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Found 121 results

  1. purplepinyata11

    The Regimen And Acne Products

    Ok, so this is a list of the products that have been super effective for me. I use acne.org's cleanser, followed by the treatment of the same brand, then the moisturizer. After the moisturizer, I either use the AHA or bio oil (purcillin oil). I do this morning and night. In the middle of the afternoon, when my face tends to get greasy and yucky, I use a homemade astringent (I just call it a toner). It consists of 1 part APPLE CIDER vinegar, 2 parts cooled green tea, and 1 teaspoon lemon juice.
  2. First day ever taking Oratane (Accutane). I took Accutane when I lived at home in Canada, but had to come off of it because I couldn't meet the blood test dates due to moving to Australia. Now, I'm back on their version of Accutane, so we'll see where this goes! While on Accutane, I had some progress. I wasn't on it for very long, and I did have the side effects of severe dry lips and flaky, dry facial skin. My hands were moderately dry, but I didn't notice any other side effects besides th
  3. acnekiller95

    The Back Story

    My struggle with cystic acne started about 2 and 1/2 years ago. I spent the past two and a half years working towards finding a routine that worked for me. It felt very disheartening at times because it was a constant break out for 2 years and it was painful and I couldn't find anything that worked. In the beginning I would use very harsh products that had the benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid in every single product. I'm talking my cleansers, my exfoliators, my treatments, my moisturizers. Ev
  4. Andreas123

    Acne.org Products!

    Hello again! Some time ago I decided to order the acne.org products and now I have them. I'm gonna start using them today. I don't live in the USA so with the shipping and tax and stuff it cost almost double than what you think it will cost Hopefully I will get some results in a month or so. Bye!
  5. Hi guys i'm about to start accutane at the end of the week and just wanted to know what products to use for my new skin regime if u guys could post product names,cost,stores that sell them,how to use and general information about them i would appreciate it so much. I'm new to the website and would like you guys to help me through my journey
  6. User548361


    Ok- I am going to try and write in this blog every night to update my progress. PLEASE comment and respond in some way because I do not want to be alone in this- I want to make friends to keep me motivated! Problem areas- my temples and cheekbones are really bad, I also have A TON of white bumps on my chin that have been there FOREVER I am going to start my routine on Friday, July 22. Morning- I wake up and wash and dry my face with water. When getting ready for the day, I apply minimal f
  7. does anyone have any suggestions for shopping in new zealand?
  8. I'm thinking of starting the regimen, since it seems like it has helped a lot of people, but I'm not sure if I want to use alle the products. I allready have a cleanser I like because it's very gentle and not very drying(I've heard the regimen clenaser is quite drying), and since the moisturizer has such bad reviews I thought I'd skip that too( I have my own moisturizer) and only try the benzoyl peroxide. The benzoyl peroxide is supposed to be the actual treatment though, isn't it? Anyhow, woul
  9. BlissfulLiv

    Products I use while on Accutane

    MORING SKIN CARE ROUTINE Wash face with Cetaphil gentle facial wash Moisturize with Eucerin daily protection Then Aquaphor lip repair *Aquaphor lip repair all day everyday!!* NIGHT SKIN CARE ROUTINE Take makeup off with Equate Beauty Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes If I still feel like I need some help I will use Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water & Makeup Remover Wash face with Cerave foaming face cleanser Moisturize with Cetaphil moisturizing lotion Then Aquaohor
  10. hi, I'm 14 years old and I've been getting some blackheads on my nose, the ocassional whitehead (maybe once a month) but most of the acne I have is quite mild and looks like skin colored small bumps, mostly on my forehead some on my cheekbones too. I had been using a St. Ives apricot scrub with salicylic acid and now I'm using a gentle purifying face wash with some salicylic acid but no products I've ever used have completely cleared up my skin (except straight tea tree oil) I really need help o
  11. ScarletBegonias

    Weeks 1 Through 3

    I've never been one to blog but felt compelled to share my experience on Accutane after reading countless blogs and reviews from others. I feel that other people's stories about being on Accutane has helped me enormously during my own experience with it thus far so I feel it is my duty as a fellow acne suffer to share my story in hopes of helping others who are either starting or contemplating starting the 'tane! First let me give you some background information about my personal struggle wit
  12. Hey guys! Today marks my two years and a month into The Regimen. I am happy to say that majority of my acne is still under control and I haven't had my skin feel and look as good as it does in a long time. Below are pictures of my current skin situation. No make-up, just freshly cleansed skin. I am healing two acne marks on the left side of my face for now but they are already dried out and flat and I am just dealing with the dark marks with the use of AHA. I thought maybe I'd make this post
  13. I know you're probably tired of these kinds of threads, but I'm about to change my skincare routine, and I thought I'd run some of these products by you to get your opinions. I have mild/moderate acne, but have been quite unkind to (that is, neglectful of) my skin for the past few years, so I don't know if it's sensitive – but it does get oily, so I don't want anything that will exacerbate that. Here's the list I've come to after a lot of review-reading: Cleanser: Olay Gentle Foaming Face Wa
  14. Hey everyone! Just to follow up with my last entry, this blog is to help me and others discover ways to make acne leave once and for all, after a long time of investing. All good things come with time. The same goes for our painful and chronic acne issues. I understand how difficult acne can be on our lives...I really want to share any success stories I may encounter with you guys, so that we can all fight acne. My acne is a hormonal issue. No matter what I do, it is almost impossible
  15. Skintuition

    My Regimen

    Hi, I haven't posted on this forum in a really long time, sorry. I just wanted to FINALLY share with you my personalized regimen. FYI, I have been on the acne.org regimen for 9, almost 10 months, and I have been using benzoyl peroxide for a little over a year now. MORNING: CeraVe hydrating cleanser and CeraVe moisturizing lotion + 6 drops of acne.org jojoba oil NIGHT: CeraVe hydrating cleanser, 2 pumps of acne.org BP, Cetaphil moisturizing cream + 6 drops of jojoba oil. I needed a hydrating
  16. clairec

    DAY 1

    I took my first Roaccutane tablet last night straight after my dinner. I was apprehensive because the leaflet in the packet still says 'do not take if you have a peanut allergy), but the company 'Roche' and my dermatologist had assured me the peanut oil has been taken out recently, soya is still present (which I am not allergic to). So I took the tablet painlessly without allergic reaction I felt fine but a few hours later I had cramps in my stomach. Not sure if it is related to the tablet
  17. Moonsss

    1 Week Update

    Hello ello ello, So today marks my 1 week of being on Roaccutane. So far, I haven't had many side effects apart from the dry skin which is mainly around my nose and mouth. My skin is a little red but nothing major, kinda just looks I've a bit of a tan on my face so I can't complain! The last few days I've been getting white heads in places I wouldn't usually get them like higher on my cheeks and 2 on my forehead where I NEVER get spots. I find some of them go and come back in the same place
  18. User477991

    Current Skin Regimen

    Hi, new member here, but I've been struggling with my acne for years. I don't have cystic acne, but I still think my previous pimples were pretty bad. Most of my pimples occur on my forehead, blackheads and whiteheads on my nose, and the occasional pimples on my chin. Also, my face gets really oily. In recent months my face has calmed down, though, so I think I must be doing something right. Here's what I've been doing with my skin, for those who would like to know: Morning & Night: - Was
  19. ellgx

    Accutane Start to Finish

    Hi all, This is my summary of accutane course start to finito! My course lasted 5 months to the day and finished yesterday. I started on 40mg for 30 days then 70mg for the remainder. Everyone seems to have different experiences, i aim to be neutral as unfortunately some people have very bad experiences and are biased against accutane. However accutane has saved me. I am confident. Do you know when your fod is covered in bumpy spots and youre in bad lighting and your mates want to take a p
  20. scguinner

    Week 4: Day 23 Pictures

    Symptom update: My lips are definitely dry, so I have to keep up on the Aquaphor so they don't get too chapped or feel completely awful. The corner of my mouth have started cracking and that has been annoying the last several days. I don't know if it's related to the Accutane, but my lower back has been killing me for about a week and a half. It hasn't been so bad today, but a few days ago it was was definitely hurting. I had to buy some different skincare products because the prod
  21. Goal: To tighten skin, remove acne dark spots, prevent future breakouts, and remove acne scars. Skin type: Sensitive and oily (usually) Products: Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream (moisturizer) Raw Organic AppleCider Vinegar mixed with spring water (1 Part water mixed with 1 part vinegar) 'THAYERS' Witch Hazel Alcohol-free toner "Aztec Secret" Indian healing Clay Mario Badescu drying lotion Products I am considering purchasing in the
  22. Hello everyone, new member to the site here I'm a 19 year old male. I've had some light-mild acne since my younger teen years. My cheeks and chin has always been totally clear. The problem areas are my forehead and nose. The problem is blackheads! I do get the odd whitehead once in a while but for the most part, it's not an issue. In the past I've tried multiple products such as 'AcneFree' and 'Proactiv'. Both cause my skin to be really dry and spotty, and usually causing a pretty bad b
  23. Ok so since I was 13 (I'm 18 now) I've been struggling with acne. Specifically cystic and pustules. I've been on and off plenty products and have always maintained a acne regime that I never missed a day of since I was at least 16. The only time I never woke up and used a product was when I didn't have any. But nothing EVER seemed to work. So I started wondering maybe it has something to do with my lifestyle. Well I went into the army in September of 2017 while I was 17 and to my surprise my fac