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Found 110 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm so glad to be getting some feedback on this blog from you! I am more than willing to answer any and all questions you wanna ask me, so please never hesitate to leave comments! Anyways, I'm approaching my last week of month 2 and I'm starting to see some real results...hooray! After increasing my dosage to 60mg, I did experience another initial breakout which was a bit disheartening but totally normal. As of now, my forehead is a bit of a war zone again but below my eyebrows
  2. Becky24

    Am I allergic ??

    Since I've been on this regimen I've had a rash on my wrist which I think came from sleeping on my arms and it hasn't gone away (started 7 weeks ago) I am constantly itchy and my neck is still breaking out itchy even though I don't apply any medicines to that area.. Debating if I should stop using...
  3. Hey! My dark spots are beginning to fade. They are still very noticeable, but I do see the improvement. I have two new pimples on my right cheek. A couple that are beginning to go away on my forehead and no active ones on my left cheek. I still have the same side effects, in addition to some new ones. My face and lips are still dry and my scalp is still itchy and flakey (although I got Selsun blue for flakey scalp, so hopefully that helps.) One of my new side effects is that I have a
  4. I've been taking Accutane (Myorisan) for about month and a half, 40mg x2. Everything seemed to be working well other than dry skin and lips but about 5 days ago my neck suddenly began to itch so I scratched it, but it didn't stop I woke up the next morning and my entire right side of neck was red and swollen a bit. I thought maybe it's just another side effect and put on OTC anti itch cream. But the itchiness spread and it went upto my face and made my face red, swollen and sting. Then it
  5. I am so itchy. This must be penance for an evil deed I did over the weekend. Or I could be having an allergic reaction. Either way I need to handcuff myself to my desk so I don’t scratch all the skin off my back. The reaction started a couple of days ago, but at first I was paranoid it was a fresh crop of spots (it looks somewhat similar to when I started breaking out) so kept applying the Epiduo. And now it’s not improved I’m concerned it might be that that I’m irritated/allergic to. I have
  6. I’m currently nearing the end of 3 months on Isotretinion, and starting to develop a rash on my arms, stomach and inside of my thigh. Starting to get a bit worried and wondering if anyone else had this and what they did to remove it? I’ve been using e45 spray moisturiser on my arms and putting sudocreme on after it’s dried. I have scratch marks from where I’ve itched at it. Pictures attached. Other side effects I’ve had are dry lips, dry face, muscle aches, eyesight being a little worse towar
  7. I have moderate but persistent acne, so my dermatologist prescribed me accutane (isotretinoin). For the first month I was on 40mg; the second, 60; and now currently, 80mg. The first and second month were fine--or must I say, tolerable? I had dry lips, skin, hair, and my lower back ached a little. My skin cleared up a lot, but I was still breaking out a bit. My derma suggested I go up a dose (80mg). I'm currently 20 days into this new dose. I was fine the first 10 days, my skin looked so good
  8. I've had hormonal acne on my chin and around nose but never on my nose. Ive done 2 rounds of accutane ro get rid of that and have been clear since. Ive recently been getting breakouts in my nose only, little clusters at a time. Is this acne or could it be something else? I should add that it can get itchy and feels a bit burning sometimes
  9. Hello everyone, I am writing this for advice, support or to ask if any has had any similar experience? I am 36, have been on Yasmin on & off for a number of years. Never had any skin issues, except when I tried to switch from Yasmin to Belara about 2 years ago. I use Differin nightly to this day ever since as a precaution… Now I’ve decided to stop Yasmin for various reasons. I’ve taken my last Yasmin end of September & had some minor spots on sides of chin end of November, wh
  10. So I used this la Roche possay thing for marks like 3 months after my second course of accutane and I think it might have burned my skin.. This was like 6 months ago.. my face is fine now but I have quite distinct redness where my non existent moustache would be.. my doctor gave me fucidin first..didn't work. Now I'm using Daktacort and this seems to be making it redder. It's really really annoying me! I remember at first when I had it there was little loads of under the skin headless spots in
  11. i received the full regimen 2 days ago and i was so excited that i started right away that night. I only used a pea sized amount of BP as directed, and about 2ml of moisturizer since my face is super oily and im living in a super hot and humid area. So i have used the regimen once a day at night for 2 days. The next day i noticed red, not dry but rough and leathery patches here and there all over my face, which is kind of similar to the eczema symptoms. And it itches really bad. Im really wor
  12. Hi, Does anyone know what kind of acne or skin disorder this? My skin is verg rough looking with bumpy texture. In the nasolabial folds area in particular there are red rash like spots and bumps. In the centre of my forehead horrible tiny spots which look worse in certain light. my skin also looks very dehydrated please help me I would appreciate it x
  13. Hi everyone. I've never had acne like this before in my life. The random cystic one around my period was normal for me. This past March I tried out OCM. My skin didn't respond well, was getting cysts on my cheeks. I stopped, only using water and a tea tree toner. Skin wasn't clearing up. I picked up "gentle" glycolic cleanser beginning of May and all of a sudden my skin FREAKED out. Tiny bumps all over my cheeks. I got in to see my derm May 20th. He prescribed me 500mg ampicillin 2x a da
  14. Hey everyone. So I've been on Accutane now since January 21st, 60mg/day. Up until pretty recently I've had the usual side effects, which started only days into treatment. I had dry lips and a dry face with minor muscle and bone pain (on and off). It was manageable. Now, the dry lips are extremely bad, which I know is also expected but oh man does it hurt. It feels like my lips are burning off my face. They're peeling and cracking and bleeding like crazy and are so swollen. This BAD dryness star
  15. Hi everyone, this is my first post here but I have been an avid reader of the discussions on acne.org whenever I have gone through terrible breakouts. I don't have access to a doctor since I am traveling right now and kind of worried about what my face is going through. Over the last couple of weeks I have developed these tiny pustules that are irritated looking and lots of them together with redness around each and some have a small whitehead on them. They are clearly not acne (at least I don
  16. Hi, I am a boy, 14. My acne started when I got KP on my arms in 4th grade. Around 6th grade, I started getting bumps on my chest I assumed were KP. For 2 years, I've tried facial acne cleansers, as well as body acne cleansers to get rid of them. I don't believe they are KP because they don't cluster like it does on my chest. So anyway, they're small red bumps. they arent white or blackheads, and almost seem like a rash. They have also worked their way on the upper, and middle sections of my ba
  17. Hi, I hope this isn't too long, but please read and try to help me! So my acne is mild-moderate, mostly with small red forehead acne and maybe a few small white bumps or occasional red pimple on my cheeks. Last week, I realized that my skin was getting really clear. I had been taking a multivitamin for a while, and just started taking fish oil (Omega 3). I was also doing the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay mask pretty often. So by two weekends ago my skin was almost perfectly clear... and I a
  18. Hello out there, I'm posting this today because I need help. Not just with figuring out my skin problem, but emotionally this is taking a big tole. I have been doing a lot of research on my skin, as I've had this rash-like condition on my face for months. Over the course of the holidays It's been much, much worse. I really think it could be a condition called acne cosmetica. Acne caused by cosmetics. In my case, I've been using a mineral makeup, but it seems like the more I cover the problem,
  19. So heres the story, Im now 23, skinny, white male. Ive had acne since a teen and went on docycycline for about a year which barely worked after a month and when I stopped using it my back got really bad. So I went on accutane which was great and cured all my acne, however a few months after I started to get a few small pimples on my scalp which I never used to get and now its worse and gets really itchy. So anyway, I started using T/Gel for my scalp which kind of worked but pretty sure the coal
  20. I used to have perfect skin. I've posted a detailed story of my current battle with acne, in other forums, if you want to check it out. Basically, two months ago, while on Ziana, after I started taking digestive enzymes and probiotics, and two months after I stopped taking spirolactone, I started breaking out worse then ever. I can't figure out the cause. I HAVE NEVER broken out like this before. Tiny tiny tiny little white heads around my nose. And a rash across my forehead. The rash come
  21. Hey everyone, I started on Accutane 20mg about one week ago. A few days after I started on it I noticed my face became a little red and dry - this is to be expected. I also developed a small rash under my right eye, as well as on my neck. These have both been mildly itchy for the past few days. I haven't changed any products or any part of my facial routine. Hoping this isn't an allergic reaction because I really want to stay on Accutane!! Has anyone else experience this before?? Th
  22. Does this look like folliculitis to you? I can't find anything through searches that looks like it. All of the pictures show red inflamed bumps all over and I mostly have flesh colored bumps with a few red ones/white head looking spots. It first appeared after working out and switching to a SA facewash along with using BP topically and the more I tried to treat it the worse it got. Cortisone seems to help a bit but its only a quick fix and as soon as I sweat or shower it gets aggravated.
  23. 3 days ago all of a sudden I noticed rash like rough skin just by my mouth on the right side and now it's extending upwards towards my cheek though its still mostly around my mouth. Initially, I thought it was a reaction to something I had eaten so I tried treating it with an antihistamine but it didn't really help. Then I thought it may be dry skin and I tried a hydrating mask but it didn't help either. Now I really don't know what it is because they seem like really tiny bumps that can only be
  24. So I had the type of acne that looked like rashes...loads of small, tiny raised spots...from afar my skin looked smooth, but up close the surface was rough and uneven. My skin type is oily/sensitive so 99.9 per cent of the time my skin reacts to most over the counter treatments, even stuff like Simple which is meant to be for sensitive skin types! So I went back to basics... From Boots I purchased Dead Sea Mineral Soap for £3.49 and use it only at night. Because it gets rid of the grim
  25. Hey there, i am on my 2nd month of accutane and i have been getting this odd rash all over my body.. First it started on my forearms and then it popped out on my calves, thighs, and back. I asked my derm at my monthly appointment and she said its just "accutane rash" and that some moisuturizer will make it fade. I have been taking aveeno oat baths every night, moisturizing after every shower and it seems in no way going away at all. Now heres a twist, a few months ago i had a similiar rash and w