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Found 58 results

  1. I've been using tretinoin for over 8 months now and have gone through my purge phase already. However, I was in Florida for a week and took a break from using it. If I start back up, will I purge again? How long of a break can you take without having to go through the purging phase again?
  2. Hey everyone! So I'm doing pretty good right now (knock on wood. knock on wood. knock on wood). Summary of weeks 1,2, and almost week 3: Week 1 - Drying out. Skin shedding its top layer. Starting to get small bumps/ more zits. Week 2 - INITIAL BREAKOUT. Happened to forehead first, then in different sections of my face. Broke out on forehead, nose, chin, then right cheek, then left cheek, then chin again a bit, then right jawline, now left jawline a bit. Tons of small bumps, more zits, a
  3. I’ve been using African black soap for a month now too. When can I expect to see results if it works?
  4. Hello, I have been using my BenzePro emollient foam (BP 5.3%) on my face every night to treat my mild adult acne since February, and it has been working very well. However, the last 4 nights I’ve been away from home and have come home late and have accidentally skipped my nightly treatment each time. On the box of the product, it says to take the missed dose as soon as you remember. My skin has only developed one pimple in the last 4 days, but I am worried that when I use it again my skin
  5. I have moderate but persistent acne, so my dermatologist prescribed me accutane (isotretinoin). For the first month I was on 40mg; the second, 60; and now currently, 80mg. The first and second month were fine--or must I say, tolerable? I had dry lips, skin, hair, and my lower back ached a little. My skin cleared up a lot, but I was still breaking out a bit. My derma suggested I go up a dose (80mg). I'm currently 20 days into this new dose. I was fine the first 10 days, my skin looked so good
  6. I've been off of retin a for about a month and a half now for various complicated reasons... Before stopping it, i had been using it for my teenage acne. When i stopped it i had mostly clear skin (just a few pimples between my eyebrows at the time i stopped). I had been using it for about 4 or 5 months at that point. If I were to go back to using it now, after the relatively short amount of time I've been off it, will i have to go through the purge process again, or would it at least be a less s
  7. I am starting my third week on the regimen. I have moderate acne. The first week everything began to improve, but now I have so many pimples that have come up to the surface. I even began breaking out on my forehead, which I nornally do not. My skin is very dry, but does not sting anymore after I apply the BP. Is this normal that i am breaking out worse on week 3? When should I expect improvement? Thank you!
  8. I was using a honey and lemon juice mask and my skin seemed to be improving slowly. I added oatmeal to the mask because of the positive things people say about it. My skin has gotten worse since adding oatmeal. Not too much worse but I noticed it. I'm wondering if my skin just doesn't like oatmeal or if I'm going through a purging process? Has anyone dealt with this?
  9. I'm just really bummed... My face is purging right now on my right cheek--upper, middle, and lower, chin, and starting to purge on my left cheek. I have 2 actives--one on my lower chin and one on my upper chin (inflamed red bump). The lower chin one looks like it'll come to a head tomorrow and purge/go away. I have a bunch of red marks on the right side of my face and a couple on the left. Looks like the left cheek will purge soon too... :/ Any encouragement/ similar experiences would
  10. Hey everyone! So quite a bit has happened over the past few days. THE AWFUL MISTAKE OF USING SALICYLIC ACID WITH BENZOYL PEROXIDE: A few days ago I made the horrible mistake of using Salicylic Acid toner while using my regimen that contains Benzoyl Peroxide. BAD idea. BAD, BAD, BAD idea. Even though I applied it to 2 zits on my chin using a Q-Tip, it literally burnt out my skin to the point where it felt like someone had numbed my chin! It was AWFUL! I was really worried (as I should h
  11. Sigh. I just can't seem to buck up today. I have one weird red bump-ish thing on my left cheek that doesn't want to go away. It's painful to touch, so I'm not even going to mess with it. I'm just going to try to forget it's there and apply concealer over it. My red mark on my forehead is healing (thank goodness). There's still a small red bump/clogged pore on my right cheek. I'm hoping that my regimen tonight will either make it turn into a whitehead and go away, or dry it up. Otherwise
  12. Hello, I’m using Epiduo gel for 6 weeks and 2 days ago. My acne localisated on my cheeks and in the bottom of my cheeks. The first week I Had a little breakout of 4 big pimples. The second week it was okay, I had few new pimples but they were little. Then since the third week I’m breaking out as no possible, I have everyday few red pimples which get white in one day or two but the purge/breakout don’t stop. I wear everyday sunscreen in order to avoid my hyperpigmentation to be dark. I have a l
  13. Hello everyone! This entry will be about my Fabior Foam and Aczone journey so far. Ive been using the two products for about a month and a half now. I’ve gone through a horrible purge and am in the process of dealing with it. I’ll post a picture of what my skin started as, during its purge and what it looks like now. What I started with: December 2018 The purge: 3/14/2019 Today: 3/17/19 I started using the fabior and aczone combo sometime in late
  14. Going into my second week on the regimen . I am starting to purge which I know is normal but also the acne is a bit painful . I can feel it when I speak and move my jaw. Is this normal? Is this part of purging? How long does purging last? Please anyone.
  15. Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone's been through this before. I had moderate acne for years during my teen years and was sick and tired of it when I turned 20, so I went to the dermatologist and she recommended Obagi. It worked really well for my skin! Then after three months, she told me to move to Jan Marini, steps 1 (cleanser) and step 3 (lotion). I started using it and as soon as I began the routine, I began to get really bad breakouts around my chin area. I googled it and found this stage
  16. I've just started a course of Epiduo (adapalene .1%), and I can say that I have definitely seen an increase in active acne. Nonetheless, I will keep going for the sake of clear skin. I'd love to hear your experiences with Retinoids and the purges that come along with using them. How long does it last and what biological mechanism makes it happen?
  17. I was prescribed tazorac i want to say....almost 4 months ago? Since most of the acne was on the left side of my face that's where I smeared and oh man did it make me purge. Although that purge is gone now, i had some bumps on my right side and I feel like i overspread the cream and now I have tons of small bumps I didn't have before. I know that tazorac creates results but jesus....im just so done with all this purging not only does it look gross and feel painful but some of the bumps get s
  18. My doctor said this wouldn't cause a purge but one area of my cheek has completely erupted in tiny whiteheads. A few are quite painful. I don't want to stop using it as I can tell it is clearing up the rest of my face but I'm unsure why it is purging just one area of my face. Did anyone else experience this? How long did it last before that cleared up too?
  19. Background - recently my skins been going haywire, a combo of stress (which leads to picking), hot weather, and a distrupted regime left my skin the worst it had been in a long while. With the introduction of a mild cleanser, its calmed down massively, yet when i washed my face, I could feel the clogged pores on my forehead, around my mouth/smile lines was the same. These don't typically bother me but occasionally one will turn into a full blown pimple, which lasts for a week. Hell no. So I've d
  20. Hey guys. I started the AHA+ about a week ago (pea sized amount - it goes a long way seems like). After about a week of using it, I noticed a few bumps developing top of my forehead, and the crevices on the sides of my nose (nostrils too), I usually don't break out much in those areas so I'm thinking it's a purge. But then again, I am not 100% sure because around the same time I began AHA, it was my time of month, and I usually get a few hormonal spots. Anyway, I gave myself a 3 day break from A
  21. Hi everyone, I really need some advice from people on this board. I am completely lost and do not know what to do, and the acne is affecting my social and work life (as I need to present a lot!). Background: Male, 31 years old. Since my early 20s I have had pretty much clear skin with a pimple occasionally due to a big night out or a messed up diet for that week. But generally I had great skin that got complimented a lot, and I hardly used any products if any at all. I am relative hea
  22. Hi, does anybody know if one does purge during the initial stage of Nimegen consumption? I've been prescribed 10mg dosage and I'm currently eating it every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.It has only been nearly a month of consumption but I've been breaking out much more. Every 2 or more (usually blind but not painful) pimples will form even before my old ones heal up. I'm also using homemade mask (cinnamon + honey + egg) every night for the 1 week and I would say it has significantly helped with t
  23. So recently I had a major breakout on my cheeks, it lasted about 3 weeks and now its starting to die down, obviously the pigmentation is still there but it seems to be getting better. Initially I had no hope so I made an appointment with a dermatologist, my insurance doesn't cover anything so I had to pay $150 out of pocket for the visit and $91 for the prescriptions (discounted because I was paying myself). Not to mention I had to wait 2 grueling weeks for the appointment. I was prescribed clin