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Found 500 results

  1. I've been using tretinoin for over 8 months now and have gone through my purge phase already. However, I was in Florida for a week and took a break from using it. If I start back up, will I purge again? How long of a break can you take without having to go through the purging phase again?
  2. What’s up guys, So I took accutane back in 2015 due to my major acne on my chest back and face. I was on 40ml zentatane. All was fine only had the minor side effects dry skin, lips and rashes from the pill on my arms but went away. All acne cleared I was exited but then now I the beginning of 2019 out of no where bam back at it again acne relapse. So I go back to my dermatologist and was prescribed again accutane but this time the generic version was Claravis. Idk if generic brands differ b
  3. Hello! Please read my message i REALLY need help i suffer 2 years now! 2 years before i went to a doctor for my acne and gave me a retinol cream IN SUMMER in an extremely sunny country! And i had really fair skin! 2 years now i try to not think about the damages happened to me from the sun! I used the cream for 2 months the 1st month i was not going to the sun at all and even i did not saw any help to my acne i did not have any problem witht the cream. The 2nd month i started going to the
  4. I've red somwhere that retinoinds made somebody's scars worse. I'm wandering if you heard something about it and if it referrs only to oral retinoids or also topical. I'm using topical retinoids to boost collagen after microneedling, therefore I'm asking.
  5. Hi everyone. Background: I'm 30, have moderate acne and have been on antibiotics for around 10yrs, off and on, before finally being prescribed Accutane. I'm in my first week of it, on 20mg. I'm curious about the links between accutane and arthritis, and would be grateful for your thoughts. I've seen lots of anecdotal evidence online (yes, I know the dangers of reading about Accutane on the net!), plus a few scientific papers / articles (no large scale studies though, mainly just a few repo
  6. Hey guys, I’m currently on Differin 0.3% and Minocycline 100mg twice daily. I’ve been on the Differin for 3 months and the mino for less than 2 weeks. The Differin was doing absolutely nothing but ruining my skin, and the mino has helped me out a lot. BUT, I’m still getting new pimples every day, and I’m not too fond of the Minocycline. I’m looking for people who have transitioned straight from retinoids and/or Minocycline into Accutane and if you had an initial breakout? My face is FILLED w
  7. I purchased differin over-the-counter and started it 09/06/17, using it sparingly every other day since. So that's 3 uses by far. My skin is extra sensitive so to avoid adverse side effects, I decided to moisturize prior to applying differing and yet my skin is so so sensitive. Although I was fully aware of the side effects prior to my usage, I'm not sure how to know when a side effect is serious enough to stop the treatment. Prior to differin, I had completed accutane treatment and it's been
  8. Hi all! I'm a 6'2'' 158lb 18 yr old male who is off to college in a week! I've suffered from mild acne since I was 16, and when it got moderate-severe I went on minocycline (100mg once a day) for 8 months WITH tretinoin 5% for topical at night or scarring. It worked...until the antibiotics wore off this past month makin my breakouts worse and worse! it may bepossible that I need to find new treatment. are here any recommendations out there??? I don't want to jump to accutane especially becaus
  9. Hi everyone, this is my second month on differin and I'm having a couple of cystic acne which doesn't come to a head, multiple pus-filled acne (which fortunately comes to a head) and lots of dark acne scars (a few which are still red and many others which are dark and grey). I get that there are initial breakouts with differin, but am I supposed to get cystic acne from this? Some of my cystic acne doesn't go away completely and stay as a bump on my face. Worse of all, there are the multiple dark
  10. This is a link for cheaper medications like accutane,ratin-a and retin-a micro. It also as other links on this site for other cheap medications. www.global-prescriptions.net
  11. I don't know if this would be too much for my skin. I've got moderate acne, and I started tazorac around 2 1/2 weeks or so ago. I've had some breakouts, which I'm assuming are just from the tazorac clearing up my pores, but I thought about going on the Regimen during my use of tazorac. Anyone have any suggestions for that? I'd obviously have to alter it at night because I don't want to put both BP and tazorac on. Thoughts?
  12. Well here's the deal. My acne is not severe, but I decided to go to the derm since I was never able to get myself 100% clear using the regimen or countless OTC products. First of all, HMO's suck. I saw the doctor for total of about 2 minutes. I had to ask him what the side effects were, if I need to take the medicine with food, if I need to wear sunscreen etc. Anyways he prescribed me retin-a micro and minocycline. I'll keep tabs on how it works out. Seems like most people on this board have had
  13. i've been on tazorac for 2 months and i've seen some improvment... very little tho... all my whiteheads are starting to come put... and a lot of them are just sticking out... i also have black head and white head around the nose... and beside the nostril area too... is it alright to put tazorac around there?
  14. i'm on day 25 of retin-a and it seems that the last few days i'm experiecing a big breakout(it seems like all the bad stuff from the plogged pores its coming out)but its kind of depressing to see all these whiteheads together...its allright to get rid some of them?My face is clear expect my cheaks that i have 3 from the left and 3 from the right
  15. From the album: Life After Acne

    Today I'm sharing my tried-and-true methods for cleansing and moisturizing dry sensitive skin and how I go from the dull itchy and tired-looking face I wake up with to borderline presentable without makeup-- All thanks to the best natural ingredients and a cutting-edge beauty routine, including the Jenu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser, YoDerm, & derma|e.
  16. how is Retin-A Micro for people who might have just started or have been on it for a while?? my progress so far: pimples are turning into blackheads. should they be extracted or just wait for the Retin-A Micro to keep working? whiteheads are turning into opened pores with the whitehead sticking out...not yet black...pick them out or leave alone? peeling has subsided a lot since using Cetaphil. redness/brown spotting is slowly fading after initial mega-peeling side effects. tin
  17. Well, I was wondering if i could just blot both on at once ( I just want to use the medications at night). If you were wondering rosac's 10% sodium sulfacetamide and 5% sulfur.
  18. has anyone tried this combo? where there's a pimple, there's damaged skin >>> red marks. retin-a micro exfoliates the skin to reveal the skin down below and aloe vera is supposed to heal the skin. SO....would that help with red marks if you both heal and exfoliate at the same time? and has anyone gotten an allergic reaction to using aloe vera straight from the plant?
  19. Retin-a micro was helping with my acne, but the side effects were too bothersome-redness,peeling,swelling. So i switched to differin-should there be an initial breakout for this or do the breakouts mean differin just isn't working? Please help!by the way, i was on retin-a micro for three months before switching.
  20. I hate differin now, I am in the third month and it is totally screwing up my skin BIG time. I use it religiously. I don't want to go back to my derm for something else. I stopped differin a couple days ago and have only been using BP and my skin looks better in just the short time I have used it. I stopped BP in the first place (before differin) because it was too harsh for my skin. But since Dan's Regimen states that the 2.5% is just as effective as the 10%, I think I will try that instead
  21. i found this article someone posted on the clearskin.net website and thought it might be of interest to people who have not had success with the first round of Accutane treatment. 'Microdose' isotretinoin R.A. Palmer S. Sidhu P.G. Goodwin S ir, It is our experience that some adults with acne vulgaris respond to extremely low doses of isotretinoin. Such low doses, used continuously, may be a good way of treating patients who relapse quickly when they cease taking standard doses of isotreti
  22. I'm 7 weeks into using differin and 2 weeks post my first smoothbeam treatment to control minor, but persistent acne. My acne is worse than ever! It seems to have progressively gotten worse over over the past couple weeks. I'm assuming the differin breakout period is over. Has anyone had any experience/success with smoothbeam? Can it cause acne to flare up badly? From what I've read smoothbeam is the next best thing to accutane, without the sides. I've did accutane a couple years ago, w
  23. The dermatologist gave me Dynacin (tetracycline) and three weeks into it, Sunday, boom, I break out in hives on my upper back. He said that it wouldn't prevent acne until 3 weeks into its use, so we thought it was that. I'm also on Retin-A and Clindamycin (topical) but I stopped those after the hives broke out. I had been on Clindamycin a few years ago with no notable side effects or allergies. I've been taking antihistamines quite liberally since then and nothing's happened. About an hour
  24. Tonight is my seventh night on Tazorac (4 nights straight, two nights off after massive peeling, now no more peeling.) I'm not experiencing any more irritation really (which is a nice feeling, considering the tazorac I was on years ago made me look miserably sunburned), but I'm thinking that it's giving me some blackheads here and there. Is this possible? Have any of you had blackheads with taz? I'm talking about the blocked pores, not purging... (I had one night of purging, then tazorac
  25. I have been using Tazorac for about three weeks now and I've already noticed a big difference. I also take Minocycline every morning, but regardless, I have clear skin! At first, I did get a few pimples and VERY VERY dry skin, but now my skin has become used to it. I have regular skin again, I don't even use that much moisturizer and I don't need to wear foundation or anything b/c I have no pimples. You guys should try this. IT WORKS!