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Found 500 results

  1. I have had this one bottle of acne.org BP for around 3-5 months now, and i haven't opened it. I'm running out of the one I am currently using and wondering if this other bottle is still good. Can someone please tell me?
  2. The regimen is working pretty well for me, a little slower than what's "normal" but my acne has always been stubborn anyway However, my skin is also really dry and flaky and it looks like it's getting an odd texture, not to mention some weird orange-y tan skin tone all over my face and also PIH. Of course this is all preferable to acne for me, but I was thinking it might be beneficial for me to go and get a facial treatment at a spa. Would this interfere with the regimen at all?
  3. Hi all, so I've decided - I want to have clear skin. I have pretty mild acne and I'm 17 years, and a male. I'm currently on a healthy diet, so I'm not eating junk, fast food. Currently been using Benzac AC 5% for about 7 days now. I don't have an allergic reaction, but I want to use a cream I know that will work. Oh and is the regimen that you see (when you go to acne.org home page the same thing as DKR? I want to try the one that is on the home page with all the success stories. I'm prepared
  4. I haven't started the regimen yet and have always defiantly wanted to start it. However, I've been reading and looking around a lot on the forums, and I've noticed people have had some issues. And honestly, it has sort of made me stumped and frustrated as to wether I should even do it. People are saying they get dermatitis after a few years, or they start breaking out even worse after a few years or there face goes different colours, causes them to have burnt face after months of use or other
  5. Introduction: I've battled with acne since 15 but in my teens it wasn't a bad. In the past, it was whiteheads and blackheads here and there and what i'm thinking to be one nodule once or twice a year up until now. Currently I am 24 years old going to be 25 this March. I recently moved up in my job, which caused stress (3 months ago, in detail below). I've been breaking out almost every week since then (papules,pustules, and what I believe are nodules). I've always had somewhat an on and of
  6. HI! I was wondering if anyone could enlighten me on this topic. I've been on the regimen for about 4 weeks and im 99% clear. thing is, I feel the need for anti aging cream as my laugh lines are more defined since ive been using BP. I still have some neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair night cream lying around ( stopped using it when i started the regimen) and I am thinking of using it again as my night cream. it contains retinol, but i don't know how much %. any advice? or are there other anti aging
  7. So i'm on day 6 of the regimen, and boy has my skin broken out. I have mild acne, and i'm getting breakouts with this regimen! the only place i broke out was on my forehead area, and around my eyebrows. i NEVER had acne there, ever. My acne would only be on my cheeks and side of my face, and chin, but never on my forehead. will this go away eventually if i stick to this regimen? have you had any experiences with break outs on the first week while on this regimen?? it's really discouraging, but i
  8. Hello, I am a male that has been using the Dan's regimen consistently for about 1 year now (cleanse in morning, then cleanse at night w/BP application and moisturizer/AHA+ w/jojoba oil), and while it worked very well and cleared me up, I decided in the past week or two to get off it for various reasons. Since then, I have been weaning off the BP since I have heard your face can build quite a dependency to it, so I slowly reduced the amount I used. I am now looking to build my own new regimen,
  9. I have noticed throughout the past years I have been treating my skin for acne that not every regimen is the same. Some come with a toner (and no treatment), a treatment (and no toner), or they come with both. I have always enjoyed using the brands that come in sets of 3, even though they never worked (i.e. Murad, Proactiv, Epionce), because I felt like putting 4 different things on my skin x2 a day was a little drastic. Not to mention my skin hates everything. It is bitter! and picky! Toner is
  10. I've been using the same tube of Dan's BP for maybe a month and a half now, and I've noticed that the consistency is a lot runnier than it used to be. It makes it pretty difficult to put on, and reminds me of a cream-based BP like Neutrogena OTS. Has my BP gone bad or something? I have an unopened one ready to go in case it is.
  11. I am 17 years old and been on Accutane twice. The first round I cleared up pretty well for about 6 to 7 months and started to breakout just as bad as before Accutane. During this time I had used over the counter gentle cleansers and moisturizers but nothing to really treat my acne. I just finished my 2nd round of Accutane in May and Ive noticed that Im already starting to breakout again like the 1st time. Everytime I ask my dermatologist she starts me off with the same products and eventually pu
  12. Hey! Just a quick question: I'm going to a party tonight and staying over my friends' house, and I really won't be able to get up, step over 15-20 passed out drunk persons, and take an hour or so to do the Regimen in my friends' bathroom. SO, what setbacks should I expect, if any? Does one night really do much? What should I do the next day, just the Regimen as usual? I might be late doing it the next morning, too.
  13. Hey guys! Sorry for the long intro, but I feel like I need to explain everything in order to get proper advice: So, I'm pretty new to the Regimen, and I'm still working a lot of the details out. I've always had a few breakouts here and there since I was 16, which I used to use a drying lotion on. I also used to use a lot of comedogenic liquid foundations back then (potential cause of acne?). Now I'm 19, and I've had pretty bad comedonal acne for almost a year. It felt like it came out o
  14. Hi guys, I'm on day 4 of the caveman regimen and I've been having a lot of doubt with it right now. To give some background on me: I've had persistent acne for the past almost 2 years, and everything I've been trying has not gotten perfect results. My last routine was using salisylic acid (Biore face cleanser) while taking Doryx (doxycycline) every day. I had been taking Doryx for the past 7 months, and since it's an antiobiotic, I have not been happy having to take it for such a long
  15. Heyy all! I've been using the full amount of Dan's BP for what I believe is about a month now, and my face keeps getting this leather like feeling (build up of dry dead skin cells) and when this sheds my skin stays red and annoyed until it rebuilds and the cycle repeats ( I can literally see a line where I apply the BP and my normal skin)... I know some people cannot tolerate the full amount of BP, and others notice this go away after awhile.. but it's been making me so self conscious that I
  16. Hey guys, another desperate here, A little personal acne CV: I didn't really have acne issues until the age of 19. Out of the blue I began to develop moderate to severe acne, which immensely influenced my self-esteem and ultimately forced me to go on the accutane (after the topical version of accutane failed to show results). This was actually my 3rd time on the accutane, but the times I took it before I only had mild teenager acne AND: neither I ,nor my dermatologist didn't really pay a
  17. Hey, I went to a dermatologist about my mild/moderate acne in september and he prescribed me with Isotrexin and Tetralysal to use both once daily (Isotrexin at night and take a tetralysal in the morning). I recently got the acne.org cleanser + moisturiser. I am using them with what I have been prescribed and I'm wondering is it as effective as using BP?
  18. Hello all! I'm currently on week 5ish of the regimen (Only on week 2 if you count how long I've been using it twice a day) and things seem to be doing pretty darn good.. just a couple breakouts here and there that still need clearing.. but I think that's to be expected for how long I've been using it. Which leads me to my question for everyone! How long was it before you reached a sort of turning point with the regimen? 4 weeks? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? Full three months? Let me know! I'm curious a
  19. Hi guys! I'm pretty new to this forum and wanted to share my story of acne prone skin & my decision of going through the Tretinoin / Retin A regime. My problematic skin history started 4 years ago with me being 24 (my dermatologist back then called it 'adult acne' - thus probably hormonal acne). I never before had experienced cystic/hormonal acne in any form(except maybe a couple of blackheads on my nose but that's it!) and when I first got one cystic pimple I didn't know what it was an
  20. Okay, just a bit of background info. I am a 25 year old female who suffered from breakouts since the age of 18. I used to have horrible cystic acne on my chin and jaw line which went away after two years. Okay, what I did for that was just eat ONLY salads for 5 days and boom, they were gone and never came back. I dont know how it happened. I have tried everything Proactive, Murad, Differin, antibiotics (only worked temporarily), seasalt baths, etc. my face is now completely clear. Anyway the
  21. Hey y'all. So I'm feeling pretty horrible right now; I live with fluorescent lighting, which doesn't exactly help, but WOW. My face looks pretty horrible. I'm 4 weeks into the Regimen, and all I see is tons and tons of hyperpigmentation on my cheeks. It almost looks purple-ish in the light, it's so hideous I just started using AHA last night, and I've been removing whiteheads the way Dan recommends to speed along the healing process a bit. I'm just really upset by this, and I'm wond
  22. Hey! So I just started my 4th week of the Regimen, and plan to start using AHA next week. I was just wondering if there are different benefits to the two methods of application Dan suggests. He says to either mix it in with the moisturizer or use it 2-3 times a week on its own...is there a difference between those strategies? How do I decide what I want to do? Thanks!
  23. I want to find something similar to Dan's Cleanser but in my local walgreens Anyone know a different type of cleanser, similar to the one in the regimen.
  24. My Acne & Rosacea Regimen (Including diet, supplements, training, etc as I believe everything is connected) My name is Aaron, I'm 23, and I have had acne (face & torso) and rosacea for going on 10 years now. I currently have no large acne lesions and only a couple small pimples under my jaw, but up until recently I have had a lot of painful cystic acne on both my face and body that has left me with a lot of scarring. I've tried a lot of different prescriptions and over-the-counter c
  25. Just made an account and I'm not quite sure if I am posting in the appropriate place, but here goes. I am currently on my third week of using the regimen with store bought products though. I have been using cetaphil oily skin cleanser, followed with Benzac 2.5% and then Cetaphil Dermacontrol sunscreen for oily acne prone skin, and at night time I swap that with the basic Cetaphil moisturiser. All is doing okay, I'm experiencing a bit of redness and peeling which is normal from what I know no