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Found 21 results

  1. Hey, I generally have very mild acne but for last few months have been taking protein shakes for energy before gym and to gain weight after. Started with whey protein and had the worst breakout since I was a teenager... (I'm now 27). So I let that clear and tried Soy, same breakout in and around my jawline. Then rice protein... and now most recently I've tried hemp and it's not as bad but still causing large cystic acne beside my nose. I've heard whey can be bad because of the link to dair
  2. Hey there, Since a weeks ago I have started working out in aim to build muscles. When you're pumping iron your body will want extra protein especially just after a session. I did some research about the proteinpowder (whey protein)I had from back in the good days before acne was a problem. Big no no. I am now reading about vegan protein such as brown rice protein, peas protein, hamp protein. Do anyone have experience with any of these vegan proteinpowders? Did it cause acne? If you ha
  3. HELLO FRIENDS! PLEASE SUGGEST! MY Daily Intake (ACCORDING TO A SITE) Total : Cals 1379 Fat 18 g Cholesterol 295 mg Sodium 3898 mg Carbs 320 g Fiber 25 g Protein 76 g Sugars 27 g (as per a particular health site.in accordance to the food items i entered) Your Recommended Daily Allowance based on a 2,000 calorie diet scaled to your calorie goal. 2000 65 g 300 mg 2400 mg 300 g 25 g 50 g Percent of your Recommended Daily Allowance based on a 2,000 calorie diet scaled to your calorie g
  4. I'm a sixteen year old guy with moderate acne, I've tried many things, and now I'm trying doing nothing. I've had acne since I was about 12. It's always made me feel very insecure and depressed. I've tried multiple things, but have tried to stay away from the drugs such as Acutane, because of the possible side effects. The one thing I tried for the longest time was Epiduo. I can tell you more about that if you like, but this log will mostly be about my current regimen - nothing. I've been doin
  5. Genetic Treatments for Acne

    How Gene Therapy Works What Diseases Are Candidates for Genetic Treatment? How Safe Is Gene Therapy? Is Gene Therapy Ethical? The Bottom Line Gene therapy is a relatively new type of treatment that adds or replaces genes to treat or prevent diseases. The idea is to either fix defective genes that cause a disease or to replace them with healthy genes.1 Gene therapy is currently available for a handful of diseases and is undergoing testing...
  6. I am currently taking accutane 30mg a day for 6-8 months and i have been thinking bout starting weight gainer as i am 20 but i am really skinny due to my high metabolism. However my weight gainer do have vitamin A. Around 270mg per serving. Its meant to be taken 3 times daily so its (270x3 times) around 800mg of vitamin a per day. I know that u cant take extra vitamin a prescription while on accutane but is 800mg of vitamin A bad too? Advice please guys
  7. I'm 22 years old and have been dealing with acne since I was about 14. It started with normal white heads, black heads, etc. and i was young and going through puberty and have naturally oily skin anyway. I was frustrated when generic otc medications wouldn't work so i visited a dermatologist. I was prescribed dioxycycline first, then minocycline, and it all worked for a few weeks and the acne was back. By now I'm 16 or 17 and still having issues with acne and won't take the antibiotics because t
  8. I've noticed that my skin reacts by breaking out whenever I've been taking whey protein/mass gainer supplements for awhile so I've cut that out. Tried to replace my post workout nutrition with soy milk but have noticed very small breakouts too. Anyone else here who works out/bodybuild can point me in the direction of other easy to consume protein sources that are less likely to cause breakouts?
  9. hi everyone, im basically new to using supplement for body building. Since about 2 months ago I've been using 100% gold standard whey (optimumnutrition dot com) and jack3d (jack-3d dot com), but I realize one of these two (or both) supplements are giving me consistent acne breakouts. If I try my best to eat healthy and don't use supplement at all, I would only grow acne once every 2-3 weeks and sometimes they are just pimples. But ever since I bought these supplements, I always grow acne at leas
  10. Before accutane, i use to take the mass gainer/protein powder after workouts. I definitely feel that this was contributing to my acne (the painful red under skin ones) so i was wondering if i take it while on accutane, will it still trigger breakouts, or will it be impossible because of the accutane? (adderall also made me breakout so i have completely stopped taking it) just finished month 3 of 80mg/day and right now im nearly 100% clear, dont wanna mess this up, ya know haha btw this
  11. Hey guys, before I had acne I used to hit the gym almost everyday, and take shakes (phD Whey Protein) everyday. I used to drink a lot of milk just generally - I love cold milk I have no idea why - and I would mix it with my protein powder. My diet wasn't very 'acne-friendly', I would eat a lot of eggs and chicken (hormones everywhere ) and the whey which I consumed had IGF-1 (which correlates with sebum production) so as soon as my acne got worse I had to stop eating those foods in excess and
  12. After upping my protein intake, my breakouts have lessened. Does having protein deficiency cause acne?
  13. I purchased a whey protein powder for bodybuilding and mass gain. Before, I used a different brand and I had mild to sometimes, no acne. After I purchased a different brand, once or twice, I would breakout in small acne (jaw and cheeks) for about 3-4 days before it calmed down. And the breakout came again 4 days ago when I consumed the shake late at night. Do you think there is any ingredient here that might be causing this? I was thinking it was the B6. http://precisionsupplements.ca/wp-conten
  14. Hey everyone I will try to keep my sob story as short as possible, but basically when I was in high school I had pretty bad acne on my forehead. (and always JUST my forehead?) A couple treatments of minocycline seemed to take care of it and I haven't really had it since spring of my senior year which was in 2011, aside from the occasional stress-related breakouts. All of a sudden early last month it flared up again looking like it did back in highschool on my forehead and I came to the conclusio
  15. So basically i bought some whey protein and it broke me out within 2 hours. It was quality stuff, no additives and even organic. I'm certain its because it has such a massive insulin response, so i was wondering if anyone has discovered a way to avoid this? Or could someone tell me their experiences with egg protein? Thanks
  16. I'm trying to narrow down what could be causing my acne to flare up. My diet seem okay other than these two, I try to cut out all dairy (only drink Almond Milk) I've been eating a lot of Skippy Natural Peanut Butter and currently use VPX Syngex Protein. I'm sure it is probably both, but do you see any red flags? and are either okay in moderation? Any recommendations?
  17. Hi Everyone, I have been using Isotretinoine (Accutane) for about 5 months now. Went from 20 mg in the first month up to 80mg per day.. Acne decreased very slow.. Now it has been going better, but still some acne left on chest.. (back down to 60mg, because I am abroad for the next 5 months) Any way, my doctor told me that I should not take any whey protein. I asked him why; some studies had showed that it can increase acne. But, I have been doing some reading as well. There are a lo
  18. Hi everyone, I just started a 6-8 month course of accutane and I am on day 5 right now. I am an active person and I lift weights so I need protein on a daily basis. I just purchased the PhD Body Scultp range, Diet whey and I was wondering if anyone knows if it is okay to drink whey protein while being on accutane . The ingredients are: whey protein concentrate (27%), milk protein concentrate (26% of which 56% is micellar casein), soya protein isolate, cocoa powder, waxy barley starch,
  19. Hi everyone, About 3 months ago I decided to quit taking Creatine supplements as part of my weightlifting diet. I've always believed that Creatine increased the prevalance of Acne on my adult skin. I recently discovered a study which confirms my suspicions: Conclusion: "After 7 days of creatine loading, or a further 14 days of creatine maintenance dose, serum T levels did not change. However, levels of DHT increased by 56% after 7 days of creatine loading and remained 40% above baselin
  20. So I have these tiny bumps all over my forehead. A little pit of a back story. I have had clear skin for most my life. I am 19 years old I started working out about 3 months ago. I was on weigh protein. The protein (from what I think) made zits appear on my jaw line. I started applying face washes and srubs to clear the acne. After about 2 month I sort have got it under control. About 2 weeks ago, I developed these tiny bumps all over my head. I don’t know if it’s from the gym, because that’s wh
  21. So I saw that almost everyone started to avoid junk food and sugar to stop breaking out. Ok !! It's a good thing and I'm glad that people are more conscious about nutrition and the results of our healthy are behind our food and nutrition. But I saw that the people are afraid to eat even HEALTHY FOOD. I saw topics that users don't know what to eat even more and they avoid even the vegetables and fruits. I saw comments which say that "sugar is my biggest weakness" or "I don't know what to eat