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Found 179 results

  1. I know this is probably just a hypothetical question but the recent breakthrough by scientists in south korea has got me thinking. From what ive heard stem cells can be used to replace damaged or dead cells, although for obvious reasons the media attention has been on the treatment of serious conditions like parkinsons but i reckon this could eventually lead to scar treatments which would be revolutionary, anyone got any thoughts
  2. "Dapsone, a medication that has been available in an oral dosage form for years to treat certain skin infections, is in clinical development to be formulated into a topical dosage form for the treatment of acne. This is because topical dapsone has demonstrated antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity in treating acne. Researchers are also trying to improve many of the already available medications by decreasing their side effects or making them more potent. Researchers are also looking f
  3. Check out this site! =D> This company (Renovo) is doing clinical trials on scar prevention and wound treatment. The next logical step (IMO) would be scar treatment. They talk about various different types of scars and are looking for volunteers. They are located in Manchester, England. They say you do not have to have scars currently to participate, but I wonder if they would treat scars. Are any of you wonderful UK brothers and sisters interested? Please see the link below: Anna
  4. Acne scarring is hell. It was already bad enough that you had to suffer through a condition that transformed your skin a bacterial free-for-all to be left with the aftermath - ice pick scars, enlarged pores, textural changes, indents, redness, pigmentation issues and so on. So you go to your dermatologist. You can trust your doctor right? They'll know how to fix those scars for sure. So you try some medication or procedure your dermatologist recommends, and you're hopeful that things will go w
  5. Hi, I know a lot of people on this site will have had/or been experiencing problems with Anxiety and perhaps Depression. I think it is fair to say that feelings of low self-esteem and confidence are common when your skin is bad and it can have a number of effects on your life. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating in my research concerning the relationship between low mood symptoms and risky sexual behaviour. The requirements are: 18-24 years old In a non-committ
  6. I just wanted to update anyone interested in holistic methods for acne what I have been doing recently. I learned about Arachidonic Acid (AA) which is highly inflammatory and what Omega 6 is converted to in the body. AA metabolizes into all the inflammatory compounds; especially leukotrienes and prostaglandins. I learned that you need to redirect how your body deals with PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA's) towards the anti-inflammatory compounds. I realize that there is a balance. We already kn
  7. I found this very interesting, thought I'd share Hadn't seen the article before now http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2060572/Vaccine-end-misery-acne-millions-teenagers.html http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18782033
  8. I know there are many Celiacs / gluten-sensitive individuals on this forum. New research has found that many Celiacs are cross-reactive with gluten-free foods. This has nothing to do with gluten contamination. This is because the body confuses one food for another food and over time develops an immune response to a gluten-free food. Then, over time the body never truly heals itself. The most common cross-reactive is coffee. Other common foods are soy, corn, yeast, potatoes, rice, nightsh
  9. My wife took accutane when she was younger. Now I see lawsuits every day on TV regardiing this drug and its bad side efects. This is a high powered drug folks! I would not recommend it to anyone without really looking into its effects. I worked in the pharma sales industry for years and it is scary what you see with some of the drugs that are on the market. I recently bought the blue light on ebay for 119.00 and have had some good results. Also with a really healthy diet I have seen good results
  10. Hey guys! I'm an aspiring medical doctor (applying soon!!) and I'm very excited to be finally on board at acne.org. First of all, I used to suffer from cystic acne CONSTANTLY. I tried everything. I mean, it's literally been 7 years. I'm now 21, and I've finally figured out what was causing my acne. Before I get too ahead of myself, I just wanted to ask any of you a few questions.. Do any of you know of any articles/ research papers relating gluten (glutenen and gliadin proteins) to i
  11. Hey All! I am a visual anthropology grad student at Goldsmiths (London) making a short (20 min) documentary about how people deal with acne in different ways. My interest is personal in that I also have acne in varying degrees on different parts of my body. I am looking for participants in the UK and Europe but am open to suggestions from people located elsewhere (you might have to end up filming yourself and sending footage)! About the content of the documentary: the film has as its nexus acne
  12. Can someone here point me to any research that has been done on the acne-gluten connection? What would really be nice is an extensive poll done on acne.org by those who've gone gluten-free. I don't have any of the digestive symptoms, for example, but have discovered that those foods with the most gluten give me the most breakouts. But I'm still on the fence about it because of the difficulty of isolating it: foods with high gluten tend to have a high GI; gluten is in practically everything
  13. New York University scientists discover possible treatment to reduce scarring New research in the FASEB Journal suggests that topical application of an adenosine A2A receptor antagonist will diminish the overall size of a scar and improve the quality of skin within the scar Bethesda, MD—Whether from surgery or battle wounds, ugly scars can affect body and mind. Now a new research report appearing online in the FASEB Journal offers a new strategy to reduce or eliminate scars on the skin. S
  14. Interesting. You can buy Barberry capsules online - look for "Berberis vulgaris L." http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23038982 J Diet Suppl. 2012 Dec;9(4):253-61. doi: 10.3109/19390211.2012.726702. Epub 2012 Oct 8. Aqueous extract of dried fruit of Berberis vulgaris L. in acne vulgaris, a clinical trial. Fouladi RF. Source Medical Faculty, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran. [email protected] Abstract Berberis vulgaris L. (barberry) is a very well-k
  15. I guess we are going backwards instead of forwards in humanity. check it out. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/38834343/ns/health-health_care/
  16. Dan's post shows this branch .........................--------------> Acne Androgens--->/\ .......................\/ ........................ ---------------->Sex Drive---------------->Masturbation Well the thing is that when i dont masturbate for a while, the urge(Sexual Drive) to do it becomes less and less. And when i do masturbate that urge(sexual Drive) becomes much more frequent afterwards and much worse. If androgens have a direct effect on sex driv
  17. So all of the research I have been doing lately, from hormones to digestion problems to sugar intake.... all seems to to lead right back to the liver. I'm not saying I've researched everything... but it just seems like everytime I search for solutions to a certain problem... for example fat digestion... it always goes back to the liver. I always come accross sites that talk about how liver cleansing can help you get rid of food sensitivities and allergies too. SOOO I'm thinking about doing a li
  18. I do research at a major university and was wondering...Have any of you had any problems with autoimmune diseases as well? Specifically I have been wondering if there is any correlation between acne and: Ulcerative Colitis Crohn's Disease Periodontitis Other autoimmune diseases include Lupus and Type I Diabetes.
  19. I recently heard about the benfits that B5 vitamin does for acne, but I was pretty scared away from the idea because you have to take like 20 pills a day which doesn't sound too much to me. Anyways, my question- does anyone think they are or should be working on a new B5 pill, specifically designed for acne, like a 10g B5 pill which can be taken long term? I think this should be worked on because its like accutane without the many side affects. anyone else with me?
  20. If you have tried everything for your acne and nothing has worked, a clinical research study may be a great option. In studies, you get paid by the company to use a new, reformulated or sometimes an already exisiting product for acne. clinicaltrials.gov shows all the studies and you can search for acne by the city you live in.
  21. based on my primitive research, the closest thing to Accutane found in nature is cod liver oil, anyone been on it for acne??
  22. I was reading about diabetes and research leading to the discovery of insulin and how millions of lives are saved since it's discovery and something popped into my head... I really wonder how much research (mainly non-profit) is being done for acne, I just did a recent search on pubmed and other search engines and I couldn't find many recent studies. Has research declined since the invention of Accutane??
  23. Well, I have been reading the stem cell research thread and went to a few links to research a little bit. Thx to fivetotenyears links, I found out Acell vet powder was just released, which is suppose to regenerate skin and have been proven to do so with horses (correct me if I’m wrong). Anyways, the powder technology was made just made available to animals on oct. 3 2007 and almost all testers have had positive results. So my questions are: How long do u think it will take for the powder to
  24. Hello there, I am researching a documentary for British TV about acne in adulthood. This will be a sensitive factual documentary – looking at possible treatments and cures available to sufferers. I’m keen we highlight that acne is not just a skin condition that affects teenagers. I am at the research stage at the moment and it is important I hear the thoughts and experiences of as many acne sufferers as possible – to make this a well-rounded and useful documentary. If you are suffering