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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, yesterday I felt very depressed about my skin, I even posted a thread about it . I decided to go to one of these chat groups specialized for helping young people. I was talking with someone about how I felt that my skin might ruin my chances with the girl I fell in love with recently (my first time falling in love), my biggest fear was to lose that special connection that I have with her. The person told me that that connection does not depend on looks, my bad skin won't make that conn
  2. Hello there, So I broke the number one rule this morning. I jumped in the shower and As I was cleansing my face I could feel little white heads all over my cheeks, chin and along my jawline. I made it through the shower but when I was spreading Dan's BP...I hit my breaking point. I popped one then two... Before I knew it I had popped at least 30 white heads. I already have a grip of ice pick scars, brown spots and on my nose I have red vines on the sides of my nostrils. Ugh I'm a mess I can'
  3. Yes you read that right... I'm just curious really. Has anyone from acne.org ever gotten married or started dating from this site? I think this site has a lot of potential, especially since most people here understand what other acne sufferers are going through- and hey, it's a great conversation starter plus it's something every datee would have in common! Boy: "Hey, so.. I got this pimple..." Girl: Smiles. "Me too!!" If nothing else, a great icebreaker. So are there any succes
  4. As of today, I am nearly 22 years of age. I have been dealing with acne since the age of 14, although, back then, it was so mild that it hardly compares to my later experiences. Around the age of 17, give or take, my acne increased in severity. I have very fair skin, dotted with light to dark brown freckles, a few beauty marks here & there, hazel-green eyes, and brownish hair. As a child I was a blonde. Being so light complected, nearly every pimple that came & went left a bright, red
  5. Hello! I am an undergraduate at UCLA who is doing a sociological research project on gay men with acne and how acne affects these men's experiences and body image. If you identify as a gay man and have acne and would feel comfortable participating in my study, please contact me at (408) 768-4962 or [email protected] As a participant, you would be interviewed for approximately an hour about your experience being a gay man and having acne. Because I am based out of Los Angel
  6. So, in-short, the acne-induced isolation-filled lifestyle that I've grown content with and accustomed to since graduating from college almost three years ago is beginning to be perceived as unhealthy, and rightfully so, by my family, coworkers and even strangers. Everyone tells me that I need a girlfriend, and its embarrassing and pathetic. I smile sheepishly and say something about how Im more professionally focused in life right now and that the other stuff will come later, but the truth is Im
  7. Hey guys. So I've been struggling with acne since I was 13 years old, and it's always been pretty bad for me. I'm a sophomore in college now and I think I'm really starting to deal with a lot of emotional garbage relating to it. It's mostly stemming from a lot of my friends getting into relationships, and I've never been in a serious relationship myself. That doesn't bother me necessarily, but what does bother me is that I feel like I won't be able to make a guy happy with my acne on my face and
  8. I have logged onto this forum after years because I just really needed somewhere to vent (hopefully this will be cathartic). I'm not sure what I'm looking for from starting this thread - I guess I'm looking to see if people have ever felt the same way as reassurance that I'm not alone in this? About a year ago, I started a stressful (but very exciting!) job and my acne (cystic) flared up again - and today I found I'm just about to have a huge atrophic scar owing to this massive cyst on my f
  9. Hello all, I am so sick of getting clear skin, regaining my life and confidence and then having it all go to shit because of my acne. I am 30 years old and feel like acne has played a huge role in my breakups because I slowly change as my acne gets worse and worse. I become someone other than the guy they first met and fell for--who I really am. When I am clear I am totally confident, love to go out and be in front of people, smile, laugh, and love who I am. I may get the occasional pimpl
  10. In university during the first few months, I broke out TERRIBLY. And whatever I did, the breakouts wouldn't stop. I tried all kinds of treatments from switching my cleansing routine to using over the counter products, to even trying toothpaste or green tea teabags...all which seem now, in hindsight, to be grave errors because when the breakouts finally cleared up, I was left with atrophic/pitted scars and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks, from under my cheekbones to around just above my chin. M
  11. I'll admit I'm totally OCD about my acne, i obsess over it daily and i let it dictate my life. for this reason my personal relationships have often suffered. When i feel too ugly i won't go out with friends or dates with guys. I don't believe that anyone one could love and accept me the way i am. how can i explain my crazy obsession, my face routine, my restrictive diet. Its such a big part of my life and i feel crazy letting most people see that/know about that. I'm scared i'll never have a boy
  12. Hello everyone! Its good to be back on the forums. First of all, I must warn you- this doesn't have a whole lot to do with acne and this definately isn't something that you would want to look at if you are in the mood for a happily ever after sort of story. I know that these problems are so called 'first world problems', it's true that many of you are going through harder things from much more serious issues. I am not looking for pity or a place to rant. Just some advice or support. It'
  13. Imagine the awkward moment you bump into your ex - do you worry about how you're looking and what they're thinking? If you saw them first and was worried about what they might think about your skin, would you avoid them completely? Or would you be confident and calm and take the situation on? Well I don't have the option of avoiding my ex - we have a daughter together and he comes round to my house to see her twice a week as well as taking her to his on Saturdays. When we were a couple I did
  14. I had a random flashback today and remembered a time I really liked this guy who was basically my first realistic crush I'd ever had, seeing as he wasn't a movie star or someone way out of my league, and you know what it's like when you have a first crush (unless you're young and haven't experienced it or live alone in a dark room alone planning world domination) you kind of start imagining the future with them like going on dates, sitting in watching movies, creating a business that specialises
  15. I am so sick of my acne. I have literally done everything and I'm pretty sure it's here to stay. I had flawless skin at one point and didn't appreciate it and now I have been suffering for about 6 years. I'm so tired of esthetians and dermatologists. I feel like those businesses thrive on the dependence of most acne sufferers. I search the web and I diagnose myself with being allergic to everything and using the wrong products. I have lost relationships and love for myself over these little bast
  16. Hey everyone, I posted a tiny but before about being in a relationship with severe acne. However I just wanted to talk/vent this time about having to deal with acne in more detail. I am a 20 year old female currently suffering from severe acne in the form of cysts, pustules and papules. The cysts are the worst as they are incredibley painful to the point where I can't turn my face as it is too sore. The doctors that I have seen have just prescribed me creams after creams which haven't worked
  17. Hi all, I've spent the past few months reading through various posts on here and finally decided to make a post of my own reaching out. I've had moderate cystic acne since I turned 21 (24 now), and have had a hell of a time dealing with it. Recently I started a new skin care line that seems to be helping prevent new breakouts (great!) but I still suffer from old cysts that never healed around my chin and horrible red scars all over my face from my awful habit of picking. I've become so terribl
  18. Hello! Haven't posted in a while - I think this is where folks with indented scarring used to post about emotional stuff regarding scarring (vs. the 'Emotional and psychological affects of acne' forum). Basically - I've been on a number of dates with this guy. He likes me, but I'm pretty sure he has not seen my scarring as our dates have been in the evenings and in dim lighting. I have scarring on both cheeks. He wants a committment. How do I bring up / show my scarring to him?