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Found 1,000 results

  1. Well guys, I am a victim of pimples, obviously. And I've had it since I was 10, and I'm 14 now. I know what you're instantly going to think, "Well, this could be puberty and your hormones acting up-" Wrong, if that was the situation, my whole school wouldn't be filled with kids my age with Celebrity-like clear skin. Sure, they get one pimple, once in a while and they somehow have powers to zap it away without any scaring or red marks. Seriously, ever since I got it, people treat me different
  2. well ive been using it for a few days now and it is slowly removing the redness from my face, but is now shows red marks that were not visible before anyway i have two questions about emu oil. 1) is the effect of emu oil permanent or is it only temporal? 2)how are you meant to use it (when i put it on my skin it does not absorb when i massage it into my skin, i have left it for three or so hours before and its still there, so am i meant to massage it in and then wipe it off or what?)
  3. Dave6460

    its a miracle

    now officially 78 days on accutane. About 11 weeks. This last week i have started to finally clear tremendously! It is honestly a mircale. Face is smooth just a lot of lite red marks. Its amazing how 3 weeks ago i still had it bad, and now i am on my way...for all you out there, keep hope because it will work...be patient, it takes time.
  4. o Havoc o

    All clear (Again!)

    After coming off the regimen again to see if my acne had gone i had one of the worst breakouts of acne in about 5 years. So with determination to get it under control again i went straight back on the regimen. 10 weeks later i am 100% although i have fading red marks everywhere. This is more for the people who are thinking about using the regimen and are not quite sure about it or for those who have been on it a few weeks and are not seeing results. So as a veteran of this regimen i want to p
  5. Just completed a five month course of Sotret 80 mg a day for 5 months. Thought my face would be better. Actually i thought it would be perfectly clear after 5 months. Still getting breakouts and some red marks from old acne. Not sure what I should do, will the accutane continue to work or should i fly back home to get prescribed another month of accutane. The doc says the only was he will prescribe it is if I fly home and actually see him,
  6. siiia

    the regimen!

    SOOOO Ive finally started. I was super hesitant to start. But I did! I'm only on the third day tho.lol. But Im wondering.. Should I put BP on my red marks? because I have no active acne .knock on wood*. on my cheeks but I do have a lot alot of red marks on my cheeks.. so does bp help red marks? should I be putting the bp only on the parts of my face with obvious breakouts, which would be my chin and forehead and my temple area? no idea what that parts called. or should I be applying bp to my
  7. Hi Everyone, first post here at Acne.org. I have moderate acne and have been prescribed quite a few topical cremes but none have worked. At my latest derm. appointment (~2 months ago), I was prescribed Tazorac .1%, Doxycycline (100mg twice a day), and Finacea (or azelaic acid). She told me that at my next appointment, she told me I would only have light red marks on my skin if the regimen was working. She also really stressed that my skin would become dry and irritated and I should apply moistu
  8. morningzoo

    I'm Clear, Now what?

    After about 8 I am just about clear. Except for a few red marks and 1 or two bumps. My problem is, now what? I am still flaking pretty bad, so much so it is embarrassing even with the Jojoba + Moisturizer combo. Is now the time to lower the BP to one pump or just continue with the 2 pumps and deal with the flaking? Thanks again, and good luck to you all!
  9. ASNY


    I recently changed from aczone to acnomel and have been amazed at how well it has worked. I started using acnomel 4 days ago, stopped tetracycline, and basically has seen zero breakouts. Although it is tinted, it helps to hide the red marks a little and it has done a great job in fading the marks so far. I am surprised that it is not talked about in the adult forum more often. inflammatory acne, 40 nodules on forehead and few on either side of face. Now all the nodules have calm and flattened
  10. before i had acne i had perfect skin, but i was always nervous to ask girls out, maybe cause i feared what my peers would think, i feared being rejected, who knows i was scared.... during the worst stages of my acne i stayed under a rock, saying that once i get clear im taking girls out lol as of now im not clear/ i have red marks and i ve been going on dates and socially active.... now i thinking it doesnt it matter if your clear or not imm always going to be scared asking a girl out, but i th
  11. whop

    Last resort

    alright here's my situation: I'm 18 years old with just reallllyyy stubborn teenage acne (probably a case of mild acne at times maybe verging on moderate (maybe 6-8 pimples at one time), not cystic and no scarring involved yet, but alot of red marks and really annoying), and i've tried EVERYTHING under the sun. Proactive just stopped working all of the sudden. The only thing that worked even slightly was dan's regimen, and with all the bp, my skin just couldn't handle it even after i allowed i
  12. dnttreadonme900

    1/2 Way Through Month 5

    I'm almost done my 6 month course. BUT my face still looks as bad as it did a few months ago. So far, the pros of this drug is no more oil and no more cysts. However, I'm still getting some small pimples here and there that are bright red and the red marks take up 80% of my face! Also, accutane made me get pimples on my cheeks, and I never got them there before. Now, they're taking FOREVER to heal and I think there's gonna be scarring. Right now, I have 4 active spots on my face. Plus about a
  13. Steve K.

    It's working!

    So I stumbled upon Acne.org a while back and ordered the large kit with jojoba oil. After about three weeks my skin was better but not where I wanted it to be. I asked a good friend of mine what I should do because he had severe acne and his skin is now clear. He told me to start taking Pantothenic acid. A lot of you on here might have seen posts about it but I swear to you it's working. I've been doing the DK regimen while also taking 10 total grams of pantothenic acid throughout the day. I tak
  14. I hate redspots

    Sleeping on my side?

    I find it impossible to sleep in any other way except on my side, with my cheeks rubbing against the pillows. I am sure this is aggrevating the red marks on my cheeks, and stopping them from recovering. Is it advisable to try sleeping flat on my back? I have always found this completely impossible. Does anyone have any tips on how I can do persuade my body to fall asleep while flat on my back? Thanks.
  15. iv'e been having lots of hormonual acne becuase of my period but when i don't have active pimples my face is filled with redmarks every time i look at the mirror it my face looks like a pepperoni pizza becuase of my red marks but the ipl and facial lady said that my red marks will fade completely after 3 months and this made me happy and hopeful a bit but i feel ugly everytime i look at my reflection and this makes me not take care on the way i look now i don't even brush or fix my hair in
  16. fleur_xx

    finally getting clear!

    I've struggled with blackheads, whiteheads and inflamed acne for years and years. I've been sucked into just about every marketing gimmick for cleansers and acne spot treatments, and nothing has really helped me. I just want to say that I HIGHLY recommend using a bar soap over a cleanser (especially if you wear makeup!!). Cleansers just do not seem to wash off makeup and dirt nearly as well, and ever since I started using Cetaphil Gentle Anti-Bacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar, my face has felt th
  17. i see that many had allergic to BP, but has anyone consider about the moisturizer and cleanser as well? I have used Regimen for about a week. Same as everyone, itchy, redness, flakiness. By now, my face is still so itchy, red, but at least there is not flakes anymore. after i scratch, it leaves red marks and swell. It's like i got bitten by mosquito. I didn't know if that its normal because it seems like it's normal. But i emailed Dan about my situation, and he recommended me to stop using BP.
  18. Hey everyone, havent posted anything for agesss. but here goes. now been on accutane/roaccutane for 66 days now, so whats that like 2 months and 10 days. truu. ha. anyway. its only, touch wood, just starting to clear up. but other tha red marks ive got a few tiny white pimpley things under the skin that im just trying not to touch. anyone else had these little things?? never realy had them before but they are pimples, but good ones i guess cause there not falming up or anything just sitting ther
  19. ok this is a long one but bare with me. Im on Claravis 60mg, my derm said i can take 30mg and 30mg at the same time, in the morning, will this affect how accutane treats me and will it mess up my treatment? Also im embarressed to say this but i always think the Claravis pill is going to melt in my mouth if i keep it in their for about 10 seconds because they are so light weight (i have alil troubling swallowing pills) and get nervous that i am not consuming the pills, if this possible?????? Im a
  20. JoeBloggs


    My red marks are usually very noticable especially in the heat, they are from a bout of severe cystic acne some 2 years back and I almost consider them to be a form of rosacea. Whenever I take a certain stimulant (which I wont mention the name of) I notice that my red marks completely fade, even in the heat and I have found that while on that certain stimulant my red mark problem is temporarily eradicated So I was wondering today, caffeine is a weak form of stimulant, and most stimulants const
  21. SoraKidd

    Hey Guys. Long Post =)

    Yeah, I've basically been shadowing this site for a while now. And it has definitely inspired me. So where to start? I'm a 16 year old male living in Bedfordshire England. I used to always complain about my acne to other people saying how bad it was etc. Really, looking back now, I didn't have a blemish in sight in old pictures. I chose to ignore the problem. Not to sound arrogant but I felt I was a good looking guy lol. Anyways, over the past 2 months, my skin has taken the biggest down
  22. Hi, i see these posts all the time, but im wondering if there is anyone else in my situation. I'm a 19 yr old female with moderate acne. i have been on acutane for 3 months and i have seen pretty good results. im still breaking out on my cheeks a little though. the worst part of my acne was on my forehead, did anyone else have that? and while my forehead is clear, it has marks all over that make my skin look wayyy uneven. my question is did any female my age have red marks on their forehead and