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Found 30 results

  1. No. Seriously. WHAT IS THIS ISH ON MY LIPS it won't show up in pictures very clearly, but its there. they start out like tiny little clearish/lip colored bubbles/bumps on my lips... theres more. WTF is this. when i stretch and examine my lips i can see little specks underneath the skin or something. i think this is almost worse than acne. Im not stopping the regimen but please somebody, if you have had this and know how to get rid of it please tell me? I honestly can't leave my room. I know t
  2. I'm still using the medication, and the dial soap I switched to a black soap from Boscia (But still switch them both on and off). Also I am using a good moisturizer. But I have notice big changes after I stopped using my medication amitriptyline maybe I should start taking it again, or is my body detoxing??? I could really use some advice on what to do...wait it out or continue my use of it?
  3. From the album: Benzoyl Peroxide reaction near eyes

    Yeah, it's swollen and messing up my winks. Good times.
  4. I use to use retin-a 1% every night, for about 4 months straight I'd say. The peeling never went down, i would exfoliate daily by rubbing in tons of moisturizer, continuing to rub until the dead skin pilled up, then lightly rubbing in circular motions all over with a face cloth. This would tend to get the worst of it, although it would leave my skin raw, not so much because it was red but it would sting when I applied toner and moisturizer afterwards, even though my toner is alcohol free. But
  5. So I had fine skin until this one episode where I tried the glam glow face mask and the murad skin perfecting lotion. I'm not sure which did it but my face broke out in this terrible rash, my eyes were puffy and it lasted a week. I used hydrocortisone to help it down. After that my skin got worse and worse, (also a factor, I was just in my 20's at this point...) I noticed more pimples on my chest and there were ALOT on my usually clear back. Then I noticed these small bumps in lines on my c
  6. Hey this is my first log which i will probably update every once in a while So im 16 years old at the moment, had acne since i was probably 12 and it has recently (this year) gotten pretty bad and irritating, with the cystic type popping up. I have tried many antibiotics which didnt really solve the problem but maybe kept it at bay for a while. Heres my cheek from a few weeks ago for reference. http://i.imgur.com/nkQMVHo.jpg I have been on doxy for about a month now but i decided it was
  7. Hi, I struggled with forehead,chin, and a little bit of cheek acne, more than a year ago. Since starting on birth control a year ago, my acne has significantly improved and when I get a way of breakouts now and again they are usually smaller,less, and easier to deal with. However recently I have broken out in these red clumps of pimples near my nose. It started with a small, barely noticable pimple on the nostril opening of my nose & quickly spread to these red, dry clumps of tiny pimpl
  8. Has anyone here been damaged by retinoids and gotten their skin back to normal? I am desperate for hope. I don't mean normal irritation. I'm talking orange peel skin, enlarged/suddenly visible pores, plasticky coating look, discoloration, thinning of skin, crepeiness, wrinkles, random indentations and lines, weak/fragile/lax skin etc etc Im so done with what's happened with my own situation with a retinoid, it's going to be 5 months since I used it come the end of January and I can't
  9. HI i have read online that using the neutrogena oil free acne face wash ( orange liquid type) gave some people severe reaction. I bought this product on tuesday after i noticed that my black soap was not doing anything to my skin after a while of using it. I wanted to try a new product as I had tried the clean and clear brand which also did nothing for my skin. I also exfoliate with my st ives. I have combination skin. I experience breakouts sometimes ( pimples that go away like in 2 d
  10. I won't detail my full acne history here and save that for another thread. I started using myo-Inositol from a health food store, and my skin cleared quickly and dramatically. It cleared on my back, my face, and my chest, even most of my blackheads were gone. At the time I was using many other supplements, I was exercising and adhering to my personal acne diet (no soy, low sugar, emphasize vegetables, etc) so I was unsure of how much Inositol really contributed to the improvement. One by one
  11. Hello all! I'm having a bit of trouble with my skincare regime, thought I would reach out and see if any of you can give me some tips (: I currently only wash my face with acne.org cleanser or spectro gel cleanser for acne prone skin (if my skin is feeling too dry.) My issue is that if I use the spectro too long my skin starts to break out because it's not as drying, and doesn't fight off the oil as good as the acne.org cleanser.. So my skin is usually in a battle with dryness. My other is
  12. Hey guys! I've recently introduced Niacinamide (Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% by The Ordinary) into my skin care regime and I was just wondering if it would create or cause a negative reaction on my skin. I'm planning on applying the Niacinamide first, then wait a bit for it to absorb. Once done, I'd layer the AHA Lotion (Acne.org) on top. Does this sound suitable? Please let me know, any responses are much appreciated! Thanks
  13. I have done research and read about all the benefits hyaluronic acid has for the skin and I was very excited to try my new hylaluonic acid serum. Its suppose to give your skin more moisture (if used the right way) and have no side effects or "rarely" give you an allergic reaction. I purchased The Piping Rock brand since it seemed to have high ratings. the Ingredients: Demineralized Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Citric Acid, Polysorbate 20, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate.
  14. So I went on birth control for a week... My skin was clear when I started; I had a very laid back regimen... only cleanser. The same day I also made the decision to stop washing my face and using products (caveman regimen) which made sense because my occasional acne was strictly due to stripping my skin of it's natural oils, leading to over production of oil, and clogged pores. When I started, my breakouts began immediately. jawline, in-between eyebrows, my skin was horrendous, and my face
  15. Hi there, I have a question to throw out here for anyone taking vyvanse/adderall/amphetamines in general. First off, I am prescribed adderall and vyvanse. I only started taking them a lot in the past 8 months. In these months I noticed small bumps on my skin that turned into acne and it continued to develop all over my face. My skin became dramatically oily and my head a bit itchier. Now my skin is in the worst condition it has ever been in. I have tried everything over these 8 months. F
  16. I am in need of some help. Last week I was prescribed by my dermatologist Adapelene 0.3% gel. I used it as she suggested, every other night, and put moisturizer on and even bought a gentle cleanser. It was fine the first four days, but three days ago the skin under my eyes started to burn. Even when I put on sunscreen, used makeup remover, it stung. The next day the stinging had moved to my cheeks, and my skin around my eyes and cheeks stung. Yesterday I woke up with the same stinging and my und
  17. I dont know if it's too early for me to even post anything lol but im little concerned so i always had to struggle with acne for the longest time *sigh then i started using clarisonic which made it quite a difference. it didnt stop me from getting acne but i was getting them less they were always cystic but i was free from whiteheads and non-severe blemishes suddenly i started getting these 2 small areas of tiny bumps on each cheek then they started to spread out like a monster and became b
  18. I wanted to share my story as a warning to those searching for a foundation: expensive is not always better. It's interesting how so many luxury brand foundations can actually trigger acne due to their rich formulas. TOM FORD is one of them. Before I used Tom Ford, I had zero acne on my cheeks and forehead. I occasionally got a mild hormonal breakout on my chin with PMS. Or a zit near my hairline due to my hair products. I used Tom Ford's foundation for 3-4 weeks, and in that time I got close
  19. I've used BP plenty of times in the past. It always gets me red and itchy and dry in the beginning. But now when I've started using it yet again, the burning/itching is worse:( also when I look closely, the texture of my skin is slightly "scaly" in the red areas, almost like a rash? Have I become allergic?? The picture is not good enough to show the scaliness but you can see the redness...
  20. I've been using black soap for about two years now and I've been having reactions from time to time And my forehead is becoming really bad idk what to do anymore. Can someone please tell me what this is and what to do about it thanks a lot
  21. Hey guys, I'm not usually the one to be asking questions, being on the regimen for 4-5 months now, but this morning I applied BP, then AHA mixed with a bit of jojoba oil, just to see what it would be like, (I have the day off, as most of you know, that means slaver as much onto your face as you want!) And my face for some reason stings a lot, it's gone a tanned colour, it's red, sore, it hurts basically, I'm accustomed to BP and AHA now, and this shouldn't happen. This is the only time I have
  22. It's difficult for me to post this topic, but I need some advice because I feel like I'm in the twilght zone. I hadn't seen my family in 2 years because they live in a different conintent. This past year, my skin has gone from relatively clear to chaotic, and now it's almost clear again but I have tons of red marks, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and little holes all over my cheeks. SInce January of this year, I had been sending my family photos of my acne at its worse because I was hopeless as to
  23. Hi All. please help. Ive got one more week of accutaine left and all of my spots were gone. My doctor told me us use Differin Cream for the next 4 months i think its a retanoid cream. anywauys ive been using it for a few weeks and my face is litrally covered in red sores. any ideas whats causing this or is it normal