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Found 643 results

  1. acneruinsmylife

    Day 71 - shmooooodd

    I realized that I didn't post nearly as often last round of accutane (lol I just told my computer to add this word to dictionary bc its such a huge part of my vocab that I have to use so often now). I posted maybe 7 times up until day 40 then the day of my last pill. Am I handling this round differently? Different schedule? I think I feel the need to document this round as best as possible just in case I end up taking acc a third facking time and need to remember what side effects are normal, no
  2. Hi, Im 17 years old, tall and 75kgs and i started my accutane course 4 days ago. Ive taken 4 20mg doses so far, and I’ve just been invited to a party tomorrow. I really want to drink at this party as i think it will be my last chance until i really get into my course and my dosage is upped to 40mg for 5 months. Can I drink a considerable amount (not very drunk) if i miss my next 2 doses considering i’ve taken so little roaccutane? will it damage my liver/ raise my blood cholesterol too
  3. Hey guys, After much trial and deliberation, I have made the decision to go on roaccutane! Alike everyone else, I have tried everything else! The dermatologist I have seen for the past 2 years- who would have agreed to put me on roaccutane straight away- has left the UK. My acne is very mild but stubborn. I am worried that any doctor I see will refuse to put me on it. Does anyone have a recommendation for a London doctor that they have had a good experience with? I don't wan
  4. Hi! I'm dealing with severe acne since I was 13. 7 years later I have tried everything on the market for acne. I've also taken several antibiotics for acne, and tried many topical creams and nothing worked. The only thing that is left for me to try is isotretinoin. I was so happy when I heard about it, thinking it would cure my acne for good. But after reading about isotretinoin online, I have found out that it contains soya oil, and that patients who are allergic to nuts and soya can't take thi
  5. my dermatologist has put me on a relatively low dose of isotretinoin (20mg) for four weeks then 30mg for the next four and i’m worried it’s not going to be that effective as i’m not worried about side effects and my acne is pretty bad. will it be enough to work ? (keep in mind i’m about 54kg)
  6. These pills I used were Skin Accumax from Jane Iredele. I recommend these pills to anyone who mentions the word acne. They were my last resort to RoAccutane. They’re not cheap but they are so worth it. I followed the dosage religiously and my skin has been cured every since. Please see my photos for before and after! So I’ve suffered with acne all my life and I just wanted to share a little miracle that saved my skin and my mental health. My next step was Ro accutane if it didn’t work and
  7. Currently wondering what acne scar treatments I can get on low dose 0.1mg per kg body weight (10mg/d). I really want to get treatments for mild acne scars and red marks but I’m still breaking out a little bit (mild acne) and I’m scared that if I cruise on low dose accutane I won’t be able to get my scars revised until I’m off or I’ll have to wait 6 months also a quick side question, how long does it usually take for accutane to kick in and stop you from getting new spots? (Not to see a diffe
  8. Hi Everyone, I hope this is in the right place. I'm 23, female, from England and started Roaccutane yesterday I'm on 40mg, have moderate acne, cystic, white heads, black heads, huge pores and oily skin. Thought I'd keep a log for anyone like me, and so I can look back as I go along. Day 1: I took my first dose yesterday and within a few hours developed a headache, which went away with painkillers, slept well, and feel fine today!
  9. Please please read, I'm freaking out!!! I've been on accutane for 11 days (I skipped day 4&5 because I scared myself reading things on the internet). I am so scared about hair loss. I cannot lose my hair, it is my best feature, and I feel like its falling out a lot more, already! Is it too soon? If the accutane is obviously causing hair loss I will stop taking it, I am not risking that. I was prescribed 40mg/day but only been taking 20mg/day since day 6. This is what I plan to do to preven
  10. Hello everyone I have been on monitoring this forum for years for my acne. I haven’t found an answer to my current issue so thought I’d make an account and ask the real experts! Bit if a background: I’m 25 years old and have mild/moderate cystic acne. It has got worse over the years (since I was 13) but has never been horrendous (except for the few months I used isotrex) but is enough to cause me to not go out, cancel plans etc. I’ve tried all the usual things: duac, antibiotics (multiple
  11. Hi all! This is my first post ever, although I've spent hours reading this forum since years ago... Three years ago I thought that my nightmare with acne was over, and that I wouldn't come back here, but I was wrong. And this time I want to share my experience, I feel like I owe posting something. So if I can help feel better someone as I did reading other people's posts, I will be really really happy. I am 19 years old. My journey with acne started about 9 years ago, and I have had enough
  12. Basically over the last 5 years I get acne EVERY day, no that is not an exaggeration, literally everyday. I'm lucky to not have cystic acne, (have only had 1 or 2) but I get so much acne on my chin and around my mouth, and ESPECIALLY my nose! which is horrible because I get massive extremely red ones on it, and I'm VERY pale so it looks ten times worse, it really gets my self-esteem down. I'm visiting my dermatologist again next month, as I'm on methotrexate for psoriasis, I'm going to come off
  13. Becs85UK

    Day 1-3

    After a 'spot of bother' (pardon the pun, of course) obtaining my prescription via a very well known highstreet chain (it took 9 working days to get it!) I was hesitant to begin my tablets the day before a big social event. I held off until the Saturday morning and then (with a hearty full English in my belly) took the first 2 20mg pills with a big glass of water and my 'usual' dose of sertraline. Yes, as covered in my 'about me' I am on an anti-depressant, not a high dosage and basically as
  14. So I've been on roaccutane for 3 months now, about to go into my 4th month. After 2 and a half months I was noticing progress - my chin and nose area were clearing with just a few small whiteheads and cysts on my cheeks. I was so excited, thinking this is the turnaround point and it's only up from here. However, the last 2 weeks have been awful. My face has just exploded in cysts on my chin and around my nose. Only my cheeks seem to have started clearing up and that's the only progress I've
  15. inexjl


    Hey, I have acne since January and i’ve been to the dermatologist, she told me that my Acne was moderate, she prescribed me a creme ( epiduo gel). She told me to take Tetralysal if i had no results after 2-3 months using epiduo. Now it’s almost 3 months, my Acne became almost severe. I wanna take accutane, I have a rendez-vous with a new dermatologist wednesday. I wanna ask him accutane but I don’t know if he will prescribed me if because I never took antibiotics. I know my brother took it, he
  16. Ok guys .. so I'm on my second week of tretinoin and my skin just gets WORSE AND WORSE and I'm crying everyday and not going out anymore . I don't have much drying anymore . I have deep cysts with no head on my left cheek . Please help and comment if you think anything can help .. I'm desperate do you think I should go on Accutane ? Or continue the retin a cream ? Or try something else ? Thank you guys so much
  17. Bluejay1234

    Roaccutane 10mg/day

    Roaccutane journal 10mg /day I am 24, female, and have been struggling with chin/jawline acne. This is a week by week journal of my skin while on 10mg/day roaccutane. I am currently 3 months in and will update as I progress. Week 1 (ending 9/6/18): Slight lip dryness (dry from winter anyway-not sure if this is a side effect) No new breakouts Still lots of existing congestion under skin around chin area (large cystic as well as little bumps) Wee
  18. MariaMariaHello


    Hey, I’m a new member of the forum, although I’ve been reading the comments for a while now. straight to the point: I have had really bad acne on my face all through my teens. Now I’m 20 and the acne on my face isn’t gone, but has drastically improved, I still break out quite often though. I also have back and chest acne. But that’s not the main problem. The problem are my arms. For about 10 years I have had acne on my arms and it looks really bad. I have it on my entire arm, including my fore
  19. It's been a few weeks since I last updated this blog, so be prepared for a long one! Right now, without hopefully jinxing it, I have no actives on my face!! It's by no means clear however, unfortunately still some quite persistent lumps from previous spots that just won't go down . I also have A LOT of hyperpigmentation and a few scars so definitely not looking clear by any means. But I honestly can't believe this right now, after just 4 weeks I've reached a point where I am going a good few
  20. Hii, I'm kinda at a point where any light at the end of the tunnel has disappeared for me. But I discovered that the internet, and this site in particular gave me strength in a way, since people went or go through the same. Since I don't see any options anymore can someone help me and give an input? Doesn't matter what it is. I couldn't be more hopeless right now. Anything would help. I'm going to list the things I'm doing right now for my acne. But first let me give a background. My s
  21. I thought I should update this given it's now nearly 18 months since my isotretinoin (roaccutane) treatment ended. I am over the moon to report that I've had no further spots since my treatment ended. All I have had is one small pimple on my temple which was tiny and went away in a couple of days - I've had no other spots at all. I can't quite believe it! I also stopped taking the contraceptive pill and I was worried that coming off it would cause me to break out again badly (as it has alway
  22. I am 24 years old (female) and have been dealing with adult hormonal acne on my chin/jawline on and off since I was 19. I want to share my story and everything I tried so that I may help someone else who has the same type of acne as me. Reading forums on other people’s acne experience was a huge help for my mental health, it was comforting to know I wasn’t alone (not that I would wish this upon anyone) and it was helpful to learn about the failures and success stories of different acne treat
  23. Hey. I was recently diagnosed with acne conglobata, which I'm told is a severely inflammatory type of cystic acne. couldn't find much personal logs of this hellish thing and navigating healthcare has been challenging to say the least so I decided to talk about it online in the hope of connecting with people also familiar with it, (which is equally terrifying as it is liberating.) currently waiting to start roaccutane treatment -and learning how to access dermatology healthcare in the UK. Havin
  24. notsashagrey

    Day 14

    As of today I will have been on Roaccutane for two weeks. I'm fairly sure the breakout I'm currently having is indeed my IB because I woke up this morning with four or five new whiteheads on my cheeks and jaw, but I'd rather have those rather than painful cysts any day. They look small and like they'll pass soon. The biggest and most painful cyst from yesterday has gone down heaps too, leaving an angry red mark. I also have a hella painful bigass bump on my right cheekbone next to my hairline bu
  25. notsashagrey

    Day 13

    My first entry is written on the 26th of May, the 13th day I've been on Roaccutane. I only had the idea of documenting this journey today, but better late than never right? Oh and my dose for the first month and a half is 40mg per day. The first week on the pills went by pretty smoothly, no significant difference in my skin except for a little bit of dry, flaky skin on my nose and chin. My lips started drying very soon too, but I bought a jug of Vaseline to carry everywhere with me, and so fa