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Found 86 results

  1. I'm 34 and left with horrible scars after acne into adulthood. Even just this year, I've had a few more new scars. I'm about to marry my boyfriend of two years, who is also 10 years younger than me. This has brought immense pressure upon me as previously I managed to will myself into self-denial and managed to close one eye to my scars. Also, I've never had a boyfriend for long and never really felt the pressure to look good. As the wedding day draws closer, I am slipping into depression. 1. I
  2. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum. I have not purchased any of the products that this website offers, but I needed a community of people that were dealing with a similar struggle. And with all of my searches for acne/acne scar treatments, acne.org seemed to pop-up repeatedly and I thought I'd sign up. I'm sure my post isn't the first and I apologize if I didn't post it in the right spot. But anyway, I guess I will give a brief history of my acne struggle. Basically, acne runs in my
  3. I have a few on my forehead, most notably the big one right above where my unibrow would be if I had one. Not sure if they are rolling or boxcar or what. I've been doing weekly chemical peels and derma rolling every two weeks. I use Tretinoin .1% every night. I think I've diminished the appearance of them greatly in the past few months but honestly I'm not even sure since I avoid mirrors most of the time.
  4. I had acne starting in second grade. My aunt loved picking at my skin. It really stuck with me and I continued doing it myself from then on. I was put on accutane when I was in 8th grade and it cleared up my skin in about a year. Permanent damage was done to my skin. I was left with pretty bad scarring on both my cheeks. I spent $1600 on fraxel laser treatment. It only slightly improved the appearance. I don't think that establishment had my best interests at heart. I was wondering if anyon
  5. Hi, I was wondering what type of scarring is generally the easiest to treat. Obviously the depth matters. So say they're all considered shallow, what would be easiest to treat, shallow ice picks, shallow boxcar or shallow rolling scars? Which could see results from the least invasive treatments and such.
  6. As topic says, I'm looking into Palomar Lux 1540 for rolling scars and some hyperpigmentation on my face. I was wondering if anybody here has had this laser before and what their review/opinion of it was?
  7. Hi All. After reading about subcision, I decided to give it a go. My doctor wanted to try the procedure on just one scar. So I chose the scar which looked like a 'dove' according to him, and he worked on that. That section where 'the dove' sat was anaesthetised and subcision was done. The only 'pain' i felt was the syringe when the anaesthetic was injected. The injection was more like an ant bite so it wasn't painful at all. As reported by previous users, I did feel/hear my skin being s
  8. Hello, I'm a 22-year-old female and my acne recently cleared. Now, I'm working on saving up money to get rid of my acne scars. (Bottom two are without makeup.) I was wondering if anyone can give me an estimate on how severe my scarring is and also how much they believe it will cost to fix? Any advice/comments are appreciated. Thank you!
  9. Can anyone recommend me something for my scars? I finished accutane about 15 months ago, I have waited for most of the hyper pigmentation to go before making any decisions... But it looks quite hopeless that these scars are going anywhere.
  10. Hi, I'm new to this site, so basically, I'm 24 years old and used to suffer from acne when I was younger but it pretty much cleared up from the age of 15,16. I get an odd spot here and there but nothing like I had before touchwood. Anyway it's only the temple areas that I have the scarring, and so far I've tried dermastamping and have done it for about 9months so 1 treatment every six weeks within those 9 months. I feel like it has gotten a bit better alongside it I use a vitamin c serum that co
  11. Hello Guys, I've been a long time browser of the Acne.org forums, but I have never posted or contributed up until now. I had to take a break from all things acne related, as I had become super fixated on my skin - I still am to a degree, but I am a bit older now, and able to rationalise things a bit better. I had cystic acne as a teenager, and was subsequently prescribed Roaccutane, which helped curtail the pools of sebum which blocked my pores, but I have been left with a load of diffe
  12. Hi, so I've had these scars for awhile now from a really bad cyst I had on my cheek from about 2 years ago. I'm just wondering if anyone can suggest a course of action to help get rid of them or at least minimize. I can't do anything intensive that requires a lot of downtime right now since i'm about to start another semester of college. Also the scars have a sort of purple hyper pigmentation in them which makes them look a good deal worse so any suggestions would be great, thanks.
  13. Hello everybody, Just wanted to share my current experiences with fractional laser, treating rolling scars left by moderate/cystic acne. So far I've done 4 Fraxel Re:store procedures on an affected area on a right cheek (added the "before" picture). The procedures were a bit painful, but as I have high pain tolerance, it was no big deal for me. The downtime was short and I was actually going to work the very same day I got my fraxel done, since the slight throbbing/burning sensation didn't bo
  14. Hi. I have a few shallow acne scars on my temples. I believe some of them are boxcar and some are rolling. Some of them are really shallow though. I've had weekly 40% Lactic Acid peels for 5 months now, with 5 - 10% improvement on these scars, which is almost nothing considering it took long. My question is, can I move up to 40% Glycolic, since it is stronger and offers better results on scars? Thoughts and experiences are welcome .
  15. you know what's worst then acne? getting rid of your acne and having aweful scarring, and no i'm not talking about "red marks" (which will go away with time) i'm talking about pitted, boxcar, rolling, icepick scarring. I have no idea where to go from here. i won't leave my house because i feel so ugly because of my scars... i feel so depressed
  16. Tracking progress of my subcision treatments and a few other at home treatments. Lots of additional progress pictures and a video of me stretching and animating my left cheek in my albums. Subcision was performed with 18 gage and 20 gage needles, saline was injected after the subcision. Before/After 2 subcision treatments: (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) (8/9/2016) and (1/10/2017) Approximately 3 hours after 1st subcision:
  17. Hello. Im 20 years old. I suffer from Inflammatory bowel Disease. Part of my suffering. Sometimes requires me to go on Steroids. However I have received lots of acne as result, Scars also. That is why i come here today. Most of my scars sit on my right side of my face. Unfortunately the way the scars sit it creates almost like a slash . I also have scars that are forming on left side due to recent cysts. So..... I was wondering how bad do you think they are? Do they disfigure my face
  18. Hey Guys, I've been lurking in this forum for over four years now but haven't actually found the guts to post yet. So firstly, thank you to all the members for the valuable info here. Thankfully, I don't suffer from acne anymore (thanks to a year long dose of Accutane). I've finished my round of Accutane over six months ago so I'm now trying to find the preferred route of treatment for my depressed acne scars. I'm really hoping there's a solution f
  19. I had previously posted about my scars but wanted to post more pictures to show the justice of my scarring. It really messes with me and would like your guy's advice. I have to wait a year to do anything and my texture improves with retina a but I'm not on that right now becuz still on accutane. Any suggestions..I am at my wits end to spend money on my scars or not but it really effects me. It is very hard to decide what to do. I am in a dark place right now because my family doesn't understand
  20. Post as of 18/02/2016 Hello folks, I am 18(5'8"and weigh 65 kg)and of Southeast Asian-American descent.After battling with acne for over five years,I finally got accutane!You can think that my acne isn't bad enough to start accutane,but the real reason for starting the drug is that I'm extremely prone to scarring(whether I pick or not),even from whiteheads!I have also got body acne-nothing bad but quite extensive.Another thing that bothers me is that the scars also have Post Inflammatory Erythe
  21. I had severe cystic acne for about 6 months before I started accutane. Now that I'm on the tane, the cysts have calmed down, but I still break out every month. The worst part is that I didn't start accutane before I was left with these giant, hypertrophic scars. Some are pretty raised to the point that they look like acne itself, but it's not, they're cysts. All of them are extremely red. I attached some pics, any help at all would be appreciated. This is really hurting me psychologically.
  22. Hi guys. I hang out on a Russian forum. We do the same things as you (subcision, dermaneedling, TCA cross, and so on and so forth). I started my journal about 4 months ago and i wanna post it here. Thanks to this forum for a lotta information that i found and posted it on ours. Our dermatology is a crap full. If not for you, we'd never have got any improvement. Just thanks a lot from our community. So, here we go. And sorry for my English, i'm not a native -------------------------------
  23. The thing about Dr. Rullan is that he is far away from the pacific northwest where I am but I want to go at least check him out since there are no real competitors here to choose from. I was wondering if ya'll been to him. I've seen youtube vid with Elaine After Accutane and it seems he helped her a lot!!!!!! And I believe he's prbly the best I've found. My acne scarring is moderate to somewhat severe idk.. in my eyes but I'll post a link to my other posts where I have pics for background. I
  24. For some reason the scars don't look as bad in the photos. All of the scars on my cheek are from within the last year or so. I'll try to take some better pictures at some point. It looks like I have mainly boxcar/very mild rolling scars. What would you guys recommend for a treatment plan? Right now I was thinking maybe 1-2 sessions of subcsision + filler then maybe 3 sessions of infini since it's highly recommended. What do you guys think I could yield for results? Honestly If I coul