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Found 36 results

  1. I am so excited to finally start Accutane! I'm a 36-year old mom of two, married and a business owner. Pyoderma Faciale has taken over my life since Labor Day Weekend - not that I knew what it was at that point in time. My 'new normal' includes painful cysts and stares from people. I've worn band aids to business meetings, the gym, the grocery store, the PTA and restaurants. My fabulous business partner has covered meetings for me because I didn't want to see clients or go to events. I've been
  2. I've been battling acne scars for quite some time now. I never use to have this problem, or with acne in general. My face did break out as I got in the teen ages(end of elementary going into middle school), but it did clear up. Now I'm stuck with whatever is on my cheeks, and also been breaking out a lot. I noticed just the slightest acne marks a long time back but it wasn't something I was worried about. I used so many acne products, and face washes and nothing seems to help. I also used
  3. Last week, I noticed a red circular shaped spot on the side of my left breast which appeared to be a ringworm. I wasn't sure what it was but I just left it alone. However it wasn't long after that that I began to form red spots all over my stomach and some on my bikini line area. At first I thought I was just breaking out because I tend to get red spots on my body however considering the amount of them and the fact that it's accompanied by the red circular shaped spot on my boob, I think it is a
  4. Can anyone tell me what kind of acne marks are on my face? I'm not sure jow to get rid of them, had them for years now. This is on both sides of my face.
  5. Ok so yesterday I lost to the temptations and squeezed a blackhead/ clogged pore on my forehead. The stuff came out, but today it turned into a raised dark red bump, and was slightly painful. I decided to take my chances and see if I could squeeze out some more (I had a similar experience with another pimple, it was red and wouldn't leave my face. Eventually I squeezed it again and there was still some pus left inside, turns out that's what kept it on my face. It scabbed for a bit but nothing ma
  6. Hello! I have these red marks or spots left by every pimple I get! I never had this before it just started recently. I get pimples from my period and it leaves a mark every time they go away so they just keep adding up so I have a lot right now on my right cheek. I've had them for a couple months now and some seem to fade a bit but the bigger ones are taking longer. What products can I use for this? I've used lush before for my acne and i like lush a lot. Does anyone know what lush products are
  7. Hello, I need help with the marks I have on my cheeks ... I've read a bunch of articles and it looks like what I have is Hyperpigmention , at first I thought I had scars , but from what I read scars are what is deeply penetrated into your skin and nothing will ever make it go away (which is what I don't have) i want to know what products are useful for these red spots on my check areas. It makes me depressed knowing they're are a bunch of other people with flawless skin and stuffing themselves w
  8. I use Accutane for severe acne and it's working, but i have these weird red marks left. They don't look like acne scars and my whole face looks red. My derm said it will go away in a few weeks. anyone has some tips? The pictures are not arranged but I'm pretty sure the pics go from bad to a little less bad.
  9. Ok so, I have the spots on my face and nose. And I do not know how to get rid of them or even what they are. Can someone please help me and suggest what products I should use ?
  10. Okay so I've used the regimen (gentle face wash, benzoyl peroxide, and face cream) for almost 3 years now and I've never had a problem with acne since. But like a month ago I started breaking out (small red cysts) around my nasolabial folds (the folds that form from your nose to the corners of your mouth when you smile) and I thought that it was stress and/or stomach related due to me being really stressed lately with a move and a new position at work. When my summer vacation started, the pimple
  11. Earlier this year, I went on accutane due to my severe acne and it was probably the best decision i have ever made. Tretinoin, proactiv, natural oils, dieting tricks, bp, sal acid, antibiotics, etc etc never help people who get severe acne the way accutane does! I really regret waiting so long to do it. I had great results but unfortunately was left with lots of bad scarring . I ended my 4th month of accutane in may (80 mg/day) and that was about 4 months ago! My current routine is just using
  12. Hi there. Here is the information... and then I have a few questions. Any help or information would be much appreciated! I got prescribed Ziana gel at the end of this December(2014) mainly for small deeper white heads I would get on my chin/hyperpigmentation marks on my chin from when I used to squeeze the deep but usually small white heads I would get... I also used to squeeze the creases of my nose to get black heads/white heads out which has made the creases always red and a few noticeabl
  13. I've just started using the PanOxyl Gel in the last three days. I've looked up reviews on the product and many say the same thing, dryness and such before seeing signs of it working. I realize it's only been 2 days that i've used this but today it seems that my acne on my chin (where I applied it to) has gotten more red and noticeable. I was wondering if anyone had the same reaction with this product in the first few days or if it's a sign I should stop using. Any recommendations would be h
  14. Hi, 2 weeks ago I start used Apple cider vinegar topically thinking it would help with the pink/red spots on my face but I haven't really seen any change, if anything it's worse. My skin is smooth but looks horrible you can see the pics below. How do I get rid of these spots (((( ?? Some people say it's a couple months but idk, and if it is, how do I speed up the process?
  15. i have these little red spots on top of my forehead and on both of my cheecks is where its really bad pleasr somebody tell me what it is and how i can treat it ive been using the regimen and everything is fine i havent broke out for the past month but i cant figure out how to make these red spots go awaywhat are they dark spots or what kind of scars? idk if i should get mederma or meladerm pleade help pleade please please please help!!! here are pics http://s11.postimage.org/3selnomyb/IMAG
  16. what type of scar is this?any way of treating it other than "surgically"? would u consider it deep or shallow? (the indented one) right next to it is a red mark which was actually slightly raised and i though may be its a 'hypertropic scar' but after weeks it seems to recede into the skin(its almost like normal flat skin now,but with a tough looking hyperpigmentation) also,notice the huge pores(or may be scared pores,am not sure!) do u have such pores? thanks.
  17. Hey my name is Caleb and I just turned 18. I never really had any acne except a couple pimples here and there, but about 6 months ago I got mild acne and have no idea why. Well 2 moths ago I was prescribed retin - a .025% and my acne is gone but I have these gross red spots on my face. Right now for my face I use: doterra clearskin foaming fash wash, doterra clearskin topical blend, witch hazel for toner, L'Oréal spf 25 dry skin moisturizer, vitamin E capsules, and my retin-a, and lately I've b
  18. I've had severe acne since I was 12, I am now 24 and my pimples just started going away by birth control, clindamycin gel, and benzoyl peroxide 6 month treatment. Besides my scars and uneven skin texture, which I am assuming can only be effectively treated by a dermatologist, I have a lot of red spots on my face and neck, which are not bumps. What are some suggestions of OTC treatment for this?Thanks!
  19. i have red spots underneath my skin. i can't feel them if i run my fingers over my skin, but they are very unsightly. does the DKR get rid of these? if not, what will? i've been on the DKR for two months now. i know i need to be patient, but i'm just wondering if it will clear this up and what exactly they are. i've had them for a long time and i hate it. thanks!
  20. I have really bad acne and I think the main reason is stress. I noticed a lot of pimples the first week I switched schools. I’m breaking out on my cheeks and jawline mainly but I get pimples on my forehead and neck occasionally. My question is, what is my acne type and how long will I have these dark marks. I wash my face 3 times a day, use benzoyl peroxide at night and use a sunscreen moisturizer after. I’ve become extremely self conscious. Please help
  21. Hii guys, (i've been on the regimen for a week btw) it's just that I can't tell what these red spots are, specially around my mouth area Also, I have like "dots" on my face, what are those?!? acne or just scars? Thank you!!
  22. Hi, Last year I was on roaccutane/accutane for about a year and my spots were pretty much cleared after I stopped for about 2-3 months. Now they are starting to come back,quite bad again, mostly along my jawline. Because of this I decided to buy some acne products to help my skin, I've never really followed a regime before so I am new to applying products to my face. I started on the 3rd of February and have started to use these products: Cetaphil 236 ml Gentle Skin Cleanser - {LINK REMO
  23. Ok so I've been on the regimen for about 7 months and I have noticed that it usually helps my skin and everything but recently I have had to only take one shower a day because my skin literally gets inflamed and very dry if I shower twice a day. I use moisturizer yes, but I can't afford jojoba oil. Is there anything I can do to calm this down? I really want to start doing it twice a day again, even though it seems pretty effective once a day for me. Also, the only things I really have to deal wi
  24. i've been on accutane for 2.5 months now .. skin is now smooth to the touch, but tons of red marks and scarring left behind .. not really sure which is which to be honest, me that's why i'm here. just wanted to post these to see if anyone had any advice for what i could do to help these fade in the next couple months .. really want clear skin for the summer !! i uploaded pictures from about a month into accutane to what it looks like now, anything helps .. please and thanks.