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Found 507 results

  1. I have cleared my once moderately severe acne on my face through using benzaclin religiously and developing better dietary habits. However, my chest was/is still breaking out (moderately) so my dermo prescribed me Retin-A about 5 months ago. I wash my chest every night and morning, and at night, I apply my Retin-A just as my dermo said. I have been doing this consistently and as told for 5 months, yet I have seen virtually any improvement. Yes, the first month I had a horrible initial break
  2. Gracie25

    Aloe Vera

    Hi all, Last summer I got reallyyyyy bad sun poisoning, like 3rd degree burn poisoning. My face was red like a tomato, peeling in chunks, blistering and oozing. It was bad. Anyway, I used aloe vera straight from the plant and it fixed my face in a week. Now, I have many red marks and hyper pigmentation from previous breakouts that take FOREVER to go away. I was wondering if aloe vera will help with that? I want to try it but am scared of irritation or more breakouts. Anyone have
  3. Okay I went to the dermatologist today and showed him the acne.org products I've been using (the regimen) and he said I should only be using the benzoyl peroxide at night since it's irritating to the skin and since it's so strong. What do you guys think? I've been on the regimen for 2 weeks and 4 days and my skin is still red and irritated so should I listen to my dermatologist or should I continue using the benzoyl peroxide twice a day because my skin is just getting used to it? (Btw I am using
  4. Sereese Anderson

    My skin is very dry!

    I've been using it for 2 weeks now & my face gets really really dry I can't even apply makeup because my skin is so dry. What should I do is this normal will it stop? I need answers. I like how my skin feels after using it but the extreme dryness is so annoying I don't want to stop using it. I've even changed it to using it once a day. Help please and thank you.
  5. So I have this huge cyst on my cheek. About the size of a dime and a dark red. It's hard and literally not getting flat. I don't know what else to do to make it get smaller and go away. I do get it often. It's always one at a time and in different spots of my face. They last for months. It's becoming very embarrassing, especially people asking me what it is. Any help on how to make it heal fast??? personal experiences??? I have been to a derm before for a previous cyst and they never offer to gi
  6. As title says. Is this seborrhoea? Eczema? Fungal? I've gotting my (bad) acne under control with this routine: Evening: Splash face > Cleanser (Exposed Skin Care Cleanser on acne area, http://www.iherb.com/Acure-Organics-Sensitive-Facial-Cleanser-Fragrance-Free-4-fl-oz-118-ml/47616 on cheeks) > Pat lightly dry > BP on forehead and chin, NOT cheeks > Dry 20 min > Apply moisturizer (http://theacneproject.com/best-moisturizers-for-acne-prone-skin/) which is 50/50 Jojoba/Aloe ver
  7. kitkat123345

    Week 6 Help!

    I'm on my 6th week of the regimen and my skin is still bright red and peeling and flaky. When will this go away? What can I do to help it?
  8. jacewayland1

    Face Red And Burning?

    I've been on the regimen for about 6 months now. My skin is still very dry so I moisturize a lot! But I've noticed that my face almost burns when I do the regimen. After I apply the BP and moisturizer, my skin looks really really red, almost like it's sunburned. It's horrible. My face isn't clear yet so I want to continue doing the regimen. Any advice? Should I use less BP or what?
  9. Hey everybody, I've been on Clindamycin Phosphate 1%, Minocycline 80mg 1x Day, and BP Fash Wash 5% for a week now (all in the morning). So far, the only things I've noticed is that my face is much more red, and I've had an initial breakout. My chin and jawline just has multiple whiteheads compared to the 1 or two it had prior to the medication, and my forehead is still with small, bumpy pink acne spots. Is it common to experience an initial breakout with these products? PS: I take V
  10. Okay, so I can't seem to find any information anywhere that correlates directly with my own situation. If there was any, surely I'd have found it after years of different searches. I have these red marks on my face, 8 in total. I have had these for about 2 years now. They are all where old pimples used to be, but I have since completely rid my face of acne. The thing about these marks is that they seem to be a lot bigger than most pictures i've seen of other people's marks. Also, 34x as stubborn
  11. mamaherrera


    I don't know how long I have had this redness in my right cheek but when I started wearing makeup again a month ago, I started noticing it. I've also got lots of red scars from acne like on my lower cheek and elsewhere, but I would notice this get redder at night when I went to take off the makeup. I was also doing lots of exfoliation at the time: retinol, and lactic acid and vitamin C, and a skin brightening cream on hyperpigmentation and was even trying some essential oils to help with that.
  12. My entire face has a red tint to it except around the eyes. I noticed it a couple weeks ago, and it kind of looks like a mild sunburn. I know that accutane makes your skin extremely sensitive to light, but even if I don't go outside for a few days (summer=sleep all the time) it remains the same. I mean my skin's almost completely clear, but this redness is putting a damper on my results. What gives? By the way, I'm on 80mg a day.
  13. Hello. I'm 19 years old and i've had acne since I was about 15. My acne never really got severe until I was 16/17. Ever since then, I have had major breakouts and large acne bumps. Sometimes they are so big that I have to pop them .. Even when I don't pop them they turn into a scab.. In the past year the majority of my acne is on my forehead. It is so bad and i've tried everything from Proactive to other Salysic Acid, Benzoyl Peroxide, Honey, even Witch Hazel, Alcohol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Garlic,
  14. Do you think I should?? I've tried pretty much everything else and my self esteem is extremely low
  15. HI I am a 15 year old male and I have had acne for a while since 13. gradually it has gotten worse and i have used many products. I first started using Differen, then tea tree oil, tooth paste, proactiv, and other acne cleansers and toners and now im using Accutane and im on my 10th week. my Derm told me to only have 2 a week so thats what im doing. I will see him again on Friday and will ask to go to 1 a day as i am yet to see much improvemt. However thats not where my question is Since i
  16. My face has always have these redness bumps blisters almost on my face since middle school, but recently they have been getting worse. I at least need to know what it is. Its not pimples. A lot of small bumps and all on my oily t zones. Theyre not really bumps but like raised skin. They are like SCABS. I peeled one but the next day another scab was there. Ive had some of these for awhile some of them just became dark spots. I just really need to know what it is. Is it serrobeheic Dermitites? or
  17. (Yes I know, never pop cystic acne, I've learned my lesson) This morning I couldn't take it anymore and popped a cystic acne on my nose, now it's all red and somewhat flaky (not raised). What can I do to make this go away? I've heard everything from Neosporin to BP but decided to make my own post because I'd really like to get an answer for my own situation. I know this pales in comparison to some of the other horror stories I've seen on these boards, but any help is appreciated -- I'm going ba
  18. I am completely lost. My acne is absolutely killing me. None are cystic, but my cheeks and chin are covered in skin colour, and red pimples. I've also recently developed a patch around 1.5 cm in width, which is red, dry and hard, but is not painful. I'm not sure what it is. Also, I get a breakout the same day every week. I will wake up the next morning with whiteheads on my chin. I have sports on this day, but i don't sweat, and i can't recall touching my face more than i usually do, so i have
  19. I have good hygiene, workout daily, but I still get acne? I can't stand going out in public bc I'm so self conscious about it. Any recommendations ;besides all the drugstore products that I've already tried....FML RN
  20. neprice2

    Red Painless Bumps

    So two weeks ago I got 2 painless red bumps on my cheeks. They do not hurt and they start off really red. They feel really hard to the touch. What could these be? The skin on top peels off every night but they aren't getting much smaller and appear to have no fluid in them. Should I get a cortisone shot? Help!!! Sick of seeing and feeling these ugly things!
  21. luckythisway

    What Is This On My Nose?

    I do not know what this large bump on my nose is but can someone tell me how to get rid of it? Thank you.
  22. hello acne.org-ers! i start this post with an aim to make this thread a complete source of information - daily definitions,causes,prevention,treatment and more , on whiteheads. "whiteheads" although ideally defines as non-inflammed clogged pores seem to us(varied experiences that we face which doesn't always match with the textual references) as small zits with a tiny pus-filled heads,a small bump with pus,raised skin with a small head or just a white tiny head out of nowhere! i mean to ad
  23. callmetinker

    Dried Out Zit Too Much?

    So around two weeks ago I got this big, painful, awful, under the skin zit from hell right smack between my eyebrows. Lovely! I've been very good and I haven't picked, and instead I've been putting my arsenal of acne killing products to try and dry it out. The good news: it's gone down in size significantly. The bad news: the skin on top of and surrounding it is very dry, tight, a little wrinkly looking, and a beautiful red shade of ripe tomato. Help me please?? I'm going on vacation with my boy
  24. Does anyone know a way that can help the swelling and redness of a pimple? I normally use Witch Hazel but i ran out and earlier today i used a chamomile tea bag and it kind of worked but not much. i can't stand using ice because it's too cold and starts to hurt. So any suggestions?

    Guide me [PICS]

    Pics might be a little to graphic since its zoomed in. Please help me, suggest a full regimen please How severe is this Tell me about this Is this active acne or pih or hyperpigmentation How do I get clear again How do I get rid of tthis please help me Please