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Found 79 results

  1. iilith

    after 3 weeks

    the result after 3 weeks I think I started to fast that's why my face red and painful:(
  2. hello friends! holistic living and healthy diet is known to have a positive effect on us,acne sufferers. so having a balanced diet and having an active life(both physically and mentally) is important. also eliminating food items that cause u problem is a must.(different people seems to have different intolerance..so don't go by what others are following.check for yourselves what suits you and what doesn't but make it a point to share your unique experiences and ideas/concepts.it'll not onl
  3. PlasticGoth

    So....what Happened?

    So, I haven't posted in almost 5 months because the last time I logged in I was in my way to recovery, so nothing very interesting was happening. After I finally got the hang of it, for the first time in my life I started seeing real results. The Regimen works, at least it did for me. In March I was still using a finger's lenght of Dan's BP twice a day, and even with the moisturizer and the jojoba oil, I was still experiencing dryness and peeling. So I brought it down a notch and currently m
  4. nick-o-lass

    Day 85! Over 4000 Views On My Blog!

    So first off I wanna say thanks to everyone for reading my blog now that I have over 4000 views! I havent had one zit until today I got a very very small one that will be gone in a day or two. I've noticed Accutane is making me not very hungry at all. My skin has been really dry and Im using all the same products. Im almost halfway done with Accutane! My hyperpgimentation is still there and I am patiently waiting for them to fade. Theres not really much else to update. Keep reading!!!
  5. scarsscarseverywhere

    The Results Thread

    Has there been a thread dedicated to before and after pictures that show ACTUAL results. I see a lot of people on here that claim all this improvement but have no proof or have pictures that make it hard to tell anything about their acne scarring at all. A lot of it feels like someone is lying to us to try to give us hope and make us blow every dime we have on treatments that dont work as advertised. Can we start a thread strictly dedicated to BEFORE and AFTER pictures detailing all treatments t
  6. saraspoons

    I am 25 and have low estrogen!

    I received my saliva hormone test results back - and I have very low Estrogens, actually normal-low range Progesterone and normal-high range Testosterone. What are your thoughts?! RESULTS: Estradiol - 0.8 Progesterone - 112 Testosterone - 48 Ratio: Pg/E2 - 140 RANGES: Estradiol: 1.3 - 3.3 (Pre-meno / Luteal) Progesterone: 75-270 (Pre-meno / Luteal) Testosterone: 16-55 (Age dependent?) Ratio: Pg/E2: Optimal 100-500 When E2 1.3 - 3.3
  7. Tremaine

    My Acne.org Regimen Results!

    From the album: Acne.org Regimen Results

    I wasn't going to post these pictures because it's embarrassing to see just how bad my skin used to be!!! However, I figured someone could benefit from my struggle. I've struggled with acne for the last 10 years. I've tried changing my diet, prescription meds, Proactiv, Murad, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, all-natural face washes, masks, scrubs, etc. YOU NAME IT, I'VE TRIED IT!!!! I even tried to cover it with makeup. But no matter how much concealer you use, there's just no covering a bumpy su
  8. Hello everyone, I just wanted to give a little update of my 4 month journey with this regimen. Quick background story: Hormonal acne, mild and I was on the pill Yasmin for more than 10 years, stopped, had a bunch of acne, tried a bunch of "natural" treatments, didn't stick to a routine, got scared, went back on the pill, it was horrible and now I stopped it again, 6 months ago, promising to stick to the Acne.org regimen. For the longer version, check http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/35
  9. Hi everyone. I am currently on Roaccutane to treat my cystic acne. I have always had acne, which is partially due to my Thyroid Disease which ruined my hormone balance, resulting in more acne! I mostly am left with pretty severe scarring, but every few months I would get a huge flare up of cystic, painful acne and in between those flare ups, I had normal acne and those horrible small bumps that never turn into anything! I am taking 40mgs per day, and have been since the initial 2 week s
  10. I finally feel I am in a place comfortable with my skin, take what you wish and what’s helpful for you. to clarify, ( I may get one pimple a month?) I’ll cut straight to what helped me, I have very dry skin and then sometimes it’s very oily. St Ives Blemish control (wash face once a day at night) do NOT put a lot on your face. If your face feels dry afterwards, you have put on way to much. my moisturizer is Aloe Vera, (this is when I really experienced a huge difference in my skin. My gue
  11. Hey guys Im starting my third month September 13th and I was showing you my results. I see some but still not jumping with joy. I dont have many active acne but I have old acne or hyperpigmentation. I hope its just old acne thats going to heal cause I cant stand all these red marks. First month was 40mg and this month was 60mg. I hope I get bumped up to atleast 70mg next Thursday. Any feedback would be awesome. Trying to keep my spirtis up. 1st three are before and last three is as of today
  12. steviejye0

    right side

  13. Well I finished my accutane course 6 months and a week ago yesterday (kinda) and I also started dermarolling yesterday. The thing is I've taken about 10 40 mg pills in-between my accutane *finish* and I was wondering if I should continue to dermaroll? And also, who else has dermarolled recently after a an accutane treatment, and what results did you get?
  14. NicoleEz

    End Of Week 5

    Hello All, So, I feel confident enough to post a pic...before my roaccutane treatment began (check out that STONKER on my foehead!) and after 5 weeks. Happy to say that the results are great ! Still on the same skincare regime and not experiencing any flakiness on my face or dryness - so Body Shop's Vitamin E range is perfect for me. Seeing my derm this week for my first follow up appt, quite excited to hear her advice on my prescription, if she'll bump me up to 60mg a day. Still no
  15. It's been a little over 2 months now of Retin A and I'm really happy with how it's going now. My skin adjusted nicely and I'm looking forward to seeing it improve even more with continued use. I cover a lot more details in the video below if you are interested. Also, my diet has been very beneficial for my skin. Between my clean eating and using Retin A, my skin is in wonderful shape right now. Retin A Micro .1% - 8 Week Update: My Acne Story: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz8
  16. Ljay

    Four Months

    From the album: The journey

    Four months into the regimen. Pic with minimal make up (tinted moisturizer).
  17. ofCasterlyRock

    Accutane Round 2: Absorica, Month 2

    Hey guys! I'm a 20 year old female, 5'4'' and 115 pounds. This is my second round on accutane. I was only on it for three months last time until I had to stop because I couldn't afford it anymore. Last round I was taking Claravis and it cleared my face up really fast without any initial breakouts at all. Now that I can afford it again, I'm on accutane for a second round because it came back a little more severe but still moderate. I started Absorica on July 29, 2014 at 20mg. I'm currently at 40m
  18. HI, So, I've been on Accutane ( Amnesteem 40 mg, once a day) for 2 full months now, starting my 3rd today. My experience with Accutane has been amazing - pretty much a life savior. I had pretty bad acne, but after a month of Accutane it was gone. Since then I've had maybe 7 pimples (which is awesome considering my past). Anyways, my derm doesn't let people continue Accutane in the summer because of sun exposure (honestly, I really really hate this) so I have to stop in June. That means I will
  19. I wanted to tell everyone about my results with my current regimen, and see if anyone can give advice from here. I tried a lot of things, including BP, clindamycin, doxycycline, tretinoin, differin, sulfur sulfacetamide wash, etc. This is what I've used for the last year: AM: Purpose Face Wash Duac Cerave Moisturizer (SPF) PM: Purpose Face Wash Differin Clindamycin Lotion Cerave Moisturizer Before: I started with moderate acne, and typically had ~10-15 active spots, with a mixture of whiteh
  20. toeknee

    Its Been Exactly 1 Month.

    Its been one month since I've been using Dan's acne.org products and I'm really happy with my results. I've been doing every singe step and never skipped any part in my daily routine, which requires applying the three step treatment twice a day. My acne use to be really bad and red and now it's gotten better. I suggest never skipping any step or never forgetting to apply it morning and night. If you see this Dan, Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu -High schooler with acne
  21. Hello all, Long time viewer, first time poster. Keeping this as simple as I can, here is a background to my skin, my experiences on the regimen and my learning’s that I want to pass onto all of you currently fighting acne. Up until the age of 23, I had mile acne. I wasn't covered in it, however I was prone to big cystic pimples, irritation and my shoulders were in a bad way. I loosely tried various ways to fix it, but in the end I think I just grew out of it. While my skin substantially
  22. Brandabel

    Back Acne Results

    I have just started trying to seriously work on my back acne. I use the cleanser once a day (in the shower), and I use AHA+ once a day before bed. I know that this is not exactly the regimen - i'm hoping to get up to 100% soon - but I'm loving the results with the little that I have done. First day of treatment 2 Weeks of Treatment 1 month of Treatment
  23. Hey guys, I've only come on to this Forum just to share my experience, I think it will be good for me to put it out there. Since 2010 I have suffered with bad acne, and I have been to the doctors and been given many different creams, lotions, gels and tablets. You name it, I've probably had it. Unfortunately, here in the UK a doctor can only prescribe upto a certain level of strength in tablets and creams. If nothing the doctor has prescribed has worked, they will then refer you to a dermato
  24. laurenml

    Vitamin A Topically

    Hi everyone, I signed up just to make this post and share this small "miracle". I recently (almost exactly a month ago) started applying vitamin A topically. I read about people having success with taking it orally but am very weary about vitamin megadosing and don't want to risk any kinds of toxicity, so I decided to buy vitamin A gel caps, cut them open, and apply the liquid to my face every night before bed. It isn't very oily at all so you won't ruin your bedding. I am happy to say I hav