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Found 55 results

  1. I said that tretionin 0.05% only cleared me up about 60% and that I was looking for about 80% or more. I did end up finding something that works amazing. Yes, this actually works. Saje Natural Wellness has a kit called the "Zap" kit. Let me tell you, it really does "zap" away unwanted zits. The kit comes with everything you need for a strong morning routine. An antibacterial cleanser, a toner, spot treatment and moisturizer. The spot treatment I use at night instead, and I use benzoyl peroxi
  2. I probably won't post in this blog very much, but I wanted to share my journey with everyone and have my whole story in one place so people know where i'm coming from. My battle with acne started years ago, probably when I was 11 or 12. I hit puberty early (I was 9) so I got to go through the awkward phase even sooner than most. Yay! I started out with the typical solutions to acne- when you're 11, mom says 'Just wash your face and you'll grow out of it soon enough'. When it became apparent
  3. I just ordered medium sized acne.org regime and what i want to know is can i use the regime consistently without adding aha since the shipping fees are expensive and if so how are the results without aha?
  4. So I'm a female, in my 20s and I suffer from moderate/severe acne. I use to have very severe acne about three or four years ago, I still think it's still severe to an extent, but not as bad as it was before. Anyway, this is what I'll be using for three months: Clean & Clear 5% BPO wash (or the PCA Skin31 5% BPO wash) Acne.org Treatment (Only at night) Acne.org AHA+ (Only apply at night 2/3 a week) BPO mask (one to twice a week) Taking: Multi+ Daily Glow Mult
  5. Hello, You might be thinking "This guy is brand new to the forum but trying to give advice....what would he know" and you are right but I have been a long time reader. This site has given me hope in the sense of knowing that multiple people, no matter where they live have had the same problem I have been going through. Acne .... even the name makes me frown and I would not wish it on anyone. My name doesn't matter but my story might. I've been going through Acne on and off from 18 mainly sma
  6. I'm in need of new moisturizer the Dans moisturizer is okay and doesn't really break me out, i think. But please can someone find me a good moisturizer, i want to try cera-ve lotion but people keep telling me its pore clogging and will break me out in like 2 or 3 weeks. But dans moisturizer doesn't moisturizer that great and i still flake LIKE CRAZY cause my flakes should be gone i think i'm coming on to week 6 of regime and i have couple active pimples but overall it's helping a lot but the dry
  7. (sorry this is so long ><, links to all the products below) Hi, I've been dealing with my acne since the start of college. I live in the city now, which I reckon can't be good for the skin, but there's not much I can deal with lifestyle-wise. It's been three years and my skin is getting worse as time goes on. So here I am trying to piece together a new regime to follow through on and hopefully see results. As for my skin, pictures speak volumes. my forehead: tons, and i mean
  8. This is what I do each day... and it seems to be working for me at the moment which is a nice change... Before I set my face to the sun and place my feet in the grass... -Wash face with warm then cold water -Clindatech antibiotic topical thingy -Bellaboo moisturiser Afternoon dirt and pollution if need be... -Witch hazel wipe -Bellaboo moisturiser The last glimpse of day... -Wash face with warm then cold water -Epiduo topical cream -Bellaboo moisturiser Throughout the day
  9. Hi, I just started the regime tonight! I live in Ireland so am reluctant to order the products on here as it'l cost loads. There arent any products here with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide so I got Duac Gel which has 5% BP. Is this ok as a substitute? It also says not to use for more than 12 weeks. But the regime is meant to be a form of continuous maintenance so Im confused as to whether its ok to use duac or not? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
  10. Hey guys, I've just started the regime last week on the 1 of May. This is my acne background. I have mild acne all over my face and I need to have it popped very one or two week to keep it under control but I find it to be expensive to do it regularly so I wanted to find sth much more effective. In the first 3 day, my skin has no bad reaction with the regime but on the 4 day, my skin started to have this red allergic like rashes all over my face. FYI, my skin started to dry badly on the 3 day. I
  11. Hey guys, I been using adapalene (retinoid; highly pure vitamin C). Its a very strong gel, however I need to get prescription for it all the time. I just wanted to know will my face be more tolerable to irritation?
  12. I have had acne since freshmen year of high school and not just acne BAD cystic acne. Freshmen year of college I used benzaolyl peroxide with a moisturizer and tanned a few times at my local tanning salon and ALL of my acne was gone. I was acne free for aboout 9 months until the summer when it slowly came back when I tried a new regime. I quickly tried to go back to just using the benazoly and it did not work and my acne came back more and more until around decemeber 2013 when I started using a
  13. Morning: Shower Cetaphil Fash Wash Acne.org treatment (bp) Night: Shower Cetaphil Fash Wash Differin Acne.org AHA use moisturizer when my face is dry i am also using clean & clear 10% bp for my back also taking azithromycin 3 times a week having alright results. let me know what differin regimes others use.
  14. Hey Everyone, I decided - after a few failed attempts with other methods - to start the regime. I will be using drugstore products that I will list below. I'm starting this blog so that anyone reading can share their experience with the regime or good drugstore products I might not have listed. I'd also love to hear any tips and tricks you might have in approaching treatment. About 3 years ago I ordered Dan's products, which are awesome. Great price, large quantities, and for the most
  15. Hi Everyone, WARNING- LONG FIRST POST! I am fairly new to the site, and once I had started reading round I thought I should give the regime a go. I had been prescribed benzoyl peroxide before by my doctors, but gave up when it made my skin so dry! especially using soap before hand as suggested! I recently went back to see if they had invented a new miracle cure. sadly not. I genuinely cried when I came out the doctors as I felt hopeless, and it just wasn't FAIR. Once I got a grip and stopped
  16. hi im marlene and im 25 and im so happy with my results using acne.org and ive only been on it for 2 weeks and my face has completely cleared up!!! i started getting acne about 2 years ago out of nowhere. ive had model-like gorgeous skin my whole life then the acne came and would stop right before i purchased the regime on acne.org i was seeing a dermatologist and was put on birth control and going all the time to get bloodwork and tests watch videos about birth defects due to accutane anyway
  17. I am a 25 year old female (nearly 26) who has been dealing with mild/moderate acne for several years now. I also pick, obsessively, which is something I've always struggled with and am constantly combating. Never wanted to take prescription acne medications (oral or topical) as that seemed extreme for my amount of acne, and the side effects and initial breakouts terrified me. My skin has gotten progressively worse over the years, and while still not BAD bad, it makes me very self-consciou
  18. Ok, so usually i update at night but i just wanted to update real quick. So its my day 10 morning and i just did the whole regime. i decided to use 1 1/2 pumps of the original moisturizer just because id rather stick with the regime for now until it works and then switch it up. also ill be putting makeup on today so that should cover the yellowness. my skin is starting to be really sensitive. No flakiness or itchiness really, but when i put on the BP and moisturizer it stings and feels like i
  19. This is my update after completing my first week on the Acne.org regimen. Before starting the first week I had about 4-5 cystic acne pimples along my jaw on the right side of my face, and the left side was relatively clear. I had a few small blemishes on my forehead also. The first day, my skin felt very dry and itchy. When I woke up for day two, I could see my pimples flaking up as if they were literally being dried up. This gave me a lot of of hope, and by day 3, the majority of my acne pimple
  20. Here we are again! Nearly 7 years ago I started the regime...as a teenager. Back then would I have thought that the nearly 23-year-old me would still have problem skin? Maybe, but not this bad. I can say, this is the worst my skin has been in. Ever. Growing up, cystic acne or inflammatory acne wasn't all too common. For me it was whiteheads, mostly. And only in my T-zone. I never would get acne of any type on my checks, chin, jawline...whatever. Back then, the only inflammatory acne
  21. Hey guys! I've recently introduced Niacinamide (Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% by The Ordinary) into my skin care regime and I was just wondering if it would create or cause a negative reaction on my skin. I'm planning on applying the Niacinamide first, then wait a bit for it to absorb. Once done, I'd layer the AHA Lotion (Acne.org) on top. Does this sound suitable? Please let me know, any responses are much appreciated! Thanks
  22. So I've been washing my face with just water twice a day for about 3 weeks. I usually get mild-moderate acne. It's been fine until recently and had noticed pretty decent improvements, although my acne had not entirely stopped. However recently my skin has become very dry and tight and I am noticing a lot of flakiness, mainly after i've washed my face with water. Is this what people on these kinds of routines call the 'dead skin mask'? Also I'm not washing with hot or cold water, it's kind of luk
  23. I've been suffering from a breakout that has lasted about 3 weeks. Usually they last a couple of days but lately they've been lasting about a week, which I could just about cope with but this has just pissed me off. So I've decided to ditch cleansing of the face. It's like asking a junkie to give up heroin. I've taken one step into the beyond and I'm not going coming back! I;ve created a wordpress blog, which I will add to everyday. I'll add the updates here too but not daily. You know how it go
  24. Hello All, I'm new to the regime. I haven't started yet as i am waiting for the cleanser and BP in the mail which will hopefully get to me by the weekend or sometime next week. I thought i would start a log on here to document my process for myself and to also get advice and opinions. I've decided that i'm going to use my own moisturizer. I'm currently using the Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination skin. Here is a list of the products i'm currently using: Cleanser - Josie Maran