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Found 23 results

  1. Acne Diet and The Money Factor: You Can't Sell a Healthy Diet Ask any medical doctor if there is a connection between diet and acne and almost all of them will claim there is none. Quoting from the Journal of the American Medical Association: "Diet plays no role in acne treatment in most patients…even large amounts of certain foods have not clinically exacerbated acne". With years of medical education and clinical experience behind these claims, how can we the simple folks who suffer from
  2. I recently tried to remove a facial mole using apple cider vinegar. For 2 days I put a connton ball with the vinegar on the mile for about half an hour. After the second time, I noticed a facial burn around the mile. I let it sit for 2 days until is scabbed up as seen in the picture. I was wondering what I should do to prevent scarring, should I apply something or pick the rough film of skin off? Also, how can I use apple cider vinegar on the mile so it won't burn my face in the future?
  3. I have blackheads on my face, neck, chest arms, and sides but up until recently I thought they were freckles they are a brown yellow and more keep appearing daily. I wash my face and body 2 times a day with proactive and a salicylic acid wash. I also exfoliate twice a week to prove my build up and use toner and spot treatment daily. But nothing works. When it looks like they are ready to extract I follow the necessary prep and as I work on them they go from yellow brown to black and have this h
  4. I have this dilated pore on my forehead that has some pigmentation around it that i really want to get rid of. I have been covering it for 2 yrs and want it removed. From my research the only way to go is a punch excision. Anyone had anything similar or have any treatment suggestions? Any recommendations for any Dr's in London that may be able to help? Hoping to get my blemish free skin back...
  5. Hey everyone. Just wanted to share my story and see if anyone could help me out. Im 17 and in high school. I got bad acne at a super young age and it only continued to get worse as a I got older. Eventually when i was able to go to a derm, I started on acanya then epiduo and now a retinol, while taking doxycycline. After years of these, the doxy stopped working and my cystic acne got so bad i wanted to try a new approach. I started working out ritualistically while eating better and also started
  6. Hello everyone, Longtime reader, but new to posting. I’ve had blackheads on my nose and the general surrounding area since my teenage years. Just as a quick disclaimer, my wife says they aren’t blackheads at all, but clogged pores instead. Either way, I’ve tried dozens of different products, strategies, etc, and haven’t had any luck in removing them. I’ve done a good amount of research, but I still think that real people giving real suggestions is the best way to go. Please take
  7. I used apple cider vinegar to try and remove a facial mole, but now I feel like a complete idiot. I applied it using a cotton swap for an hour 3 days in a row until I gave up on it. After a couple days, the was redness / bleeding around the mole so I applied Neosporin and a bandage. Now 2 days later, some dead skin fell off revealing a red area. I'm afraid this might be a scar and was wondering if anyone else had this situation. I'm considering going to a dermatologist to get it removed correctl
  8. Hi! I have had problems with acne for years and it has left scars mainly on my cheeks. I still have some acne left, but I just got a prescription that I hope will help it to go away. Anyway, I am really worried over the scars I've gotten. The doctor said that they won't go away, but he didn't know anything about laser treatments or other scar treatments. If anyone know what treatment would be suitable for these kind of scars, and would be willing to help me, I would be so greatful! Will it be p
  9. Can anyone share what they have found to work well for not only removing blackheads but keeping them away?? I mainly get them in my t zone including nose as have oily skin So far all i have tried is warm water soak face for few minutes before attempting to remove blackheads then wash face with cleanser Anyone know of any remedies that help?
  10. So i removed a facial mole using apple cider vinegar on a cotton swab about 5 months ago. At firest it left a red crater, but now there is not much of a crater, but a pinkish area where the mole was removed. Does anyone know if this area will be permanent? Ive been told by someone else who had done a similar thing that his eventually faded and became unoticable, but im not sure whether or not this will scar. Should i be applying moisterizer to it or leave it as be? Thank you.
  11. I like to know if anyone had done this procedure before, using a laser to create a small hole and remove the cyst. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2714896/ Is this procedure effective and will the cyst recur again? I had a huge cyst that on my face that was infected a year ago. After multiple cortisone injection it finally went down. But there is still a very obvious lump when i feel it. This dormant cyst has been like this for a year now, i am deciding to have it removed before it
  12. Hello, I just want to know how I should remove my make up before applying the regimen? Thanks, Nina
  13. Hi, so for the past year and this year I have been going through laser hair removal on my whole face (I'm a girl) I've struggled with mild acne from ages 16-18 and for the most part its cleared up. Only thing is, I find that everytime I go through a hair removal session, I break out in a number of whiteheads/pustules on my cheeks and chin (even my neck, where ive never had spots before!) Its lead me to believe they may be ingrowing hairs becoming inflamed, because the woman shaves my face before
  14. What is so good about Regimen? Why buy it? What does it do? What is it supposed to do? Does it work? Why depend on Regimen?
  15. Hi all, I've been on Accutane, brand Roaccutane, for the last 7 months. The first month I was on 40mgs once a day, and then went to 80mgs once a day. I finished my course, up to the average maximum, last week. However, within one week I started to get spots on my back (the main area effected). I went back to my Dermatologist and she has decided to put me on another 3 week course of 80mgs a day, certain that will keep me in the clear zone. The results I've had are phenomenal, but it was like
  16. Hi there, I have recently given myself a scar on my face from picking/popping a spot and it has gotten quit big unfortunately, I have 2 scars now on one side of my face (nothing too extreme but still don't like them) and I was wondering if anyone has actually had first hand experience getting rid of a scar from a spot? I see all of these ridiculous methods of how to get rid of them but I only want the truth. So does anyone here know of any methods that have helped you or gotten rid of your acne
  17. I'm a male, 16, and over the past two years suffered from sever acne. It's now almost entirely gone thanks to medication. However, every single inch of my back is covered with red blemishes and or tiny white dots. I hate this so much and is there ANY option or treatment that can help fade or eliminate the scars on such a big scale? Thanks in advance
  18. Hi! I've been batteling with acne for years, and can finally say it's getting a lot better. Most of the red marks are gone, but I still have scarring that gives my skin a weird texture on the cheeks. My question is, how long do I have to wait to try to remove/treat these? What method is the safest? I'm a 19 year old girl who live in Sweden. I wash my face morning and evening with La Roche-Posay's cleanser and I use their moisturizer. At evening, I also use "Epiduo" gel. I have been using i
  19. You skin is the largest organ in your body. Besides helping the body in the process of toxic elimination (One of the main acne contributing factors), it also protects your body against temperature changes, and from harmful invaders. By working with your skin and not against it you pave the way to an enhanced healing of the skin. Your skin will look and feel better; it will become more even toned and vibrant. On the other hand, by constantly doing the following, you are weakening the natura
  20. Hi so I really need advice !! I've always had acne but never really a cyst. For this long underneath my skin. It started with an inflamed huge pimple on my chin but now after a week there's still a huge bump underneath my skin and there is no white opening. What should I do? Wait ? Make an appointment? Needle it myself? Help
  21. Hey everyone I'm just going to tell you my acne cleansing routine and see if any of you guys do some things similar like me. After my workout at 10:00pm I wash my face with Ivory soap and then wait 30 minutes for it to dry up (Like the Derm. recommended I do). After that I use Retin a 0.05 cream (pea sized) on my face and sleep with that. In the morning I use the ivory soap again and I'll go do my things for the day. I hope this stuff works. Any of you have some similar routines?
  22. UGGGH I completely forgot about this part. If I go on Accutane... will I be able to remove the hair from my upper lip (yes. I'm super italian and this NEEDS to be done once a week!) I normally use a cream such as Nair... I've never waxed, so that's fine, but I don't want to shave or tweeze that will only make the hair worse. Has anyone been on Accutane and used a hair remover on their face?? Suggestions?