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Found 974 results

  1. xxkinachixx123

    Not Sure What It Is

    Hi, so since like two years i ago, i started getting these pea sized pimples on my nose, which would pop after 1-2 weeks. I don't remember when but my nose started to turn red like in the picture but maybe you can't see due to the colouring. I have a pimple at the tip of my nose and a region of region around it. Even once the pimple goes i have this patch of red, which i'm not sure if it's inflamed. I've seen a dermatologist and he gave me duac which didn't really help.
  2. BullishCable

    Is This Rosacea?

    Hi! I have this problem of being ridiculously red on the tip of my nose. Th problem is that i often get pimples at the tip of my nose so I don't know if the redness is rosacea or "redscars" that are left after my breakouts, and the nose is the only place on my face where this occurs ;_;
  3. This is a repost of a previous discussion. I am reposting because I feel that I had put it in the wrong category. Ok, so I'm going to try and fit this all in together. Also, excuse my grammar....I'm just typing my thoughts and they're not all perfectly spelled, or punctuated. Awhile back I had posted that I had burned myself with TCA cross. It's 2 years later and unfortunately I am left with the permanent scars. They're certainly not what they were, but I have permanent red hyper pigmentation, and a few depressed scars. Anyway, at the moment that is the least of my concerns. I had been off of Accutane for 6 months when I was burned with TCA. My skin was relatively clear. However, I was having issues with yeast infection on my face for some reason? As time has progressed my acne has come back and gotten worse slowly. First it was just in my beard area.... Anywhere that my beard grows, or is trying to grow in I have issues with lesions. I'm still not sure if it's folliculitis or acne. I've been on constant regimens of Doxycycline/TriSulfameth/Minocyclne with combinations of clyndamiacin phosphate, benzoyl peroxide, or benzacline. I've also included the skin speeder-uppers in the regimens such a differin, and tretinoin .01%. They all failed to clear me up. I was also briefly on Spironolactone which did absolutely nothing. Literally nothing. My breakout lingers and will slowly begin to heal, but then I break out again, and the process starts over. However, I am now left with healing lesions on top of the current. I say lesions because the ones in my beard are not like normal pimples. They're sore, deep, and not necessarily possible to drain. Just recently I'd gotten so fed up I decided it's time to laser my beard off. I just can't take the pain anymore. I haven't shaven with a razor in years. Even with an electric, I break out.. I break out even when I don't shave because my new beard hairs that are trying to grow in for some reason have issues (I just turned 19). Anyway, in general laser does seem to be making a difference BUT I have terrible breakouts after the session. It's almost like hairs get trapped in the follicles after they've died? However, when I go in for laser the current lesions I have are soothed after the session. They usually dry up and begin to heal. I'm not too sure. I mean, after that clears up, I do notice a difference. Where there is no hair I don't get ingrown...BUT if I wait too long in between treatments my beard starts to grow right back in and then I have serious issues. I have ingrowns EVERYWHERE if I wait more than a month for a treatment. My beard is thinning more and more, but in general I am STILL STILL STILL having issues with the ingrowns. Also recently I have started to get acne in areas where I don't grow a beard like my forehead and cheeks. That is abnormal for me because I haven't had issues with those kinds of breakouts since I was 13. I've been going to the same derm since I was 11. I've been on Accutane so many times I've lost count. It truly is the only thing that has temporarily cleared me, but I do not want to take it again. I've had serious issues with hairloss because of it, and I've lost 40% of the density of my hair on my scalp because of it. I also am having laser done, and I can't be on Accutane while doing that. I also have some cosmetic procedures coming up such as hair restoration, chemical peels, and other surgical cosmetic procedures. I waited to be off Accutane to have these things done. Currently I am seeing a different dermatologist and she has me on a completely different regimen. I am currently using finacia, sulfaceptamide sodium lotion, and an oral antibiotic called metronizadale. I had high hopes for the regimen because it was so different. I did see a clearing in the beginning, but it didn't last....my breakouts are still continuing to get worse.... I tried to take things into my own hands as well and include antimicrobials VIGOROUSLY into my regime (which I still am). I use cetaphil antibacterial bar soap, and I lather it into a wash cloth. Then I pour a small amount of Hibiclens antiseptic wash, and betadine in the cloth and lather it in. I then gently wash my face, which I continuously do for five minutes to eliminate any bacteria. I wash my face 3 times a day to try and prevent bacteria. I STILL am having ingrown hairs and acne. STILL. The new derm I am visiting wants to put me on Accutane but I am so against it..... I am exhausted....... It seems like the antimicrobials would be the answer, but they're not for me? My main questions: How do you feel about incorporating Hibiclens and Betadine into a facial scrub regimen? Is washing 3 times a day too much or too little? Has anyone had results with Finacia? I thought it was odd considering it's mainly for Rossacia Has anyone else with folliculitis found some relief in laser hair removal? Would Electrolysis be the better route? Are these good regimens, just not in correct combinations? Update: I'm so frustrated that I am seriously considering Accutane yet again. I can't even keep my breakouts controlled anymore it just progressively gets worse.
  4. cassieelisexo

    Acne Treatment Works!

    Hey guys! I have been shown an awesome acne treatment that works! Some of my friends and I have tried it and it really seems to work! Desitin: a diaper rash ointment This stuff works! You can also use generic diaper rash ointment. -Apply this to you spots or problem areas at night (a little goes a long way) and go to sleep. MAKE SURE TO COVER YOUR PILLOW WITH A TOWEL OR SOMETHING BECAUSE IT WILL COME OFF AND IT DOES NOT WASH OUT IN MY EXPERIENCE. In the morning, wash your face, and I find that the redness is better if not gone and the pimple has either disappeared o shrunk dramatically. It has worked for normal, very dry, and oily skin. Please let me know if you try this out! Good luck!
  5. wolfvvordes


    So, in the middle of December I went to the dermatologist (my acne has gotten REALLY bad at this point, to the point where it psychically hurt. Concentrated mainly on the cheeks) and he prescribed me Doxycycline. He told me to take it continuously for five days and then alternate days for a few weeks. I did that but have now since stopped taking those antibiotics. They did help a little. During this time, I also started to apply coconut oil all over my face right before bed. I did this because its very moisturizing for my skin(I needed that badly at that point) and it helped me get rid of acne the last time I had it this bad. (which was years ago). I also started doing the Oil Cleansing Method but with just coconut oil. And recently, I've gotten some tea tree oil which I use as spot treatment and occasionally I will apply aloe vera gel all over my face. (I am all for natural products) So, while active acne disappeared from my cheeks considerably, it left with it redness that just somehow keeps getting worse and worse. I still have REALLY BAD REDNESS on my face. Covering both of my cheeks. Some scars. Some weird reddish purplish things that arents pimples but just there. And it really effects me badly. It makes me obsess over my skin, always trying to look up new ways to fix it. I stare at my skin in the mirror, always leaving with that hopeless sinking feeling. I dread going to events now and looking people in the eyes while talking to them as I am always self conscious they will take notice of my bad skin. I hate waking up earlier just to pile on layers of makeup on my face so that I can hide away whatever I can. I am sick of living like this. I dont want to be controlled by the condition of my skin anymore. But as I working towards a more confident self, I also need a way to clear up my skin. It's mostly redness. A couple of active pimples. Scars. Pigmentation. But it looks disgusting on most days. And skin feels rough. Help me someone?
  6. Mitch P

    Redness From Previous Acne

    Ok, So I haven't had any new breakouts for a month, and when I wash my face my skin feels smooth so I know no pimples are there right now. But my cheeks and temples are red/irritated. I am not sure if this is considered scarring or hyperpigmentation, but everytime I wash and moisturize, my face is redder. After 6 hours or so, my face is not as red and has calmed down. I am on my 2nd month of Accutane, but I have had redness for about 6 months, although this is my first month without a breakout in about a year. Will this redness fade with time, or is there something I can do on the side to help it? I try to limit my time in the sun as much as possible and I use an spf. My daily routine is this: wash once in the morning and night with Dermalogica Dermal Clay Cleanser. In the morning I use Mario Badescu spf 17 moisturizer and at night I use Dermalogica Active Moist. I have started to use a small amount of jojoba oil with my moisturizers.
  7. I have been on the regimen for about a year now. It worked for me, all my acne has disappeared. However, every so often specific parts of my face (specifically the side of my left eye and the right cheek) become severely irritated. The skin turns red, it flakes and peels, it stings, and afterwards, there's a slight scar (not sure that I can call it that?) or at least mark (noticeably whiter, elevated skin) left from the irritation. The first time this happened, I tried not putting BP on the irritation. It took a while but the irritation eventually went away. The second time it happened, I tried the same thing. However, I also lessened how much BP I use (now about a nickle's worth). And I also bought and used a "moisturizing soap/cleanser." This seemed to help. It has recently just happened again. I'm not putting BP on those spots, and I'm adding extra moisturizer to help "sooth." I'm sure it'll go away eventually... I'm just curious as to why this is happening in the first place? Why only those two spots on my face? What is causing it? Is this happening to anyone else? And how should I prevent it? Products I use: -Dan's BP -Dan's AHA+ (only used occasionally) -Neutrogena Moisturizer (SPF in the morning, regular at night) -Cetaphil Daily Cleanser -St. Ive's Apricot Scrub (only used occasionally)
  8. Accidentally made two posts. How do I delete this?
  9. Hey guys, I have some questions ! *I'm on a low dose (20-40 mg) and I have been on accutane for about 4-5 months. Didn't have cystic acne but a lot of pimples that left acne marks on my face and back, and they wouldn't go away with any other treatment.. 1: Have any of you tried anything that could remove or just reduce red marks/hyperpigmentation while ON accutane? 2: my skin tend to blush up and get red, especially my nose and cheeks which make my acne marks look worse, I have started using a gentle moisturizer without perfume, parabens etc, but my face is still red and blushing when I have applied it, does it fade after a longer time using moisturizer or ?3: I still have some whiteheads on my right cheeks which wont go away and some blackheads on my nose, and few small pimples on face and back, is this normal that they wont go away after so long? I see people that get such a clean skin without redness, pimples etc. but my face is just red, filled with acne marks etc :/ This pictures is about 2 months old, It's not as bad now, but it gives you an idea how my skin is
  10. Lavish

    Teenage Acne :(

    Hi Everyone , I'm a 16 years old guy and I've been promoted to 11th class this year and i'm suffering from acne since i was in class 8th, I used to get alot of pimples at start but now i Rarely get two or three pimples in a week, But still my skin look horrible, There are alot of clogged pores and redness all over , I'm attaching a photo of my face hope to get your advices soon! thanks!
  11. Hello out there, I'm posting this today because I need help. Not just with figuring out my skin problem, but emotionally this is taking a big tole. I have been doing a lot of research on my skin, as I've had this rash-like condition on my face for months. Over the course of the holidays It's been much, much worse. I really think it could be a condition called acne cosmetica. Acne caused by cosmetics. In my case, I've been using a mineral makeup, but it seems like the more I cover the problem, the worse it gets. The symptoms are rash like spots all over my face, in places I've never had acne before. The spots are dry and flaky, very red. Not like a pimple at all really. But I'm also getting small whiteheads, as well as Cystic acne on my neck line which I had also before the problem. I've totally changed my diet with little results. I'm hoping there is someone out there that knows about this condition and can help!
  12. Hi, So I don't want to drag my whole story out on here, but basically in high school I had pretty terrific skin - clear, few blemishes just before that time of the month. I am 19 now. Early last year, say maybe March or something, my skin started to freak out. By August I was very upset and depressed in general because of it. I will be honest, it was not cystic or anything like that and I know most people would just say "but you skin is fine!" but they don't have to spend hours looking at it or thinking about it and stressing whether or not they should go out in fear of it getting worse. Anyways, went to the doc/derm; was given Duac which definitely helped initially and I was thrilled. Then, saw the derm and prescribed a sulfur resorcinol calamine and SA lotion which I didn't use as I saw no need anymore. About November last year is when things started to go pear shaped again. The acne I had was probably mostly situated around my nose, cheeks and forehead; spread around the face but not necessarily in huge masses. One thing I have noticed is my forehead has been freaking out. It is filled with clusters of tiny bumps which are tiny in size and then some are a little bigger almost resembling whiteheads..I have a suspicion they are closed comedones/clogged pores and don't know what to do. My main concern is my cheeks. They have these red patchy areas which within those areas are tiny sort of pustules? I don't even know how to describe it exactly. My derm said I had mild Seb Derm so I thought maybe this is what that could be? I have included pictures of that from today. The area on my cheeks can often get dry after washing and I notice that when i rub it with a towel, tiny white flakes will come off which I assume is dry skin. I feel like the Duac gel just isn't helping those places anymore and if anything has created this area of red and bumpy skin to spread to places it hasn't before!? I just started birth control pill about two weeks ago and am hoping that will help. I also finally got the sulfur resorcinol SA calamine lotion which is supposed to help with redness and inflammation. Will monitor that. ONE more thing is that my skin is CONSTANTLY fluctuating?! By this I mean that for a few days or a week my skin will look nice and clear and less inflamed; then it will being to progressively get worse and worse and become more red/clogged. It's like a cycle and I hate it because I have no idea what to expect or what I am doing wrong? P.s. it is summer here in Aus and I find the humidity and heat exacerbate the problem however I can't just blame the weather. So basically, if somebody could shed some light on what they think this stuff on my cheeks is....rosacea...seb derm...acne..?? I am just confused and frustrated of constantly changing skin. I definitely believe hormones play a role which is why I went on birth control to see if that will help. I am just sick of dealing with this and feeling like crap all the time.
  13. johnsmith2014

    Any Advice On Acne?

    Hi all, I have suffered with acne for 2+ years now first it started of severed but after being on a prescribed antibiotic and making a lot of healthy lifestyle changes it went to moderate acne but still has not gone? Still to this day I wake up every morning with the same red scars left and even more white heads over my cheeks and round the mouth area where they are more painful above my lip on the sides of my nose and on my chin. I do not understand why everyday I wake up with a new load of whiteheads. I went to see my gp as the whiteheads also starting appearing all over my scalp painful ones and she put me on Oxytetracylcine, I have taking these 4x a day and no result? I work and my acne has made me socially awkward I feel like people judge me straight away by my skin and must think I eat junk or very unhealthily which isn't the case I made big lifestyle changes (green tea, fruit&veg, cut out dairy/sugar/oils drinking 8 litres of water) it feels like a never ending cycle. My sisters both had acne also but there's just both managed to clear up and one day their skin was clear and soft mine is still crusty bumpy and red. Please if anyone can advise any face wash or their reviews on taking Oxytetracylcine please do or anything to take away redness. Thanks
  14. Do you share some of the same skin problems as me? So im on minocyclie right now.Started it a week and a half ago and my acne has decreased very much. I only have two active pimples and the rest are either bumps or marks. I wash my face with sea salt morning and night which does make the skin soft and works as a spot treatment. And i moisturize with neutrogena moisturizer. But the skin on my acne prone areas is red, as if it is irritated or sweating. All other areas of my face are clean and fresh.Im sure i have those demodex mites too but ill deal with those later. how do u treat skin tht looks irritated but doesnt have acne? Exfoliation?
  15. Hi All, I am looking for a foundation that is completely clean of comedogenic and acnegenic ingredients. The only foundation I've found is MUFE Mat Velvet+, which I love and does not cause me to breakout. However, in the winter it is way too dry for my skin and looks very flaky. Does anyone have suggestions? I would like for the product to have all 0's on Cosdna. Thanks!
  16. hello everyone, I've been using dan's BP and for a few years just as a spot treatment, (which worked up until now) but recently feel the need to step up and go full regimen, mostly due to not having completely clear skin any longer. so, i have some questions/concerns: My skin seems to be somewhat sensitive so i've started using only a small amount of BP at first, just at night. I already have redness, but its localized to the corners of my mouth. it itches and makes me look weird haha. i'm just wondering if i should continue to apply it over the red areas or decrease BP/start over with even less for the first few weeks as i ramp up the dosage. fyi - i have also been using dan's moisturizer with a few drops of jojoba oil after the BP has absorbed. My second concern is with shaving. i'd like to continue to use a shaving cream like aveeno's therapeutic shaving cream, but i'm just wondering if i should use the cleanser again after i get done shaving, (as opposed to just rinsing with water) before applying BP. thanks for your help.
  17. I have licorice extract and green tea extract (both formulated for topical application and product mixing) to help battle the redness benzoyl peroxide causes. I use tretinoin at night but my acne warrants benzoyl peroxide in the morning. Problem: The 2.5% is too harsh on my skin. I've used it for months and it still irritates my skin to an embarassing degree. I think a less % of benzoyl peroxide will take care of what my tretinoin leaves behind. I want to mix the two calming extracts with the benzoyl peroxide but I'm not sure if that's chemically logical, or if it'll remain stable during use. I would love some educated opinions!!
  18. Hey guys, I am finishing a 12 weeks benzoyl peroxide treatment (acnefree, washing my face twice a day + moisture) and it worked pretty good (almost clear of pimples!) But I still have huge inflammation on both side of my nose and redness around my nostril and a little bit on my chin. I also have very dry skin and a kind of pink/white decoloration on my upper lips. I don't have the chance to see a dermatologist (I need recommendation of a doctor) and I would like to know if my inflammation/redness are going to pass with time or should I apply Hydrocortisone on it (if yes, when to apply on my routine). I could also pass to see the doctor for a prescription, if there is no accessible product that I could use. Right now i'm drinking water like crazy with fish oil & zinc supplement, i'm still using BP but the redness don't seem to go away thanks for help!
  19. Mockingbird123

    Peeled Acne Scab

    Hey guys. So a couple months ago I had a small whitehead. I took a towel and I tried to rub the whitehead off. Unfortunately, I caused a burn on my skin by rubbing to hard. Anyways, a scab began to form and I peeled the scab off because I am an idiot. Anyways its been 2 months and the skin is still sort of red and pink. Should I try to start exfoliating this skin to fade these marks?
  20. frankie.ni99

    Acne Redness and Scarring

    Hi I have recently started on minocycline drug and stopped after three days because of a allergic reaction resulting in a rash. One of the rashes is right on top of my eyelids and the redness is realy bad. Does anyone know whats the quickest way to help soothe or get rid of the redness. Also for people that have had moderate to severe acne, how long did it take for your redness to go away, and how long for the dark marks. I have many red marks from my cheeks from about 3 weeks ago and i want to know if theres anyway to make the redness heal/ go away faster. Anyway the most important thing right now is to get rid of the redness above my left eye. Thank You very Much
  21. phsnbasketball13

    Please Help

    So im new to acne.org. long time reader and finally decided to sign up. I'm having real troubles with my face. recently my face has became really dry and flaky. i remedied this by using the oil cleansing method which has seem to helped. my face now is somewhat red and scaly looking and i think not healthy. i have attached some pics and i was wondering if anyone would be able to suggest something. also, i have used topicals in the past including retina, duac, clinac, epiduo, and currently differen. thank you so much http://i360.photobucket.com/albums/oo48/phsnbasketball13/photo2-1_zpsace98c8a.jpg http://i360.photobucket.com/albums/oo48/phsnbasketball13/6bbeba05-8672-42eb-a8dd-84ea4f5553e7_zpse261afbb.jpg http://i360.photobucket.com/albums/oo48/phsnbasketball13/a41bacaa-8b95-4f8b-b90c-e6a8092b8005_zpscafafb84.jpg
  22. I'm 15 with acne thats I would describe as mild and close enough to moderate. I have it pretty much under control with: Day: Cleanse with acne.org cleanser Moisturise with acne.org moisturiser Night: Cleanse with acne.org cleanser use Duac once daily gel Moisturise with acne.org moisturiser I was using isotrexin, when my prescription ran out I stopped using it and I had a pretty bad breakout after a week. My doctor then prescribed me with duac once daily (5% BP, 1% clindamycin phosphate) and after about two weeks im really happy with my skin in terms of acne. The thing that is slightly bothering me is acne marks, so i'm looking for something to get rid of acne marks and get rid of redness if possible? Im also wondering do I need to add a toner and/or exfoliater to my regimen? not even fully sure if they would be of benefit to me. So after all that my general question is: What should I add to my basic regimen bearing in mind that I want to remove redness and marks. note: I don't think I have acne scars because the doctor said to me when prescribing duac "I have no reason to worry that you will have significant scarring in say 10 years", although it kind of worried me that he brough up the subject of permanent scarring because I was never worried about it.
  23. I've been using Quinoderm 10 for around 2 weeks and it is helping with my acne, but my face has changed colour all over. It is darker, and orange/red tinted. I want to know if anyone else has experienced this, if it is transient (if so, how long?), whether I should calm down with the twice a day use of 10% strength or just carry on until my skin gets used to it? THANK YOUU!!