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Found 500 results

  1. every spring and summer I seem to break out (I don't know if it's allergies but Benadryl doesn't help much). It seems more of a rash mixed with pimples considering most of the bumps on my face cannot be popped. It does not itch but it does feel tender when I wash my face. I used hydrocortisone which only worked a little before it stopped. Even prescription steroids didn't seem to help. I've used Nizoral shampoo as well (didn't work) and I'm currently on doxycycline and I'm using epiduo hoping to
  2. Hi everyone. I'm Asian, and my ethnicity is Malay. I'm 36 yo. Here I attached my current skin to show and would like to hear feedback from anyone who have the same experience, I have been having acne from the age of 17 and its almost 20 years now and not even a single day my mind is stop thinking of how to get my skin smooth again. I've spent quite some money for my skin treatment but none is satisfy me. On the outside I try to be cool and don't bother about it but I always wish I have a better
  3. Hi there , i got some deep scars due to post cystic acne and my skin is still red , i was wondering which scars treatment could help the most for the redness and these ''holes'' in the skin. i heard some people talking about retin-a or microneedling therapy ?
  4. Hi, it's my first time posting on here so here goes nothing! You are gonna think I'm an idiot here but a couple of months ago I tried the toothbrush technique to get rid of blackheads on my chin and nose. BAD IDEA. For days my chin was scabbed over and oozing blood and a clear liquid. It was the same with my nose but it died down quicker and only left a small mark of hyperpigmentation that I just call a burn. On the other hand, even four months on my chin has a permanent scar on the crease and I
  5. Hey everyone! First off I wanted to say how much I appreciate this space where people so honestly share their stories and support with one another. I am an almost 16 year old male (about 5'9 155 lbs) who just completed a 5 month course on the (very tumultuous) Accutane regimen! I started with 40 mg a day and progressed up to 80 mg by the end. I am close to being a week off of the medication and I have progressed away from the uber dry lips, joint pain, and possibly the depression I have fa
  6. I've been using the acne.org regimen for 1 month now, the first week and second week is pretty good actually, not much sting , redness, itchy... but when in the third week, my face is super itchy all the time , i cant even sleep well because of itchiness...... really really makes me crazy! Although it really clear up my skin and my face looks pretty good except redness and little bit flakiness, it just veryyyyyyyy itchy and sting !!!!! I just bought another 16oz kit, but i really want to s
  7. Im 16/17 (girl) with a fair skin tone. However my skin is uneven, lots of it has red patches and I have dark acne scars that last for ages. I wash, tone and moisturise my face twice a day and use bio-oil on spot scars. always have to wear foundation, not to cover spots but to make my skin all one colour. My skin is young and recently sensitive so I don't want to use harsh products. Is there any way of evening out my skin tone?
  8. Hello guys, I have been struggling with acne for three years since i was 19 now i am 21 and i have tried everything to get rid of it but nothing have worked but over the last few weeks i have somehow managed to control it with some diet changes and ACV. But the acne have left a very bad scars on my face that looks terrible so i want to know what type of scaring is this and how can i treat it. Any help would be really appreciated.Thanks
  9. any products available other than make up that will reduce the redness of spots (even if it turns them white) I mainly have a cluster of spots on my forehead I am trying to treat it at the moment but not having much luck So I was wondering if there was away of covering it up until it heals
  10. Hello all, thank you in advance to any responses! Attached is a picture of my problem. I was wondering if anyone could shed light as to what this is and how i can treat/manage it. I have lots of redness under my eyes along with little white dots that are located in the redness. I have always had it and was curious what its called and possibly if its acne related (which i have bad acne all on my chin, nose, forehead) Thanks alot
  11. Please tell me what kind of scaring I have, how bad is it, as well as my acne and how bad it is. I do not consume dairy and I drink plenty of water and get moderate exercise, and I am currently trying to take Zinc and Vitamin D-3 for my acne, as well as using a Clearasil "Acne + Marks" face wash which doesn't seem to be doing anything even with the help of a scrubbing brush..then I use a Equate Moisturizing Lotion, and sometimes I'll use Clearasil Benzoyl Peroxide. I do not have any access wh
  12. Are these bumps on my right cheek Rosacea?? They're most red after I shower. I have mild redness on my forehead too. I blush easily but my face isn't red all the time. BTW the sides of my nose are somewhat red too, but it's not thick or anything. How do I reduce the redness? Will moisturizing with aloe vera or grapeseed oil help it? I'm 14 years old. Pleasee help ._.
  13. I would say I have moderate acne, but it's been extremely persistent. It has gotten better, albeit slowly, over the last few years - but I'm fed up. I'm currently on the regimen using my own products (cetaphil cleanser, benzoyl peroxide prescription cream - Clindoxyl, cetaphil moisturizer and stieva-a cream). The stieva-a, for those not familiar, is a tretinoin-based cream used to treat acne by alleviating the inflamation/soreness, redness and preventing acne scarring. I've found this stuff to b
  14. Hello people. Long story short had somwhat bad acne, went on accutane and had some pretty bad breakouts (or what poeple call initial breakout) but in the end of the course i was clear but then suffered from red marks on my cheeks mostly where my acne breakouts were the worst. I finished accutane in June last year so it's almost been a year, a long year haha, and i still have these marks, If i would explain them i would say that its quite few red marks, most is somewhat pink colored around whe
  15. Hello Everyone, Feeling a lil depressed and couldn't any better place to share how I am feeling today. I finished a 7months accutane 40mg course in Feb this year. Its been exactly 3 months post accutane today and i felt its coming again. No pain, no bumps , no pastules but I am just feeling large red spots on my face with accompanying white heads. I did have post acne red spots but today it seems a bit too much. Is this acne? Not sure if its acne coming back or it could just be p
  16. Hi, I've been suffering from acne for around 4 years now and although its not as bad as it used to be, there are still a lot of red marks that have accumulated on my face. I use a mild cleanser in the morning (and sunscreen) and after cleaning my face at night I use tazorac. I have lots of questions and any help would be truly appreciated! 1. Is this inflammation or is it Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation (PIH)? If it's PIH, what can I do to naturally reduce it and make it fade aw
  17. Does anyone use a homemade moisturizer? Topically i use coconut oil, argon oil, and vitamin E (from capsules) Do you think mixing all these and putting them into a bottle and using it everynight as a moisturizer is useful? Let me hear your thoughts
  18. Hi everyone, I need some obvious help with my current predicament while using the regimen. I am about 5 weeks in, and I have seen very small improvements, but I am in the process of cutting back BP applications to once per night (if that) because there is a highly irritated red/dry spot on my right cheek. The weird thing is, it is no where else on my face and I've had problems there in the past, but now that I have been directly coating the area in BP 2x a day for the past 5 weeks (startin
  19. Hi, i've been on the regime (but not using acne.org products) for... 5-6 days only. The amount of BP i applied on my fface was the length of the tip of my pointer finger to the first joint, like what Dan picture shows. The first 3 days my face was normal, not dry, red or irritated at all and my skin was slowly clearing. But till the 4th day, my skin started to burn and be red. No dryness yet though. The next day my skin was dry and SO RED and it burned ALOT. I didn't decrease the amount of dosag
  20. Hi. I'm a fifteen year old girl suffering from moderate/severe acne. (Just as a sidenote...I rarely wear makeup and if I do it's mineral makeup and eat very cleanly; I'm fairly certain my acne is caused by hormone problems I have.) I began getting breakouts when I was ten or eleven, but it was always tolerable and from about age thirteen I maintained relatively clear skin by using Neutrogena Rapid Clear facial wipes and Clean & Clear Benozyl peroxide. Over the summer, my skin looked like
  21. This is my current regimen: AM: Exact Gentle Facial Cleanser Oxy 1% Salicylic Wash Oxy 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Wash Cetaphil Moisturizer PM: Exact Gentle Facial Cleanser Oxy 1% Salicylic Wash Oxy 5% Benzoyl Peroxide Wash AHA + Moisturizer. My acne has went from pretty severe, to only 3 active acne pimples as I type. However my red marks, and small, I mean small, icepick scars are still present. I have a dermatologist appointment next Tuesday and am considering asking her about a
  22. Hi, I popped a pimple right between my eye and where the nose start to slant. I had difficulty popping it and just kept trying like an idiot. After a while i finally succeeded but it swelled up a little bit for a couple days where i could really feel it like a small bruise under my eye. The swelling went away after a couple days. Anyways, it has been like 2 weeks now and it has completely gone down but there has been this red mark there that hasnt gone away. I feel I have bruised the tissue
  23. Just been to the gym for an hour cardio and while i was in there and when i came out my skin on my face was really stinging from all the sweat its calmed down now but still feeling a bit sensitive. Just wondered if anyone else had had stinging skin from sweating while on accutane ?
  24. Hi everyone, I'm new to the Regimen and I have a few questions that I'm hoping some of you that are more familiar with the Regimen can help me with! A little history about my skin and previous products: I'm 21 years old. I initially started the Regimen last year after seeing the results of my best friend, who recommended I start it. I had never really had acne prior to this point, but since I spent the entire Spring and Summer in Toronto in a really hot climate, I had bumps all over