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Found 81 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I am happy to join into such nice community. Longtime ago, I had some ane problems on my face and had to use roaccutane which helped me a lot for fast recovery. However it left some defects on my face which are similar to rolling type of scars. ( Attaching some pictures ) Last week I bought two popular acne creams from the pharmacy called CICATRICURE and MEDERMA and have started to use it since almost one week. I know it will take time to see visible improvements but even I
  2. Hi! I am posting again. I don't know exactly what it is but I thought I hade these rolling scars on my right cheek that were created by some bad cystic acne. It's not really rolling scars though cause the surface skin in that area is very flat and scarless but the skin underneath it is uneven and it's like it has irregular lumps. Anyway it seems to have improved by 50% over the last 5 years on it's own. It's still there though. I have used intense 1mm dermaroller on it (yes lots of blood) and it
  3. I went to a plastic surgeon to see what I could do about my scars. I am so tired of having them. He was very honest and told me that punch excision would be best. Has anyone had this done?!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm am about to start my 5th month on Accutane. The inflammation from my initial breakout has finally gone down significantly. Now that that has happened I can now see the toll that it has taken on my skin in terms of scarring.... I have rolling scars almost all over my face and a lot of boxcar (I think??). It's really hard for me to just to look in the mirror :/ Sometimes i really feel hopeless. I'm definitely planning on getting some scar removal after im done with accutane. For
  5. I had about 4 cystic acne on my cheeks about a month ago and still have one.As i have heard that cystic acne doesn't surface,so there will be no heads.But my cysts(atleast what i thought) was leaking white stuff and i popped them(know it's always bad).I've popping acne ever since i know,but i never had scars(not a single one).But however,these cysts left shallow rolling scars and I am completely freaked out. So my question is how do i treat them without any surgeries.Does BIO OIL works or other
  6. I'm 23 and finished Accutane in May so I'm planning on starting scar treatment in November (per the 6 month waiting period for invasive procedures). I saw Dr Morganroth at California Skin Institute today for a consultation. He said all of my scars were rolling and ideal for Subcision. He told me he charges $1500 for one session and patients tend to have 1-3 sessions depending on their satisfaction. He suggested spacing them a month apart, and I plan on starting with 2 sessions, one in November
  7. So i've been reading about anything and everything i can find on dermarolling, i have some pitted scares on my upper cheeks, and i've been looking into ways i can improve them. (i am a realist and i know they most likely won't fully go away but i'm looking to improve them as much as possible!) i just have a few questions before i start... What size needles did or/are you using? (where did you buy the dermaroller) I really don't want to get a piece of sh*t one :I If you've seen any impr
  8. I have some rolling scars on my cheeks and underwent subcision two days ago by a local Dermatologist-He believes I may see a 50% improvement. The staff were very caring. They started the procedure by placing a numbing cream on my cheeks and letting that set for approximately 10 minutes. The Dr then injected my cheeks with approximately six injections on each side to numb my cheeks further. He said these would feel like "mosquito bites". It amazes me how I did not feel any discomfort! A f
  9. Yesterday I received my first Lactic acid peel to help with my hyper-pigmentation. And the past few days I've been using the AHA again to also help with my scarring I broke out around my mouth but it looks like it's starting to clear up now. Has anyone had success with Lactic Acid peels and dans AHA for shallow scarring and hyper-pigmentation? About how long does it take to see improvement?
  10. krystal88988


    From the album: Krystal

    I was on accutane in college this is what is left at 33.
  11. Hello everyone! I need help in deciding what to do mainly with my deep post-cystic acne scars located mainly on forehead but also cheeks and chin, basically, my whole face. I battled the biggest acne outburst last summer and autumn, the scars formed around September of last year. I used 0.025 tret for 3 months and now I use isotret 0.05 gel since half of January (I can't get anything stronger in my country). I rarely get any new acne now, will be getting my 5th dermapen session next week an
  12. Hi I am not a new member on Acne.org. I used to write on here by scarsruinlife, for some reasons this website won't let me login and I have to use a new account. Okay, my journey so far, two huge rolling scars, 5 subcisions, 8 self saline injections, 2 needling sessions, Retin-A every night, daily exfoliation. Results? Very minimum. I recently did this needling sessions like a month ago for 4 weeks my scars appearance kept changing. On the fifth week they kind of seemed like there is 20% improv
  13. Hi! I have had acne all my life but have finally found myself a good regimen and have been able to get off it without the use of accutane. There was a period where I picked on my pimples and overwashed, this left pores and scars. I have been recommended 3 Microneedling RF ( Endymed) sessions and 3 fractional CO2 sessions..... but of late I have lost a lot of faith in my dermat since the friend who initially recommended him has seen no results even after a year. Is this regimen right for me? Wha
  14. Suctioned my subcised scars but trying to see how long did they last being until the scars reteathered? Trying to see if my tentative second subcision will be using HA fillers.
  15. I finished accutane around 1 year ago and I was left with really bad red marks but they have mostly cleared up. But now I have noticed more of an uneven appearance on my cheeks. I have always known I have had rolling scars since I finished accutane but as the red marks have cleared up more, the more my rolling scars are showing and it's really getting me down. I hate looking at myself in the mirror because all I see is uneven texture especially in bad lighting. The only positive thing about this
  16. In November 2015 I had a subcision performed by Dr. Morganroth in Mountain View, CA (Bay Area). I had a second subcision performed 4 weeks later in December 2015. The picture I attached shows before then 3.5 weeks after the second subcision. I have another thread you can look at where I documented the process starting with the first subcision. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/354675-post-subcision-results-wpicture/?page=1 questions I've been asked: how I cleared my skin: Yaz birth cont
  17. Just over a week ago I had subcision done. The doctor came in and marked my 40 worst scars (he charges for up the 40, then the next price point is over 40). The nurse came in and injected each scar with lidocaine, then the doctor went to town. I didn't feel a thing, but I heard the scars being broken up. He is very experienced with subcision, and told me he had just done a subcision on a man with 80 acne scars before he came into my room. After I was done, I looked like I had bee stings all over
  18. I have made quite a lot of posts of this site but this one should be my last. I have lots of red marks on my cheeks which felt smooth but as my marks are fading (about 30-35% in the past 8-10 weeks), I have noticed small indents which AREN'T sharp. So I believe these to be rolling scars, they are very very shallow and can only be seen from certain angles in certain lighting. My cheeks used to feel 100% smooth but now I can feel very small bumps but overall my cheeks do still feel quite smooth. I
  19. I have attached three pictures of my forehead. My forehead has some red marks/PIH near my eyebrows but other than that my forehead is clear of marks. The pictures show uneven texture which looks worst in bright lights. My forehead feels a little uneven also. I was just wondering, are these rolling scars?? Will they heal?? What treatment do you recommend? My forehead was clear and smooth prior to accutane I took a few months back.
  20. Hello everyone! In desperation of lessening the appearance of my scars, I lightly stamped them a month ago with a 1.0 mm dermastamp. By "lightly" I meant that there was no pinpoint bleeding and it didn't hurt that much. For the first week or so, it looked plump (due to the microswelling, I'm assuming) and since then it has looked worse. Since I tend to pay too much attention to my scarring, I thought it was me overreacting or being too preoccupied with it. But, when I spoke with a friend who
  21. Hello to one and all. I have been following acne.org for a long time. I saw a thread relating to Dermarollers/Dermastamp/Dermapen which spoke about peoples experiences with these methods for scar revision. It was a few years old so Im bringing the questions back again for an updated discussion of the outcome of this treatment. WHAT: 1.) What size needles were/are you using? 2.) What kind of scars were/are you treating? 3.) What topicals, if any, did/do you use before & after each treatment?
  22. Hi everyone, Anyone on this board have their scars filled in over time? I've had acne since I was a teenager and went through two rounds of accutane which kept the cystic acne away. Now at 26, I no longer have cystic acne but left with a lot of scars. I used to have rolling scars, blackheads, and some congested pores. Then, I tried laser resurfacing without any luck of improvement. I think it gave me more scars instead because now I see ice-pick, box-scars, different skin depth in certain ar
  23. It's now been just under two years since I had really severe acne, although I do still have minor acne (normally one or two active spots at a time, and plenty of congestion around my nose and chin). My acne left me with quite a bit of scarring - mostly boxcar and rolling scars, with no icepick scars. My forehead is probably the worst - lots of little, deeper scars all over - while the scarring on my cheeks is slightly shallower, but larger. I also have little red marks from previous spots and a
  24. Going to try to make it as simple as possible... I've been needling for around 8 months - year for a total of around 8 treatments. Though I wouldn't count the first 3-5 as successful treatments because I didn't have pinpoint bleeding and I wasn't very experienced. Although improvement in hyper pigmentation and a bit in the actual indentations was still be able to be seen... The recent 3 I would call more of successful treatments, as they have been combined with a 2.0m Dermastamp, Leds, Retin a