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Found 25 results

  1. Roy Madden

    Home remedies for acne

    When we talk about acne, we feel irritated because we know that it can possibly disturb our routine and make our life miserable. If this is an irritating point for you, make sure that you read the following tips and make the most of the best home remedies that are available at your home itself. Grape Cleanser Take a few first grapes, and you will be ready with a facial cleanser in less than a minute. All you need to do is to cut three grapes in half and rub it over your fa
  2. I've got these dark/red marks I got from scratching pimples in the past and they have remained for a long time.Now I decided I need to get rid of them using either lemon juice mixed with acv and water or just aloe vera.I have used aloe vera in the past but I havent seen any significant changes.
  3. easy7

    Reason Why We Got Acne

    Do you know the reason why we got acne? If No...this article is a most read. ENJOY! Contrary to popular belief, acne bacteria do not cause acne. Life long acne researcher exposes the true connection between acne bacteria and acne formation. Discover why acne is not a problem with your skin. Propionibacterium acnes, or p acne bacteria, the bacteria we all have on our skin is an essential life form. Like all life forms it fights to survive and sustain their lives. Surprisingly, these mic
  4. foxeevee

    Severe Acne Conquered

    Hello everyone! I've been on acne.org for quite some time as a non-user and I have to say I love the honesty of this community. I don't know what I would have done without it. Acne has been a severely lonely endurance.. In real life I do not know anyone else that has suffered like I suffered. So here is a little bit of a backstory (photos included), my skin was everything to me. I loved doing makeup artistry so I felt like my skin really complimented that. Just like some people like their eyes,
  5. 1. Be consistent with products + patient 2. The list below may improve appearance of scars but this is mainly for hyperpigmetation+ red marks. 3. Sorry for any spelling errors 4. Be careful with acids not recommended for darker skin people and make sure your not allergic to any of these - test it on skin 5 Oils can be comedogenic Hyperpigmetation- skin lighteners Top ones Uva ursi extract- arbutin ( bearberry) licorice extract licorice + niacinammide tumeric Soy glycoylic acid Me
  6. My name is Mariam. I'm 16 years old. I have noticed some discoloring parts in my skin. Mostly in the side areas of my face yet I am not sure if it's a scar. My mom says it's still a pimple but I find it odd. It's been there for months. What do they look like to you? Are they scars? What kind? If they are what can I do to treat it? I am very worry about this
  7. So I'm 16, and I have had a lot of acne. As of now, I don't have any and I've sort of found a routine that works for me, so I think that this should help a lot with my acne. In the past few weeks that I've been using this routine, my skin definitely does look a lot better and I've gotten like one pimple compared to the 6 or 7 that I would normally get before my period. I have no pimples currently, but I do have a lot of hyper pigmentation that looks really bad. I feel terrible because I've
  8. getting rid of acne

    Acne Advice And Info

    Ok so before I get started I just want all of you acne suffers to know that beauty is skin deep and you are beautiful regardless of your skin condition. This is my first time writing a blog so here goes, I have suffered with acne since I was a teenager and am now in my late twenties and still have it although its not as bad as before. During my younger years i was given cream after cream and sometimes antibiotics by my doctor. I also tried an array of face washes, toners, creams etc. None o
  9. After a failed attempt with Saw Palmetto (for acne & facial hair;result: disaster zone), birth control (Ocella for 3 days, I broke out immediately), Retin A (peeling, redness, sensitivity and even worse with Differin), Minocycline (it's just okay, but someday the body will resist), No more vitamins and herbs, such a waste of money -except L-lysine (helps my skin heal quicker, its awesome, and juicing (ahhh juicing ...juicing WORKED!) My skin never looked better. I first tried fresh jui
  10. Aaronish01

    Horrible Oiliness Not Going Away

    Hey first post here Little back story. I'm 22, from the UK.. I've had acne since I was about 13. At 16 it was really bad. So bad I barely left the house, couldn't look people in the eye, it really hit my self esteem. I felt so ugly and out of place. Always felt like the odd one out at school because the other kids had perfect skin and I just looked hideous. I'm naturally extremely pale (My family is half Croatian) so I've got the dark hair and really pale skin which seems to harbour a lot of
  11. Guys I'm struggling for comedonal acne for 3 years. I tried benzoyl peroxide 2.5 epiduo but it didn't work for me so I'm now going for home remedies to fix my issue but I don't know where to get started so guide me ma homies!
  12. I used to see a dermatologist but I stopped because of family insurance problems. My dermatologist gave me pills that helped clear my skin so much! But I can’t get a refill anymore. Since then I continued using the Epiduo Forte she prescribed for the morning and Veltin with Flurandrenolide Lotion USP 0.05% at night. ( This medication is used on the skin to treat acne. This medication is a combination of adapalene (a retinoid) and benzoyl peroxide (an antibiotic and skin-peeling agent). This prod
  13. Fuller's Earth, also known as Multani Mitti in Hindi, is a clay or soil substance which is popular and well utilised in parts of South Asia due to its powerful healing properties against acne and blemishes. Fuller's Earth contains magnesium chloride which helps reduce acne by cleansing the pores of any dirt 'debris' and bacteria. Multani Mitti is a less common source of cleaning the face of impurities. This is due to the geographical location which it is found at - Pakistan. The most of amaz
  14. lv623

    Dry Skin?

    Many people have dry skin while on medication for their acne. I used to use the St. Ives face scrub but I was nervous to use it because I thought it would irritate my skin and cause even more redness while on Absorica. So while I stopped using the face scrub, I began to get really annoyed by the small dry patches on the top of my arms and on my face. I was looking for a natural remedy and came up with my new 'go-to' for dry skin. The best part? It's completely all-natural, and safe to use anywhe
  15. I've been meaning to create a post like this for awhile. As someone who has suffered from stubborn cysts and blind pimples for years, I've managed to research and discover many remedies to these annoying and painful problems. I know first hand how awful it is to get this type of acne, so I hope someone can find use out of some of these suggestions. Everyone's skin is different so good luck finding what works for your skin. Below are several methods I have personally used or have read about.
  16. I've had acne on my butt since I was a kid. A year or two ago I decided to try everything I could to get rid of it. Tried basically every method I read about online. Here are the results of how each method worked for me. Obviously every body is different, and different things work for different people. This is just my experience. Honey- Worked very mildly. I read to put honey on my butt for 20 minutes a day. Was a mess, and had to walk around naked with a sticky butt. It did make the swelling o
  17. Can anyone give me some tips on home remedies or otc products that'd serve as a quick fix for this? This redness honestly showed up about a week ago, but I don't know why I can't deal with it. I've tried numerous natural masks (baking soda, turmeric, honey, etc.), but none of them seem to make that much of a difference. I have some leftover Ziana from my dermatologist, but I don't know if that'd be either helpful or even a good idea. It's weird though, because prior to the flare-up on the right-
  18. Kingtut20

    How to get rid of acne scars

    Hey I was just wondering if anybody has tried anything for their acne scars that has worked. I recently finished accutane 4 months ago. Attached is what my acne looked around when it was worse and what my scars look like now. They have not gotten much better since I finished accutane. Is there anyway to at least reduce the redness? Thank you
  19. It's been a week since I tried popping this blackhead or whitehead I don't really recall what it looked like before it hasn't gone away and tried doing the whole toothpaste on and it got worse it got bigger and swollen and black. i am now trying apple cider vinegar with water on area. I haven't seen any improvements yet but was wondering if anybody has any advice on the swelling going down! I just don't want this to turn into a wart or anything in that sense I know it might sound crazy and maybe
  20. What type of scar is this, I know there are various types of scars but I cant find a picture that looks like mine, it has a bumpy feeling and when my arm is raised it appears to be popping out a little possibly from extra collagen? if you know what scar it is, if possible, can you describe how to help it fade down a little more. cheap products and natural remedies would be best, I am not trying to pay hundreds of dollars for laser treatment or anything of that matter. Thanks
  21. aimedlt

    Please Help!!!

    I'm breaking out like crazy!!! My cheek area has been flaring up the most however. I'm not quite sure what am I doing wrong. I'm cutting dairy from my diet and avoiding as much sugar as I can. My skin type is sensitive and v acne prone. Here's some pictures of my skin currently and the products I use. I use the pure tea tree oil as a spot treatment.
  22. I'm on my fifth day of Accutane. I've been going through a pretty stressful time, which has triggered quite a few physical symptoms (heart palpitations, racing thoughts, short temper). I want to know if there's anything I can take besides changes in lifestyle (supplements, herbs, etc) that may help ease the stress, as I'm trying my best to stay relaxed and I don't want to be overly stressed on this medication. Has anybody had any success with anything? I know B vitamins can help, but I get m
  23. I'm torn between whether to take hot or cold showers to help my acne. (I have acne scars mostly on my cheeks, along with a few zits from a recent breakout.) A few people suggested that maybe I should change the temperature that I shower at, as that could be affecting my skin (especially since I took VERY long hot showers). So for about a week I have been taking short, cold showers, because I heard that it has many benefits for your skin and otherwise. I can see a little bit of improvement bu
  24. Sushisoup14


    Alright so... I'm in 7th grade and I've had actual acne since I was in 4th grade. I'm pretty sure I even had some pimples on my forehead and stuff when I was in 3rd grade. It really lowers my self esteem and self confidence, and though most people don't make comments about it, I know they're thinking rude things. It's just hard to deal with it because I haven't met anyone else with acne like mine. As of now I don't really have as bad acne as I did before, but I still get quite a few pimples. Rig