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Found 33 results

  1. Hi guys, Ok so I'm back. To put a little story behind this thread, I've been using acne.org products since I was about 18/19 - I'm now 26. So back in my late teens, I had pretty horrific acne. I've suffered with rubbish skin since I was about 12, and it came and went over the years and I was prescribed a variety of topical things, all of which just kinda stopped working and I had to move on to the next thing. When I started using the acne.org BP, in conjunction with a new pill that I wa
  2. Hey, just trying to seek some advice. I had two rounds of accutane, finishing my last one 6 years ago. In that time I've had near perfect skin with just the odd normal spot. However the last few weeks, especially this week I've noticed I've broke out a lot. Got really paranoid it's all coming back. I have been super stressed lately with uni and family issues, but there has also been stressful times in this 6 years as well. Really anxious about it all. Just wondering if anyone el
  3. I'm an 18 year old girl and I was on accutane for 8 months when I was 16. Due to a family history of blood clots and a close family member who died of one, when I was prescribed accutane for my cystic acne, my only birth control option was abstinence. Let's face it- I wasn't having sex anyway. My acne cleared up and for the first time since I was 13, I wore tank tops, spaghetti straps, and bathing suits without a tee shirt over it. I was so pleased with my skin and was confident for the first ti
  4. I had typical teenage acne, then a few blissful clear years in my late teens, early 20s, before my acne came back. Since then I've done two rounds of Roaccutane and am considering my third. I always just believed it would go away on it's own, and it's devastating to think that it won't. What's more, after my first round of Roaccutane my skin was *perfect*. But after the second one (it took me years to get a doctor who would even do it private) it just doesn't look the same. I was so naïve
  5. Okay so I might sound like a douche with this, but bear with me because I know there have to be others like this. So naturally I'm very good looking (again not trying to be a tool) but i've suffered with acne and it almost makes it worse because when I look in the mirror and know that I could be good looking again if I could just clear up the acne (btw I'm an 18 yr old male freshman in college). I feel unlucky because I walk around college and think, "Great, no one in college has acne, it's a hi
  6. So I started having acne when I was 13 and had moderate acne till I turned 16 when my acne became severe, lots of papules. I then started accutane in Jan 2011 at 0.65 mg/ kg for 4 months. My skin cleared perfectly, it was the best thing i'd ever done. My derm stopped my course early because she thought I was done. For two years I had almost perfect skin, however since Sep 2013 I started having small breakouts, several big spots every now and then on and off. I have been treating it with Benzyl b
  7. Hi friends, I am a 22 year old guy and I'm suffering from relapsed cystic acne. I took Isotretinoin for the first time 2 years ago ie. when I was 19-20 y.o. I took 40mg/day for the first two months and then increased it to 60mg/day for next 4 months. The cumulative dose came around 130mg/kg as I weighed around 75 kgs (165 lbs) back then. I was suffering from horrible cystic and nodal acne back then (So bad that I didnt dare click a single photo). Now I have deep scars and even tho
  8. I have mild acne but used to have severe acne. recently my doctor prescribed me accutane but the only problem is she is giving it in a much different way than that i have seen on the internet. Her plan is to give 20mg/day until i am clear and then give for a few more months. I am quite sure that it will work but i am very afraid that it will relapse to back to where i started (I am absolutely fine with having some acne once in a while). Iv been digging the internet for the past week, and i think
  9. So I took accutane for 6 months (just ended in late August). I had clear skin for 4 months, and all of a sudden my forehead has been blowing up with whiteheads, and I have been getting a couple of pimples on my chin, cheeks, temples and nose. It's everywhere now. I just went to my doctor and I asked to take a second course of Accutane, but he denied it and prescribed me topical creams that I have used in the pst instead. If the creams didn't work before, what makes him so sure they will work ag
  10. I've had acne for 12 years at this stage. I'm so down. I have done two courses of Accutane in the past 3 years for my acne (both at full mg per kg targets). I have been on every topical retinoid, Accutane, OTC stuff, benzoyl peroxide, AHA, BHA, LHA, niacinamide, sulfur, zinc, oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, various birth controls, vegan diets, chemical peels at the derm - washed my face with various weird and wonderful things. You name it I have done it during my 12 years with acne.
  11. Hello Not sure if anyone will know the answer but i want to have a couple of drinks maybe twice a month would this increase the chance of a relapse after i finished my accutane course? Thanks
  12. Hi there, I am 25. After having normal and mostly clear skin since I was a teenager I developed mild/moderate acne (more moderate, I guess) in Jan 2018. I tried various OTC remedies but nothing worked (most made things worse) and I went to my GP (UK) for help in March 2018. I was prescribed Differin (0.1% adapalene) but I was too scared to use it because: a. the prospect of a lengthy initial breakout was probably worse than living with my persistent but never severe acne b. I spend lo
  13. I started taking accutane Oct 8 2014 - April 14 2015 and during my last three months I was on 180mg a day! It it is now Oct 9 2015 and my acne is back. I have nodular acne in my cheeks and the acne just keeps on increasing with a lot of redness. What are my options? Should I take accutane again or??
  14. Hi!! Has anyone had a relapse after a course of accutane/isotretinoin?? I've been off tablets since December 2014 and it's coming back not as bad as before, but returning worse each day. Is the prognosis of a second course higher than the first? I'm awaiting to see the Dr to be referred back to my derm but the Nhs waiting lists are ridiculous!! Hope someone can reassure me and tell me they've had the same as I'm feeling really crappy about it!!
  15. Hello I have been on Accutane before and it worked but had a relapse but it had cleared my back, chest and forehead. I'm planning on going on another course and i understand it makes the acne worse before it gets better, could this cause my chest, back and forehead acne to break out again? I took a course for 5 months/ 60mg at the age of 17, im now 21 and was wondering does taking two courses decrease the chance of a relapse? If anyone could help it will be much appreciated Th
  16. What Is the Actual Relapse Rate of Accutane (isotretinoin)?

    Accutane (isotretinoin) is a highly effective acne treatment. This effectiveness has led many to believe that isotretinoin acts as a cure for even the most severe acne. Research, however, has shown that 14.6% to 52% of patients experience a relapse of acne after undergoing isotretinoin therapy. When we look at 15 studies from 1989 through 2013 that look at acne relapse after isotretinoin, we can see this relapse range of 14.6 - 52%. The reason there...
  17. So, I was on accutane for about a year. I took it in 2015 and ended towards the summer of 2016. I don’t remember the transition of dosages but I believe I went up to either 60 mg or 80 mg. For the past two years, my skin has been clear. Occasionally, maybe once or twice a week, I’d get 1-2 little dots on my face. For the the past two weeks, I’ve had heavier breakouts. I was not on my period when this began and I still am not. This was my skin two weeks ago:And here was my acne prior to accut
  18. I'm going to try and keep this as short as possible. I went on Accutane January of 2017 and was on a 5-month course of 80mg. I experienced the typical side effects of dry eyes, dry lips, and a sore back. After I finished the course, my skin was perfect and glowing. 6 months after, however, my acne has come back and I don't know why. After Accutane, I was using CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser, Thayer's Witch Hazel Toner, and Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer. I switched my routine around a bit p
  19. Hi, Acne.org! This will be my first time posting in the acne.org forums. I have a question for the 10 mg Accutane users. I'm very concerned about the low dose treatment being effective long-term for me. I've been taking the 10 mg per day for exactly two months today (2015-10-14), and will be starting my third pack for 10 mg tomorrow (2015-10-15). I cannot find anything on the long term effects of 10 mg, and it's driving me crazy - generally all I can find are the people who have just started
  20. So I took accutane 40 mg for 5 months and 6 months later my skin is starting to break out again. It is not as bad as it was before I took accutane, but its getting to the point where I want to go see the dermatologist. I thought it was linked to food I was eating and stress. But not being in school and staying away from things that I thought were breaking my skin, its still there. Its driving me crazy and really dropping my self esteem once again. I dont want to go back on accutane due to my fam
  21. I've struggled with cystic acne for about 3 years, in the second year which was last year i decided to visit a private dermatologist as I was recommended one by my cousin who also sorted out her acne. Before going to the dermatologist I had been on countless treatments both over the counter and prescribed by my GP (duac gel and differin are the ones I remember being prescribed but I've also been prescribed others containing benzoyl peroxide and over the counter treatments include sudocrem, basic
  22. Help! I have suffered from severe acne throughout my entire adolescence. During my Freshman year at college, I started the regimen. I have been following it strictly an have been clear for about six months. I am still following the regimen the same way I always have been, but during my first week back at college, my acne has returned in full severity. I am really nervous that my acne will come back forever. Has this happened to anyone else?
  23. I am a healthy 32 year old male and have suffered from various forms of acne (with varied severity) since the age of 14 - a total of 18 years. During the past 18 years I have seen four different Dermatologists (in two countries) who have all diagnosed my acne as moderate to severe, and subsequently prescribed one or more courses of Accutane. I have completed approx. seven courses of Accutane - approximately one course every two to three years until relapse. Each course has varied in dosage and
  24. I was wondering exactly how high the chance of getting a relapse is? I just finished about 4.5 months of Accutane (3 months on 40mg and the rest on 60) and I have to go off of it now because of really bad hip pain. I haven't broken out in at LEAST a month (not even tiny pimples, just some milia) and my skin has gotten suuuper dry (obviously) and I've recently developed dandruff (ugh). My derm said that we would stop it for now and I would go in early July and see if I wanted to start back up, bu
  25. I finished my first course of accutane back in Aug of 2010, now it's June 2012 & all of a sudden I have 3 mini-pimples...2 on the side of my face next to my left eyebrow & one on my left cheek they are truly mini, but I haven't really had anything since finishing my course...I'm worried that these may be a harbinger of things to come... I'm posting this to document my experience, & to also hear if any of you have had to go on a second course....