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Found 1,000 results

  1. I have been on cephalexin and tretinoin for a few months now. It seems like my skin has stopped improving. My face has its good days, and its bad days. Im wondering if there is anything "extra" i should do/take to help my face a little bit. my ance is far from severe and mostly redspots/ white heads. (no cysts) Thanks alot, Eric
  2. my skin has been flawless since i've been off accutane, which is nearing 4 months. however, my nose is breaking out with the smallest pimples. after accutane, my dermatologist prescribed me retin-a only for my nose to combat the existing blackheads that were present after my course. i've been using the retin-a for about 3 months with a 1-week hiatus or so because of vacation and the added irritation of the sun. my nose has never been this bad in my life time. my nose regimine consists of:
  3. After my course of accutane I am planning on starting on either retin-a or a retinol (green cream). I want to keep my pores from clogging up again. But obviously everyone that is doing this will be doing it for what i would assume to be forever. I was wondering if you all thought there could be any chance that it could be harmful using it as a longterm treatment.... ?? Do you think its possible to use it for the rest of your life? I wouldnt imagine stopping it, in fear of my pores clogging aga
  4. Hi, I have been fighting acne for a long time now. I aquired some differin gel. I have been using it for a week now and I've broken out pretty bad all over my face in areas where I was clear prior to using differin. I was also wondering how much differin am I suppose to use and am i suppose to work in the differin gently until its almost dry? And if taking doxycycline while using differin would help a lot? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.
  5. Chronicles

    retin-a micro

    how long does the ib last i started having my ib since thursday
  6. Well, 3 weeks ago, my doctor prescribed me the clindamycin gel to put on, so i went back this week, and he gave me differin samples to try for the next 2 weeks.... his instructions were to apply the clindamycin in the monring, and differin at night. i been doing that for 3 days, and omg, my face is sooooo flaky!!!!, and tight too. i even moisturize, and i been getting these whiteheadish bumps on my face. Is this normal??!?!!? gosh, i juss want accutane, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR oh and im
  7. I was a fairly avid tanner (going at least once a every 5-7 days) for most of last year. However, I was prescribed Retin-A Micro (night) and Clindamycin (day) for minor acne at the start of this year. It states that one should avoid sun expose at all costs. However, it also states that the: "The microspheres do not penetrate the skin barrier. The microspheres remain on top of the skin and are easily washed off when you shower or wash your face." Is there any way that I can tan or get darker wh
  8. YoungProfessional

    Retin-A on sensitive skin

    I was on Differin and it made my face break out even more so than it did without the medication. So my new derm prescribed Retin-A (.04%) at night, Nicomide in the morning & an antiobotic. Since differin worsened my condition, would retin-A do the same? I've read about how red and flaky some people's skin gets while on retin-A , and since my skin is super sensitve, would retin-A cause more breakouts than before? Anyone have advice or suggestions, let me know! THANKS
  9. Hey guys, I use differin and bp. The bp to take care of the pustules and papules and I just started the differin about 4 days ago to try and clear up the hundreds of closed comedones on my chin. Anyways, I am starting to notice that the closed comedomes are becoming more visible and it seems like there are more of them. Is the differin bringing all them to the surface or whats going on? They are everywhere and I dont know whats going on. If anyone has used differin please give me feedback.
  10. K well I went to an actual derm doc today. She prescribed me retin-a micro for my pores and blackheads...yick they are nasty. She's keeping me on my Clyndamycin(sorry for spelling) for my pustules. She also said that micro-dermabrasion wouldn't help my scarring or acne...but I'm wondering if I shouldn't still just try it...for say...my really red cheeks...idk...does anyone know if microdermabrasion will help with my skin as far as color? I have like rosecea(sorry again for sp) stuff on my cheeks
  11. aikanru


    i used retin-a in high school. it worked to clear my skin, but there are a few things to be aware of. firstly, the cream will make your skin peel, so u will need a moistrizer of some kind. ur skin gets tight and you might sport the "tomato" shinny face look for a few days, but retin-a literally peels away ur bad skin and reveals ur clear skin underneath. i experienced a few embarrasing moments where my skin was peeling in public, i felt like a snake sheding my skin. I would use the cream every o
  12. well... my derm gave me a gel, made by her, which contains stuff like vitamins and pha... but the one that caught my attention was sulphurated peptides... what is it...? cos she gave me this gel to use with tretinoin at night... but from what i read, sulphur don't really go well with tretinoin... so, yup... i'm lost now... any opinions...?
  13. AHA tretment did not work after 5 weeks. This is something simular but stronger, right?
  14. i have previously been prescribed tretinoin and benzaclin. now, there's this whole deal about how using retin-a with benzoyl peroxide cancels the properties of retin-a out. is this only if place both topicals on at the same time? does it not occur if you're using one in the night and one in the morning? also, with a bp wash, are traces of the bp left or is it all washed off?
  15. Seems promising. Do a google search, and you can find more information on it. It's in phase II clinical trials right now, and it's purported to be as effective as low dose accutane without all the side effects. In fact, zileuton has a great safety track record. Below are excerpts from an article published in the Archives of Dermatology ( Vol. 139 No. 5, May 2003). A New Concept for Acne Therapy: A Pilot Study With Zileuton, an Oral 5-Lipoxygenase Inhibitor "A gradual and time-related reductio
  16. whitney822


    My derm just prescribed Avita, which is a brand of tretinoin similar to Retin-A and Retin-A micro. Just wondering what people's experiences have been on it? Was it much different from Retin-A? (I've been on that before.) Right now, my skin is pretty clear because I was on Accutane for two months. I got off of Accutane about three weeks ago because I got scared about all the side effects, and am going to try topicals as a maintenance measure.
  17. super sonic jets

    differin + tetra...

    (hey i'm new by the way) i've been batteling acne for about 4-5 years now. i started just using otc products. i've used benzacyline as well, didn't do much to help me. i went to the derm and he gave me differin + tetra. the first 2 weeks it seemed to help slightly. then in the 4th (or so) week, my skin broke out bad, REALLY bad. my skin seriously looked 10 times worse then it ever had in my life. i tried to keep my head up and continue treatment. after about week 6 it started to calm down. now i
  18. ive been using retin-a micro for 3 1/2 months, and its helped my acne some. i had mild-moderate cystic acne... and just regular acne. except my skin is so oily, the only way i can keep it under control is by putting on powder a million times a day (which i think is breaking me out). i know it's the retin-a micro because before i started using it, i always had dry skin.. and within two or three weeks of using the retin-a that all changed. the oilyness has gotten worse and worse. i think i may hav
  19. LoveGreenSmoothies

    Accutane article

  20. well, i've been on tretinoin (retin-a) and augmentin for 2 months now with no results. my doctor prescribed me accutane today and i will start tomorrow. He prescribed 60 mg. He wants me to take 40 mg in the morning and 20 mg in the evening. Is this an ok dosage or no? Any suggestions or comments are welcomed.
  21. wuwut


    yo i have mild acne currently in 3rd week of the regimen (doing good). i have very little active acne left so im already thinking of treating my red marks. i still have this stievamycin retin-a tube 0.025 sumthing in my stuff. i heard its good for red marks. think i could put it only on my red marks with a q-tip after the whole evening routine? im also using the tape method.. its cheap and smooths my skin.
  22. im new to this board and currently into the 3rd month of accutane, acne wise have cleared up totally, but my skin is ultra dry and peeling, and the moisturizer im using sort of combines with the dried skin forming scab like stuff around my scars and i haf a hard time washin them off as they stick onto my face and i haf to gently scratch them away and it will redden my skin. my derm oso advises mi to use stieva A tretinoin cream on my scars saying it will sort of help on regrowth of "meat" on the
  23. Im thinking of switching from Azelaic acid to differin. But what do i put on in the morning [i apply differin in the evening]? I cant use BP since im allergic and SA is too harsh to combine with differin. Anyone got any ideas?
  24. Hallo... i've been doin the benzoyl peroxide thing for since i joined here (i guess since beginnin of october) I've seen fantastic results... my acne really doesn't bug me anymore... its gone down by like maybe 70%... no new breakouts at all... so i went to my derm... said all that's left now is to treat the scars... and he put me on differin... said i could use it with the benzoyl peroxide twice a day... benzoyl twice a day too... i keep hearin about bad initial breakouts... I really don't wa
  25. Geheneris HalaSon Mahrvehl


    I am on my 11th week with differin and I am completely clear of acne. Things got really rough the first 5 weeks, but I stuck with it and by the 6th week I really started to see results. If anyone has any questions please ask me.