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Found 121 results

  1. Hello hello, It has been well over a month since my last post. I think as the tablets become a daily routine and as your skin starts to clear up, you just seem to forget how big of a deal it was when starting on them and therefore forget to update! So lets just recap... Month 1 I was on 20mg a day - had a horrendous breakout (worst I've very had in my life) Month 2 I was upped to 30mg a day - Breakout continued and was not seeing much improvement. I was almost givi
  2. I am nearly done with my first 30 days of accutane! I went to the dermatologist for my monthly check up and she said she was amazed at how well I was doing. That made me feel so good, because I really wasn't sure if that was the case never having been on the drug before. Aside from some red hyper pigmentation, and some dry scabs on my face from old acne, I only one blemish right now. It doesn't look as good as it is simply because my face is so red, but I can feel a huge difference running my fi
  3. Hello beauties! I just recently wrote an incredibly lengthy blog explaining my acne journey, in which I included some regimens and products that really worked for me. However I realize probably no one wants to read an essay about my life, so here's a shorter version of products that have really worked and didn't work for me. Good cleansers: Skin essence - pure: A cleanser made up of different healing oils made specifically for the face. This is the only cleanser that has really helpe
  4. For anyone who might follow this blog, sorry that I’m a day late on this update. Life has been more than crazy lately. I’ve had a lot of stress in my family with my father who suffers from Rheumatoid Arthritis and also, lately, a very good friend of mine was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia – Acute Monocytic Leukemia. It’s been very difficult and stressful, but these hard times will pass eventually, I am sure of it. Update skin wise – my hands and around my elbows are just really dry.
  5. Okay so this is my first ever blog on here, I started taking accutane 20mg a day 19 days ago and want to share my experiences on the drug. So here goes... My skin had been slowly improving ever since day one. I thought I was one of the lucky few who only ever improve on accutane and skip the whole IB phase.. but no I got my first horrific breakout yesterday morning when I woke up (day 18). I now have three active pimples on my forehead, one on my nose and a few (I gave up counting after 11.
  6. Hi, I've always had spots, I just never have seen it as acne. I'm 15 and have had spots since I was about 12. I have blackheads on my nose, a lot of them, a few lumps under my skin, that when popped, puss comes out and some red kind of lumps over my face, mainly in certain areas (Temples, side of my chin) I also have a few spots on my chest and a lot on my back. I am wondering what products I should buy to help clear this up, mainly the red lumps, the black heads would be nice too, but don't
  7. I feel like I'm sabotaging my own skin and am considering quitting all my acne products. I get some hormonal acne but I feel like what I dislike about my skin more is that it seems to be irritated all the time with constant fresh zits. I'm afraid my skin will react badly if I quit using all my products: Morning: Proactive Step 1 Proactive Step 2 Aczone Moisturelle Moisturizer Bareminerals makeup primer bare minerals foundation-beamish remedy Night: proactive steps 1 and 2 epiduo fort
  8. Right, so I have been suffering from these bumps across my forehead for about 6 months. I've tried benzoyl peroxide in hopes that it would clear away these bumps for about 1 month. It dried up my skin completely although did not remove the bumps. I'm starting to think that it is some sort of folliculitis as they first started across my hair line and gradually moved towards between my eyebrows and a few near my nose next to my cheeks. I've tried Nizarol and this has cleared up the bumps to some e
  9. I've just finished my last refill of Epiduo. It's the only thing that has work on my breakouts so I'm sad to see it go. My acne isn't bad enough to go back to the dermatologist so I need a new, over-the-counter acne cream that works as well as Epiduo. Anyone have any suggestions?!
  10. Hi there. I need help :(. I live in the UK and just cannot afford to pay £110 on the acne.org 8oz regimen kit. (Product cost and delivery) excluding importation costs. (£15) my skin is taking ages to clear. I've been using alternatives as follows... Clenser- Olay face wash BP - Nuetrogena 2.5% on the spot Moistoriser - Cetaphil ive been doing this for 6 weeks only for the results to reflect negatively. I've never ever had acne on my cheeks and now I do. My face looks like a tomato. G
  11. Hi, I am from Spain and I want to know how people from Spain could get this product. I want to buy it but there is no shipping to Spain.
  12. Hi everyone :-) I'm 17 year old guy who started suffering acne around 14/15 years old...feels like I haven't been able to breath properly since then! Has anyone tried the acne.org products\regime? Sad to say but these products are all I can think of at the moment!!! I just want to have clear skin already, would do anything!! I keep thinking that these products could give me a chance, some reassurance, just, something. I've just recently recovered from my first experience with tonsillitis which
  13. Hi to all the Australians out there doing Dan's famous Regimen! I am so annoyed at searching the chemist stores to find all these foreign products people are using in other countries, that I have decided to just made my own post to get direct help and maybe even help somebody else out there living in the same country as me who are having the same issues. I would appreciate it if ONLY people who live here in Australia comment their products they use. OR If you used to live here and found pro
  14. Hi Everyone. I have had a crazy experience my my face going out of control on me, it started June 2012. It had cycles. June 2012 - June 2013 it went through all sorts of stages. It started as patches of acne, to big huge patches of acne, to extremely inflamed acne. When I say inflamed, I mean like my whole face felt like it was a puzzle of under ground cyst. I never had problems with acne before, but always used oil free make up. I eat extremely healthy and didn't change my diet. The only
  15. Are you ready for another log.. well, wait no more I am 35, a woman, mother, hard worker, and prior to 2013, a totally confident individual. I have always had some acne, but never to the extreme that its at now. And let's not even talk about the post inflammatory hyper pigmentation. I have seen 4 dermatologists, a nurse practitioner, an esthetician, a holistic healer, an endocrinologist, an ob/gyn, and my family practitioner (my apologies if I forgot anyone). I have been told its
  16. Hi there, for those of you on the accutane journey, those of you who are considering it and those that have finished. This is my own experience this far. Anyone is welcome to share ) I personally know how discouraging it can be to deal with acne, especially cystic--- the scarring and concerns of further scarring are what finally convinced me this was my next step. I had never dealt with acne until my late 20s. I have tried everything else .... And was willing to try anything... Except accutane
  17. I'm starting accutane in a few days, so i've been doing my research and buying the right products I should be using for my skin while I'm on the drug. I'm thinking of buying the QV gentle wash, because I'm not really a fan of the cetaphil gentle cleanser. It doesn't have any active ingredients or anything and has generally higher reviews than cetaphil so I'm not too worried about that But their QV lotion contains active ingredients: Soft white paraffin 5.0%, glycerol 5.0%. Hydroxybenzoat
  18. I literally have tried every possible solution. I have had acne for over 20 years now and I know first hand the emotional damage that alters your personality and causes terrible depression. Often I have just wanted to die or live alone forever. I have tried every single product on the planet and nothing worked. I was having some other health issues that led me to take a product called plexus. It partly involved a pro biotic and a bio cleanse pill that I took every day. That stared help
  19. hello everyone, i just though i should post an update to let you all know how my actuate treatment is going... So i have been on actuate for just over 3 months (14 weeks) now and i can finally say that i have had no new major breakouts on my face for a week (YAAAAAAY) !!! BUT... the top of my back is at its worst. i have so many spots on the top of my back, my shoulders and some at the top of my chest (just below my neck in-between my collar bones) which sucks because they are
  20. I started accutane 1.5 months ago, and decided I'd share my experience with everyone as well as give my suggestions as to what worked for me and what I could have done differently. As I'm only approaching the 50% completion mark, I figure I would do two posts in this thread. One obviously now, and the other towards the end of my 5 month regimen. A little background first - I'm 26 years old and have struggled off and on with acne since 15. It was probably around 18 when I was prescribed
  21. This post is for women who wear makeup but are unsure what makeup brands won't cause/irritate acne and work well with the flaking that bp causes plus other skincare products that have been controlling my acne. My acne started when I was 13/14 and I still struggle with break outs in my 20s. However, the regimen has really helped to control my acne to the point where I'm not self conscious about my skin with my makeup. My acne is moderate and I have combination skin which makes makeup application
  22. How long does a product have to sit on skin to clog it? Like I have leave in conditioner for my hair that I rinse off my skin thoroughly, but would it sitting on my skin for 20 mins already be too late and clog my pores? I assume a lotion would clog pores cause you leave it on all day and sometimes even sleep in it. But what if you come in contact with a hair conditioner like I said? I'm paranoid a tad.
  23. For anyone struggling to find a non comedogenic moisturiser have a look at this one. I've just ordered it, I haven't tried it yet so I have no idea what its like but it seems like the only one out there with not really any comedogenic ingredients at all, and ive been searching for hours. Sebamed - Clear Face Care Gel Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, Sorbitol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Pantenol, Allantoin, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Gel, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Carbomer, Sodium Citrate.
  24. I used to see a dermatologist but I stopped because of family insurance problems. My dermatologist gave me pills that helped clear my skin so much! But I can’t get a refill anymore. Since then I continued using the Epiduo Forte she prescribed for the morning and Veltin with Flurandrenolide Lotion USP 0.05% at night. ( This medication is used on the skin to treat acne. This medication is a combination of adapalene (a retinoid) and benzoyl peroxide (an antibiotic and skin-peeling agent). This prod
  25. Hey everyone, I am interesting in finding out how other women combat their acne? What types of products you use, where you buy them (how are you willing to spend), how you found them? I am kinda at a loss and also have an interest in getting feedback on this "clean beauty" movement? Do other women use and like cleaner alternatives to some of the current products on the market? I am starting this journey and would love feedback!