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Found 42 results

  1. Ok! So a brief history. I was a late bloomer with acne, it started getting bad my senior year of high school and peaked my freshman year of college. I had pimples all over my face, mostly on my cheeks, around my mouth, and my chin. They were those nice inflammed suckers with a white head you just want to pop. I assume the stress of going away to college had alot to do with it but I was a mess, and had a ton of scars. I started retina around november that year as a last ditch effort. My doctor ha
  2. It's been a little over 2 months now of Retin A and I'm really happy with how it's going now. My skin adjusted nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing it improve even more with continued use. I cover a lot more details in the video below if you are interested. Also, my diet has been very beneficial for my skin. Between my clean eating and using Retin A, my skin is in wonderful shape right now. Retin A Micro .1% - 8 Week Update: My Acne Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz8
  3. It seems like my face is peeling a little bit less. I think it's been around 4 or 5 weeks since I started using Retin A Micro. I am using it 2x per week now (on the in between days I use nice moisturizers or tamanu oil). Just the other day, I noticed that the tone of my skin seems to be improving. It's hard to describe but it seems to be getting more even and maybe a touch of a glow to it. I'll take it! I am still getting random bumps here and there but nothing out of the ordinary. I don'
  4. Hi everyone! I have been following this site and it has been the place I go to when I don't know where else to seek help. I'm fairly new to posting anything on here, and I think this is the right forum for what I want to say. This may be long. I started having acne in middle school, it started in 7th grade (2012), probably also influenced by hormones since I got my period in 7th grade as well. Looking back at what I had, it was NOTHING. I was young and I thought these face demons were ending
  5. Alright I'm new to this site so I'm not actually sure if I'm doing this right but I need help desperately! I have now been on Retin a micro .1% for exactly 15 weeks and 2 days, so basically 3 months and 2 weeks, and my skin is terrible, to start off with my skin wasn't actually that bad when I started, I just had a lot of clogged pores around my chin and a few spots on my forehead but now I have at least one pimple in every single area on my face, I'm so confused because my skin was actually
  6. Hello all! I'm new to posting but have always really appreciated what this messageboard offers in terms of hopeful stories and tips. I especially appreciate reading people's (hopefully successful) regimen logs, and figured I might as well post my own as I start a new routine! So first some background! I'm 19 and I've suffered with acne since around age 13. For the first 4 or 5 years it was mostly breakouts on my forehead and nose. But the past year or so I've also gotten cheek acne, occ
  7. 12 Week update: A couple of weeks ago I started using Cerave moisturizing cream (the one in the big tub). My skin was so dry I was putting on two thick layers before going to bed at night and one more in the morning. I stopped using aloe and any of the oils because honestly I just felt like they were making my breakouts worse. In terms of dryness and peeling the Cerave cream saved my face. It moisturized in a way nothing else I have tried has, better than coconut oil, aveeno, or the regular Cera
  8. Day 46- Retin A oh the struggle. I have been using my retin a everyday for over two weeks and damn is my skin peeling. I am the human snake. It is not particularly red or irritated looking but I wake up with flakes, scrub them all off, moisturize, put on light make up. By mid afternoon my skin looks alittle dry and my make up looks alittle uneven and by nighttime you can tell the entire top layer of my skin is flaking off and shedding. My skin is cycling unbelievably fast, I cannot understand ho
  9. It's been 6 weeks since I had an aggressive profractional treatment on my cheeks to try and treat my acne scars. I re-started my Retin A Micro regimen this past week. All signs of redness are gone but I still have some fain track marks from the procedure. I am having a hard time telling if there is any improvement. Sometimes I wonder if it actually made my scars worse (see the videos below for before and after pictures) My diet has been up and down. I did wonderful for almost a month and my
  10. Hey guys, I've been lurking on here a little bit for problems and feedback paralleling mine for about a month. I'm nineteen and I have non-inflammatory acne/closed comedones. About a year or so ago, I went into the derm for the same thing. She put me on 100MG Minocycline and Tretinoin .05% every night, Benzaderm (10% BP wash), and Clindamycin Phosphate wipes. I that the first couple of months were rough. I went through breakouts, picking at it, and making it worse (luckily I didn't receive any
  11. Hello everyone. I decided to start this blog, not only for my sake but perhaps someone else who is experiencing similar feelings/problems. I had minor acne growing up, zits here and there, nothing serious. I visited the dermatologist in high school, went on Doxycycline for hormonal acne. I mostly would get a big "under the skin" zit here and there around that time of month. Was on that on and off, when needed. Then my senior year I began getting tiny, little bumps (barely noticeable) ac
  12. Hello everyone! I first registered here back in 2008 -- this is a new username, I forgot my old one and I'd only posted with it a few times. I lurk here several times a year to see if anyone has found a cure for their oily skin issues. My moderate-to-severe acne, severe oily skin, and excessive facial sweating issues started at the age of 17 and a half. Before then my skin was perfect in every way, so because my only sibling had been experiencing acne since the age of 15 I was convinced
  13. Hello All, A few weeks ago I began the generic Retin A Cream Tretinoin. I've been doing a bit of research and am wondering if Retin A Micro would be a "better product" overall. I would greatly appreciate any testimonials from anyone who has experience with both and can offer their comparisons between the two.
  14. I recently started Retin A Micro (3 weeks now). I use it every night and have not really had any major problems (the usual redness, flaking and initial breakout) - except for when it comes time to shave my face. Every single shave results in angry, irritated, stinging, red, raw skin in the areas that are dry/flaky (mouth/chin). Does anyone have any solutions for this problem? I've tried changing to a different razor (single blade instead of 4-5), using more shave cream, using shave oil, exfoliat
  15. Hi new to the boards, never had as much as a zit in highschool had perfect skin until I moved away to college and within weeks it was a mess, it has been over two years and nothing has worked I finally got fed up and saw a derm a little over a month ago he perscribed me retin a micro .1% cream and doxy 100mg once a day. I am currently on day 34 so almost 5 full weeks and my skin looks awful it is covered in little red bumps, I can't stand it I'm skipping class avoiding my friends, I'm completly
  16. I am almost two months in, and I am having an absolute melt down. My skin is so much worse than it has ever been. After a week without too many new breakouts but deep flaking and constantly redness stinging and blotchiness I started doing coconut oil twice a day under my aloe vera and washing with sunflower oil instead of face wash or honey. I will say it helped with the blotchiness and peeling alot, and helped center myskin back to normal in terms of dryness. However, for the past couple of day
  17. Ok so alittle over a month in. My skin is less dry flakey all the time but still alittle peely. My biggest problem is the stress of medical school is making my face picking really bad and I am giving myself scars picking at very small or nonexistent clogged pores. The honey really helps heal my face wounds and keep my skin plump and hydrated even with the retin a. This is my second time breaking my skin into retin a and so far nothing has worked as well as a gentle clensor as this raw honey!
  18. Hey guys! I've been on retin-a micro for about 2 months now and not only is it not helping, but i believe its making my acne much worse I understand there is an initial breakout, and I thought I'd already suffered through it, but every time i think maybe its finally clearing up, BAM, 5 new cysts. By this point, the breakout should be over or atleast on the outs, but i can feel a whole new wave of cysts ready to pop up and the ones already on my face due to the retin a are taking FOREVER t
  19. Hello all! I have had moderate to severe acne for 14 years. In January I began 100 mg of Spironolactone after using numerous prescription medications that failed to work. Spironolactone completely cleared the acne on my back, and cleared almost all of the acne on my face. I had quite a few small clogged pores on my chin so I went on Retin A Micro hoping to clear those. I have been on the medication for 4 weeks and two days, and my face looks worse than it ever has before. The upper portion of
  20. I decided to start a log to help others and myself through the next several months. If anyone wants to join in on the journey, please do! About five and a half months ago, my full blown acne started for the first time in my life. I am 27 and have never had acne issues. I moved from Texas to Colorado a little while before that and perhaps due to stress/change in hormones that often happens to women in their late 20s and who knows what else, my normally nearly completely clear complexion start
  21. I need suggestions as to how to get rid of the bumps on my nose and chin. I've been using retin-a micro for nearly two years, it has helped my skin a lot but these areas need more work. What should I do? These pictures are of my nose (normal and scrunched up) and my chin. They are a little red because I have just applied retin-a
  22. I discovered this blog here on OCM and all the negative experiences these women had that exactly matched my own. - Read all the comments - http://beautyeditor....e-on-your-skin/ Around April of 2012 my boss told me about OCM and finally convinced me to try it so I bought castor oil in the drug aisle and mixed it with my extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen. I used it off and on maybe once every 2 weeks for several months...never noticed a major effect but did start noticing slightly more cl
  23. First post on here, kinda hesitant, but I thought it could be positive encouragement to stop picking at my face knowing that the world can see this. But anyways, so I've been using EpiDuo for months now, nothing to complain about except I consistently picked at my face, making the situation worse. However, I wouldn't say I have (or ever had) severe acne. I'd say it's moderate, with at least two active spots daily. Now, I'm switching to Retin-A Micro, since I've had a tube laying around and my mo
  24. Hi guys!! I'm an 18 year old trying to get rid of her acne once and for all I have suffered from acne since my freshman year of high school (mild to moderate). My acne was never really cystic - I had inflamed pimples and blackheads in my T-zone. Through trial and error over the years, I was finally able to clear my skin through using Retin A Micro 0.04% (RAM) at night, along with Aczone or Finacea in the morning (alternating each day). However, during the fall of last year, I began
  25. I have enlarged pores between my eye and nose and some on my cheek, I was wondering if I use retin a micro .1% if it would help them? Thanks