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Found 19 results

  1. Hi, i had a spot on my nose in the summer and it left a raised scar, i think it is a hypertrophic scar. I was wondering what treatments are out there for me to get rid of it or even make it smaller and less noticeable. I prefer not to go to a dermatologist as I don't have the money I have included 2 photos, thanks.
  2. Hello im new to the forum and i really hope you can help me as this is really giving me alot of emotional stress 3 months ago i had a spot on my head, i put my sisters cream on it and it went very dark, i left it for a while thinking it would go, but it formed into a spot which had a hole in the middle, so I poked it with a needle and squeezed it and stringy pus came out, I am indian and my skin colour does not match the scar and it is highly noticable, its giving me alot of tension, stres
  3. Well I just got my ScarAway sheets today and cut one up and stuck it on straight away. As each week goes by Ill give updates. I wanted to post this because I have yet to see a proper review of it by an asian, and this is important for any dark skinned people using it as it affects different skin tones differently, and may affect the overall result. The scar is half an inch, very dark brown and slightly raised on my nose. It is VERY noticable. There is a deep closed comedone underneath it tha
  4. Hello everyone, I would like to first thank you all for stopping by my post and I appreciate all the help. Question I would like to know just what is it that i have. (I been told it is scarring, hypertrophic scars, acne vulgarus, and a bunch of other types of acne). In addition hormonal since is on the jawline. Background: # I have had this skin condition for 6-7 years on both sides of my jawline # the red bumps have not subside or gotten worst, it just stays red and about th
  5. Hello, I just wanted to know if I have scarring, specifically on my cheeks. If I do, what kind of scars steer they? What are methods of treatment? If I don't have scars, is it just regular acne? Also, I was looking up some stuff online, and im wondering, do I have hyperpigmentation? Thank you so much for helping me sheet these questions y'all. It means a lot to me as I am really stressed out about my acne...
  6. Hey guys, just came across cryoshape tonight. Looks like some awesome before and afters for a non invasive procedure! I might do this! Has anyone on here done it? If you don't know what it is, Google cryoshape.com
  7. Hi! I wasn't sure where to post this, but I think this is the most appropriate sub-forum. When I was about ten or eleven, I experienced one of my first and worst pimples. It was right in the top center of my chin (right where it curves into the skin before your bottom lip) and I picked the heck out of it when I was a kid. It lasted for maybe a month - I picked nonstop and it was always very red and irritated, and I always removed the scab. Well, now I'm twenty and for as long as I can remembe
  8. 22 year old male here. I've dealt with bad acne since puberty. After graduating college and several months on the acne.org regimen, my face has miraculously cleared of active infections. However, the raised bumps on my nose still remain. Whenever I broke out on my nose, usually a finger-tip sized red area would appear and would be painful to touch. Usually it'd become raised, and then burst and turn dark red for a while before subsiding. Does anybody know if this is hypotrophic scarring? Sebac
  9. Hey everyone. I have had white spots on my face for about 5 years now, I think. When they first started I didn't think much of it, I think they were mainly on my chin, then some on the right side of my nose. The ones on my chin are basically what my face is now, I don't remember my face without them. And I tried for the longest time to not care about them. I've had acne before, not too crazy but stubborn acne. I've never played with them. Never popped them. I never tried to craft som
  10. Hi guys, So i've been reading through a tonne of posts, and thought i'd write up a post to see if anyone had any ideas. After many many tries by my doctors to solve my back acne, finally they put me on accutane and i've been on it for about 8 months. It's been completely clear for about 4 months, and i'm only on about 10mg/20mg. Anyway it's left some scarring on my back, that covers the whole back. Now the main two issues i'm finding are a tonne of little white 'follicular macular atrop
  11. Hi, I intended to try silicone sheets for a raised scar on my chin, but the sheets simply wouldn't stay on (due to the curve on my face) so I returned them. Now I'm looking to try silicone gel instead. Any brand recommendations?
  12. Sorry if I'm being vague, I typed up the whole thing and the site crashed without me copying it....: About 1.5 months ago I got a cyst in the crease of my nose where it meets my cheek. I was an idiot and tried to pop it, even lance it, so it became very inflamed...thus I got a cortisone shot which worked wonderfully...however 2 weeks later, it re-inflamed to about 60% of its original size. I got another shot which also worked nicely, however it slowly began to re-inflame again after a we
  13. Hi guys! So I'm pretty brand new here. I've been lurking the forums trying to find a solution to my annoying scars, but so far, without success. From what I've read, I've kind of self-diagnosed my scars as hypertrophic (if I'm wrong, by all means, please correct me!) I've had them on my upper back for about 4 maybe 5 years now, and it's such a pain looking for clothes to cover it up during the summer Attached below I have some pictures (let me know if I can take better ones to hel
  14. Hello! I've been heavily researching the topic of scar removal for my face. I have less than one month left of my isotretinoin course, so I can't do any treatments yet; just planning for the future. I wouldn't consider my scars "acne scars", but rather scars from me picking at acne. I have several indented fingernail print scars, and one long, raised fingernail-picking scar on my chin as well. I would consider them minor/shallow. When I brought this up to my dermatologist, her advice was b
  15. hello all, i have no clear diagnosis on what this bump on my nose is, but it's history is that before this bump there was about two pimples i popped (shouldn't have done) and reappeared after another (last year) now there is a small raised hard dark red bump on the spot where the pimple was and it will not go away, it's been on my nose for about a year now and i have been wondering what it was. things i have tried: popping it (mistake it came back anyway) apply vitamin e onto it (my go
  16. During January of this year i got a really big pimple on my nose and after a while it started to go away, but never really went away completely. It left this really bad scar/raised bump on my nose and I'm in desperate need of help as to how to get rid of it. It seems like it will never go away. any ideas?
  17. My dermatologist is terrible and won't do anything or even tell me a diagnosis. He just acts all nonchalant like I am OCD and shouldn't worry about these things when as many of you know they can be very stressful energy draining to deal with. For 6-8 months I have had this pea sized red mark that is slightly raised on my upper arm and at the moment as you can see in the picture it looks like a crater, it is healing from the outside to the center. When completely healed it is just red rai
  18. (Been reading here for some time now, but it's my first time posting. Sorry for the long message! ) Hi, I'm a female woman of African descent. I had acne since I was a teen and it went into a mild form of acne. It was only concentrated on my face (no bacne, etc.)and never ever had problems with the rest of my body(not easily scarring, healing very fast, etc.). On 24 yrs, my skin broke out all over my body ( I mean no inches of skin was free from that reaction) on a couple of days and just wo