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Found 272 results

  1. mattyice96


    hey everyone, I went to the derm. today and was prescribed 0.4 Retin-A, Duac, and Doxycycline, and I've been using Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to wash my face. Does anyone have any advice or tips and tricks to avoid skin irritation, and how long it will take to see results. Please help!
  2. I have Posted this in the reviews for this website. I would also like some feedback and recommendations from you guys. (: Thank you! First, I want to share my background. I have never had a problem with acne. I have always had very smooth clear skin, with an occasional outbreak. I started washing with proactive in 2006 when I was 18 for prevention of those minor outbreaks (I don't recommend this because it destroys your skins natural barrier). Two years ago, in 2011, I started getting a cys
  3. I'm on my 15th week of retina-a 0.05 and what was once hundreds of small under the skin bumps on my forehead are now around 50 under the skin bumps, so thats ok. But the biggest problem is that i am randomly breaking out in big red pimples. Where i get about 7 in a row, which disappear after 2 weeks and then come back later. Should i still be purging? I never used to break out in inflamed, large bumps before, when should i call it quits?
  4. SendMeAngels

    Vanoxide Hc

    So, I am on week 10 of Retin-A-Micro and I am fed up with these spots. I had three inflamed pimples come up yesterday, and though they have nearly healed, they tend to leave red marks even after they have gone. If my spots continue to come at week 12, I will stop using the product. So far I don't like it much at all. Until then, I have been given Vanoxide HC lotion that I am supposed to use once or twice daily. But because I have such a fear of another IB, I haven't used it yet, and I've had
  5. I am a 16 year old female that has battled with all-around acne since 7th grade (blackheads, whiteheads, cysts, etc). I would probably consider my face either oily or combination skin because I get really oily in my T-zone but sometimes I get dry skin around my lower cheeks, chin, and mouth. I'd consider my acne to be mild-moderate because I have quit a few small pimples with no heads on my forehead, a few with heads, probably around one cyst every two months (small cysts), blackheads ALL on my
  6. Hey guys! I'm new to the forum but I've been to this site many times in the past. I want to let you know that I have suffered with acne in the past and it will get better for you. I had a really bad picking habit and I was very depressed but I can tell you my life has turned around and my acne is finally 99.9% better/practically gone. I now run my own Website Gladazzle.com where I talk about beauty, fashion and health topics and I have a YouTube Channel where I talk about skincare, makeup and al
  7. I've just ordered the Clenser and Moisturizer to do the Regimen because I currently have BenzaClin (aka Duac) . It contains 1% clindamycin phosphate and 5% benzoyl peroxide. I was prescribed this for my day treatment and Retin-A for nights. I was thinking should I use both of these as prescribed as my treatment options for the Regimen? Perhaps use only the BenzaClin as it is closer to the Regimen's recommended treatment (though stronger) or invest in the Regimen's treatment of 2.5% BP? Has anyo
  8. Hi guys. I am happy to say that I have had my acne under control now for almost 2 years!! to do this I have been using retin-a micro 1% once a day (now once every other day) and just cetaphyl as face wash. But I am now having concerns over this small bump (now two bumps) that has been on my skin for almost a year. It's skin color, painless, and has no "feeling" to it. Honestly I wouldn't even know it was there if the pores were not gone. Now I have developed what seems to be the same bump in a d
  9. Hello. I've been on the following regimen for about 3.5 months now and have not seen the results I was expecting by now: AM: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Aczone (dapsone) gel on acne spots Minocycline oral pill Garnier SPF 15 moisturizer PM: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Retin-A .05% Minocycline oral pill Should I give this more time or switch it up? Also, is the SPF 15 in my moisturizer (that is supposed to last all day until washed off) enough to protect my skin since I'm
  10. The Situation: I have been battling acne now for over a year. I have seen my dermatologist, been given Retin-A, Clindamycin, BP, Doxycycline, a decent moisturizer and cleanser, yet I still battle acne and extreme redness/dryness. I have extremely sensitive skin, and I spend a lot of time outdoors/in the sun, so my acne situation is very difficult. Anyways, after a year of on and off success and failure, I have decided to create a new regimen given all of the resources I have now. Required
  11. supersonicsfan2

    Redness (Tretinoin)

    So back in November of 2012 I developed very oily skin and somewhat severe acne (18 year old male at the time), although I had acne before but not as bad. I was prescribed a topical tretinoin cream from my dermatologist which I started using every other night and then began to use it every night as I was told. I washed my face twice a day and moisturized in the mornings with Cetaphil. It helped but I still got acne regularly, it just wasn't nearly as bad. I noticed that the tretinoin was causing
  12. I recently got prescribed 0.025% Retin-A cream along with 1% Clindamycin foam for mornings. I used the Retin-A once so far- 2 nights ago- and the Clindamycin both this morning and last morning. My derm said to use the Retin-A once a day (at night), and if it was too drying to switch to every other day. My mom and these boards have told me to start with every other day or even less frequently than that. What should I do? Should I just start using it every day and see how it goes, or should I take
  13. Hiya people! Was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with both Dermarolling and Salicylic Acid Peels to fade shallow acne scarring? I've had "moderate" acne for 3-4 years now! Approaching 20 in two months time so I know how much of a pain acne can be. Not just a pain in the bum, but it has literally wrecked my self-esteem to the point I've isolated myself behind the glow of my computer screen frantically searching the net for a glimmer of hope when it comes to removing these dr
  14. ohhhhhhnooooooo

    Tretinoin Question

    Hello acne.org, Does anyone else have enlarged pores/appearance of larger pores from using Tretinoin or any other retinol?
  15. I've recently started using retin a 0.05% for my slight adult acne and ageing skin. My skin is taking it really well and I can already see results. I've heard about the benefits of Vitamin C on the skin and was wondering if it can be used in conjunction with retin a. I'm now using the retin-a every other night, so could the vitamin c be used the morning after under my sunblock (spf30)? Or would that be too harsh? For the night between retin-a I'm using a hyaluronic acid serum under ci
  16. AzhureSnow

    Azhuresnow's Personal Log

    Hi So, I had clear skin since I was about 22 until three months ago (so about 5 years). For whatever reason, 3 months ago, my skin went haywire and I've had HORRIBLE acne on my jaw and the hollows of my cheeks ever since. I suspect it has something to do with the fact that: a) I went vegan around that time, eliminating the synthetic hormones in most meat and dairy products, which may have thrown my androgen balance off. b) went through brand training with Sephora which was 2 weeks of pu
  17. From the album: retin-a micro: worth the wait? I took a picture of my face every week for 4 months

    When I first started writing this post at the beginning of the summer, I was in the throes of the initial breakout caused by starting topical retinoids. Hyper-keratinized plugs and god-knows-what-else built up in my pores, and now the retinoid was forcing it out. My face erupted in multiple places with huge, swollen bumps. As each lesion resolved, 2or 3 new ones would begin forming on skin still red and tender from the previous weeks breakout. The only thing keeping me sane was this: I have a pr

    © Creation Despite

  18. I've been thinking about making this post for the last few weeks and I finally feel comfortable and confident enough to do so. I've been taking a perscription brand tretinoin called Stieva-a since the end of July 2012 and have been using it consistently since, so that's a little over 8 months. I know from experience how difficult it is to stick with a retinoid, especially when your going through the initial breakouts and I know when I was going through them, there weren't too many posts that tal
  19. From the album: Life After Acne

    Today I'm sharing my tried-and-true methods for cleansing and moisturizing dry sensitive skin and how I go from the dull itchy and tired-looking face I wake up with to borderline presentable without makeup-- All thanks to the best natural ingredients and a cutting-edge beauty routine, including the Jenu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser, YoDerm, & derma|e.
  20. foreverontherise

    My Doxycycline & Retin A Log

    Hello All! Welcome to my Doxycycline (100 mg) and Retin-A (.025%) log! I will try to update this as much as I can during the next few months, and I hope that at least one person on this website (which I am new to, woo hoo!) will find this useful. Background Information I am a 15 year old, teenage girl who has had acne since 5th grade. My acne started out pretty light, but as the years went by it got progressively worse. When I was 14 years old, my acne began to flare up so I visited my
  21. I just saw a dermatologist recently and was put on one ass-kick of a regimen. I'm on about day 3 of the following: A.M. Wash with BP cleanser (will be switching to a gentle cleanser soon) [wait 10-ish min] Apply BP 5% [wait 10-ish min] Apply SPF 50 moisturizer P.M. Wash with BP cleanser [wait 10-ish min] Apply Retin-A micro gel 4% [wait 10-ish min] Apply SPF 15 moisturizer From what I've read this is part of the process, but my face gets incredibly red and burns... so bad! E
  22. Hello all! I'm new to this forum but, I would really like some help with my skin. So, really quickly about my skin's background.... I have dry to normal skin and have never had a problem with acne until sophomore year of highschool. I would get one large cyst once a week or so and then it just started to snowball. At that point I had tried lots of scripts such as; Differin, Acanya, clindamycen. When I was a freshman in college I finally decided to see the dermatologist again in frustration beca
  23. cactuscalypso

    retina+doxy regimen

    From the album: Regimen 1; Retin-a 0.1%

    doxy+retina regimen