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Found 85 results

  1. Hi guys. I am happy to say that I have had my acne under control now for almost 2 years!! to do this I have been using retin-a micro 1% once a day (now once every other day) and just cetaphyl as face wash. But I am now having concerns over this small bump (now two bumps) that has been on my skin for almost a year. It's skin color, painless, and has no "feeling" to it. Honestly I wouldn't even know it was there if the pores were not gone. Now I have developed what seems to be the same bump in a d
  2. For the past two weeks my skin pretty much stayed the same (except some small breakouts here and there because of hormonal imbalances), there isn't a lot of improvements and there isn't any worsening. One thing that I did notice is that because I have been lazy in putting on sunscreen, that my skin would get pretty red (around my cheeks) after a couple minutes under the sun. I still have my old scars, and my open pores are still open (ughhh I hate them). But besides that , my skin is healing fro
  3. I have cleared my once moderately severe acne on my face through using benzaclin religiously and developing better dietary habits. However, my chest was/is still breaking out (moderately) so my dermo prescribed me Retin-A about 5 months ago. I wash my chest every night and morning, and at night, I apply my Retin-A just as my dermo said. I have been doing this consistently and as told for 5 months, yet I have seen virtually any improvement. Yes, the first month I had a horrible initial break
  4. Okay so I'm 14 and yeah... I'm a girl. A couple months ago I went on proavtiv and it cleared my skin for like a week then it started to come back. I did some research and decided to do the whole no wash caveman thing and that really didn't do anything besides make my face extremly flaky. I did the Ocm for about a week after that and it made my skin worse. Now I'm back on proactiv and its not helping much. Its making new zits shrink faster but thats about it. My sister has some retin-a that we go
  5. Hello everyone. The past few months I have had very good skin results using a more expensive brand of tretinoin cream than what I just recently had to get since that other Brand for some reason no longer covered by our insurance. Anyway, I was wondering if switching brands of creams could cause break outs? I started using this other brand about 2-3 weeks ago and this past week and a half or so, I have been having way more problem spots than I have in a long time, with the other cream I had been
  6. Amie8578

    Week Four

    Week four on Spiro/Retin-A! My intial breakout is finally coming to an end! The cysts I had are starting to heal and I haven't gotten any new ones since last week. I still have a lot of clogged pores and blackheads in my t-zone but they're starting to clear up as well. I have yet to notice a reduction in oil though. My skin is still very oily in my t-zone. For the side effects of spironolactone, I am not urinating as much as I did at the start, but still a bit more than usual. That's it for now
  7. I have been using Retin-a micro for almost a year but about a month ago my dermatologist gave me a higher strength (I was using 0.25% and now I am using 0.8%). I have a lot of blackheads on and around my nose, and some one my cheeks. Has retin-a micro, or tretinoin rid you of your blackheads? Or at least helped some of them go away? Please someone help me!
  8. I never found products that worked consistently. I would try every kind of product. I went on another phase and tried olive oil to clean my face but ended up clogging every single pore. I didn't know it was the olive oil until a month later, when my face was completely broken out. The esthetician told me I need to try obagi and tretinoin. I did tretinoin for 6 months but my skin never got use to it. I didn't like how dry and painful my skin felt. It would peel chunks of skin and with my job, I h
  9. Hello, Just wanted some advice on the acne topical called Tazorac. I have had very good results with Retin-A MICRO 0.1% for the past three months, but my dermatologist has insisted that a use Tazorac cream 0.1% instead. Any advice on what I should expect? Is it going to cause another Initial breakout? Is it going to bring back the dryness that came with Retin-A for the first few weeks? Any advice would be helpful; I just started my new job yesterday and definitely want to keep my skin lookin
  10. cactuscalypso

    retina .1%

    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    retina .1% micro regimen
  11. cactuscalypso

    8 months

    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    retina .1% micro regimen
  12. cactuscalypso


    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    before any treatment besides clindamycen.
  13. cactuscalypso

    retina+doxy regimen

    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    doxy+retina regimen
  14. vulagris

    Go Away Dead Skin!

    Hi guys, around 2 weeks ago I decided to stop using all of my acne care products in effort to reduce irritation and peeling skin. I used to use retina micro and some benzyl peroxide to kill visible whiteheads. Recently I discovered that, for some odd reason, if I eat 4-6 radishes every few days, my skin tends to clear up. I believe radishes have some detoxifying benefits, but, at least for now, my acne is at a good state. So after this discovery, I decided to stop using retina micro and only use
  15. Hi! I have managed to (kind of) calm my acne to a more controllable state with the regime I am using (it's on my profile if you're interested) but I still have A LOT of red scarring, it's so bad it looks like clusters of shiny red spots on my cheeks and jawline even though they are painless and feel relatively smooth. I have heard a few things about Retin A and wondered if anyone has had any relief from red scarring when using it, they are quite new scars which will probably fade in time bu
  16. Have any suggestions..? the PUREST you know of. no added unnecessary ingredients that may exuberate acne. thank you (:
  17. Hey, I've been on isotrex gel ( form of tretinoin) now 4 weeks and i am struggling seeing the positives, can someone reassure me with their experience on this or a similar treatment? I've had flaking and peeling, and a bad initial break out which is depressing me a lot thanks in advance :)
  18. I was 17 when I began my six month accutane journey. I am 20 now. I never had cystic acne, but I did have acne severe enough that, if left untreated, would cause scaring. OTC washes/products worked for a while, then Rx retinoids and antibiotic creams, then oral antibiotics. Eventually even the oral antibiotics stopped working. My dermatologist and I agreed it was time for Accutane. It wasn't a quick decision, I understood all possible side effects and risks. I took 30mg/day the first two m
  19. Can anyone recommend a facial mask I could try at home without having to spend so much money of products? And how often should I do it? My current cleanser is Cetaphil AM/PM and Retin-A 0.1%. Which I'm thinking of trying CeraVe due to so much talk about here because I'm not happy with Cetaphil. I may just use what's left as a body wash and start CeraVe on my face. A few days ago I exfoliated with a facial brush. I did it with the Cetaphil and I wasn't rough. It looks as though I took
  20. Hey guys, I've been using Retin-A Micro (0.1%) for 2-3 years now, and it has done a great job at clearing up my face, aside from the occasional breakouts around that time of the month (damn hormones). Since my face is nearly clear now, my issue is no longer acne, but redness. My face is red all over and I don't know if the retin-a caused it or if it's simply genetics. I finally went to the dermatologist today and she gave me some samples of elidel to help calm my face, however I forgo
  21. amanda8lynn22

    Initial breakout chin

    From the album: Tretinoin .1%

    Used tretinoin on and off for a week, consistently for 3 weeks. Chin is broken out horribly, everywhere else is fine. White heads are popping up from underneath left and right. Guessing this is the initial breakout.
  22. cactuscalypso

    5 months

    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    retina .1% micro regimen
  23. cactuscalypso

    retina .1%

    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    retina .1% micro regimen
  24. cactuscalypso

    retina .1%

    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    retina .1% micro regimen
  25. cactuscalypso


    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    start of doxy + retina regimen.