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Found 1,000 results

  1. Hey everyone In the center of my chin are tiny, raised white bumps...I'm guessing whiteheads. However, they are only visible if I bite my bottom lip to stretch the skin, hence they honestly don't bother me since I don't go around pulling back my lip like that, haha. However, one and awhile the whitehead gets inflamed and becomes a nice, pus-filled pimple. Right now I can see a light red spot, where one of the whiteheads is now semi-visible to the outside eye. I noticed this yesterday morning
  2. prmiller

    Pimple on/in lip?

    Yesterday I noticed a little bump near the edge of my upper lip. Today the center of my upper lip is swollen and has become pus filled. I'm wondering if that can be caused by a pimple, or if that is the domain of cold sores?
  3. Hi, I'm 29 yrs old and recently, I've been experienced these strange breakouts on my face, behind my ears, neck and upper chest area, sometimes all at the same time, sometimes at different times. These look like pustules, very small whiteheads, sometimes surrounded by a red narrow ring, sometimes not. They sort of look like milia. They don't hurt, aren't tender or painful to the touch but they sometimes itch. They appear in clusters and skin appears oily only in the T-zone area. The pustules
  4. hey guys. im pretty new here, and i was wondering what are the steps i need to take to correctly and safely pop those pimples that are red around the base and have a big white "bubble" of puss or whatever at the top. hey look like mini-volcanos. I beleive the correct term is whitehead, and theyre the only type of acne i get and usually there pretty big. i hate having those massive white volcanos on my face, and need to pop them, but am unsure of the correct way to do it so i dont get scars or
  5. A little argument with the girls in my school. I play lacrosse and were deffinately hotter. Baeball players are pussys (just kiddin', but we are tougher) So ladies, who's hotter and why?
  6. Hi i know popping whiteheads or any pimple isnt good for your skin. But I have acne around my mouth and chin. I found that when the whitehead is ready to pop that if i press with my tongue or push with my finger on the inside of my mouth where the pimple is on the outside they pop and all the puss comes out. Do u think this is better way of popping the ones that are ready to be poped and are around my mouth.
  7. Larry Lester

    Neverending Pimple

    Ok, I have had a pimple just below my right shoulder blade on my back for about 3-4 years now. I cant even remember how long. Anyway, it is not red and not noticable unless you run your fingers over it. I used to be able to squeeze it and long stringy puss would come out forever. The bump would go down and then a few weeks later it would come back. Now I cant even get anything to come out anymore no matter how hard I squeeze. Anyone?
  8. thenry


    I had this pimple over christmas, a small white bump ( cant notice it much). And stupid me i decide to pop it. THis thing becomes 20x bigger from the squeezing and i'm left with a big ol mark on my cheek. So i decide to leave it and it slowly healed but i could still see puss underneath it. Just yesterday (its still around after over 1 1/2 months) i wanted to pop this shit out of it so it gets offa my cheek lol. So i squeeze and this cheesy stuff starts coming out then i see a hair! lol com
  9. i get about 1 pustule per 1-2 weeks and maybe 4-5 small whiteheads per week. Is this mild or moderate or mild-moderate acne?
  10. Hi i hope someone here can help me, im a girl and old and have had a problem with spots for a few years now. I'd say i have moderate acne i dont have really big sore spots just anoying little ones all over my face. They really damage my self-asteem i feel ugly all the time and shy. I have lots of my forehead, on my nose, chin, both sides of my eyes and bad on my cheeks and some on the bottom of my face. I've had loads of different creams from the doctor but nothing works to clear it up. The li
  11. wadsthepointofliving


    okay im on accutane and i picked at this HUGE pustule whitehead (it must have been 10 clumped together) and now i have this huge indented redmark that bled.should i just let it scab up and dry or apply clean and clear moisturiser with 0.5%saliyic acid? HELP I DONT WANT IT TO SCAR
  12. As a long time(17+) yrs sufferer of this disease, am still looking for a decent treatment Was wondering if anyone else had this problem. The only acne I get is which develops into pustules and unless I pop it or it pops it by itself it stays on my face. It doesnt matter if I spot treat it with BP 10%. BP has never helped me on the new acne. The only time it helps is once I pop it and the whole crap drains out then BP helps dry it out faster. Over the years I have tried so many different t
  13. Hey guys I have on my upper cheek what I am unsure of is a cyst, nodule, or just a pustule. It slightly inflamed, white, about 1-2mm across, i popped it and it will be gone in about 4 days (I've had these before). I am unsure if this is a cyst or nodule, or just a pustule. It doesn't hurt or anything and it goes away very quickly.
  14. Hy i am now on Ciscutan (a generica of Roa) since 6 1/2 months. the first 4 months i took 30mg a day and now i am on 20mg a day... my skin got cleaned totally after 5 or 6 weeks, pretty early... i was very happy about that fact, cuz i had acne for 6 years and nothing stopped it. In 2 months i am getting 21 and i am still on Iso but 2 days ago i waked up and saw that i have 2 very big spots (5 and 3 mm in diameter) right down the bottom lip. How can this be possible while taking Roa? Isn´t Roa s
  15. sweetgirl82323


    I am so upset right now. Ok I've always had acne problems, but for like the past 5 months it has been worse. I started to the dip thing and it seemed help a lot but once i started using a gentle cleanser again, I some how got like 5 new zits in like 2 freaking days! For a while ive had this rash type looking mess on my cheeks which has got better but still some there. I used proactiv solution for years and that probably ruined my skin. I have sensitive skin anyways. So listen to what these blemi
  16. I was just wondering if stuff like laying on one side of your face on your pillow could worsen your acne on that side? Are things like that possible? I have really sensitive and prone skin that often is really irritated. I get loads of redness on my neck and my cheeks, and hard whiteheads/pustules that get really hard and leave scars even when I don't pop them. I also get these nodule looking things... 1. So this is my main question, can these daily irritational things like pillows, long hair e
  17. member123456

    please please help!

    i used to tolerate bp pretty well but since starting birth control my skin has become MUCH more sensitive and i just now realized this, after it is somewhat too late. i only use bp in 10% strength as a spot treatment and it usually goes fine, but i must have over applied bc now this area on my chin/cheek next to my mouth has become very upset! it got rid of the cluster of zits i had but my skin became very very dry then it got very red and raw, and it continuously peels. i have been nursing it w
  18. To start things off, I don't really have a lot of acne, but it seems that everytime i get one, its never the swelling red ones that go away scarless, its always the one with a white tip, the ones with puss, typical for popping... why does this happen? that they always turn into these? And secondly, ive notice that i get a lot of puss of my face, their not like pimples or anything, just puss behind a very thin layer of skin. Usually when i pop these, I dont get scars, and it has very minimal ble
  19. You know those really, really deep spots, which barely show on the surface at all, apart from minimal redness... but if you press them, you can feel a huge swelling of pus? I was wondering how to get rid of them, because I've realised that all the good chemicals like Benzoyl Peroxide can't actually reach them. How can you try to get rid of the blemish? I mean, are there any AHAs, BHAs or antibiotics, for example, which could open up the pore and allow the BP to kill the bacteria?
  20. Okay, I felt this bump on my forhead yesterday an dI thought I might have hit myslef really hard with the blow dryer enough to leave a bump... but as the day went on it got bigger and harder... I went into the bathrrom at work to feel it so I could see what it was... and it literally felt like a marble under my skin... I pushed on it hoping it was a bump from my hair dryer.... And I kept pushing on it throughout the day... probaably a BAD I dea. Anyway I woke up this morning and the bump had gro
  21. i hate acne

    what is this?

    it started off small, but nowit randomly got big, not cyst size, but a big red lump on my face, it doesnt hurt, and has no pus in it, it is just there... any advice on what it could be?
  22. whats up everyone.. I have minor acne just a few pustules.. red at the base comes to a head of white pus.. like i said its minor.. but annoying... Ive bee ndoing research for years on this but I cant seem to cure this problem.. I am using dans regime now and its clearing me up good.. but I still manage to have a few pustules.. any suggestions..?
  23. sickofacne113

    Chin Acne. someone help me

    I have had some VERY stubborn chin acne for 10 months now. I have used probably 20 different moisteurizers and medicine and it is still no better. It consists of blackheads, pustles, and the occasional small cyst. It has been a continuous cycle for the last 10 months. I will get my chin nearly clear for about 2 weeks, then I will get a whole new group of pustles. Then I clear it, then more pustles, it is a continuous cycle. The acne is only on my chin, it never spreads to my face {the rest of
  24. I have mild- moderate inflamed acne... I have 3-4 pimples (pustules) forming and I want to know how I can stop them... It seems like they have come to a partial head (small spot of whiteness at the tops) and they seem swollen and pretty inflamed (somewhat painful) Any help on how to stop them from getting worse will be greatly appriciated... Thanks
  25. ClaraLoassa

    Two questions! :)

    1. If you have a pustule, are you SUPPOSED to pop it? Does that make it heal quicker, or do you just wait for the BP to slowly work? 2. Does BP work good as a preventative treatment? Once your face is clear, DK says to still put BP on your face...does it really work to prevent new pimples? Thanks!