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Found 481 results

  1. Hi, everyone I'm a long time lurker and life long acne sufferer. I was on accurane for 8 months slowly working my way up on dosage. Max dosage was 80mg a day. I was clear by month 5. And had clear and glowing skin for at least 3-4 months post accutane. The red marks from scars began to show whenever I would become warm. I assumed this is common and the best thing to do would be to allow my skin to heal and moisturize daily. More than a year has passed, and the temperature sensitivity is still th
  2. Hi, So a few days ago I applied too much 5% Benzoyl Peroxide to my face, when i woke up i could see where i had applied it and there was a red/pink marks all over my forehead. They didn't itch at all and were not dry or irritable they were just there, I did try and moisturise but it didnt seem to make much difference, from close up its hardly noticeable but far away you can see the outline. Is this just a general reaction? or a burn? should I leave it, or treat? And also, I was going to do a
  3. I have posted a few topics on this website. My cheeks are covered with post acne red marks and feel flat and smooth. If I am extremely careful with running my finger over my cheeks I feel one or two very very small indents where a darken mark is. Is this normal to feel a very very small indent for darken marks?? Thanks for your responses.
  4. Hey guys My regimen (listed below) has gotten me clear for the most part (I can handle the odd white head from stress/late-night rehearsal/alcohol) but my skin texture without makeup is really awful on my chin - where my acne has been concentrated for the most part. I only use Differin every other night or so, but I feel like it has done nothing to improve my red marks and I feel like it's turned into teeny-tiny rolling scars. It's really only evident when I smile, but my chin feels bumpy, r
  5. Hello- I have a bunch of red marks on both of my cheeks and chin. Other than that, I do not have that much active acne. I have small pimples on my forehead and a few on my cheeks but my active acne at this time is not the worst that it has been thus far. My doctor and I planned that I should go on accutane, but i am not sure if that is the best idea because I don't know how much it would help to clear up my face. At the same time, I want to prevent future acne because every pimple I get
  6. Hello all. I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. My acne didn't start until my 20s, and although I did have a few ugly breakouts a month, most of my issue has been hyperpigmentation (when I did have zits, I never picked them, I just let them be until they went away). I don't really know what happened, but all of a sudden, I started getting crazy red marks on my skin that look like acne marks, but were never zits. The regimen has cleared the few ugly pimples that I did get, but the
  7. Hello, I have been on a course of accutane before when I was 17 and it helped the severity of my acne but now at the age of 21 I still have very oily skin and mild/moderate breakouts around cheeks/nose/chin/neck a lot. If I paid for a private derm would he put me on second course of accutane, maybe a low dosage course? Please help me I hate looking in mirrors, I need something doing
  8. Good afternoon everyone, My active acne is pretty much gone, but now the problem is that I have red marks all over my face, and it still looks like acne.. I'm ending accutane in appr. ½ month. I consider starting on AHA+ here from acne.org.. What do u think? Would it be good to start with that right after ending accutane? Or should I give my skin a chance to heal in a natural way after accutane? Or any other products? It's like since I started on accutane the red marks from my acne haven't
  9. So I'm currently a sophomore in college and had managed to get through high school and my first year of college with pretty clear skin. But last semester, my skin broke out like crazy all of a sudden. I got on ortho tri cyclen birth control and it managed to clear up my forehead after a few months pretty well, but left red marks everywhere. The area around my mouth also got some pretty big red marks that don't seem to go away or even fade! I just started Differin about a month ago, and it caused
  10. i almost take control over the acne and the hyperpigments. but i have these 2-3-4 "scars" i even don't know what they are they just sit there fresh and red from a month, i squized some pimples they came out only water and now don't want to heal please help... Anything is welcome
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to this website. I've had nice, clear skin my whole life until about a month ago when suddenly overnight I broke out into these awful zits on the sides of my face that never came to a head. I bought the Clean and Clear Advantage Spot Treatment and 3 in 1 Salicylic Acid Face Wash, which I feel made them worse and I stopped using it. The zits have since flattened to red dots on my face and the ones on the right side of my face haven't gone away. However, the ones on my left si
  12. I take really good care of my skin (sunscreen, facial masks, moisturizer, products targeted specifically to fade red marks, etc.) and I don't have an acne problem but every. single. time. I get a zit it results in a flat red post-acne mark that takes ages to fade. This problem didn't start until last year and some of those first red marks I ever got still haven't faded completely, and it's been a year. It's really frustrating. Why did my skin become this way all of a sudden? Why am I so prone to
  13. Flow1000


    I was on retin a for 4 months and all it did was smooth my skin. At first I got it for whiteheads. During my 4th week I purged then the whiteheads now became red marks. This crap doesn't fade red marks and I am very depressed bc now my face is worse than before. My acne was mild now its severe. I was aware of the intial breakout which occurred week 6 then cleared week 8. It is now week 18 and it's still the same but even worse. Skin is filled with more whiteheads and left over red marks just my
  14. I've been using the following products for 1 month based on the recommendations of my first dermatologist visit: Cefuroxime Axetil (Ceftin) 500mg pills - 2x day Cerave Foaming Cleanser - 2x day Benzyol Peroxide 5% Wash - 1x day (use and wash off in shower) Clindamycin Face lotion - 2x day (leave on) Cerave Moisturizer - 2x day My cystic acne has cleared up a little bit after 1 month. He said it would be 60-80% gone after 2-3 months. Now I am left with the following red marks on my ch
  15. Aubreyj1722

    Best Way To Use Aha+?

    I just ordered Dan's Aha+. What do y'all think is the best way to use it? I'm looking to help fade my red marks and even out skin tone. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone,i have finished my accutane like 3 months ago .I was on it for 6 monts started with 60 mg then 70 mg for 2 months and rest for 80 mg .After finish i left with some bad red scars that are exactly the same as it was after i finish ,now it passed 3 months and nothing changed,i try to avoid sugar ,chocolate ,i havent drink cola for like 1 year(with some exceptions) am going to gym everyday, so thats no the probleme with these scars.To the main question now ,is these scars pernament ,w
  17. I am currently on Roaccutane 40mg and It has almost gotten rid of most of my spots although now I'm left with those red/pink marks. Apparently they can take up to a year until they go and that is a scary thought for me so if anyone has any ways of getting rid of them I would be really grateful.
  18. are these red marks if not what are they? Please help
  19. Hello everyone! I have been suffering from cystic acne along my jawline (as you can see in the picture) for about a year now. I was prescribed with 115mg solodyn, and I have been taking it for about 8 weeks now. While I do think the bumps on the right jawline feel slightly smaller, I haven't noticed any drastic changes in the sizes. I'm worried they will never disappear. If they will eventually go away, how long will it take? Lastly, I'm also experiencing red/brown marks from the
  20. So I have FINALLY gotten my acne under control, it's not perfect by any means, but definitely manageable. So as expected, I have a new obsession now; my red marks! I hate how they have this special way of looking like acne when I'm clear.. it's awesome. My skin is really fair and I get red marks no matter what, even if I don't touch the pimple! It's not fair. ANYWAYS... I started this cream that I found at Walgreens of all places for $8. It has 2% Hydroquinone which I guess is supposed to be
  21. I have post acne red marks. Anyone recommend a good exfolaitor to buy for these marks?
  22. Some background information about me, I am a 23 year old male with oily skin of east asian heritage that still breaks out every now and then. I use a mild cleanser along with 2.5% BP and moisturizer at night which keeps my breakouts somewhat under control. I've tried solodyn, atralin, and acanya but none of those have done much for me. Although I don't have much active acne right now, I do have a ton of red marks and hyperpigmentation left over. It seems like the old marks never fade and new one
  23. Hi, so this isn't to do with regimen supplies, but I wanted to ask a UK specific question so I thought this would be the place to get the right audience... I haven't been to a dermatologist (but might yet.) I'm wondering do they offer scar treatments? Or just roaccutane etc? You hear the US people talking about all kinds of fancy dermarolling and lasers... is anything like that available to us? I guess maybe not on the NHS but do they recommend you get it done privately? Or do they not see sc
  24. So tight now I'm on prescription antibiotics, BC, and tactu forte for my acne. It seems to be going well but it's only been about a week so it's still very early. Though, I have gone through acne before and have seen what my skin looks like without acne and it does have some red coloured scars. So I want one find out now what the best treatment for acne scars are that are red so that once I no longer have active acne I can treat them right away.
  25. Hi I have very little acne to no acne at all left on my face after lots of years struggling with quite severe acne. However i am left with some red marks and a little redness of my face. currently I am only moistuerizing my face with either jojoba oil or cetaphil. but is there anyway that I can reduce these red marks and redness of my face ? it is really bothering me so if anyone got some inputs it'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks.