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Found 19 results

  1. carmenjudd

    More Acne

    Trying to figure out what I should do. It looks like I am getting two little bumps near my newest pimple and I'm just worried that they're going to get bigger. I don't know how to describe them, but they are raised bumps and almost look like they're just going to be tiny pimples that usually come to a head, but they never do. Can someone please help me? I honestly feel like I can't win. If these two pimples get bigger I don't know what I'm going to do.
  2. Hi guys, So I have found out that if I eat all sorts of chocolade, I get acne on and around my nose, which is fine by me (I stop eating it) I also noticed whenever I drink milk, I get acne on my chin. When I eat a protein bar, I get acne above my lip. These are all avoidable for me and I can live with it. But the problem is that I get persistent acne on my cheeks only! I am allergic to house dust mite, so I change my pillow cases and bed cases regurarly. They are not cysts or pi
  3. I’ve always had very clear skin but for about a year and a half now I’ve developed these red looking bumps on my face, they’re kind of raised, mostly flat, they don’t itch or anything and they don’t seem like pimples. It also seems like it’s undernesth my skin. Someone told me it’s the bacteria that causes acne on my face but they recommened me a $100+ product. I’ve switched my products time and time again, I use home remedies, they won’t go away. People tell me it could be due to stress? But I’
  4. Hi, Does anyone know what kind of acne or skin disorder this? My skin is verg rough looking with bumpy texture. In the nasolabial folds area in particular there are red rash like spots and bumps. In the centre of my forehead horrible tiny spots which look worse in certain light. my skin also looks very dehydrated please help me I would appreciate it x
  5. Hi! I am looking for your help! Have you before had something like that? I have no idea what is that. Last week started to drink saw palmetto and two days ago also b vitamin complex. Do you guys think that's because of that? I have this pimples also on arms. Ithis are not itchy.
  6. Hi everyone so I have been battling this frustrating skin condition called perioral dermatitis for several months. It started back in November when I started get red bumps around my mouth and was diagnosed with perioral dermatitis by a dermatologist. She then prescribed me a cream and a 6 week dose of doxycycline. The doxy cleared my skin and for 6 months, I had no breakouts. However, in late June I noticed the dermatitis returning. Now it is back to how it was. I am using Osmia Organics black c
  7. So to sum it up.. I'm a month off a 8-9 months Accutane prescription.. I started at 20 and ended at 70. I'm an 18 year old 69-70kg and 6,2" male (for reference) and now for some reason I'm getting little red bumps/pimples on my face.. I wouldn't call it a breakout but they're definitely there! I can't go back to having acne..it ruined my teen years and confidence.. My skin had been clear since march 2015 due to Accutane and since I've regained my confidence and actually want to go out and bee
  8. I'm a Black female and I've had back and chest acne since I've been a teenager. I have brown marks, plus a ton of red bumps on chest and back. I was thinking about using the back regimen. My back itches also. When I scratch some of the time, the bumps bleed or pop. Some are whiteheads while others are red. What do you recommend I use? TIA
  9. Hello everyone. I am 20 years old, and haven't had problem skin for about a year now. I got put on birth control and found out I was allergic to gluten and dairy, and ever since then my skin has been perfectly clear. However, a couple weeks ago I woke up with tiny red bumps all over my forehead (I think they're papules). They're really only noticeable when you look really close or touch my forehead. I also noticed that the sides of my nose are bumpy as well, but those bumps aren't visible at all
  10. I've been using your regimen for 15 days and basically followed what's instructed. Two days ago my face was sooo freaking red and burnt in the afternoon. I had to wash it and felt even a lot tighter due to the loss of moisturiser applied. I decided to stop using BP for a day and started by using it every night only till my face is accustomed to it in order to use twice daily like I used to within the second week. What I'm really concerned about is my skin tone. I mean it obviously looks darker t
  11. Hi, I am a female 22 y/o. I have had acne on my back and chest for 4 years when I was younger it went away and came back about a year ago. It has gotten even worse lately even though I am on a acne pill and topical cream and use a sacylic acid body wash. I clean my skin so well and keep such good care of it I just can't believe it would be clogged pores or closed comedones (but that is what I think it is by its appearance). I have about a hundred red raised bumps and I have a couple of open wh
  12. Can anyone please tell me what are these red small bumps on my skin? My skin's pretty oily so are they just kind of a reaction to that? But they don't seem to go away I don't know what to do PLEASE HELP also if someone could tell some good products to get rid of blackheads I'd be really grateful/ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\
  13. Hi there, The title says it all: I have got those red bumps/underneath pimples who will never have a whitehead next to my nose, top cheeks. (both) I fase wash my skin every day, and eat a good diet with enough supplements. I usually dont break out anwhere else on my head, unless I eat something unhealthy etc, but this has been the region that has been buggering me. Does anyone have any sollutions or experiences with this?
  14. Sooo this is my acne on my jawline and on cheeks, is it hormonal? I have never ever had acne like this, maybe like 3 zits in a month but this is crazy! But i think that this was caused by plan B pill which i took two months ago, i also developed some cysts on my cheeks and i dont really know if it will ever go away, I'm regretting taking the pill tbh
  15. I've seen numerous posts about this, and thought i'd come right out and address the issue. Many members swear by using a razor, and others by using an electric. All electric razors were not created equally! With the shaver i was using before the one i'm using now, i literally ended up smashing it. I was shaving and for the thousandth time, it tugged a hair brutally and painfully from my face. I stopped, threw it on the floor as hard as i could and watched it fly into ten different pi
  16. I started having these red little bumps with no head on my cheeks near my nose. I dont know what this is. It looks like acne with no head, looks like cystic ones but arent painful. Please help me, it gets worse
  17. Hey everyone, I didn't know which forum to add this topic, but since I am 16 I'm putting it in the hormonal acne topic. Anyway, I've always had clear skin with of course, the usual pimple here and there and nothing similar to what I'm experiencing right now. My acne started around November 2013, it started as a brown flakey spot on my left cheek that my dad thought was a fungal infection of some sort. He gave me something to treat it, but it didn't help at all. My left cheek progressively got wo