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Found 18 results

  1. It's hard to go anything in life alone. But when YOU are the reason for this predicament, loneliness is second to guilt. I believed that my disfigured face was the catalyst for people writing me off; but oh, how wrong I've been. When you focus on all of the bad, the negative, the ugly in life, including the way you appear, you become consumed by those things. You become the people that told you that you were less. You become the people that see only the shallow reflection of a person's s
  2. Does anyone else experience a warped mental perception of their skin? I feel the amount of over analysing, pore scanning and obsessing that I have done over the last few years has done some damage to my mental image of myself. Even when I am having a relatively good skin day, when I imagine myself and how I look - I see my skin as red, scarred and disgusting. I think learning to self-love is a really important step in healing from the psychological effects of acne, but sometimes that can be
  3. Hi everyone, I used to visit this site all the time and am truly grateful for all the advice and tips I've discovered and tried over the years. I'd like to give back if I can, now that I'm free from the debilitating mental stresses of acne. Like most people, I've tried many, many, MANY different cures and again, like most, a lot of them were fairly pointless. So I'd like to share a few of the things that worked for me. First off, the thing I consider to be the most important aspect,
  4. I have started trying to consciously practice seeing myself as more than my acne. This might seem like an obvious practice, or something that should come naturally; but for me it is defiantly not. Acne has given me a negative attitude towards my body. I feel as though my body has failed my in some way and is not functioning properly despite my efforts. But this attitude is unhealthy, and I have come to find the following positive thoughts have helped me feel a little more peaceful in times of
  5. Who else is feeling depressed and unwell because of their Acne? I know I am. I'm 15 years old and I used to have severe Acne on my back, upper arm, and my face. That was when I would just breakout - usually just when I'm on my periods. I'd just have the urge to pick them which is annoying because it's actually really hard to stop thinking about a pimple or let it stop bothering you unless you pop/pick it. I thought I had Dermotillomania because of how much of a bad condition I was in and how i
  6. Hi, everyone. Today I am making a commitment, to myself, to all of you, and to the rest of the cosmos, that I am going to stop picking my skin. It's something I've struggled with for years. My skin is essentially clear, except for a few clogged pores, and even these are enough to trigger hours of scrutiny and self-harm. Tonight, I have two open sores on my chin, my most sensitive and triggering area. I was touching my face as late as this afternoon. But I made it through my shower and my
  7. So today I caught myself being dumb. No surprise I guess This whole time I've always been soo self-conscious of my skin- overly aware when people get close to me- in fact so bad that at times I'd switch sides with whoever so only my "good" side was visible. But tonight when I was out with a few friends-- I realized something when a couple of people were introduced to me- both girls. I noticed both of them had acne. But it was such a subliminal realization that I found myself only fully notin
  8. So the other day I was washing my face and applying moisturiser whilst looking into the mirror. I started thinking about the transition of sore red skin to soft pink, the shrinking of spots and ejecting of stubborn blackheads, all within a few weeks. I was standing there with a smile before suddenly feeling really upset. I was aware I should look out for certain emotions whilst on Accutane, but I could feel this was rational and had its reasons for rising up. It felt like a ton of unused emotion
  9. I'm trying to find out how much people's lifestyle affects their acne. I've not had any attempt to change the way I live until now so I can deal with acne better. So basically here's how I deal with life. Sleep: I get around 6-7 hours. Sometime's I sleep really late, as a college student in the field of architecture, there will be times when I don't even sleep. Diet: I eat everything I want. Very little veggies, I eat fruits here and there but not regularly. I'm a big carnivore. Exer
  10. Someone tries to tell you it's not that bad, and all you can feel is hate. You hate yourself. And you hate that they will never understand. Because they will never have to feel what it's like. you try to make yourself feel nothing, so you don't have to feel the constant wanting to be anything but who you are. What you are. Because everyone is disgusted by you. Pretty soon it works. All wrong. You feel nothing but that, wanting to be anything but what you are. You can't love anyone. But you can't
  11. Most of my spots have gone now, it's just the odd pimple now and again. Although, I have the scars which are incredibly red and are as bad as the acne was, red, inflamed, and all over my cheeks. It ruins my confidence and I just want to feel normal, like I fit in but I know that I don't and it really shatters my confidence. Does anyone else feel like this? I don't know if I'm alone on it or... Thanks
  12. First let me start off by saying I have never had a girlfriend or serious relationship. I've never even kissed a girl or held hands with a girl. I've had girls that have liked me (or not) in the past (despite my disfigured face) but I reject myself before anything serious happens. I assume everyone in the world is shallow and that everyone is always staring and laughing at me. Currently studying accounting in college but it is a nightmare going because of my severe anxiety and depression. I've h
  13. Hi all, I have suffered from acne on and off since I was a young teen, and I am now nearly 25. Over the years I have tried a lot of products. In my teens benzoyl peroxide worked wonders, but as I've got older it wrinkles my face if it comes near it. I also have a patch of excema which I believe is from years of BP. I have also been on and off birth control since I was 16, most recently lucette which I believe is similar to Yasmin. I had a 6 month break from the pill and my skin was BEAUTIFUL
  14. I'm just tired of never looking my best. I used to have porcelain skin with little to zero pimples raiding it as recently as last February; now my skin has gotten darker and my acne is back. I'm tired of family members and people in school commenting on my flaws, and I'm tired of listening to the voice in my head that keeps telling me that I will never get out of this. It's been two months. How much longer till this stops? I've been on The Regimen for four weeks now; I feel like there's been som
  15. Hi Everyone. Could you share your struggle in facing acne, Ive been told SO UGLY by one of my colleague and that is just saddening..
  16. I like many of you have suffered from acne for a number of years. In fact, at just the tender age of eleven, my high school photos revealed the beginning of my ongoing battle against the disorder. Ten years on, aged 21, I am a young woman whose life has been greatly impacted by the disease; I began treatment for acne aged fifteen and only now have I plucked the courage to begin a course of Accutane (two weeks in) as no other treatment offered lasting improvements. I often wonder who I'd be witho
  17. Hello! I have severe acne. It is rubbish and I hate it. I have struggled in a big way with the emotional effects of this brutal disease. I am fascinated by how acne can transform your emotions; your thoughts, fears, plans and feelings are controlled by it. I want to explore why it has such a huge impact on the lives of millions. I am putting together a short radio documentary (I'm an aspiring producer/presenter) about the emotional effects of acne. So, here are my questions to you
  18. I had two weeks on holiday which i just returned from on Sunday and despite having a great time it wa really good for me to get time away and step back from obsessing about my skin, my regime, my supplements, and falling into the pit of anxiety and depression i was heading into. It also made me remember who I was/still am underneath all the anxiety and worry caused by my acne. I used to paint!! All the time. I used to blog and take a lot of photographs and research photographers and read