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Found 32 results

  1. Hello lovelies, So...remember when I said that so far I had zero redness or irritation from using Retin-A micro 0.04%? WELL. Watch me now eat my words. The first three days were lovely. My skin was happy, normal colour, normal texture. I got five new pimples in those three days. Completely normal. BUT THEN... I watched my skin turn from a pale tan colour to a tomato red. It became tight. Very, very, very tight. You know those clear gel masks you put on that dry and then you peel them
  2. So, this post is in regards to my new acne regimen that my derm prescribed me to. While at the derm's office I felt pretty confident with what he was prescribing me, but now after reading some online reviews and the warning pamphlets that came with the drugs I'm rather scared. This is the regimen prescribed to me: A.M Take 2 capsules of Minocycline Wash face with mild soap Use Clindamycin pledget with an exfoliating lotion P.M Wash face with mild soap Apply Pea-sized amount of Retin-A Mi
  3. Hello I need help finding online pharmacies that sell and stock Retin-A Micro (gel). I live in Australia, the only alternative here is Retrieve (cream) requivalent to Retin-A (cream). The cream doesn't agree with my skin. After days of wading through so many online stores they turned out to scam and review sites are just... unreliable. I'm exhausted and near giving up hope, can anyone tell me where they got theirs from (non generic)? I have presciption but just can't find where to buy it
  4. Hi everyone! I'm using Retin-A Micro .04% and I'm taking 500mg of Amoxicillin. I've had acne since I was in 8th grade and it was so embarrassing. I remember this one kid in class asking me if I had herpes, because I get acne around my mouth. Ever since then I've been self-conscious about it and hoping people wont think I have herpes. (Thanks, kid from 8th grade!) It wasn't until about a year ago, my senior year in high school, that I decided to go to my family doctor about it. I had tri
  5. I can't believe it's been over two months! My skin is still pretty dry, but I have only four (!!) "new"/active pimples, and they're all healing quite nicely (circled in red). The rest of what you're seeing is scarring from prior acne -- yeah, it's pretty bad. I can't say what exactly is causing the healing, since I'm taking all the above as part of my lupus treatments (minus the Retin-A Micro). I'm just glad I don't have many active breakouts! I'm noticing I'm breaking out a bit more o
  6. The nausea and headaches aren't as severe as they were a couple of days ago, but they do last about the same length of time. I find I have to eat a pretty full meal when taking them, and I take them with whole milk instead of water. The whole milk seems to help too. I have significant flakiness around my nose and cheeks, which are generally my dryer spots anyway. I've quit using Cetaphil and have switched to CeraVe - I hope it helps. My dermatologist gave me the CeraVe samples and I went
  7. I am on a new regimen of Klaron followed by Retin-A Micro in the morning, and Klaron followed by Finacea at night. In the morning, I apply the Klaron and let it dry and then I apply a small amount of RAM. Should I moisturize before or after I apply these products? I am worried that the products won't take full effect if I moisturize, so should I just skip moisturizing altogether? Also, when I put liquid foundation on after applying the two products, I can see small white patches of RAM under my
  8. I am finishing up my second month on retin-a micro, but I am not seeing any huge changes in my acne. If anything, it's gotten slightly worse. I've read that retin-a may take a while before seeing results. Should I continue using it and see if the next month brings any results, or should I talk to my dermatologist??
  9. Please excuse my rambling, I am a bit of a talker This log will follow my hopefully successful journey with accutane; I just took my first pregnancy test yesterday and take my second March 5th. Background: My name is Hannah. I am a 20 y/o college student majoring in English. I have had oily skin since puberty but went on epiduo at the ripe age of 15 to control my teenager acne. It worked well and I thought my battle with acne was easily won...and over. I was wrong. My skin was always oily
  10. Hello I need help finding online pharmacies that sell and stock Retin-A Micro (gel). I live in Australia, the only alternative here is Retrieve (cream) requivalent to Retin-A (cream). The cream doesn't agree with my skin. After days of wading through so many online stores they turned out to scam and review sites are just... unreliable. I'm exhausted and near giving up hope, can anyone tell me where they got theirs from (non generic)? I have presciption but just can't find where to buy it
  11. I guess I'll start with a little background about my skin. I started breaking out in the 11th grade, and I would consider it moderate. By the time I started college, my skin was clear again and stayed that way until with the exception of occasional minor breakouts. Once I reached 24, however, my skin just started breaking out more and more. I sought the help of a dermatologist who prescribed Retin-A Micro .04%. I had a terrible initial breakout, but I was perfectly clear by the third month. It s
  12. Hey Everyone! So today I saw a dermatologist who prescribed me Retin-A Micro. I suffer mostly from non-inflammatory acne/closed comedones. I had a lot of whiteheads and bumps under the skin. I've been using clindoxyl, which is an antibiotic topical cream w/ benzoyl peroxide, but it doesn't seem to help much. I do get the occasional cyst, but most of the time it is my whiteheads that turn into pimples, so that is the issue I am most concerned about. I've been instructed to used this 3 t
  13. From the album: retin-a micro: worth the wait? I took a picture of my face every week for 4 months

    When I first started writing this post at the beginning of the summer, I was in the throes of the initial breakout caused by starting topical retinoids. Hyper-keratinized plugs and god-knows-what-else built up in my pores, and now the retinoid was forcing it out. My face erupted in multiple places with huge, swollen bumps. As each lesion resolved, 2or 3 new ones would begin forming on skin still red and tender from the previous weeks breakout. The only thing keeping me sane was this: I have a pr
  14. I have reached the end of week 1 one retin-a micro .04%!! Overall it was pretty uneventful, but interesting. I applied the gel every other night to let my skin get used to it, as recommended by my doctor. I do have very sensitive/prone to getting dry skin, so I'm glad for this. Pretty smooth sailing. Did experience some mild flakiness, which was easily soothed/cured by Aquaphor (mostly just applied to driest spots; put it once on my whole face at night but that felt like straight up va
  15. I am a 25 year old female (nearly 26) who has been dealing with mild/moderate acne for several years now. I also pick, obsessively, which is something I've always struggled with and am constantly combating. Never wanted to take prescription acne medications (oral or topical) as that seemed extreme for my amount of acne, and the side effects and initial breakouts terrified me. My skin has gotten progressively worse over the years, and while still not BAD bad, it makes me very self-consciou
  16. When I first started this blog. I had absolutely no idea how much it would change my life. The support and help I recieved from you guys was amazing and because of all the positivity, I had motivation to become acne free! I dont remember the last time I looked in the mirror and hated what i saw! This isn't much of a blog, i would think of it as more of a "thank you/this is the end of my journey" blog. Looking back at my previous posts and seeing how much I've changed since then gives me such a s
  17. So... It's been eight months since I started Retin-A Micro, Doxycycline, and Spironolactone... My skin looks AMAZING! The arrow in the photo is pointing to the one (!!) active pimple (now almost healed) I've had in the past two months. TWO MONTHS! This is insane! The rest of the marks are scars from previous acne battles. I take Spironolactone 50mg twice a day still, and switched in April to Minocycline due to the nationwide Doxycyline shortage making prescriptions crazy expe
  18. I feel kind of lost. I am a 19 year old male who has never posted in anything like this. I am currently taking sulfameth/trimethoprim 800/160 and using retin-a micro(%0.04) at night. And take 50mg of zinc a multivitamin and two fish oil pills in the morning. I use st.ives almond scrub in my morning, shower or what ever it is. My acne has died down but i've always had a problem with picking and now have dark spots on my upper cheeks. I'm still getting around 2 new blemishes every other nigh
  19. Hi, so I am a 20 yr old male. I first started getting acne junior year of high school and was put on minocycline which pretty much cleared it all up. Before I went to college, it started to make a comeback. I dealt with it as best I could (it really wasnt that bad in hindsight) and finally in December of 2011, I started Retin-A micro. I did not use it correctly (waiting after washing, not picking, skipping days, sunscreen etc.) and had an initial breakout with extreme redness and flaking (I also
  20. Merry xmas and happy new years to everyone! For my xmas gift, I have finally completed accutane after 7.5 months. A GREAT gift. But I have been on accutane twice before, for a total of three times. Each time, obviously, I've relapsed and have issues with acne. My derm followed the same protocol and prescribed me retin-a micro once again for maintenance therapy after this last time. The issue is, it doesn't seem to be working for me. Each time I have applied the retin-a micro after accutane
  21. I've been on Retin-A Micro for about 8 weeks now. Though I did have a small initial breakout, my skin is finally almost completely clear. I'm loving the results, but I do have some scars that I've had for awhile. I have read that Retin-A Micro can cause this in some people, but mine where present before starting the medication. In the process of doing some browsing in regard to how I can treat this, I stumbled across a post about a girl who dramatically reduced hers by using Skin Obsession 30% G
  22. Hey All! So I'm finally starting an actual regime to target my acne. I was supposed to meet with my new dermatologist at the end of last month, but I unfortunately wasn't able to make that appointment. I'm now scheduled to meet with her on July 15th, and I will hopefully begin the process to be put back into the I-Pledge program and go on my second round of Claravis (accutane). I'm excited because she is a huge advocate for accutane, and my last dermatologist wasn't so she kept me on a ve
  23. It has been 2 months and 20 days since I started using RAM .04%. I have seen no improvement whatsoever. I was prescribed this due to my severely oily skin, blackheads, and mild acne. Every single pore on my nose and forehead is clogged. Oil oozes out of every pore about 15-20 minutes after I wash my face. I have to blot twice an hour. Why am I quitting on RAM? Because it has made my oily skin WORSE. It has made my skin about 50% oilier than it used to be. I have been suffering with RAM for so
  24. Dear Acne. org community I have currently stopped accutane for about 2 months however i have severe scarring so my derm prescribed retin-A for post-acne and little improvement of my scars. I was just wondering if Retin-A can be used as a spot treament? Can i just put retin-A on my cheeeks where my scarring is the worst? I have no acne scars from the mid nose up. I read somewhere that if you spot treatment retin-A on certain places it will have a color difference than the places you don
  25. Sigh. I guess I'm at the "purging" state right now. I have several new, large pimples, all around the size of a pencil eraser. I also have blackheads surfacing (probably due to the thinning of my epidermis because of the Retin-A), making my skin surface really rough and bumpy. They're coming out pretty easily, though. My dryness is the worst around my nose, chin, and cheeks. I've started using Bio-Oil on those areas before my morning moisturizer to help get rid of flakes. The side