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Found 472 results

  1. Here's a pic from three days into treatment. The active blemish from Day 1 by the corner of my mouth has healed quite a bit, and I think faster than usual. On day 2 I picked at a whitehead on my cheek, which is why you see that new red mark - I know, I know. Do as I say and not as I do - don't pick! Subjectively, the red marks look lighter all over, but I don't think it's that obvious in pics. No new cysts, but still some closed comedones lurking on cheeks, jaw and neck. I will continue to updat
  2. I am finally clearing up with Minocycline 100mg prescription and benzoyl peroxide 5%. Been using it for a month both together and its starting to show. The problem is I have horrible red marks all over my face (not scars but reddish even blueish marks) and I know aloe vera really helps with this. My question is how should I implement it into my daily routine? In the morning i wash my face with a light cleanser then put on benzoyl peroxide and leave it for 10 minutes, after that I wash it off and
  3. sal1917

    Drug Free

    Sooo I went to my final derm appointment one month ago and he said I was good to stop taking accutane. This made me very happy!! After 13 months of medication, almost 10 of them being accutane it actually feels like I'm forgetting something in the morning without the need of medication! My face is still extremely pigmented with a few dints.. They are fading but I understand this will take a long time, I have an appointment with a skin specialist for 5 months time to get it looked at once accutan
  4. Hello I'm 20 years old and I've been dealing with acne since I was 16 my derm described me adapalene 0.3 and minocycline but I'm not taking those cause I been on them before and I might break out bad again after I get off them so far I'm not breaking out that bad I have acne scars and marks and I do get breakouts which sucks cause they itch and they leave a red mark but they are so tiny
  5. I have dealt with acne for the past 4-5 years (I am now 25). My acne started when I went off my birth control. I know some people go back on it to fix their acne again, but I was didn’t want to use a band-aid and I knew one day I would want to have kids so I bit the bullet. The first 2-3 years I believe the acne was my hormones adjusting, but this past year and a half I don’t get anything cystic and I notice my breakouts get really annoying once I’ve been on a picking spree and squeezing all of
  6. So tight now I'm on prescription antibiotics, BC, and tactu forte for my acne. It seems to be going well but it's only been about a week so it's still very early. Though, I have gone through acne before and have seen what my skin looks like without acne and it does have some red coloured scars. So I want one find out now what the best treatment for acne scars are that are red so that once I no longer have active acne I can treat them right away.
  7. hello, I have been battling trying to rid my cheek of these stubborn spots since a bad breakout back in November. although they have faded noticeably using just a saclictic acid scrub, I just started using a light glycolic acid mask some nights, as well as bentonite clay. They seem to be helping. However, I have a dermatologist appointment in 15 days and I am curious about bleaching methods. Does anyone here with fair caucasian but not porcelain-like skin have any experience with products like
  8. Last week, I noticed a red circular shaped spot on the side of my left breast which appeared to be a ringworm. I wasn't sure what it was but I just left it alone. However it wasn't long after that that I began to form red spots all over my stomach and some on my bikini line area. At first I thought I was just breaking out because I tend to get red spots on my body however considering the amount of them and the fact that it's accompanied by the red circular shaped spot on my boob, I think it is a
  9. From the album: My Skin

    Hey... My skin is looking pretty frickin' good lol. I've been sleeping more these last few days (even going as far as to take naps during the day) & drinking more water. I stopped taking evening primrose oil; it didn't seem to agree with my skin as far as I could tell, but it could've been something else. Right now I'm sticking to Beta Carotene, & added a collagen pill last night. I'm also washing off my makeup again before bed. Good results compared to my last pic. I'm happy.
  10. From the album: Acne Marks

    I use a homemade lotion: 50 green tea + 25% lemon juice + 25% Apple Cider Vinegar Do you see the difference? I think it's less red Do you know something helpful for red marks?
  11. From the album: My Skin

    I gave myself a chemical peel at home last night. Pretty good results so far! I'm just glad I didn't burn myself lol. My skin feels a lot smoother. I will be giving myself another peel in a few weeks, maybe less. I also used the Glycolic acid on my back & IT LOOKS GREAT. Even better results than my face had.
  12. From the album: acne

    HELP me with my face and acne. Its been one year and it has not improved. Any tips and advice would be great
  13. Omar11


    From the album: My red mark

  14. Hello guys, I must be losing my mind, but I was wondering if any of you has experienced this. My acne scars seem to heal only when I clean my skin, leave it dry and use absolutely no moisturizer, not even one with an acid specifically designed for scars. If I use any moisturizer, the scars remain there for months, but without one they heal rather quickly in one - two weeks. I don't scar like normal people with acne do. Instead I get some sort of "acne leftovers", such as red marks an
  15. Hi there, I've just found this awesome community a few days ago and I have to say that it made me feel not so lonely anymore in this acne journey Let me introduce myself and my situation first: I'm Eduard and I'm currently 18, I will go into my last year of highschool. I've been struggling with acne since like 8th grade. Since then, I've tried (like everybody else on this forum) A LOT of things, I mean a lot. None of them seemed to work. Anyway, there was a positive thing though: I've always be
  16. Hi everyone, for over the past year now my face has been really clear. Maybe a pimple here and there but that's it. But it left me with red marks, a pale face, red creases and sides of my nose, and just a red hue all over my face. I hate it This is my routine: AM- wash with room temp water for thirty seconds, put on my moisturizer with SPF 30 in it PM- wash face with a BP wash from my derm. Epidou and my moisturizer A few times a week I do a honey and turmeric mask, I also wash my fa
  17. I was on retin a for 4 months and all it did was smooth my skin. At first I got it for whiteheads. During my 4th week I purged then the whiteheads now became red marks. This crap doesn't fade red marks and I am very depressed bc now my face is worse than before. My acne was mild now its severe. I was aware of the intial breakout which occurred week 6 then cleared week 8. It is now week 18 and it's still the same but even worse. Skin is filled with more whiteheads and left over red marks just my
  18. Hello, I have been on a course of accutane before when I was 17 and it helped the severity of my acne but now at the age of 21 I still have very oily skin and mild/moderate breakouts around cheeks/nose/chin/neck a lot. If I paid for a private derm would he put me on second course of accutane, maybe a low dosage course? Please help me I hate looking in mirrors, I need something doing
  19. Hello all. I've been on the regimen for about 3 months now. My acne didn't start until my 20s, and although I did have a few ugly breakouts a month, most of my issue has been hyperpigmentation (when I did have zits, I never picked them, I just let them be until they went away). I don't really know what happened, but all of a sudden, I started getting crazy red marks on my skin that look like acne marks, but were never zits. The regimen has cleared the few ugly pimples that I did get, but the