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Found 30 results

  1. For example when I was in high school I wanted to kill everyone who bullied me for it. I also use to punch and break things because of how it wrecked my life. Now a few years later I still have violent thoughts in general because of it and constant anger.
  2. What angers me most about acne is all the missed opportunities it caused me to have during my teen years that I will never get back. I had no friends and never did anything exciting as a teen because I lived in isolation not by choice. I'm 21 now and have pretty much clear skin and I feel like I'm years behind everyone else because it socially stunted me and it's hard to start a social life from scratch as you get older.
  3. Hi, I had a smallish pustule on my chin last week, I stupidly popped it too early and it swelled to a phenomenal size. It scabbed over, the inflammation went down gradually, and I left the scab to fall off by itself to reveal a head underneath. I went and popped it easily yet it swelled again, and two days later it is still the same size and is even more red - inflammation from popping a pimple too early has never lasted this long in the past for me, so I am really panicking that this will go
  4. Last morning they were just (3)red bumps. I applied BP 5% on it. In the afternoon, I washed my face with cetaphil cleanser, pat dry and applied BP 5% on them again. I started to feel the swelling and irritation so I decided to place some ice wrapped with towel on those pustules/pimples around 5minutes each. For about 30minutes. and now the swelling, redness and irritation wouldn't stop. it hurts so bad that I could feel it very tender. I would see the core white stuff inside the pimple.
  5. How Long Does It Take for a Pimple to Form?

    Scientists believe that for main factors contribute to acne development: Inflammation - inflammatory molecules in the skin start off the whole chain of events Skin cell overgrowth - skin cells overgrow, causing a clogged pore Skin oil (sebum) - skin oil gets trapped in a clogged pore Acne bacteria - acne bacteria overgrows in the clogged skin oil1-4 However, researchers have been unable to conduct studies which can accurately observe the timing of each of these four factors because they...
  6. The Role of Inflammation in the Development of Acne

    The Role of Inflammation in the Development of Acne There are two major theories of acne formation. The newer theory points to inflammation as the main factor in acne development. The more we learn, the more this theory asserts itself. The traditional theory contends that inflammation plays a much less important role. The more we learn, the more outdated this theory becomes. Research in recent years has led to more scientific support for the newer theory, and to the...
  7. Hi all, Sometimes when my acne flares up and I wash my face, the whitehead or root of the acne rises to the surface and sometimes grows. In some cases, after washing my face, the whitehead or root will fall out of the spot leaving a hole in my face. I wondered whether anyone had any tips on what I should do about this, whether it be applying a topical cream or just leaving it to heal. It’s like when you squeeze a spot but I don’t squeeze them, the root of the spots come out naturally and I’m w
  8. Acne is such a cruel and underrated disease and I'll never understood why we never get sympathy but people with other diseases do. Besides that I've been alone since around 14 and i'm 22 now. Acne just wrecked my teen years and after two courses of Accutane its finally gone minus some redness. How am I suppose to salvage a social life at this point. I have major trust issues because everyone avoided me in school because of my face. No one at this age seems open to making new friends anyway.
  9. Hello! Never kept a log before but it seems like I finally have a discipline to do one. The pimples hurt and I'm aiming to clear this before I have to go to work next year and actually wear make-up (Would like to go as minimally without as possible), Also don't really want to e put on accutane if it can be helped. Background: Acne is mostly on forehead and on the chin area. I've had the same ongoing problem since 15 but it has recently flared up with a vengeance after calming down between the
  10. Serious question, I'm 21 and have zero experience with girls never even kissed one and this is all due to acne. Girls ignored me and thought I was grotesque in high school because of it and now I feel behind everyone else in the dating/sex scene and I barely have a social life as it is. Acne screwed me over hard when I was 14-16 now I'm clear but crippled if that makes sense. Anyways every girl already has a bf so getting a gf at this point is impossible. The only thing going for me right now is
  11. I'm on my 5th day on acnetrex and my face is suddenly covered with pustules. I'm not sure if this is normal coz i never had this much pustules. It's so ugly. Please anyone who experience the same thing I'm going through right now. I scheduled an appointment with my doctor tomorrow which mean I'm going to miss work again. I can't go to work like this.
  12. What Is Pyoderma Faciale?

    Definition Incidence Causes Symptoms Pyoderma Faciale vs. Other Severe Forms of Acne Treatment Summary Definition Pyoderma faciale, also known as rosacea fulminans, is a rare, severe form of acne occurring exclusively in females. Pyoderma faciale falls under the umbrella term nodulocystic acne, which is used to refer to any type of acne that features, but is not necessarily limited to, large, red, painful acne lesions called nodules and/or cysts. The disease presents numerous merging nodules and/or cysts on the face accompanied by intense...
  13. Everything You Need to Know About Benzoyl Peroxide

    What Is Benzoyl Peroxide? How Benzoyl Peroxide Helps Clear Acne How Effective Is Benzoyl Peroxide at Clearing Acne? Side Effects of Benzoyl Peroxide Benzoyl Peroxide Can Prevent Antibiotic Resistance What Is Benzoyl Peroxide? Benzoyl peroxide is a white, grainy/powdery substance that has been used in several industries since the early 20th century. The first time benzoyl peroxide was used as a medication was in 1905, when it was used as an antiseptic treatment for wounds. After this, it...
  14. What Is Acne?

    Acne is a chronic inflammatory skin disease that starts after the onset of puberty when hormones increase. These hormones initiate to the production of skin oil, which is necessary for acne to form. Acne can occur on any part of the body that has pores, which are tiny hair follicles. All parts of the body except the palms of the hands and soles of the feet have pores. However, we see acne mostly on the face...
  15. What Is an Acne Pustule?

    Pustules are small, slightly elevated, red, sore bumps with a white or yellow pus-filled center, commonly found on the face, neck, back, chest, shoulders, and upper arms. They are more commonly known as "pimples" or "zits." After a couple of days on the skin, a pustule will release its pus and begin the healing process. Most pustules do not leave scars. Around 85% of all individuals between the ages of 12 and 24 years will develop acne,...
  16. Yesterday afternoon, I had my first Dermapen session with a trained professional. She used a 1.5mm needle and put Proderm Hydrogel on my skin after the treatment. Yesterday was as expected: my face was red and a bit sore, nothing out of the ordinary. I was washing my face with tepid water and reapplying the gel every two hours as directed. This morning, however, was another story. I woke up to find my face covered in tiny white pustules, like whiteheads! It's so awful; it looks horrific and i
  17. Hi all, So for the past year or so I've been getting this stubborn pustular acne that doesn't respond to Benzoyl Peroxide very well. Ever since I started getting it, I've been applying Dan's BP generously at night, but so far I have never really succeeded at being 100% clear. The acne is extremely painful / tender, and rapidly develops into a pus-filled head. The head either dries up, or bursts (oftentimes I've been squeezing these pimples myself, because it's unprofessional to walk around wi
  18. Salicylic Acid

    How Does Salicylic Acid Help Treat Acne? What Does the Research Say About Salicylic Acid in Acne Treatment? Side Effects and Toxicity Salicylic acid is a compound derived from the bark of the willow tree, though the version used in modern medicine is synthesized in laboratories. It has medicinal qualities, including the treatment of acne and pain relief. In fact, a chemical variation of salicylic acid, called acetylsalicylic acid, is the active ingredient in aspirin.1 People...
  19. Hi everyone! I've been a lurker of these boards on and off over the years looking for help (and encouragement) at various points on my acne rollercoaster ride. This is my first time posting on these boards and reaching out directly for help. My skin has never looked worse in my 10 year battle with acne. I suspect that stress is a MAJOR trigger for me because the worst of my flare-ups occur during periods of transition or change in my life (going to college, graduating college, starting a new j
  20. I drive myself insane every night wondering at normal people are doing. That means everyone with clear skin. They all get to go out and date and have fun and I have to be locked inside against my will because of how I look.
  21. What Is Acne - An In-depth Look

    The Sebaceous Follicle What Causes a Clogged Pore Early Stages in Clogged Pore Development How Inflammation Is Involved in the Early Stages of Acne Formation of Non-inflammatory Acne Lesions: Microcomedones and Comedones Formation of Inflammatory Acne Lesions: Papules and Pustules Severe Acne This article will take a deep dive into how acne is formed. If you prefer a simpler explanation, see our What Is Acne page. The Sebaceous Follicle Acne formation begins in the pores of the skin,...
  22. I've been using the regimen for a couple of weeks now, after switching off of Proactiv. I'm using a gentle foaming cleanser, Proactiv 2.5% BP, and the Proactiv green tea moisturizer. I find that my skin is less irritated in general, however I am now getting sudden pustules on my face. They are large and white/yellow and look like they're about to burst. They form very quickly as well. I'll wake up in the morning with a seemingly clear face and by the end of the day I'll have 4-5 well sized pustu
  23. I am a male. My ethnicity is South Asian (East Indian). My skin color is light brown (winter) to medium brown (when tanned in summer). I would probably be a type 4 on the fitzpatrick scale. When I was approximately 17, I got 4 really large pustules on the tip of my nose and on the side. The pustules were red, large, and took a long time to subside. Blood came out of them and a lot of pus came out of them as well. 2 pustules were on the tip of my nose, and 2 were on the right side
  24. As the title suggests, it is my second course of Isotretinoin and I just entered my 3rd month with a 20mg/day for 5 days a week dosage. 3days ago I got a small bumpy pustule (I think its that) under my eye and as you know I am very self conscious about it. It gets a bit whiter everyday but I just want it gone ASAP. Will Isotretinoin just take care of it? Can I use BP (Epiduo) or Betnovate (corticosteroid cream) to spot treat it and kill it faster? PS: My dermatologist is overseas so
  25. Turning 22 next month and still have never kissed a girl or done anything for that matter. The thing is my skin is clear but my confidence is shot from the good 4 years I had severe acne. I just feel so inexperienced at this point that there is no reason to try. 15 year olds have more experience than me.