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Found 192 results

  1. Sooo I've been dealing with this issuee for the pastt IDont even remember howw longg but long enough to be ruining my lifee.. Every time I shave which is probably every 2 days ... I Get RAZOR BUMPS. INGROWN HAIRS. W.E U WANNA CALL THEM. Well they usually happen after 2days that I shave weird huh? well yeahh I really hate this problem because I can't **NEVER** Be 100% clear from this... I can't never have a clean smooth shave always needs to be a bump UGH! but yeahh so far I'm using BP FOAM. whic
  2. hi, i have some discoilurisation of razor burn like appearance on my neck at the fold region. The discolurisation is darker/brown in colour. I was thinking of using kojic acid? how successful is this and are there better opinions? also where can i get kojic acid from? I am currently using mandelic acid for scar redness on face. I have also had n-lite done and plan on having smoothbeam for the red scars/indents in the new year. Based in uk, so not sure whether their has been much experince with
  3. I just bought a "Gillette Sensor" razor....Not the "Excel" Just plain old "Sensor" the store was out of "Excels" so I Just bought a plain old "Sensor"....Will the "plain old gillette sensor razor" cause alot of irratation??? And make me break out????......compared to "Gillette Sensor Excel"?? If It does I wont use it...... :^o :-k [-( please reply DAN...... $
  4. i have an elictric razor i use to shave with, would it be harmful to the process if i shaved right after i got out of the shower than used the cleaning bar?
  5. Hey Guys, I was wondering what type of razor you guys use when shaving. I know electric razors are the best for us but I want to get a closer shave. Would you recommend triple, double, or single blade razors? Your feedback is appreciated. Thanks!
  6. The sensor excel I shaving razor I read about in the reviews here said there are only two blades, but I just ordered mine from Drugstore.com and there are three blades..What gives?
  7. What's the best razor to shave with while on Accutane? I used to use the 5-blade Gillette Fusion, but thought it was too expensive, so I tried cheap disposables but they didn't shave well. Now I'm using Mach 3 which is decent but I think I kinda wanna go back to Fusion. Mach 3 sometimes gives me a little neck irritation/razor burn. What have you guys had success with?
  8. ok so ever since i had began to shave on a regular basis i would get pretty large spots on areas i had been shaving, and i would pretty much constantly have a massive one one one or both cheek bones, i get facial hair very high up on my cheeks-this alone used to worry me until i found it it wasn't that uncommon and for most of that time i just assumed it was teenage acne (s**t happens at your age people would tell me) so anyways to get to the point i started to think it could be ingrown
  9. Hi guys OK i shave my chest and its normally OK - I took accutane for 3 weeks at 30mg a day, which I am now off but starting again at a higher does in January for a few months. Ive noticed that a few spots I got on my face and arm I still have the mark from - these would normally disappear. Anyway on my chest Ive had the same five or 6 raised bumps for over a month. Now I dont think they are ingrown hairs as I cant see any hair underneath them Not sure what to do to get rid of them? Ive at
  10. hi everybody. I just wanted to share my experience with you. I tried this on a small but really deep scar which already looks like a slash. I took a razor blade and cut it about 3 times. Then it was bleeding a lot. I put some healing cream on the other day and then just left it alone. That was 3 weeks ago. The was a shallow indent inside the actual indent which is now completely gone and the borders of the scar are much smoother as well. I know this may sound completely lunatic but it's someho
  11. I got razor bumps from shaving too aggressively. Would AHA help to get rid of them? The bumps are on my stomach (yes, I shave my stomach), not my face, and I have no body acne problems...
  12. Approximately 24hrs. after I shave I get what looks like a pimple in my hair folicle on my upper inner and backs of thighes and my underarms. It doesnt happen everytime but usually takes about 3-4 days to clear up when it does. I change my blade about every 4-6 shaves; depending on how long I wait between shaves. I also use a moisturizing shave gel (Gellitte for Women, Sensitive Skin w/Aloe). Is there a better shave gel/cream for sensitive skin I should try?How can I tell if it's razor burn or a
  13. Slightly off topic but shaving does give me whiteheads so this is just about still in toic. Lads, can you reccomend a good, expensive, water resistant electric shaver that wont give me any shaving burn or irritation? Thanks.
  14. hey! i have been using tretinoin gel for more than a year and it has worked perfectly but resently the acne has started to come back:( is it possible that my skin has gotten use to the medication and that it is uneffective? i am going back to my derm in a week and hoping to ask for tazorac hear its better and stronger. Has anyone tried this??? or been in the same situation? any imput is appreciated! thanks
  15. I need to find a razor that doesn't irritate my skin so bad. When ever I go a while without shaving, my skin looks great when I shave. Then after a couple of weeks of shaving my skin looks horrible. Whats the consensus best razor.
  16. Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this so I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum. Just a little question for any guys on the site...can you purchase this razor off acne.org? I can only find refills at every store I visit and I SWEAR that I saw it for sale on this site once, but have no idea how I got to that link or how to get back to it.
  17. the electric razor is starting to irritate my skin. i need to do a regular razor. i think they are called straight razors? idk recommend a razor that will give me a close shave and not break me out or be harsh on my skin! what do you all use? what do you prefer? thanks!
  18. hey guys, how many times do you use the head of you razor till you change it ?
  19. Right now im using an electric shaver for my face and I have a feeling that it may be casuing a bit of acne. I just wanted to know if I should start using a razor? Im also on tane and really dont want to cut myself/get more acne.
  20. I've tried every blade (including the Bump Fighter razor) and gel on the market and nothing can stop my ingrowns and acne that result from shaving. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good electric razor? Possibly one made for sensitive skin? Thanks.
  21. I am 18 years old. I was on accutane for a pretty good time when I was 15. It cleared my skin up great! But now my facial hair is pretty thick and everytime I shave I get razor bumps and ingrown hairs they take forever to go away!! I shave my chest and I get them on there too!! Its a real pain. I finally got rid of acne and now I am having this problem. I no longer can afford to visit a dermotologist. I have tried everything. 1 bladed razors, 2 bladed, 3 bladed. Electric razors. I have tried w
  22. Hey guys, my apologies if this has been posted before. I did a forum search, but nothing really came up...or I might have not been looking hard enough. Anyway, I'm currently on my fifth and final month of accutane for the second time. Throughout the course of my accutane, I've been on Claravis for three months, Amnesteem last month, and I just started Sotret yesterday. Today, I shaved (with Gillette SensorExcel and Aveeno Shaving Cream) and I noticed little bumps particularly along my cheek. I'
  23. If you shave with a razor and shaving gel and all that then do you need to exfoliate still. Shaving is a form of exfoliation and i would think that if you shaved then used an exfoliant your skin would become too irritated and dry. SO for the guys who shave here, is shaving our way of exfoliating???DO we REALLLLLY need to exfoliate any more??? hmmmmmmm
  24. I know Dan recommends the 2 blade SensorExcel, but this is just a 3 blade version of that razor. I find that I get small bumps with the MachIII, but I like the close shave (with the grain). Should I try the Sensor3 or the Excel? Thanks.
  25. I use an M3 Power and I shave while I'm in the shower with a fog-free mirror. I've been using Edge's Ultra Sensitive Gel which is fragrance and dye free but I still get the bumps and ingrown hairs. Should I try something like Edge's Extra Protection gel? Or Gillette's new Comfort Gel? I guess my question is would more moisturizing help? At this point I'd rather have a few new zits than an ingrown hair or razor bump. Thanks.