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Found 40 results

  1. I've been drinking red tea (rooibos) for a few days now and my skin is definitely less oily. It started on Sunday when I began to notice it, I took an oil absorbing pad and do what I always do, get the shine off of my overly oily face, except there really wasn't any oil this time. Now today, Tuesday, I took out my oil absorbing sheet at the end of the day (2:00), note: I usually blot at 10 in the morning, and tons of oil always soaks the sheet. However, today, there was only a little bit of oil
  2. Hey Guys, I love this site! Its turned my life around and I can actually go out in the street again with a new lease of life and confidence, yay Just thought id join and let you know how i cleared up the majority of my face using the tips on acne.org, not saying this will work for everyone but this is just my own personal exp. acne still not fully gone away but 90% of the way there...! After ajusting diet i can say that i firmly believe the two have somewhat of a connection and while diet alo
  3. I bought samples of almost every popular mineral makeup out there! ED, AN, BE, Herbs of Grace, Signature, joppa..., and I decided that I like Mad the best. One of the reasons is that I like their liquid mineral foundation. I don't like to have a powdery look. They also have nice blush colors. I ordered Tease and Trust. Signature was a very close second. They have very nice colors and coverage. Joppa also had a really nice foundation and great colors, but I've read bad thing about their custome
  4. My Acne Story I have suffered from moderate acne since I was about 15 (I'm 25 now). My acne was generally in the form of large cysts or nodules on my chin and jaw, with occasional breakouts in other places. There have been times when it was bad and times when it was not so bad, but I usually had a few in full bloom, a few healing up, and a few on the way (one cyst stuck around for a year!). I always felt like I had "good skin, with acne" -- my skin is smooth, even, and glowy, it just happens to
  5. Sorry for the rambling but I feel really alone and I need someone to hear me. My name is Mike and I am 30 years old. It has gotten to the point where I can't wear a t-shirt anymore because the Folliculitis has reached the inner elbows. Psychologically it has been soo bad for me. I have no confidence anymore and my self esteem is at an all time low. I dont see the point in being around anymore. It's funny because I receive stares and compliments from many females that I am an attractive man
  6. Hi all, This message is especially for you Lionqueen. In the last couple of months I've been reading your log, numerous posts, and difficult path towards wow skin. I am in your age group and have a similar type of skin, but having suffered from severe acne in my teen years and later, I've been left with ugly scars and horrible, enlarged pores. Basically I am following your path, easing my way between Green Cream (still only using level 6), BHA, mandelic acid, emu oil, hyaluronic acid, and so o
  7. Hey all, my skin is looking great, almost 100% clear, spots faded, can go without make-up I think the chemical peel from my derm called Jessners did the trick. I love it. You see immediate results. It's also great for fine lines. I also use retin-a. I started with the lowest dose, then worked up to the 1.0 at night. In the morning, I use Red Tea Serum all over the face and emu oil where dry. I have really oily skin, so this combo works great. My skin has adjusted to the peel and retin-a, so
  8. Hello, The thread I dug up about rooibos tea was pretty old. I read it all, and just wanted to ask what the current opinions are regarding red tea? Since I'm done with coffee for now, I have started drinking red tea. I do like the taste and can easily knock back 4-6 cups a day, with just a slight amount of sugar. I know it can't be bad for you, but have people seen some positive results from drinking this? I'm sure it isn't a miracle solution. However, I was thinking of maybe using it a
  9. The thing you must first understand about Kombucha as an acne-regime is you must make it at home yourself. The store-bought kombucha is not nearly as potent in it's probiotic content. The more sugar you put in it, the longer you let it ferment, the more enzymes and bacterias it will contain, the stronger it will taste and smell. You can quite literally make bottles of kombucha at home 6 times as potent as the store bought ones, store-bought kombucha is brewed for an accessible taste, it is not b
  10. Hi all...I just wanted to share this. I have been using Clinique's Repairwear Intensive Night Cream for years as my moisturizer at night. Yes, I know it's a cream and generally that's a no-no for acne. But it never caused me to break out prior to my horrible outbreak recently (which I know for sure was not caused by this). I just got a new supply of it and was reading through the ingredients. For those with red marks and hyperpigmentation problems, you might want to consider this stuff.
  11. Hello! I don't post in here much, as I don't use much makeup, but that's why I especially want to talk about this brand. When I went through a REALLY awful period of breakouts recently, I looked for ages into makeup. I knew I wanted something natural and high quality that would not break the bank. Bare Minerals works well, but I couldn't stand their advertising. I didn't want to support a company so obnoxious, honestly. Origins are AMAZING, but I didn't have the option of getting t
  12. Hey i was wondering everyone who used tea tree oil how long did u use it for becasue some site i was lookin at said its as effective as 5% BP but takes lik 6wks or so to work the plus is tat it doesnt dry oput ur face same thing with some kind of green tea cream thing that i hav no clue where to buy in canada if somone knows tell me.... "Even though tea tree oil has been suspected as an anti-bacterial agent for some time, A groundbreakings study was conducted in 1990 by I.B. Bassett, which com
  13. I noticed that everyone has been posting about green tea, but Ive heard that rooibos tea has all the benefits of green tea but like 50 times more! Someone here actually reccomended it back awhile ago, which is what got me interested. Just google "rooibos tea" and read up for yourself. I havent been drinking enough of it to try to get results, but I think I will try to start doing so...it tastes better to me than green tea too.
  14. Interesting article for those into in herbal treatments. It includes treatments for various skin conditions, including acne. I posted this under the research section, but it didn't get too many hits, so I thought I'd repost it here. Herbal Therapy in Dermatology Monica K. Bedi, MD; Philip D. Shenefelt, MD Arch Dermatol. 2002;138:232-242. ABSTRACT Herbal therapy is becoming increasingly popular among patients and physicians. Many herbal preparations are marketed to the public for various
  15. I went to a herbal festival where they had loads of herbal remedies and whole food samples. Well a woman at a booth said what reason would I want a tea, I said skin, and she said red tea is great for the skin. It has 50% more antioxidants than green tea, and helps the liver. Also has a good amount of calcium in it, if you do not drink milk/soy or get it from some place else. It is popular in Africa and Europe, I have not heard of it until today. Not to mention, this tea has no caffeine.
  16. I have done some research and have tried this with friends and it really does help!!! We lose about 1.5 liters of water every day. (This does not even take into account the amount we lose during strenuous exercise or on a hot day.) So the logical answer to avoiding a deficit is to supply the cells with sufficient water and maintain the health of their membranes so that water does not escape unnecessarily. Recognizing Thirst Allowing yourself to become dehydrated seriously compromises your he
  17. Hello, I just made an account on here after viewing this site for a couple of months. Reason being, I recently started to have breakouts on my forehead region, along hairline and sideburns. Typical story, I used to have amazing skin, perfect complexion. No clue why this came upon, but it's a serious issue because everyone knows what acne does to confidence and self image. Regardless, after much much research, I came to the conclusion that acne is indeed an internal problem and can be a multitu
  18. Hi guys, this is my first post, I have been checking out Acne.org for a long time and meaning to start a log. I am planning to log everything I eat; I will probably also include a few other things like skincare etc and I will take pics every week. My diet is pretty bad at the moment and so hopefully by having to write it down here I will be forced to improve it through sheer embarassment. My first targets are to decrease the amount of processed foods and table/added sugar I eat and incre
  19. Hey, friends! I have a list of ingredients I'd like some input on. I want to know people's experiences with the following ingredients. It's the powder I've been using -- and was raving about previously. Now I worry it may have actually had something in it that irritated my skin and contributed to breakouts. As such, I'm tapping into the knowledge of this forum in addition to doing some research! Here it is: Mica Lauroyl Lysine Zinc Stearate Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride Titanium Di
  20. Which products would you recommend me using on my face? Cleanser: 1. Basis Sensitive Skin Soap Bar Sodium Tallowate, Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Palm Kernelate (Palm Kernel Oil), Water (Triple Purified), Glycerin, Petrolatum, Almond Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Sodium Thiosulfate, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Extract, Cyclopentadecanolide, Pentasodium Pentetate, Tetrasodium Etidronate, Lanolin Alcohol, Beeswax (Apis Mellifera) 2. Yes to Tomatoes Cl
  21. I'm wondering what kind of teas and herbs other people here drink? I have developed a tea infatuation over the last few months. I didn't start drinking it for acne or any health benefits, but I can't help noticing all the claims some people and brands have made. Or the teas in the vitamin shop that say they are for 'glowing' skin... As far as actual teas (like from the camellia sinensis plant), I stick to white and green. Black is just too much caffeine, and its most processed. I also like rooi
  22. My Acne Diet Breakfast Almonds One Apple One Glass of Red Tea (No Sugar) As Much Water As Possible Lunch Baby Carrots One Sweet Potato Lima beans One Slice of Rye Bread With Fake Butter As Much Water As Possible Dinner Brown Rice Broccoli Skinless Chicken As Much Water As Possible Snacks Pistachios Rye Bread With Fake Butter Almonds Pears Apples As Much Water As Possible
  23. I'm going to try a couple weeks on ONLY the following foods: -Lower sugar fruits (grapefruit, berries, apple, lemon, tomato) -Veggies, some with every meal (spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cucumber, green beans, onions) -Red tea and unsweetened almond milk and lots of water -grains: QUINOA hot cereal if I can find it -Green Smoothies with flax seeds (using above fruits and veggies) I'm starting these on Saturday. After two weeks I'll reevaluate.
  24. My routine honestly hasn't been working yet. I'm seeing a dermatologist in two weeks so I'm going to try this until then. If I go in in two weeks and my face is still a mess, maybe they can recommend some different topicals. I'm going to ask for Spiro then too. Morning: Take Yasmin Alternate Clindamycin and Duac (apply Duac after moisturizer) Night: Differin -Take Ibuprofen EVERY 4 HOURS to help with inflammation -Drink 3 cups of Rooibos tea daily. -Get 20 minutes of sunshine (10 minutes fron
  25. So now that summer is approaching I am going to be busting out the self-tanner (oh and for those of you looking for a good one, St. Tropez's mousse is amazing. I swear by it!). Here are my current products for comedonal acne: AM: Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Cleanser Paula's Choice 2% BHA Diana Yvonne Red Tea serum PM: Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Cleanser Green Cream Level 6 Exfoliate twice 2-3x a week with a baby brush. I was wondering just how to incorporate my self-tanner into my regim