometimes and i would have been much better off just leaving it alone! but now i made
  11. anybody drink rooibos tea? anybody experience any benefits from drinking it?
  12. Alrighty, my name is *cough* GZA *cough* and I'm hoping, like many, for clear skin. Tonight I will be starting a regimen and my target is clear skin by August 2008. Background: I'm 16 right now and I've had acne since about the 7th grade. It started out on my forehead, but as I got older it went down my face (forehead, temples, cheeks, now it's on my chin/neck ). My doctor (jokingly) told me it was "gravity" lol. Previous Products: Proactiv - waste of my money, congrats to those who receive
  13. I wonder if it's from drinking too much water, I drank 2.4 liters yesterday, more than I've ever drunk in my life. I started on my first cup of Rooibos tea this morning and I can't finish it. (btw about 2.3 of the 2.4 liters was Rooibos tea). What is going on??
  14. Well i've tried many things to clear my acne, and some of which did clear me, but only for a short period, and when i stopped using it, it came back. Well it could be that my hormones have settled down, as to why im gettin less acne, although i still get the odd little one or two, so i looked for a simple routine that would help me with that. 1. I use plain ol' water to cleanse, cold and warm. I don't use a proper cleanser as i find it just more convenient and more gentle using water. 2. Drink t
  15. So drinking Rooibos Tea has a TON of health benefits, more so than green tea apparently. When I get a good routine of drinking it 2-3 times a day I definitely notice a difference in my skin. It doesn't really help with active acne or help it heal faster but I seem to breakout less often when I drink it and it also seems to make my skin more radiant and helps the texture/tone. I read somewhere that it can help when applied directly to the face, kind of like a toner. "Rooibos has a soothing eff
  16. I have the Annique Rooibos facial treatment. I found that this works great. My face is super clear. I think this Rooibos stuff really works or maybe it's the acne pill I'm using. Anybody else?
  17. Okay, so on the health board you always read about a lot of weird things that people have tried and they say it clears them up, like eating nothing but cabbage or bathing your face in horse urine. That's fine, it may work for some people, but to me that's not a fun way to live my life. That being said, I've noticed a real difference with just 3 simple things (or it may be a combination of other factors I'm unaware of, who knows): 1) Lately, I've been drinking lots of Rooibos tea. Now, before yo
  18. I'm 16 years old guy with moderate acne on face and back, mild acne on chest. I'm battling the zits since 11 yo. The last 3-4 months of my life I'm trying different holistic methods. I tried a lot of things. I can say freely that my overall health is better, I'm feeling more energetic. But acne...very slight results (mostly on chest and back) but far, far away from clear skin. My current diet looks like this: avoid: dairy, grains, cereals, beens, sugar, honey, sweeteners, pork eat: meat (beef
  19. Today I found this useful information about the way we can prepare rooibos tea:
  20. I've never had acne. I was one of those people I now am jealous of. I had maybe a cyst every so often on the chin or hairline during my teen years or during my period. So, I have really high cortisol and it's messing with my kidneys. This is due to a lot of issues, some self-inflicted and some out of my control. Anyway, traditional doctors wouldn't do much for me and I couldn't stand dealing with waiting for more specialists etc... I went to the only good natural doctor around here. He gav
  21. Okay, I've been on this forum for years but never posted anything so I've got a lot of questions. Sorry. I'm 22, female and have been struggling with mild acne since my early teens. I've been on a paleo diet since March and as long as I don't cheat, I don't break out. However, I've still got non-inflamed acne (small bumps and lots of blackheads) that just won't go away, especially on my nose. I use a special tool to extract them but they just fill up again. I've read a lot about people clearing
  22. Okay, I'm really freaking out right now. Over the last few days, I've developed tiny pink slightly raised bumps on my chest and my abdomen. They might also be on my upper back/neck, but I don't know because I can't see there. At first, it was a few and now it's a lot. And they're literally spreading by the minute. They started spreading like this the first day I began drinking Rooibos tea two to three times a day, so I've stopped drinking that. I think I'll stop all my vitamins/supplemen
  23. So I'm gonna do this the right way and not follow some stupid flush whereby you O.D on olive oil and salts only to be very ill and shit out "soap stones" that you made yourself! The one I'm doing, as recommended by my naturopath, is the UltraClear Plus pH one, by Metagenics. So I got my tub and you have 46gms a day mixed with water. It's full of loadsa nutrients and the top 3 ingredients are rice protein concentrate, rice syrup powder, sesame powder. In addition you avoid the following, wheat,
  24. Hey everyone, I'm 21 and all my life I've had relatively clear skin, only a few pimples now and then. All of a sudden in February, my skin broke out pretty badly and its been bad ever since. I tend to get most of them in clusters on my cheeks - big red bumps and whiteheads mostly. I also started getting some on my forehead and a few on my chin, which was weird cos I'd never got pimples there before! Its really been bringing me down, and I've tried everything - aspirin mask, tea tree oil, rooib