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Found 46 results

  1. I have a problem: my hormonal acne left red marks on my face, mostly on chin and cheeks. I just can't get rid of these! Aloe vera doesn't help, cinnamon honey mask doesn't help.... I've also tried different pimple treatment products but they have no effect. I purchased witch hazel toner about a week ago but I haven't noticed any difference. What can I do????? I know my marks are not THAT bad, but I still pay attention to them. And if I use more makeup than usual, it just looks bad and not good
  2. Hey guys, I've been trying to figure out for about a year now what is exactly wrong with my face. I have these red spots/scars all over my cheeks and I still have some actual active acne but I don't know whether these scars are fixable or not. They aren't deep scars, just surface. What are these and what can I use to help? I currently use nip and fab glycolic pads, scrub, and mask. Also African black soap and a salycyclic and glycolic toner.
  3. So my skin is VERY different from when I started accutane. For the past 2 weeks I have been moved up my dosage. RECAP-- (If you're new--read my other posts) -30 mg for 2 weeks -60 mg for 1.5 weeks--too much too soon--BAD Initial Breakout -30 mg odd days, 60 mg even days for 1.5 weeks ***60 mg every day for the past 2 weeks Moving Up Doses Had SOME Side Effects: ((Went from 30 on odd days to 60 on even days)) to 60mg every day. ***DO NOT FREAK OUT FROM THIS LIST--the dryness
  4. wouldnt that make them even worse/redder actually? what does redmark consist of exactly? what does area need to regain previous color/normal skin actually?
  5. Hey, I have really bad hyperpigmentation on my face to the point where it looks like I am actually covered in spots when I wear no make up but at the moment in time my skin is relatively flat minus 2 or 3 bumps. some times it doesn't bother me cos it's much easier to cover than big raised pimples but it actually makes my skin look 10 X worse that it is. I bought the AHA as I heard it helps with that and cos of What I've read I've been to scared to try it out all over my face bu
  6. how long is it supposed for a redmark to stay on your face for average person? and how long is it usually for u personally? i hvnt counted bt for me its deff many months, mayb even longer bcs overall my face is hyperpigmentationed in result, im nt sure bt it takes totally forever n is deff nt normal so i wonder how it actually is if we begin to count from like moment tht pimple has gone down
  7. Hi. I am now on my sixth week of accutane, and my IB has lasted for two weeks and is still really bad. I have not popped/picked at any of my acne, but every time i get a bad pimple with pus it automatically turns in to a scab within a few days, and then after a few more days the scab falls of when i moisturize my skin. This leaves me with red marks everywhere, and im wondering if this is permanent or if it will fade away in time? If it fades then how long does it usually take? Is there anyth
  8. Hello everyone, this is the first time I have ever wrote on a forum so I don't now what response I will get xD. Anyway, I have suffered from spots since I was 11 and i'm currently 19 (20 in January); allthough my spots aren't really that bad they have flared up now and then over the past 8/9 years and it really pisses me off. Half the time when I was in school I would get yellow heads just spring up on me at awkward moments such as when I was giving presentations (maybe that part was due to stre
  9. Hi! Im currently on my third month of the regimen and I gotta say that I am seeing some results. I used to breakout a lot on both of my cheeks and forehead but i rarely do now. Since the regimen, I've noticed that my face got clearer and brighter. Since I used to breakout mostly on my cheeks, I developed acne scars. I have some dark, reddish scars on both of my cheeks. So, does the regimen eliminate acne scars too? Or is there a separate product for that? Also, I posted a while ago about over dr
  10. My doctor put me on birth control (ortho-tricyclen) after my first period in middle school. Fast forward - clear skin for almost my entire life until I turn 19 and decide I don't need to be on synthetic hormones. Three months later, cystic acne all over my cheeks, jawline, and neck. Sound familiar? Straight away I go to the derm. Get put back on ortho-tri. I stayed on the ortho tri only to experience mediocre results, then moved onto yaz for three months which caused a literal facial explosion
  11. Today my skin has really flared up and I don't know why.... especially on my chin and cheeks, don't think it has ever been this bad before. Can not wait to start treatment but still have just over a month to go. Birthday this week so really wanted it to have a clearish face but what can you do if anyone has any thought about why I'm getting acne around my mouth and cheeks please let me know!!
  12. does it dry out your skin? anyone got wrinkles or scars from it? how abt texture and overall skins tone and quality? how does it looks after this treatment? what it does to redmarks? slow or speed up their healing? redness, inflammation, what abt those? does bp rly work and how soon?? if i decide to try this can i just get bp? and use my own cleanser and moisturiser? will it work as effective or less? pls answer
  13. Hi! this is my first post on this website and i'm looking for possible ways to help improve my skin. Lately, my acne has been making me not want to hang out with my friends or see anyone because i'm embarrassed. I know i shouldn't be embarrassed and that acne is a normal thing but it stresses me out. All my friends have only like one or two pimples at a time and then there's me. I'm feeling so insecure and i just want to find drugstore products that will work. Heres some information about
  14. First of all my face has came along way, it is looking better than it was a month ago. I have a question tho. Why is it that when the sun is out it makes my sun look rough and nasty but when the sun goes down my skin looks smooth ? Back to the topic which at home chemichal peel would be best for red acne marks and a bit of brown spots? THank you guys.
  15. Hello, I have had PIH for the past 8 months now, before that my skin was very clear and I would never really get spots. I can't ever really say for sure what the cause of my PIH is and I will never know but I think a factor is diet. My diet isn't great and it hasn't been the best this year and it's just weird how all of a sudden I get PIH now at a time like this where my diet is bad. Has anybody else noticed a link between diet and PIH? and has diet improved PIH? I don't get any new spots, s
  16. Hi everyone, So a few months ago I suffered a bad breakout which I believe is partly due to really bad stress this pass year. I had several closed comedones on my face and some inflamed breakouts as well. It really destroyed my confidence. I became so depressed and I tried all these different things, home remedies, over the counter products and nothing worked it just seemed to make it worse. I was so scared to go on a retinoid from the derm because I heard such horror stories about the
  17. Hi, I wanted to start a personal log, mainly for 2 reasons. 1. to connect with others who are in a similar situation as myself. Hoping to gain, and maybe even distribute a bit of help along the way. 2. to ultimately keep track of my progress with various teatments, diets etc. You cant cheat/kid yourself if you record your progress online So a background into my situation: I'm 32, and suffered with moderate acne throughout my teenage years. I stupidly never went to the doctors with it as i
  18. This is my first post here and I'm not really sure how to do this but here it goes Some info on me: I'm 16 years old. I play soccer so I'm a pretty healthy and fit. My eating habits however are not so great so recently I've been trying to cut out junk food as much as possible. It's almost been 2 months since I started Dan's Regimen. I used to have mild acne until I tried proactive to clean it up but after I stopped because I saw no results, acne exploded all over my face. I'm pretty imp
  19. From the album: Eddie

    My acne scars are still there, but the redness is almost all gone.
  20. Hi. Ive been on accutane for 9 weeks, whereas the first six weeks were horrible and the last three quite okey. Three nights ago I went out and I drank way to much, and I fell asleep with my makeup on (something I NEVER do no matter what)... I know its bad but I thought that since I have not had one drink in over two months it would be okey. Anyways, when I woke up the next morning my skin was breaking out like crazy. New pimples, both small and cystic, are popping up everywhere and I dont know
  21. Hi im confused wether or not to buy the regimen. I suffer from these red marks on my skin for so long! Im sick of them! Ive tried gylcolic acid, salycilic acid, vitamin c, hylauronic acid and all of that crap but nothing works! They dont fade. I dont know whag else to use. Is it acne? or hyperpigmentation? its under the skin so its not bumpy. Please help, should i buy the regimen?
  22. Hello all, im a 16yo male, i started on accutane 20mg/day in march, and now i have 3 weeks left in my course. i havnt got any pimples for about a month now, but i have heaps of red marks on both cheeks, but they are completely flat and non painful, they have been there for about 2 months now. WHAT SHOULD I DOO! . it looks like my cheeks have pimples when there is nothing, takes the joy out of life.. it really affects my confidence, i just want to sit inside all the time what can i do ab
  23. Hi there! So I am desperately in need of some help with my face, I have (for the most part) gotten my acne itself under control with a prescription, a pill form and I also use Atralin, a topical perscription. However, the marks and discoloration/red marks from postinflammatory erythema (at least I think that's what it is) as an aftermath are just as embarassing and terrible. I've researched face bleaching creams, vitamin c treatments, and many many more but I still do not feel confident to make
  24. From the album: Before and After

    On the left is my cheek from a about a year ago and the right is my cheek a few nights ago. Contact if you have any questions
  25. hi i am 17 years old , I always had problems with mild acne on my forehead , but this year turned more serious and affects me a lot of the cheeks My biggest problem are the acne red marks and hyperpigmentation, i dont have any pitted scar I really need you guys to guide me because idk if I'm really doing well my routine My diet is healthy , do not drink coke and those things. I went to the dermatologist and he prescribed minocycline 100mg a day, Effaclar K, Effaclar DUO (Both european