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Found 643 results

  1. PollyLena

    Arctic Accutane. Week 1.

    Hiya! So I've decided to take up writing a blog for the duration of my roaccutane treatment, I've never written one before so we'll just see how this goes... I was extra nervous about starting the treatment because I go to an outdoor education school up in arctic Norway, so the thought of the super dry, cold air PLUS accutane for my skin, as well as living in 24 hours of darkness for 2 months coupled with the depressive side effects of the drug... That made me nervous. Not to mention I've
  2. complexion24

    My Accutane Diary

    Hi, I'm 20 years old, dealing with mild to moderate acne for about 7 years now. Tried many topical and antibiotics, birth control pill is the only one to make a difference but it comes with too many side effects for me so finally got put onto Accutane. Started last week on 20mg a day. I will be on 20mg for 2 weeks after which I will go up to 40mg until my next appointment with the dermatology nurse on the 1st June. Week one - I've been ill and so I don't know if some of the changes I've be
  3. Hi, my name is Eve and i'm 16 years old. I have struggled with fairly severe acne for a few years now and its seems like i have tried it all, it may seem like nothing as I'm a teenager and this should seem normal but it started when I was around 11 and I'm pretty sick of it now. I mainly deal with a normal amount on my face but loads on my chest, arms, back ad neck. I have recently been referred to a dermatology clinic and was offered roaccutane, in the past I have been prescribed creams, ant
  4. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here on Acne.org and I am seeking some advice about my Acne. A little background on myself, I'm currently 19 years old and have suffered from Severe Body Acne since the age of 13 when it started to develop. For years I was too self-conscious to show anyone so I'd just cover it up. When I was 15 I saw the doctor and was prescribed the various Cream treatments but never stuck to it as applying cream all over my body was just an inconvenience so for the nex
  5. Summertimesadness

    PLEASE HELP!!! :(

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask for some help I started Accutane a month ago and I have seemed to have had a terrible initial breakout far worse than a lot of people, is it something I'm doing?! The picture with better skin is before starting and the second one is yesterday, sorry I coloured in soo much I just want to keep my identity secret! Please help this break out is killing me it's soo red and painful -Summertimesadness
  6. I have had spots since the age of 15, but 10 years on, I found my skin had become so much worse than it ever had been before. It all got too much this year, when I regularly ended up in tears whilst putting on my make up in the morning - as it was so painful to touch my face, and it just looked so angry and inflamed. I'd constantly be back and forth to the bathroom at work, just to make sure my spots weren't on display - and to also apply pressed-powder to get rid of the constant shine I had, fr
  7. I have around 10% acne, and 90% acne scars. However I can't really find any cure for those scars, and I've tried anything. Is there any point of taking accutane, or it has nothing to do with scars?
  8. Hello Not sure if anyone will know the answer but i want to have a couple of drinks maybe twice a month would this increase the chance of a relapse after i finished my accutane course? Thanks
  9. OverjoyedTwig

    Day 30 - from 40mg to 60mg per day

    So.. one month in. I cant believe how fast time went by! I had my doctors appt 2 days ago and she told me to start taking 60mg per day since i havent had any side effects yet. Looks like my body is tolerating the drug so well! Side effects: - lips are tight/dry but nothing too bad tbh. Im still on Carmex every 30 min / 1 hour (i dont let them dry, just apply whenever i feel there is not much product left on my lips) but i think next week i will try Aquaphor and see if i like it better, since
  10. so i'm on 30mg a day and also take a fish oil capsule. i have to take three pills a day as i was given a few boxes containing 20mg tablets and a few boxes containing 5mg tablets. before i was given them i was told the usual routine information including to take them with a high fat meal, however i was then also told to try and avoid high fat foods i don't really have many high fat foods anyway so i've just stuck to my normal diet, which is why i got the fish oil capsules. i've just been taking
  11. Hi. I visited a dermatologist today who took one look at my face and recommended Roaccutane. I've been wanting to go on it for the longest time now, but my mother was very reluctant since she knew of the side affects it could cause. Basically, my skin is incredibly oily all over. 2 hours after washing is usually all it takes before I begin to feel like an oil painting. T-zone, forehead, cheeks, even my damn jaw is oily. I've actually given up blotting since a) my blotting sheets break me out a
  12. Rasha123

    Accutane Week 5

    Hi! I've been on accutane for 5 weeks now, but I'm still breaking out and my skin is worse than when I started on this medication. Is this normal? When will I start to see a difference?/when will the accutane kick in? Thanks!
  13. allymjoan

    Personal Acne History

    I just wanted to write a brief history of my experience with acne before going into writing accutane blogs. I have had acne since I was nine years old. When I was younger it was only a few pimples but it got worse throughout middle school. It seemed to calm down in high school and college but I still never had clear skin. Now after graduating college it has all flared up again. When I was in middle school I used Retin-A and differin topical creams that were prescribed to me by my primary c
  14. So here goes my story... I started getting acne when i was around 12 years old, it was off and on and was not too serious when i entered high school it began to get worst. My face , back ,chest and arms looked really bad. I could'nt really live a normal life because i was embarressed to show my back and it was really uncomfortable to sleep. In grade 9 i decided to go see a regular doctor and he gave me some antibiotics which did not help at all, and then i went back to him and he told me
  15. didn't think i was going to have to post in this section again i've been on roaccutane (30mg per day) for just under two months and got back from my first follow-up appointment with my dermatologist a few hours ago... i had thought that my skin had improved slightly, i mean it still looks pretty bad but i think some of the redness is from marks left by old spots. but he took one look at my face and said "that's not a good improvement at all" and i swear to god he might as well have just slapped
  16. VierraValentine

    Waxing While On Accutane

    I've been on 20mg per day since the beginning of last December. Before Accutane, my skin was very oily. Now it's what you would consider "normal" - not dry or flakey, just normal. My skin hasn't become sensitive at all. I've been able to exfoliate and self tan my body as usual without problems. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but I'm pretty sure my leg hair is growing a LOT faster than it was before I took Accutane. I'm sick of shaving as I always seem to have hair already gro
  17. Sooooo... I started accutane Jan 11, 2018 and I decided that I should share my journey with you all. I’ve struggled with acne for 7 years already.. If I were to count all the money I’ve ever spent on acne fighting products, I’d probably be rich. I've tried just about everything including a vegan diet. I’ve finally decided to give accutane a try. I’ve always been afraid because of all the side effects but I’ve reached the point of just being fed up with acne and allowing it to put my confidence l
  18. So basically im a 15 year old male who has now been on roaccutane for 6 months starting the 7 now for a course of 8 months. i have cystic acne as when a cyst comes out it develops to become the size of a golf ball on my face the past weeks my skin has been clear and mainly consists of red marks which haven't faded at the moment and the past couple of days a region where i previously had a cyst which was my left cheek is starting to develop again with its size slowly increasing i am worried as i
  19. I have no idea how to start this blog, never written one of these before! Have been stalking these forums for years but have been too chicken to write anything until now. Here's a bit about me I guess... I'm 24 and live in London with my boyfriend, my flatmate and my (new) very lovable bunny. Im a teaching assistant in a special needs school (this is sounding like a job interview isnt it). I suppose Im pretty average in a lot of ways, happy and easygoing. Apart from when it comes to my skin.
  20. Well today didn't really go as well as I had expected. When I spoke to the dermatologist about how my moods have been the past week or so she was extremely worried and asked me whether I wanted to stay on the tablet or not.. Of course I do, so I am for the next month but if in the next month my mood deteriorates I will have to stop taking Roaccutane or lower my dosage (which will slow down the process she said). I don't think my moods were bad enough to stop the tablets, I wasn't feeling
  21. bubbles82

    Day 31

    Hi guys, Nothing really much to report other than my face is an absolute mess! I have three mahusive scabs - one on my chin, one on my cheek and the other just under my nose. Is anyone else noticing that if they squeeze a spot or even knock it whilst on Roaccutane, it forms a massive scab? Also, these scabs are totally uncoverable, and they seem to be hanging around for what seems like ever, and not drying up. Has anyone got any suggestions of what I can put on them to try and soothe/aid th
  22. I'm considering a second course of Roaccutane soon. I want to make sure that I'm fully prepared this time, with as much knowledge as possible about certain factors that may ease the symptoms etc. Feel free to correct me (as this is mostly research-based and some may be pointless) or add to the list if necessary, especially if you've had success with any and wouldn't mind sharing advice. I am trying to gather as much information before my course. Here is the list I've compiled so far: Vitamin
  23. gonesurfing

    Roaccutane Day 19

    i feel fine still! spots are better. Although i still have some and new ones do form but not as many as before and skin is sensitive if you squeeze it and breaks.... not as greasy as it was before! i have another month of 20mg and then move onto 40mg before being boosted up to 60!! We will see.... always have my lip balm close at hand but my lips havent started falling off yet so thats a good start!!
  24. Well, after much deliberation and desperation, it has come to this. I have been suffering from acne for a relatively short period, a little over two years. However, these two years have been filled with broken promises of homeopathic cures and a previous dermatologist, and a lot of pessimism revolving my acne. My sister is twenty-six (I am eighteen), and she still gets acne, so I came to the conclusion that I had to take it now, before I go to college! (Even if that means my face will be demolis
  25. I thought I would create a blog, as this site really helped me when I finally decided to take the plunge with Isotretinoin (aka Accutane) and I thought my experiences may help others in my position. I am a 35 year old female who has suffered with cystic acne around my chin and sometimes my forehead for 20 years, probably linked to hormones, but I suspect also partly genetic. I would say my acne was moderate rather than severe, but it still very much affected my confidence and self-esteem, p