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Found 30 results

  1. For those on Accutane(Isotretinoin) or those that have completed Accutane treatment, when did you notice the biggest improvement in chest/back/shoulder acne? Also, those of you that have finished the 6 months or so on Accutane...have you been clear since stopping treatment? Did your acne improve even after stopping Accutane?
  2. I was recently prescibed Bezaclin Gel about a week ago & I was told to use a moisturizer. The moisterizer I use contains salicylic acid, & I was wondering if this is too much chemicals to be putting on my face. My face is very dry still. Also when I apply the lotion my face burns a little bit. Do I need to change the moisturizer?
  3. Hey everyone, I was just recently put on 40 mg a day of Isotretinoin under the brand name Amnesteem about a week ago by my dermatologist for my mild/moderate acne. She suggested it after I told her it was difficult for me to even look at myself in the mirror and go out, despite it being mild/moderate acne. I'm about 8 days into it and I have a few questions: How long is the initial breakout supposed to last? Like I said, I only have mild/moderate acne and am on 40 mg a day, but I know e
  4. I would like to know how long an unopened bottle of BP lasts. If anyone could tell me that would be great
  5. annie ell


    Today I'm starting the first of a set of appointments with a private dermatologist. If you guys can't see a derm for a couple of weeks I'd be more than happy to ask her some questions upon your behalf if you mail them to me! Also, I'll be posting any tips and products she gives me and although they'll be designed for my skin you may hopefully find them helpful. Happy new year!
  6. I have heard SO many great things about AHA+, but I have also heard not to start using it immediately. I have been on the DKR for 1 month exactly, and I have some AHA lying around, and I was wondering, if it is okay to start using it, and if so, when should I use it, how often, and how should i apply it? (I know that you are supposed to use sunscreen when using this product... So I was also wondering what sunscreens you all would recommend, when and how should I apply that after applying AHA?) b
  7. 1. Can this regimen help clear my acne scars? I have some on my cheek. 2. About getting breakouts from the regimen, how bad will the break outs be?? I have mild acne but it's not too severe. 3. If I use the treatment once a day (at night), would i have to put the cleanser/ moisturizer in the morning but not the treatment? THank you in advanced. I am also 16 so my acne seems to be getting a lot worse because of my hormones.
  8. HELP ME! i dont know if these small bumps around most of my lip are pimples or acne... or worse something way worse. I am not sexually active at all so i don't think they would be a std... and as for acne i find it wried that there is so many around only my lip ??? Could it be a allergic reaction to a lipgloss OR from shaving my upper lip??? I don't really use anything but water to shave my upper lip.. help -very concerned !
  9. Stats: 17yo male78kg Currently on accutane, not so severe even before, but I asked about a permanent solution for my scars of old acne I went through: 1-2-3 months 30mg 4th month 40mg 5th (now ending) 50mg 6th (already got the pills) 30mg My questions (though I should asked my dermo, but I can't reach him) 1) my acne is gone no more break outs since 2nd month, no more pimples since month 2 or maybe 3 but: my face is shiny af! I don't apply alot of moisturising cream lately only w
  10. I probably won't be posting as frequently in the coming days, or at least, I can only hope that I will be able to relax enough to exhale and open my hands and uncoil my fingers. First, an update: I had a successful trip to the student health center and now have a topical antibiotic in my arsenal to get me through the next week with the sore, oozing picked-at spots. I am convinced the antibiotic will help my face not worsen or at least, it will help me believe that my face isn't worsening. Bu
  11. Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing great and I'm sorry my english is not perfect! I'm an active man, with a stressful job and crazy schedule (law enforcement). I've been living with anxiety and panic attacks for the past 3 years and by skin has never been so bad. I have scars and pimples all over my face and in my hair and beard. In my last visit to the dermatologist 3 years ago, the doctor said I had "seborrheic dermatitis" in my hair and gave me different shampoos, creams and liquid co
  12. i went to the dermatologist yesterday, and he prescribed 3 products for me. Here are the names: - Galderma (Benzac AC 2 1/2, Benzoyl Peroxide, Water Base Gel) 60g. [Some kind of cream] - Galderma (Adapalene Gel 0.1%) 30g [Some kind of cream] - Vibramycin* Doxycyline Monohydrate (10 tablets) 100mg. I have also attached a picture of the 3 products. So my questions are - What do you think caused this much acne? - How do I use these products? (Like I have no idea which ones are
  13. Hi, I'm doing a HUGE research on how Acne effects us at a emotional level and personal level. I'd be very grateful if you could answer any of these following questions, as it would help me uncover some secrets about the underlying causes of Acne. I'd gladly share all that I discover with those that help me with below questions. What keeps you awake at night, eyes open, staring at the ceiling? What are you afraid of?
  14. Blah, I feel gross today...I got a new yucky papule on my right cheek, RIGHT ON THE APPLE of it which is SO noticable. I didn't pick which is good but whatever. I did a lactic peel to help fade my red marks about three days ago and so far so good The marks are getting lighter but I still hate looking in the mirror without concealer. I feel like a freaking leopard. Well. Anyways, I started using Dan's Regime but with using products that are OTC for now. So far it seems to be okay, minus th
  15. Hello! This is day eight of accutane. I've had moderate to severe acne for four years now, ad have been on all the brand name AND generic topicals and antibiotics. I used everything from the expensive skincare line PCA, costcos proactiv genric and the drugstore clearasil gels. Then I waited a year. The result of waiting? A terrible, huge 5 month break out on both my cheeks following the cheekbone. Dark red, deep and painful nodules that are starting to clear a little bit on accutane. I st
  16. I moderately researched Dan's regimen and the feedback it got before buying it. I've paid for the regimen and I will stick it out, religiously, at least until the products run out. I'm now on my 5th night of the regimen, and I'm following it strictly and using a very small amount of BP. My face is tight most of the time, to the point, simple facial expressions, eating and talking hurts. I've started to flake, and due to this, I've developed some anxiety. I know these are typical symptoms that ev
  17. Hi everyone! I'm from France and I began the regimen 2 days ago (due to the very looong delivery time! ) I have acne on cheeks mainly and I really hope it's gonna disappear ! So I have a question for people who did the regimen! (I'm not sure that this sentence make sense aha) - When does your skin became red ? (Because mine is not (yet?)) If you have questions, be sure I will answer here! Also you can find my daily reviews on my Acne.org blog (In French & English) here:Bye !
  18. Hello Commuity, Fist I would like to say, thankyou for giving me the opportunity to express my concerns and the time people take to review my post. >I am posting because I would like to reduce my scarring with the "Dermaroller" and other home remedies. >I would like to know which type of derma roller to use for my type of scarring(size) & For how long? > What type of "vitamins and medication" should be used with the type of scars I am presenting? -I am able to buy fr
  19. Hey guys, I have been suffering from light acne for about two years not, and have gone on almost every pill/cleanser/face wash combination on the market from light to high concentration. My dermatologist, with nothing else to prescribe me, suggested Accutane. I have a couple questions. First, what was your experience like on it? I have heard the horror stories about people who have awful experiences from it, but also positive experiences. Finally, I know you aren't supposed to drink on it,
  20. Let's have a chat, shall we? I find that people in my life don't care about skincare, at all. I care a lot. Skincare products are my addiction, I always want to try new things, and I do have very acne prone skin, so keep that in mind when I'm talking about things, this is Acne.org, so really every topic on this forum should be devoted to acne prevention. Acne is the only thing that has driven my interest in skincare, and sparked my desire to strive for better skin, more efficiently. I wa
  21. Currently I am about 2 weeks into my 40 mg 2x per day accutane course. Before I started, I got a small pimple under the skin that only seemed to inflame for about 2 days, then nearly went away for good. A week after I started accutane, it began to come back, by yesterday, it was a inflamed red pustule on my cheek. It was very bothersome today, as it hurt when I talked, so I found the most sensitive part on the end and gently pricked it, which released some pressure as (sorry for this) some dark
  22. Today is day 8 for me, and I haven't noticed much. Some people made it seem like side effects would be immediate and severe, so I am relieved...but at the same time, I kind of wish I'd get some, so I would know it was working! After just 2-3 days, my mom commented that my skin looked better! But I think that's just because I've been moisturizing so well. Speaking of that, I might be overdoing it :s I was so afraid I'd just wake up one morning, totally red and flakey, that I started with the heav
  23. Hello. I am new here and I created an account to see if I could get some advice from people with experience with acne similar to mine. In the past, my acne wasn't as severe in the pictures (seen below) but it still bothered me then. Back then, my primary care doctor had me on birth control (Tri-Sprintec). I was on it twice. The first time was for 1 year, 26 days (12/20/2015 to 01/14/2017). The second time was 9 months, 8 days (2/12/2017 to 11/19/2017). It did help my acne then but over time
  24. Ohhlala! I knew to expect dry lips and eyes, but I will definitely be searching for some eye drops... I haven't worn my contacts because they are drying too. I think it could partially be from the beginning of my first Nova Scotian winter. I'm used to a more moist climate without wind, so combined with the accutane side effects, I'm in for a treat! I have also taken to carrying a water bottle with me wherever I go - seems that I am drying up from the inside out. This is probably a lifestyl
  25. Hi there, I'm not sure how this works, it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how to create this post LOL But I just made this account in hopes that someone will help me I wondering about retin-a My whole forehead is covered with acne, also smal little bumps EVERYWHERE. ALSO, the middle of my cheeks on both sides (close to my nose) are COVEREED with bumps. They are cannot be popped, and it's literally like a patch of clogged pores/close comdones I think that's what they are called?