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Found 121 results

  1. Hi I'm from the Philippines and sadly I can't find the products that Dan recommends in the regimen when it comes to BP. Panoxyl's the next best product that I see on counters but I don't know how much of it I should use. I've been using it for 2 days now and my face's red (my friends think I went swimming cause I looked a bit sunburned to them), its itchy and dry. Today, I used it with a moisturizer from Celeteque (again, I used this since I can't find Neutrogena and the like) and my face's ver
  2. Hello all, I know there are a few threads of this, but most if not all are very old (5years min) I was hoping to see if anyone active here has used Retin-A after an accutane course? Did your derm suggest it? What dosage did you take to start? How did your skin react to it? Thanks guys!
  3. Skin Type: Oily Male, Hispanic 17 yrs old This is my routine. I've been suffering with mild to moderate acne (3-15) pimples at a time and I've tried many products from Nuetrogena. I recently bought the Neutrogena Acne Stress Control 3-in-1 Hydrating Acne Treatment Lotion because it has a 4.9 review & it's really cheap. But since it's still shipping I decided to try The Regimen with my own products. I've always used the OXY Maximim Facewash with 10% Benzoyl Peroxide because I have oily s
  4. I've recently gotten rid of all my acne on my forehead but these small bumps are left over. They're not hard (can't be scratched/ exfoliated off) and when when u touch them they're not that "raised". They're really only noticeable in natural light. I've tried continuing the acne treatments that worked to clear my acne but they have no effect one these. what is this called and how do I get rid of it? BTW excuse my horrible eyebrows in the picture
  5. LPA1207

    First Two Weeks...

    I've been on accutane for 2 weeks today (20mg twice a day). I'd say the first week was the most exhausted I have ever been in my life (and I used to be in the military and survived boot camp and a desert deployment)!! I'm fairly certain 2/3 of that time I was asleep and no amount of caffeine or excitement could rouse me from my accutane coma, trust me I tried. At 2 weeks, I still tire easily, but not nearly as bad. I'm not experiencing any super dryness anywhere...yet, but it could be that I
  6. So I decided to use Hemp oil (it's not made from Cannabis which is used for smoking). My mom tries to buy natural products, because they are cheaper and not so harsh. By the way, I heard the oils could help heal your natural skin microflora and boost immunity. I am currently using "Himalaya" Neem Cleansing foam and Cannaderm cream for acne ( cream is with 15% of Hemp oil). My skin was combination and now it's oily-normal, Caucasian race. Internally, I take Sea Buckthorn oil and 1000mg Ev
  7. Balance Bird

    How Do Clogged Pores Work?

    I just don't get it! The only thing I do get is that people with tiny pores, are kind invisible cause nothing can get in them, but I don't get it. Are molecules to big to clog pores, and then jus the right size to clog pores? I mean people say vaseline doesn't clog pores..or castor oil... I mean if you have excessive skin cell production then oil could trap skin cells…and people with normal skin growth won't have excessive skin cell build up I guess How long does a product have to
  8. So, I just wanted to do a quick update on my skincare/makeup. Funny thing is that I don't come back to acne.org when my skin is doing pretty well, but I think I should contribute because this regimen works for me, and because these makeup products work for me. I'm basically on the Daniel Kern Regimen (DKR) but I'm not using any of his products. I'm using other products to substitute for what he uses: Acne.org Cleanser: Avene Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser Acne.org Treatment: La Roche
  9. I have some scrapes on my hand a few months ago, which have left some keloid scars. I have been using Scar Zone topical scar diminishing cream purchased from Rite Aid, which was recommended by a pharmacist there. Some information about Buy Scar Zone Topical Scar Diminishing Cream & More | drugstore.com. Silicone and onion extract are the two ingredients the rite aid pharmacist was looking for, when she picked from a few products for me. Active Ingredients: Octinoxate (7.5%) (Sunscreen), Zin
  10. Hello, So I have started using the acne.org regimen and I'm seeing slow but progressive improvements! I live in the U.K and the product is very expensive to get shipped all the way from San Francisco! Can anyone who lives in the U.K give me any recommendations on where I can buy things like 2.5% benzoyl peroxide or the 10% glycolic acid? I'm pretty sure I can get them somewhere but don't know where to shop for them. Any recommendations are welcome!!
  11. Seasidedoll


    Just wondering if any of these products can "go bad" I've had the Aha treatment for a year now and I haven't been using it and I was wondering if it's still okay to use?
  12. clairec

    DAY 1

    I took my first Roaccutane tablet last night straight after my dinner. I was apprehensive because the leaflet in the packet still says 'do not take if you have a peanut allergy), but the company 'Roche' and my dermatologist had assured me the peanut oil has been taken out recently, soya is still present (which I am not allergic to). So I took the tablet painlessly without allergic reaction I felt fine but a few hours later I had cramps in my stomach. Not sure if it is related to the tablet
  13. Hello All, So I guess I'll just jump into it: today is my first day of using minimal products on my skin! I'm going to attempt to do an edited version of the "caveman regimen". My new regimen involves putting aside all of my chemical face washes, lotions, soaps, and makeup... well, for the most part. As of right now, I have a bright red spot that will most likely scar (sigh) and a small blemish right smack on the center of my chin that I am covering with a very light foundation. Other th
  14. Hi everyone! I have been lurking on the board for a little over a week. First, thanks to everyone for sharing their stories and advice as it helped me through my most recent situation. Secondly, I would like to share what I am currently doing as the products I'm using I haven't seen anyone talking about during my short time on this board (it's possible they have been discussed, I just haven't seen it). It has made a tremendous difference (in my opinion) in my speedy recovery and my skin has n
  15. Moonsss

    1 Week Update

    Hello ello ello, So today marks my 1 week of being on Roaccutane. So far, I haven't had many side effects apart from the dry skin which is mainly around my nose and mouth. My skin is a little red but nothing major, kinda just looks I've a bit of a tan on my face so I can't complain! The last few days I've been getting white heads in places I wouldn't usually get them like higher on my cheeks and 2 on my forehead where I NEVER get spots. I find some of them go and come back in the same place
  16. A Guys Guide To Accutane I decided to make this "guide" because before I started Accutane, I did some research on side effects & noticed that most of the posts were female based. I thought there should be some advice for men too. A quick background on me: I'm 35 yrs old & have had mild/moderate acne since I was 16. I've tried everything from topicals to antibiotics with nothing ever curing me ...or even coming close. The last few years the acne changed to a mix of everything - sma
  17. I'm on Roaccutane and as some of the spots are disappearing they're leaving red marks and I was wondering if anyone who suffers from hyperpigmentation could tell me products that they've used that work well. I'm wary of putting anything on my skin incase it causes another breakout but I'm really determined to have flawless skin by the end of this and I need something to make the marks fade quickly especially as more keep appearing. My dermatologist also seems to interpret the marks as active acn
  18. Hi! I got a free bottle of the Body shop's Drops of Youth serum. I have veeery sensitive skin and had my worst cystic acne breakout this summer when I tried going off the acne.org regimen and start using products from The Ordinary. My skin is now back to having lots of scarring but no active breakouts. Now the lady in the store told me that she recommends using this product twice a day, but I'm super careful about what I use on my skin now. But also I'm thinking maybe it will help with my scar
  19. Three years ago (my senior year in high school) had to be the worst days of my life. Not only did I get acne, but cystic acne out of no where popped up (no pun intended), and after a few trips to the dermatologist every month, I started to think...What was the cause of this? Was it the chips I was having for breakfast every morning? The Ramen Noodles I was eating every other day? The starches (yes rice, bread, and potatoes---limit your intake) that consist of nearly 75% of my diet, whereas sweet
  20. Hello, I'm from the Philippines and I wanted to share the over-the-counter products I've found that have been working for me. As much as I want to use the original Acne.org products, delivery is way above my budget. I checked the supplies list and scoured the forums, but not many of the products are available here. What I did was look for products that fit the ingredients and description found in the supplies list, and figured they would do. And so far, so good! So just in case there are any