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Found 114 results

  1. I've been using tretinoin for over 8 months now and have gone through my purge phase already. However, I was in Florida for a week and took a break from using it. If I start back up, will I purge again? How long of a break can you take without having to go through the purging phase again?
  2. Today was Day 20 on Spiro (75 mg), Benzoyl Peroxide face wash (PanOxyl 4%), and Atralin gel, aka topical retinoid (0.05%)! Overall, things are improving My face is doing so, so much better. The pink mark on my left cheek from that stubborn zit is fading and healing. There's a small pink mark on my right cheek that's fading. And there's a bit of a red mark healing on my lower chin/jaw from a pore that purged an acne seed yesterday. Right now, my complexion looks so much better! It's mor
  3. I’ve been using African black soap for a month now too. When can I expect to see results if it works?
  4. Hey guys, I am currently SOOO frustrated. Here is some background: I never used to have acne not even as a teenager, im talking not even one pimpleeee (knock on wood). I had a pretty bad diet in college and I STILL didnt break out. I never even thought about acne lol I used to be happy haha Anyway, I started law school this year and idk if it's the stress or what not, I BREAK OUT LIKE CRAZY on my cheeks and chin. like my skin is so bumpy and frustrated. It is dry and flaky and large pores. It
  5. So I was almost clear, literally 2 pimples away. My usual 2% salicylic acid wasn't working, so I decided to try benzoyl peroxide. I had tried it before with 5% and it had no result so I got 10% this time. It got rid of the pimples I wanted it to, but now I'm breaking out in a bunch of tiny ones on the left side of my forehead! There are also ab few big ones that are almost the size of mosquito bites! School starts again in 3 days! How do I get rid of this??
  6. Hi, I am 26yo male. I have been using La Roche Posay Effeclar duo Benzyol Peroxide for a few years. Before starting the regimen, my acne was very mild. I had grown out of the worst of my teenage acne by that point. I guess I wanted perfection. For the past few years, using BP, my skin has been relatively clear, but I now have fine lines and sun damage due to the BP. So, a few months ago, I decided to quit BP cold turkey (not realizing that was a horrible idea). My skin has been getting worse and
  7. Hi I was wondering if anyone has experienced lots of tiny lil pimples all over cheeks and forhead 3rd week on accutane and how long did it take for those to go it didn't happen 2nd week it was clearer then. I have mild to moderate acne.
  8. So I was in Australia for three weeks on a rugby tour. However I did not take my normal proactive three step regimen (the new one with the toner) since my parents believe it to bleach sheets and they wouldn't want a billet families sheets bleached. However I did take some neutrogena applicants and a la Roche face wash. These did not clear my skin but my skin only worsened a little bit, except for my forehead and nose which began to clear on the trip. Though when I got back my skin really started
  9. Gday, A little background about me. I had pretty bad acne from about 2005-2011 when I was 14-20 and decided to go on accutane which cleared me up fully. I didn't get any bad breakouts except for the occasional one here and there until a few months ago, and my skin now looks almost as bad as when I started accutane. I have bad acne scars and every pimple I get now seems to leave a pitted scar no matter what I do. I've recently started a cocktail of vitamins to try and get rid of my
  10. Hello, I've just ordered this regimen and haven't received it yet in the mail but I'm really afraid of having an acne outburst from initially switching from one product line to another. Would anyone have any thoughts on whether this is actually something that I should be worried about?
  11. I've been off of retin a for about a month and a half now for various complicated reasons... Before stopping it, i had been using it for my teenage acne. When i stopped it i had mostly clear skin (just a few pimples between my eyebrows at the time i stopped). I had been using it for about 4 or 5 months at that point. If I were to go back to using it now, after the relatively short amount of time I've been off it, will i have to go through the purge process again, or would it at least be a less s
  12. hi! do whiteheads always purge into pustules before subsequently going away? or do they go on their own without a purge of any form? currently doing the water only regimen and my oiliness has most definitely gone down whilst i still have mild acne on my forehead. three weeks in now. my diet is good, i drink plenty of water, etc etc.. god for weeks my face felt slightly irritated though now im quite sure it's drying down. Help? :^) x
  13. Hi! Anyone here using the combination of epiduo and tetralysal? (300 mg x 2 a day) my acne is hormonal, since quitting the bc I've gotten mild to moderate acne. my main problem is clogged pores! They are everywhere! And I squeeze them out everytime because I can't stand them on my face. I also have regular pimples and sometimes cysts. so far I've been on tetralysal for two weeks, I started epiduo a little over a week ago. i haven't seen any improvements yet. My face is worse if anything.
  14. I am just wondering if what I am experiencing in infact the initail breakout on accutane. I am on day 12 and have tons of gross clogged pores around my "smile line" (the area between my nose and mouth). They are just small bumps, some are red and some are the color of my skin and a few are small white heads. I have never experienced anything like this. I am also breaking out in small bumps around the corners of my mouth and have gotten a few imflammed pimples on my cheek and chin (which is norma
  15. I have adult hormonal acne and have been on and off Monodox for four or five months, with interludes to take Bactrim (ugh) and now Doryx but Monodox eventually lost its efficacy. When it worked, I immediately noticed a decrease in inflammation/hypigmentation, the suppression of my usual cheek papules/cysts, but lots of little whiteheads on my chin. Then, after a month or so, for the first time in years, I had 80% clear, even-toned skin. It stopped working two weeks later (that is, ma
  16. Hi, I've been doing the oil cleanse method for 3 weeks now and I've noticed the acne on my forehead is getting worse and worse. I don't know if my skin is purging or if it is breaking out so I'm not sure whether to try something else or stick with it? But this is definitely the worst my acne has been. The acne on my cheeks does seem to be a little better though but my forehead is like 5X worse. I'm thinking of trying African Black Soap. Any advice? Should I carry on? Is this purging or are my po
  17. Hello I am 20 year old male experiencing very mild acne. I have about 4 active pimples most of the time, although they are the deep red ones that turn red and lurk forever on my skin. I also have an obsession with picking my skin, which in turn makes it worse. My derm prescribed me Ziana gel ( Clindymycin/ Tretinoin). I have used Green cream level 9 in the past, so irritation is not really a problem as my skin is used to retinol. It has been 1 week and 4 days since i have been using z
  18. I was using a honey and lemon juice mask and my skin seemed to be improving slowly. I added oatmeal to the mask because of the positive things people say about it. My skin has gotten worse since adding oatmeal. Not too much worse but I noticed it. I'm wondering if my skin just doesn't like oatmeal or if I'm going through a purging process? Has anyone dealt with this?
  19. Hi there. I've been on isotrex for just over a week now and I know that you are meant to peel during the progress. Anyways was wondering , in the morning does it matter if you peel it off or should I wait until I wash it off? Does it have any major effect if peel some of it of myself ?
  20. november13

    Day 3

    Day 3 of the same routine. Well, I guess a couple things have changed. I've stopped adding tea tree oil to my moisturizer. I bought some acne vitamins (acne.org reviews here). I took the first pack today. Oh, and I've unintentionally haven't had dairy in 2-3 days. My face is a little better today but there's a long way to go. Plus, anytime I think it's getting better, new pimples arrive so--not counting my chickens before they hatch or whatever. There are a lot of end-of-the-semester s
  21. Hi, does anybody know if one does purge during the initial stage of Nimegen consumption? I've been prescribed 10mg dosage and I'm currently eating it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It has only been nearly a month of consumption but I've been breaking out much more. Every 2 or more (usually blind but not painful) pimples will form even before my old ones heal up. I'm also using homemade mask (cinnamon + honey + egg) every night for the past 5 days and I would say it has significantly helpe
  22. So I just wanted to say a few things about these last 6 weeks that I've been on the regimen and what has worked for me. Starting in my 20's I was getting a few pimples here and there but they would always go away nicely and never left any PIH marks. The summer of this year I all of a sudden started to breakout A LOT. I had like 10 pimples on my face and 2-3 coming in over night and they would leave horrible red marks. I started the regimen 6 weeks ago with the Neutrogena On the Spot BP for
  23. Hello everyone! This entry will be about my Fabior Foam and Aczone journey so far. Ive been using the two products for about a month and a half now. I’ve gone through a horrible purge and am in the process of dealing with it. I’ll post a picture of what my skin started as, during its purge and what it looks like now. What I started with: December 2018 The purge: 3/14/2019 Today: 3/17/19 I started using the fabior and aczone combo sometime in late
  24. This marks the end of week 2 on nightly Tazorac .05% cream for my moderate acne, and so far...nothing. Had a little bit of what looked like a typical hormonal breakout. Otherwise, no peeling, redness, dryness, or purging. I have a lot of stubborn closed comedones on my chin that have been there for over a year, and those show no signs of surfacing. I was on Tretinoin cream for a week before starting Taz, and although I experienced peeling and dryness, I also saw that comedones starting to sur