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Found 16 results

  1. So, I recently had a very stubborn zit on my face, and I applied garlic to it. I guess I kept the garlic on for too long, because now there's still a pimple but there is also a bumpy red inflamed patch all around the pimple. Any remedies for garlic burns?
  2. I was just diagnosed with mild-moderate cystic acne, and I am trying to get pregnant. Because of this, my doctor is really reluctant (for good reason) to put me on medication/hormonal therapy for it. I was wondering what OTC or natural products you guys use to keep cystic acne under control. Any suggestions are gladly appreciated!!
  3. Hello Acne.Org Community, I applied too much benzoyl on my 1st night of the regime and although my face handled it okay ( redness, spotty and flakey but not too much burning) I believe I got the benzoyl in my eyes while I was sleeping. I woke up to swollen eyes and worse DEEP fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes. I am still continuing the regime and by day 3 the swelling went down but the wrinkles and lined have remained!!!!! I continue to moisturize underneath but am worried and they are de
  4. I have been on a healthy eating kick since about January and have lost about 30lbs since then. That being said, I was on a mini vacation this last Thurs-Monday and I was NOT good at all lol.. between eating JUNK and drinking a lot of alcohol my body freaked out. Not only did I run into stomach issues but my chin broke out too. It affected me more than I thought it would! I had these five huuuuge cyst/nodules on my face in the MIDDLE of a bachelorette weekend. And of course I was picking at them
  5. Hi everyone. I had one indented scar and then recently a pimple came up right over it. I refused to pop it so it's healing kind of weird but does anyone know what's going to happen? Will it make it deeper or?? Please help I'm so confused. Thank you!
  6. Three years of lurking on this site has finally led me to this moment. I really just feel obligated to share what has finally brought me clear skin. lerosett clay mask
  7. My first zit appeared in 5th grade, which my friends pointed out immediately. From then on, my break outs migrated from my nose, to my chin and forehead, then to my chin, forehead, cheeks, chest and back. At that point my self confidence was non existent. I caked on makeup in attempt to hide the truth, not knowing that the pore clogging substance only irritated my skin more. Im sure i tried every face wash, spot treatment, moisturizer and face mask on the shelf. My dermatologist prescribed 3
  8. WHAT I DID I CURED MY ACNE BY GIVING UP ALL FORMS OF SUGAR. Nothing sweet, including all FRUIT, all DRINKS and all DESSERTS, ever pass my lips. I eat extra vegetables to get my vitamins. I exercise, moderately. I sunbathe. I drink a lot of water, swilling each mouthful to get mouth enzymes into my gut, to convince it that it's eaten. I fast to keep my blood sugar down. I bath with a teacup cup of malt vinegar in the water. I wash my clothes with a detergent measure of
  9. hey guys just wanted to share that applying milk of magnesia and cornstarch on your face can significantly control oiliness 1. apply MoM to your face 2. wait MoM to dry 3. add another layer to your T zone 4. wait to dry 5. mix your moisturizer or sunblock with cornstarch 6. apply to face *dont put too much cornstarch or you'll end up having a white face **after applying this, small streaks of white residue will form so you can just add moisturizer/sunblock to that or just dust it off w
  10. Hi there I have recently just started using a new face mask recipe and have been seeing results, so I thought I would share! It's super hydrating, I have combination skin and it has not made my skin greasy in the slightest. My skin has been really dehydrated, this has really helped moisturize the deeper layers of my skin, it's made a huge difference for me. It is also FULL of vitamins! There is: Vitamin E, which boosts collagen production, full of antioxidants and aids skin in healing quickly.
  11. I have tried drinking green tea in the past. I drank cans and cans of Arizona green tea thinking it was helping my skin, but it was absolutely doing the opposite. There is so much sugar in those things but I didn't even realize because I was young and didn't care to really look at the fine print. The sugar spiked my insulin levels which then stirred up inflammation in my skin and whammo-zammo I had pimples up the ying-yang. I tried real green tea in 2011 with little results. It tasted horrib
  12. So I'm 18 now and I've had SERIOUSLY bad acne since I was about 13. I mean all-over, everyday, never ending, cystic acne which leaves huge lumps about 2cm in diameter under the skin. I've taken four different types of antibiotics, currently taking tetracycline (1000mg per day). Until now, nothing has worked for me. I've literally tried every product advertised as "100% effective" and every other cream, gel and face wash money can buy. NOTHING worked for me. However, I've developed my own skincar
  13. Source: Clindamycin Phosphate Gel!post Acne Spots/marks!does It Help In Fading Them?!
  14. So I've 100% concluded that external treatments have no effect on my acne after 4 years of experimenting with a dermatologist. The things I've been taking internally help a bit, but not enough to not make me feel like crap. I'd say I'm about 50% clear with: Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin D3, a good probiotic & psyllium husks. I was wondering what you've been taking orally that has cured your acne if it has?
  15. I've had good success with aspirin. Of course, some cysts/zits will be stubborn. But aspirin has helped me so much. What I do is crush the aspirin (I put a pill in between two toilet paper squares and use the bottom of a nail polish bottle). Once that is done, I apply some topical cream to my affected area and (while still wet) apply some aspirin powder. I leave it on overnight! The anti-inflammatory properties should work their magic and help you.