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Found 37 results

  1. So..for the past month and a half my skin has been going downhill progressively. It's driving me crazy as I have been trying everything I can think of but nothing is helping! All through highschool i would get the odd pimple but nothing crazy. During my final few months of highschool however, I broke out the worst I ever had and I'm pretty sure it was due to stress ( I had also had my mirena IUD for six months) Now a year and a half later, my skin has gone on a roller coaster of okay (never as
  2. I'm a 17 year old female who has suffered from acne since age 12. It has ranged from mild to moderately severe during this time. 2 years ago it suddenly went away to the shock of my (rather incompetent) dermatologist and myself. And it stayed away for about a year, but now it's back with a vengeance. I have several problems I feel might be related and may help pinpoint the cause and treatment options for my acne. My symptoms are: Moderately sever acne (nodules, pustules, blackheads, wh
  3. There isn't a ton of talk here about progesterone for acne, and being curious, have decided to use myself as a guinea pig. The caveat is that my skin is already clear, and at this time I will continue spiro treatment, so my "success" with progesterone will be based on resolution of my other symptoms. If I find complete resolution of other symptoms through progesterone, I may attempt to replace spiro with progesterone entirely. Low progesterone symptoms I have been experiencing for a number of
  4. Documenting my current hormone levels- 11 weeks on Spiro and Yasmin and the start of Pregnenolone and Liver Detox that should help with hormone processing TESTOSTERONE, TOTAL, LC/MS/MS 52 H RANGE 2-45 ng/dl (Clearly very high hence my use of SPironolactone) FREE TESTOSTERONE 3.1 RANGE 0.1-6.4 pg/mL- Free Testosterone and DHT are the big bad guys, so both of them are in pretty decent mid range so Spiro has been helping DIHYDROTESTOSTERONE, DHT LC/MS/MS 20 RANGE IS 5-46 n
  5. Hi, i had my hormones tested he other week and it indicated that I have low progesterone levels. Does anyone have any tips to help with this? I have a very stressful job which I believe to have cause the problem but I can't just quit so any help would be appreciated!
  6. Well today has been a ROUGH day to say the least, but coming to have some answers finally. Got my blood tests back today from my Natropath, High testosterone, low progesterone and low estrogen. Soooo all in all my body is all out of whack. PCOS, pre menopausal, whatever you want to label it, it;s not good, but it makes a ton of sense for all of my symptoms: Anxiety Trouble sleeping migraines (previous) Acne increased facial hair (very light blond) oily skin agitation depression like
  7. I'm new! Yay! But not really. I've been suffering with bad skin for 5 years this Fall. I'm going to be 26, but I look like I should have looked at 16. I have the worlds smallest pores, you almost have to look under a magnifying glass just to find them. My skin had always been great. Never oily and never dry. I'm from a northern climate originally but moved to Canada's west coast when I was 10. Despite living here for over a decade, my skin still prefers a cold dry climate. I recently disco
  8. I posted elsewhere about my specific condition, so I won't go into it here. I found out I have very low progesterone, while all my other hormones seem to be in the normal range (however doctors determine that). For now, my main concern is boosting my progesterone without messing with any other hormones like estrogen or testosterone. I read some old threads about progesterone creams (yam-derived are supposed to be the best, like the one from kokoro). Is anyone still having success with progestero
  9. To prevent my spiro thread from turning into a progesterone discussion, I have continued the discussion here.
  10. My acne has gotten significantly better and I guess I could consider myself cleared, however, there is a pattern to my acne that has baffled me since it began at 14 Starting from my period my skin gets progressively worse, it becomes red, blotchy, rough, extremely oilly and pores are huge. Then, a day or two before ovulation I have a minor breakout. But as soon as I have ovulated, the whole look and texture of my skin will clear up, my face glows and my pores seem to dissapear. The change is
  11. **pics at the end of the post ** Ok ladies (sorry, this might not apply to men), after a LOT of research, I have been using inositol (myo-inositol in powder form) for about 2 months now and I wanted to wait at least this long so that I can be sure that this is not a temporary fix. Inositol's benefits are extensively discussed on PCOS forums, but haven't recently been discussed on acne.org so I thought this might help some of you who do not want to take bcp or other hormonal treatments or would
  12. Today is the first day on my new journey. I have been on a rollercoaster for the last 6+ months as many of you are also on your own. To sum things up into a nice brief package I am dealing with severe adrenal fatigue, I've been to Natropath and had all of my levels tested. I urge anyone who has a hormonal imbalance or concerns to get tested before you start treatment. I thought I only had high testosterone and started Spiro 50mg and Yasmin, well it hasn't helped and I've been at my wits e
  13. I am taking metformin and inositol, both of which boost progesterone. I’ve read that progesterone is good for acne but also that it can increase sebum production. I’ve noticed my nose is oilier lately, like really oily. I still get nodules; however, in the past I’ve gotten nodules but not had an oily nose. The rest of my skin is dry in fact. I’m wondering if anyone has had an experience with increased oily skin as a result of too high of a dose of inositol or metformin? If so, did lowering your
  14. I've read a bit on here about oestrogen being bad for skin, progesterone being good etc. I'm a bit confused by the advice people have given as I seem to have to have the opposite problem and wondered if anyone else does....or if anyone can help.... During my period and up until ovulation: Oestrogen is slowly increasing to its peak. Progesterone is at its lowest. - This is when my skin is at its best (not fabulous) - My mood is also at its best (I have an anxiety disorder and associated
  15. What is Vitex? Vitex is a plant found in Asia and in Mediterranean countries. The part used medicinally is the dried fruit. Other names for it include Vitex agnus castus, Agnus castus, chaste tree, and monk's pepper. Why People Use Vitex Vitex was used as a traditional folk remedy for a range of female conditions, such as post-partum hemorrhage and to help with the "passing of afterbirth". One of its alternate names, "chaste tree", comes from the historical belief that it can suppress
  16. If you have questions, please PM me, do not respond to this post. Introduction You thought you would "grow out" of your acne and didn't? You're not alone. Many men and women suffer adult acne in their 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond. Adults with acne often have hormonal imbalances that linger after puberty, and these imbalances create disfiguring acne. Quick Review on Hormones The main sex hormones are testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone. Men and women have all three hormones in
  17. So here is a quick backstory, hopefully I won't bore you! Acne started at 16- hormonal. Tried Ortho and various other BCs. Did nothing for cysts. Started Yasmin when I was 21 and cleared me up 95%, would still get one honker or small baby blemishes each month. another flare up at 27- used clindamyacin and cleared me up pretty well. Current- 32 yo female that was prepping for bikini bodybuilding competitions last year, stressful life, extremely low bodyfat, high estrogen BC (Zovia 1/5
  18. Hello everyone! I'm back on a decent amount of Vitex again and this has prompted me to do more research into what it does/how it works etc. I know it helps PCOS and creates hormonal balance by stimulating the luitenising hormone (LH) to produce the right amount of progesterone in relation to estrogen, thus creating a hormonal balance and giving you a regular cycle with no nasty wacky hormone induced acne breakouts/PMS etc. I know vitex works gently and takes a while to build up in your syst
  19. Im pretty stumped as to how to approach my hormonal imbalance. I am 33/F I have PCOS. It is lean Pcos, and im pretty sure insulin resistance, obesity, etc isn't the driver. I noticed my symptoms sort of blew up overnight after I turned 30. I also noticed that my symptoms get worse when I embark on an exercise regimen or diet of any type. I usually fare well just eating gentle carbs and lots of veggies, low dairy, mild exercises (yoga, barre) My female hormones were low while my male hormones
  20. Hi All! I went to a naturopath for my hormonal acne yesterday. It was something I was considering for a long time, but really hesitated to go since the treatments are not covered by insurance, and there are plenty of useful information on the internet. However, I decided to go because: 1. I wanted to be under the guidance of a professional I knew DIM and Vitex were good for hormonal acne, and it worked for many people, BUT I didn't know if it will work for me. Vitex increases progesterone pr
  21. i wanted to post my spiro experience here- and get any feedback on other user's experiences. firstly, ever since i could remember i have had on/off SEVERE acne. all over the face. i could not even put a finger on an area that did not have a bump or red mark on it. I wanted to avoid birth control/ RX routes so i tried every diet (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian) and supplement/ natural method that i could think of (zinc, vit d, berberine, vit a, etc.) Nothing helped in the slightest bit.
  22. What Medications Can Cause Acne?

    Regular Acne Is Different from Drug-induced Acne Regular Acne and Drug-induced Acne Require Different Treatments Medications That Can Definitely Cause Acne Medications That May Cause Acne Medications That Might Cause Acne The Bottom Line Based on the amount of research that links particular medications to acne, we can place potentially acne-causing medications into three categories. Medications that can definitely cause acne: We have a large amount of evidence linking these medications to acne Medications that may cause...
  23. I have had these brownish dark spots under my eyes for a few months, and at first I thought it was just dark circles or hyperpigmentation but now I'm pretty sure they are melasma. I probably got it from hormonal imbalances since it started appearing in the wintertime, and I think it may have gotten worse with sunlight although I always wear sunscreen outside. Does anyone know anything that would help it? I'm hoping that by reducing stress and trying to balance my hormones naturally & with vi
  24. Hi, I'm Wendy and 32 years old. I've suffered from hormonal acne off and on since 2007. I've read and done everything I could think of for my hormonal acne but with all I've tried, I haven't been able to conquer it. I feel like I've tried everything. I hope you guys can share some wisdom. I went off the pill (heavy dose) in January after 10 years on different pills. Had many issues with them. Wish I had never started! I had been off the pill once before and got cystic acne so bad I went scream
  25. Hey guys! So I'm new on here and don't really know how things work yet, but I joined because I recently came across something I'd really love to share. All through highschool and university I took Alesse- a combined pill birth control which has both hormones estrogen and progesterone in it. My doctor thought it would be a good idea to switch it up, so he started me on Seasonale- which is a progesterone (or progestin) only birth control. He started me in January 2013 and after about the first