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Found 500 results

  1. Please help me. My skin is oily for the most part. How do I get rid of these bumps and prevent them from growing back??? Any help is appreciated
  2. So, I'm trying to figure out what's in my pores so I can maybe figure out what's going on with my skin. I have these flesh-colored bumps alllll over my face that NEVER go away and make my skin feel like sandpaper. Exfoliating doesn't work, steaming my face doesn't work, nothing seems to work! I can actually squeeze out what's in them, usually. I put my finger nail on one side of the bump and push straight down into my skin, and the force of my nail going down pushes what's IN it OUT. It
  3. My doctor gave me prednisone and doxycycline for a facial rash (flesh-colored bumps all over my face, no acne at first, then redness, then the bumps progressively turned into pustules) that came on very suddenly and turned into pustules, scabs, and facial redness that looks like I used a harsh chemical peel. I was on the prednisone for 6 days, and have been on the antibiotics for about 2.5 weeks and I've developed pustules around my mouth really bad, makes me think of perioral dermatitis or
  4. so, i suppose i should start by explaining that i've been receiving injections of testostorone for about a year and a half now, and i never had really bad acne until about six months ago. after i started the testostorone, i got some pretty nasty zit breakouts, but now.. well, my pores are huge, i guess. my face is pretty much covered in whiteheads, especially around my chin, jawline, and neck. most of them are from hair follicles. i have a few large zits. i currently have a very large, painful
  5. Guest

    Closed Comedones

    I was prescribed Differin for my closed comedones. I am currently on week 10 of differin.. DAMN the IB was horrible.. worst skin in my life, but the cystic/inflammed acne stopped. Now i'm still stuck witht he closed comedones and PIH.. Just wondering had anyone used differin for closed comedones? does it push the stuff out resulting in more comedones temporarily?? cuz i feel like i have more.. and i promised NO MORE PICKING so the comedones are getting big.. any recommendation.
  6. Last year this time, i notice these small bumps on my cheek areas.. so went to the doc in jan. and was prescribed differin.. and lets say.. that was the worst mistake i ever made.. i had the worse acne i ever had in my life. seriously i do not over-exaggerate.. anyways, the doc said.. go on accutane.. and i said F**K THAT. so i just been using 10% bp face wash and it has worked.. no more inflammed, no more pustules/papules, pimples, pus, ETC ETC ETC.. so yea big mistake to go on differi
  7. i use the rapid clear collection from neutrogena. i have combo skin. is it good if a small pimple turns into a pus filled one the next morning. what shd i do w it just leave it?
  8. hello acne.org-ers! i start this post with an aim to make this thread a complete source of information - daily definitions,causes,prevention,treatment and more , on whiteheads. "whiteheads" although ideally defines as non-inflammed clogged pores seem to us(varied experiences that we face which doesn't always match with the textual references) as small zits with a tiny pus-filled heads,a small bump with pus,raised skin with a small head or just a white tiny head out of nowhere! i mean to ad
  9. Hi everyone, I haven't posted for a long time but this past year, I've been having a lot of problems with these tiny bumps that keep forming on my forehead, cheeks, and on the sides of my face. Right now, I have the most on the side of my face. I have done many research on these bumps on acne.org and other websites and I have yet to find an exact description of the symptoms so I decided to start my own post. So these bumps I've been having, they show a lot when direct sunlight hits it and I
  10. Hello Acne.org, For a long time now I've been struggling with acne, as most of us here are. It started once puberty kicked in, and now here I am, 17, about to be 18 in March 25th. Most of my pustules and whathaveyou don't appear anymore and my main problem now is blackheads, and the occasional pustules that I become oh so tempted to squeeze, which then of course turn into blemishes that seem to last forever. Forever being around 2 to 3 weeks. But its annoying. I want to put a stop to it. But
  11. For the past year or so I've been getting some really painful acne around the moustache area and nose, which look a lot like whiteheads. When they first start developing, you can't see them unless you're really close but you can feel a very small bump with very slight pain. After this, a whitehead starts forming, then, it starts getting bigger until a whitehead has completely formed. They usually last 2-5 days, but I get them constantly (so much that it looks like I constantly have a cold from t
  12. I've had some big cysts and pustules, deep under the skin, that have left NO scars or hyperpigmentation whatsoever. The whiteheads I get are small and they scab over, and they always leave dark little pinprick-sized spots of hyperpigmentation. I don't get it. For example, a few weeks ago I got a pustule on my left cheek. It seemed pretty deep, there was no head.. it hurt quite a bit. I left it alone for a few days and there still wasn't a head. I tried popping it, first blood came out, then
  13. Hi, I am a 26 yo. Male. Last night I noticed where my nose and face intersect, it was a little tiny bit red. When I touched it, I could feel almost like a bubble under the skin which I assumed was pus. So I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed it was a bit more red in appearance and I could still feel the bubble with my finger so I decided to put some toothpaste on the area and I went back to bed. I know some people say not to use toothpaste, and others say toothpaste works good. I hav
  14. Hi all, A little bit about my "regimen": - I've been on Differin for 3.5 months - I've been on Doxy for 1 month - I now use Aveeno's Daily Moisturizing Lotion (switched from Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream a week ago, before from Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion with SPF 15 several weeks prior) - I cleanse with Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Before I started this regimine my acne was on and off for several years. I would be clear for a few months, then have acne for a few months. It would mostly b
  15. Hi guys, I had some small lumps on the face which is not painful but doesnt seems like going away. The lumps are left over by the pustules previously. Any remedy for it?
  16. I stopped Dan's regimen after about 4 years because my skin became allergic/highly irritated by BP. Immediately after I began taking trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole. After about 3 weeks on Septra, I have no major pimples (pustules or cysts). Instead, literally dozens of small papules have appeared in the T-section of my face (high cheek area, forehead, and nose). This is extraordinarily unusual for me. I've never gotten a plethora of small pimples, just get a few large postules or worse. Has
  17. Alright, so I usually just get the garden variety type zits, small and red.. sometimes have a white head, black heads are rare. But... everynow and then I'll get a huge red bump. Extremely painful, whole area around it becomes red and elevated. I think it's cystic acne but I wouldn't consider my acne severe because I only get one of these every once in a while. So, one of those lovely things popped up overnight, and I tried putting a pea sized amount of acne med right on it (my usually response
  18. Hey, i am a female 21 years old. I have been getting red inflamed acne on the side of my cheeks vertically only..and small pimples on my chin. The inflamed acne will have pus then heal within a week or two nicely, to the point where it is completely flat. But will leave a little brown mark. But then it will reoccur at the same spot or near it within the next few days or week. This all started in the middle of March 2011. I had clear skin before this. My derm gave me solodyn but it didnt help,
  19. I'm new to this site so I apologise if this post is in the wrong place I've been suffering from moderate acne since I was about 11, 6 years on and it's getting worse with age rather than better. I suffer from pus-filled spots near enough every other day (gross, sorry) and I have large bumps under the skin constantly where new spots are forming. I have terrible blackheads on my chin and nose, and a couple of whiteheads. My problem is mostly my chin and nose. My forehead is completely fine, wit
  20. Is it true that most pustules and papules do not scar (if you do not pick at them)? According to my dermatologist, unless you have severe acne, chances of scarring from pustular acne is quite low, unless you pop it.
  21. I had a pimple on my cheek, near my mouth. It had a slight whitehead, so I put warm compresses on it and squeezed it. Some pus came out, and it seemed like everything came out because clear liquid is all that comes out now. However, I still feel a bump there. Does that mean that not all of the pus is out? Or does this simply happen after popping? Any help?
  22. I had a clogged pore that looked like a flat, underground zit for quite some time and just recently it has came to a head. I have been applying BP in the morning and Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask at night to try and spot treat it. It isn't really pus-filled anymore, but there is a small zit underneath that I can see. I'm hoping it will dry up with my treatments, I've had one just like it before, and it ran it's course in just under a week, so i'm really hoping this timing works out. I was j
  23. How bad is my acne? Most of what's in that picture is just red marks of a bad breakout (worst in a while) I had about a week ago. I've had it since I was like 15, I just turned 20. I've basically used Dan's regimen since I first had it, but haven't used his products. I've tried Proactive, Acne Free, Salicylic acid, I've also tried doing nothing at all, thought I was the cause, and I still broke out just the same as if I did something. Also tried Differin. Never been to a derm, although I'm cont
  24. Hey everyone, I'm new to the community ! I live in Canada and getting an appointment at the derm's office can take several months since it's free ! So I've got to make the most of my first visit, get the most information possible and hopefully walk out with a prescription of some sort ! I've got Moderate to mild acne (little small bumps on forehead, some pimples on my chin when I'm getting my period and some a bit on my cheeks) I tried A LOT of topical creams and stuff from the drugstore and th
  25. Hi guys, I just wondered if anyone here has experienced success in getting treatment for moderate acne on the NHS, or even managed to get a GP referral to a specialist dermatologist? I am also wondering if anyone else can recommend any home over the counter treatments? I'm currently taking oral erythomycin twice a day, using huge amounts of quinoderm 10% benzoyl peroxide cream AND DUAC gel on my face (which contains both Clindamycin and benzoyl peroxide) - This is having little to no effect