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Found 9 results

  1. I've had hormonal acne on my chin and around nose but never on my nose. Ive done 2 rounds of accutane ro get rid of that and have been clear since. Ive recently been getting breakouts in my nose only, little clusters at a time. Is this acne or could it be something else? I should add that it can get itchy and feels a bit burning sometimes
  2. Just recently I had a bad flare up with my acne. it was LITERALLY one day i woke up with it, i even have a picture from the day before: clear. I had great skin grown up. I am 17. I haven't worn foundation in a year(which didnt effect me at al when i stopped back then), and because of the flare up i started to again. It was bare minerals so i didn't think it would do that much damage. I went to the dermatologist and they gave me minocycline, retin A and onexton. They all burned my face. I have su
  3. Signorina822


    I wonder if it will work. Probably not. Why would it ? Today was a day that meant a little less than yesterday. Warning: graphic content ahead
  4. For the most part, I had mild acne for a few years ( I'm 16 now). I've always been decently active, and I eat okay.Then at the end of this school year in early June, I started breaking out like mad (I would classify it as moderate-severe), but only on my cheeks. The rest of my face would just be clear.I would get these small bumps that would turn into huge whiteheads over the course of a day. I got these in addition to the normal whiteheads that would just appear. I started taking a multivitamin
  5. Hi im hoping someone can help me. I am from NY but go to college in south carolina. All year my skin was relatively stable while at school. A few things would pop up here and there, nothing major (i have extreme anxiety from acne so this was huge for me) However, I came home for the summer and now my skin has gone HAYWIRE. Literally everywhere. As soon as i look away from the mirror i swear one more thing comes in. I have an awful picking habit so this is really starting to scare me. I dont kn
  6. I had acne since middle school and my parents told me it would definitely get better as I got older and that by college, I would have clear skin! However, I am entering college and my acne has worsened. Now they are telling me that my skin will be clear once I reach 25ish. I am not so sure whether I should believe them anymore. One time, a random woman came up to me and asked me why my forehead looked so strange and asked me if I had some sort of a disease. That is when I realized that this was
  7. okay hi guys so... in the past 5 DAYS my skin went from suppeerrrr clear... to completely, totally covered in limps . My face is swollen, itchy, painful, hot to the tough, it looks awful, and it just doesnt seem like acne but idk. I started my period... but it lasted a DAY... and no im not pregnant. What is going on?! =( ill upload pics later as I dont have a phone or camera so ill use my husbands when he is home i ment to put lumps haha also... im having severly cold hands and f
  8. My forehead got a somewhat different texture to it after maybe 3 months on isotretinoin, nothing too major, and now indented lines keep appearing on my face. I'm not picking at my face, and don't have any acne. Anyone else had this with isotretinoin? What is this and can it be fixed? I've read plenty on tretinoin products like Retin-A causing this.
  9. Signorina822


    Depression, my scars consume me. They are getting worse. I've even o two different dermatologists who don't have answers. I'm scared to do anything else. why is this happening