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Found 643 results

  1. Hey guys, I'm currently on Roaccutane and am really really pale, which means that every single bit of hyperpigmentation (and there is a lot) is on full show. I'm so pale you can even see veins! I used to go to the sunbeds once a week for like 5 minutes before I started (not a lot at all) to just keep up a slight tan, however, this is obviously not really doable... I'm not a massive fan of spray tans as I find they are just far too messy, and especially on Roaccutane with the dry skin it ju
  2. Hello! This is my fist post after reading loads of helpful ones on here, but I haven't quite found anyone with my problem/questions so I thought I'd make a post myself. I've had acne since I was about 8-9 I think, and it's only been getting worse every year. I'm now 16 years old and have started roaccutane 3 weeks ago. So this is my problem, I suffer from extremely oily skin (not so oily now on roaccutane) and have large pores filled with gunk (sebaceous filaments). I know ppl will s
  3. Hi! I'm hoping to be starting Roaccutane very soon, and was wondering that when it comes to dry lips, what do you peeps think is best; Vaseline or Aquaphor? I'm in the UK and I think that I'd have to buy aquaphor online (unless anyone can recommend somewhere that sells it?). Is it worth doing this or is Vaseline just as good for dry accutane lips? Thanks, any inputs would be much appreciated
  4. im 27 year old girl and my acne is mild to moderate at times - hormonal i think, but I am really tired of having bad skin at my age. My dermatologist has given me a prescription for very low dose of Roaccutane (10mg) to take but i am really reluctant to do this after lots of research , since there seem to be so many side effects some apparently which can stay with you forever. in any case my acne is thankfully not as bad as a lot of people's but it does really get me down at my age to always ha
  5. notsashagrey

    Day 13

    My first entry is written on the 26th of May, the 13th day I've been on Roaccutane. I only had the idea of documenting this journey today, but better late than never right? Oh and my dose for the first month and a half is 40mg per day. The first week on the pills went by pretty smoothly, no significant difference in my skin except for a little bit of dry, flaky skin on my nose and chin. My lips started drying very soon too, but I bought a jug of Vaseline to carry everywhere with me, and so fa
  6. Hi everyone. I am currently on Roaccutane to treat my cystic acne. I have always had acne, which is partially due to my Thyroid Disease which ruined my hormone balance, resulting in more acne! I mostly am left with pretty severe scarring, but every few months I would get a huge flare up of cystic, painful acne and in between those flare ups, I had normal acne and those horrible small bumps that never turn into anything! I am taking 40mgs per day, and have been since the initial 2 week s
  7. Just an early warning, please excuse any misspelling or minor grammatical errors. English isn't my native tounge and this post is written in a emotional tired induced frenzy. Hey everyone, I've been keeping a watch on this forum from time to time checking threads for possible solutions to acne outbreaks and just to find some comfort in knowing that I'm not alone one out there who knows the struggle. I'm at the age of 21, male and have been in warfare with acne since the age of 14. Since
  8. clairec

    DAY 28- 4 Weeks In!

    Can't believe it's been 4 weeks already! Just two days under a month and i'm really happy with my skin the past few days. This cheek in particular has cleared up loads and is a lot less red than when I compare it to pictures I took a month ago! This cheek is always the worst with my acne but I can also see an improvement here when I compare it to a month ago.
  9. Has anyone developed a mental illness such as bipolar disorder while on accutane? & if anyone has, did you keep taking accutane & did the mental illness resolve? Or does anyone know if the chances of developing a mental illness are high while taking roaccutane?
  10. So, here's the basic rundown: I'm 18, around 60kg, and have mild to moderate acne. I've had it since I was about 16, and it's not horribly red or painful, but it has got progressively worse with nothing working on it. It's gotten to the point where I have been subscribed 30mg of Isotretinoin for the first 6 weeks. At first I was eager to start it, but I've had doubts about the long term effects, and I have so many questions and nobody to answer them! Is there any other hope? Will I grow
  11. Hi everyone It seems like I have been waiting a lifetime to finally get my roaccutane. I got acne when I was 11 and since then I've tried everything - over the counter treatments like freederm, prescribed topical treatments e.g benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, erythomicin.... Now I have finally been prescribed roaccutane and I am really hoping it works. I have been prescribed 20mg for the first 2 months, and then 40mg for the last two months - however my derm said if my body cannot han
  12. superstarfire

    After 1

    From the album: My Roaccutane Journey

    After 7 months of treatment
  13. So, I am finally starting this long journey but for all the right reasons and with the end result firmly stuck in my head for when I am thinking to myself 'Why am I doing this!?' Everyone loves a bit of background so here goes... I've had acne since I was about 13 (now 20), I've been on all the usual antibiotics and topicals. Lymecycline worked but I grew immune to its effects. Erythromycin in both pill and topical form again just didn't have any long term effects, I either grew immune or it
  14. inexjl


    Hey, I have acne since January and i’ve been to the dermatologist, she told me that my Acne was moderate, she prescribed me a creme ( epiduo gel). She told me to take Tetralysal if i had no results after 2-3 months using epiduo. Now it’s almost 3 months, my Acne became almost severe. I wanna take accutane, I have a rendez-vous with a new dermatologist wednesday. I wanna ask him accutane but I don’t know if he will prescribed me if because I never took antibiotics. I know my brother took it, he
  15. Hi everyone! Today is my first day on Accutane and I decided to read some logs on here to sort of give me hope. Well, it scared me more than anything. I would like to know what products you ex or current Accutane users are using to reduce common side-effects. I've heard about chapped lips so I got myself a repairing lip-balm. I've read that some users get nosebleeds and that is something I've never experienced before and I don't want to experience it so is it safe to use a nasal spray for dr
  16. zee07

    Accutane and skin picking

    Hi guys... I have been on accutane for about 2 months now, small dose of 20mg.... Tbh I am not sure how my derm came to pick this dosage because he never weighed me or any of the usual stuff, just prescribed this doze... Anyway, it's been OK... tolerable. Only problem I am really finding is dealing with the skin picking and pimple popping. I fixated on it a lot prior to starting accutane but now it's so much worse and I have no idea how to stop. I don't even need to be looking at my skin in the
  17. Chris_Roaccutane_2018

    Generic Roaccutane Journal

    Starting day: End of week one: End of week two: End of 3rd week: (yes i’d hada nose bleed!) It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve started Rosccutane, and from now I’ll be trying to update this journal everyday for the rest of my time on the drug in question. Side effects so far: > Dry skin (obviously...) > Dry lips (obvious, again...) > Back pain > Dry/Sore eyes >Nosebleeds Wednesday 14th Feb 2018: had a small nosebleed at school. Lips have been fine,
  18. So i went to my GP for acne problems. its nothing severe but its VERY persistent. i've been going to him for years and getting different antibiotics which just do not work. He's just referred me to the hospital and the appointment is the end of october and i just dont want to wait that long ESPECIALLY if at the hospital he says he cant do anything. its got the point where i wont go into shops because all of them have massive mirrors and I HATE seeing the inflammation and redness and the spots, i
  19. Guest

    Need Help

    Hi I am 14 and a half years old and have started to get acne quite bad, most of the time i have only had 1 or 2 pimples here or there but recently, i started getting it worse and worse and have tried proactive clean and clear, home remedies, everything but nothing has been working we went to the dermatologist 2 months ago and i got prescribed doxycline, and it has done nothing for me, i have had two big cystic pimples on my cheeks for about 2 months now they just wont go away, there are about 5
  20. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using heat pads whilst taking accutane? I'm talking about the kind of 'peel n stick' ones that heat up once they are exposed to air and you stick them on to your body. I tend to get shoulder / neck pain and they really help, but I'm a bit hesitant to use them once I start accutane, as I understand the skin can become a lot more sensitive. So.. reaching out - has anyone used them while on accutane? Or if you think it would be fine or a terrible
  21. Hey Guys, My name is Taylah I'm 17 years old from Australia, and I've been suffering with acne since I was about 12 years old. I started to take medication around the age of 15 and have pretty much tried every single antibiotic out there. As well as using many different skin care products that never seem to do much at all. So, after years of being ashamed and depressed about how my skin looks I've decided that enough is enough and went to see a dermatologist and he said my last option would be
  22. Hey guys, I'm new to the forum and to Accutane (Roaccutane in the UK). I'm on 30mg a day and have just I completed my first month, I had my blood work done on Monday for my monthly check up. Lately I can't help but notice how full I've been without eating. I've been eating a minimul amount everyday not through choice and have read that a lack of appetite can be linked to liver problems. As we know, Accutane is processed by the liver so I'm a little scared that the Accutane could be doing some
  23. laformidablesarah

    Accutane Day 10!

    I really fail at this.... haha. As soon as I started accutane I was like 'Woo gonna update everyday!', but then life got in the way. I'm in 6th year so school is very busy for me at the moment but now I have a week off. Yay! Apart from all the study I have to do But anyways, i would say side effects started to kick in around the end of the first week. So far I've experienced: Drier skin: So my skin is definitely not dry yet, but it's noticeably less oily. It's even slightly flaky around my
  24. Hexagon

    Week 19 50Mg

    Got a cyst on my chin, massive cyst on my forehead, and a small pimple on side of my head. I don't know why I let myself get excited whenever my skin gets a little better, because I always end up back at this point My pores are becoming more visible again and my nose is so oily what the hell is going on I'm also very very sick with a stomach bug, feel so horrible The corner of my mouth split again and have annoying dry patches near my mouth and chin that won't go away Absolutely nothing h
  25. Okay well, I've been on Accutane (Roaccutane for me cause I'm in Ireland) for 18 days now and I decided to make a log for people who are considering going on the drug or that are on the drug and what to get tips or info that I can give! So anyways, I'm a 19 year old male and I've had oily skin and acne since I was like 13/14. I got really bad acne including nodules and really oily skin, so oily people would comment on it sometimes! I tried many oral and topical treatments to try get rid of my